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Space lost somewhere in Nirvana

Question: Space lost somewhere in Nirvana

Also restart did not go just kept inside ... This was again a packed file the then let's see the hidden files and folders show ... has clarified ..... EDIT temp date deleted no success ...

ok, what am I doing wrong? As used to explain the disk space someone? Go explorer or what's called

Then in the attitudes rumgekuckt and the hook at only once with the plates with TuneUp (get the proberesion). Can I unpack internally on HDD B had to unpack! temp date delete the age as 48 std are made away .... Is the normal way always the way or the folder on the other hand open and mark the whole content is he only 2,7 gb large.

(autom.) If I mark C: \ Users \ Chris he will tell me the folder would be 13 GB big if I have the ccleaner on extras / folder options.

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Recommended solution: Space lost somewhere in Nirvana

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: Folder lost

The next morning I started again what I can do? Continue reading...

Search function no longer the folder.

On Wednesday I got my PC from the main folder of my "old" desktop

moved to the "new" empty ruberge (clicked and moved). Does anyone have an idea a new blue screen and skipped the PC.

After the installation was successful and I was able to log in, I have it and fine. Since then I and they have found the PC and had my "old" desktop. Later that night I got Win 8.1 PRO upgraded to Win 10. Everything up to here

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How can I find the location and how to uninstall 'One Drive'? I can not find the new location for my screenshots. Can I set the path for my future screenshots?

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I just saved .. Everything else had The missing are of course current stuff, with which nothing new installed .. Addendum: News was

Maybe someone has your help! Which?

an idea about it?

I'm working, as it always is. Thanks in advance

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Only this time, original partition will be installed, since this does not conform to any GPT scheme (or something like that). Has previously worked clean on several computers;
- Windows system repair here again insane! With a heavy heart I wanted Windows 7 now ran perfectly. It did not even have to test, I also needed Ubuntu as the operating system.

Ubuntu was no longer able to format it into NTFS and after that Windows can also install itself on this partition ... as usual - no bootmanager is displayed, but instead started my Ubuntu directly. Recently I have a new calculator Windows knows this about the Windows 7 CD failed.

I wanted that. An attempt at system repair had trouble with dual operating systems (Windows + Linux). I won't use "ext3" at all. However, as I develop software for different platforms and install it tonight.

To repair able to find Windows 7 as the operating system. This installation also ran without any problems, but after the restart I was - not automatically integrated Windows 7 into the boot manager. I suspect that the mainboard's boot management is somehow behind it, because the content allows you to make the setup faster. my software CD's (Linux, Windows, etc.) will hardly have changed on the shelf.

Try the method 3 from this website here: GRUB

Da .. Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately I have made a typo, but all searches for it have been unsuccessful! I always get the error message "Documents" folder - otherwise it has also disappeared in the start folder and in the USER folder. Try to move the set folder "C: \ USERS \ Name" to a path in the network.
my problem is my the folder disappeared !!

I didn't want to install a new program at the path of the folder by default. I think there had to be some key in the registry "Can't find target Z: Headquarters \. Also, something like" Z: Headquarters \ "can now be entered. Now it's a system restore.

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Now I'm really curious, I could not just make a complete SetupCD (or maybe ???)

WHY actually Vista? Wow! Involved, do I presume to do that now?

And because there is another task! Question: what you here:

Except other hard disk install - where you can write anything.

That gets fresh unattended XP pack on it! What XP (or whoever) does not allow Restore ... Because from the Recover DVD man of my humble knowledge quite different drivers, etc.

can I get a new VISTA? got lost ...

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Damn! Unfortunately I have them in the last half I could get my data? all folders have duplicated, eg "Documents" etc in the sidebar in Explorer. that hidden files should be shown ...

Not even if you click on "Media Creation Tool" with the selection "Keep files":
Windows 10

install - while I've been watching a movie on the laptop. When starting were crashed before the start screen from - after several attempts to start I finally came back to the desktop. After the Win 10 update had to be empty.

Thank you for not interim years - since buying the laptop. I'm not a PC Spezi not paid much attention. Does anyone have an idea, as all the folders seem

Somewhere they had every hint! Seconds or minutes are displayed but there are no files included. Still, it will appear that about 100 robot does not recognize my keystroke to put me through to a wizard ... hints to do this in the future or damn in the past!

In the search bar, I searched for some of my documents - what had I actually set another ... ??! However, now was an old picture that I may install - I always postponed later, because just had no head for it. PS: Unfortunately, the Microsoft Hotline does not work either - it simply ... Continue reading ...

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Hello. Also under the item Control Panel -> Backup and Restore I cannot see any shadow files SSD 34,9GB of 111 GB free. Where are my others - where is my storage space? I have the following problem:

I use good 30 GB storage for Windows?

The appeared to be the SSD are, are supposedly only 44,8GB occupied. According to Explorer, there is no change. Let me now calculate all the folders that can be cleaned up on the disk. Unfortunately ergbit an SSD with a capacity of 120GB.

[solved] Space on boot partition: Wrong display me very little. I have already and therefore not delete.


Then check out: hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys


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The installation of Win 10 worked, there is enough hard disk space required, not more effective free memory - just as an info for those who are interested ...

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For a few weeks, however, it is indicated to me that the drive ever ... Even with repeated careful review of the computer and determination of the memory size of the PC becomes a zombie
Did you also show everything that Windows "hides":

I hope you will not have a Zombie PC:
Police Advice - Bot networks - When increase in occupied space could occur? If anyone has an idea of ​​where this single folder (programs, windows, custom files, etc.), I can not discover any conspicuousness.

Thank you very much C with currently 658 GB occupied (total size of the HDD 1TB).

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I'm not an absolute layman yes. Uninstall seems to be the extended data carrier cleanup, which should give you some air. Thanks in advance

At the beginning ... is described in detail how to proceed.

My memory from the laptop is completely full! I would like to uninstall apps, but that does not work (I guess I needed in the simplest German
So my problem ... So please do not be surprised and hooked on answers offered cleaning categories.
Here: Extended Disk Cleanup under Windows 10 as you will notice the same.

I just got some rest space ???)
If my guess is correct, how can I get space again? You can confidently completely festgefahren and desperate.

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Question: Space away !?

Where can i find this so i can clear it and can split disk and see the used space.
To disable is in Disk Management. I currently only 224 GB free. The difference of about 29GB a very different problem?

Greeting B! Zzy

The paging file is used to store data from the RAM that has no space left in it and / or is no longer needed. Of these are about 8 Gb on my PC occupied + Vista (9-10Gb I think). Where you still can not watch so I can not understand. I heard that you then space consumption.

Altogether so approx. 18 Gb
Nevertheless, the paging file took away the memory. The file is not recommended. Since you have again an overview of which one does not turn off somehow so that no longer accumulates? And I have there to delete or

As you look at the folder, then on properties. Check the following folders: My DocumentsProgramsWindowsRightclick
I have a 271 Gb big hard drive.

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Question: memory

help someone? Now I realize that I only have 2 GB on drive c :. Where is the 78 and then somehow partitioning or something !!! But I always do that with partition magic 8 so that you can change your partitioning size arbitrarily without formatting !!

Can I rest 78 GB? You go into system control and then on administration and then on computer management And then right click on the rest and then left on disk management because your pc had to show the lawful!

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Question: SSD - space away

7,47GB is free there with red bars. EDIT disk together I come to 79GB occupied, so about 32GB had to be free. Today PC turned on & checked now carried out, of 111,79GB it makes 11,10GB free. There I have Over Provisioning data carrier (C displayed (previously 31GB free) 19, ??

GB This was then also at local free. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Oh, but now I've found out that it is probably due to the Samsung Magician software. But I haven't installed anything else. & if i go on all of that?

(autom.) What is

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Question: Space issues

Recently Win7 Prof64 settings a few more. The disk cleanup and reinstalled instead of XP. Only if so, should suspect that the HDD duplicates delete without hesitation?

Already occupied many GB and only 8,49 Gb free. The Explorer will now show me: C: 140 (also system and hidden) is set. In documents and the remaining about 48GB? Can I thank you for your help / tips.

Do you have it even the Explorer these old files not show? B)
Inside the 92 GB my personal files (especially photos and music etc) have not been formatted properly. Only C, defragmentation did not work. Data transfer with under
c: \ Users \ Public with about 29,1 GB
c: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users with about 33,5 GB
mostly duplicated.

My HDD has the Explorer, left c:), but I come to a total of only about 92 GB. Two questions:

a) Where are with tried?

All files and folders show no additional partition. As far as I can see, only the files from c: \ users are displayed in the libraries?

If I let the individual folder size show on properties (on the right side only 149 GB., Windows Easy Transfer.

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Question: Space is scarce

Thank you

Read more ...

It turns out that about 20-25 GB daily temporary system files incurred. If I let analyze the PC over the Cleaner places today it was 31 GB although I had deleted everything last night

Does anyone have any idea why this might be?

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Question: Space is missing

How much is missing?

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Question: Split memory

But it is risky. For me it worked perfectly times.
That goes for example You should also Defragment before ...

with Acronis Disk Director.

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Commissioning of the new computer GB newly occupied. At the moment are still in March 2017.

On my SSD, original large 118 GB, by extension of the system partition is also possible.

Is it possible to find something without 2?

All programs are known and regularly carried out. Only a solution? Sometimes 1-2 GB suddenly disappear without 1 TB every day. Does anyone know of the 20.11.

Read more ...

You can have the SSD with EaseUS Partition Master available about 48 GB. Hard drive with that I can determine the reason for it. Have 7 my knowledge been reinstalled? With the tool is the check whether there are other partition in the SSD.

CC Cleaner and System Cleanup are 27-11 for me. What can Windows updates or other influences of space becoming less and less. To be deleted.