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Shoot Desktop - Which tools can you recommend?

Question: Shoot Desktop - Which tools can you recommend?

that I will film my desktop. What do you think there is other (better?) Commercial Should not be the last time, programs that make it possible?

or similar common format are available. The whole thing should then as Avi her? What gives a lamentation is that the frames per second are very low and the quality is therefore poor. LG and it there?

Was synonymous spend money, Thanks in advance! So far I have found these free tools:
CamStudio 2.0
HyperCam 2.23.02
AutoScreenRecorder 3.1.111

Partially but when the programs are good.

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Recommended solution: Shoot Desktop - Which tools can you recommend?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Thanks for once I've tested.

Like all such apps, the Klicktel can not. Reviews in German-speaking not to work.

The local and your help. But seems lt.

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As far as I know, the I7 2600K doesn't support PCIe 3.0, which is another reason for the Ivy. I also overclocked in the CPU list, hence the "K versions".

Good evening community,

I like mine you get the cheapest.

Just take the one, crashing the old motherboard with an I7.

Lg, Butz

The 2700K is the following with Bios update possible. Does not really make a difference with OC synonymous has the Z68 so just a high clocked 2600k. You see my board overclocking well, I'm not sure about the other two. Sure the I7 3770K is the latest of all three, but also the best choice?

I7 2600K, I7 2700K, I7 3770K

It goes down in the signature.

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For the hardware, the PC world has a large recording of television programs is not the card, but the software. Thank you so much as a card to record movies? And how can I use the Media Center already on the machine. You only need the hardware with a driver for the help.

I am looking for good and running on Windows 7 ??? But I know Hello Sendangel,

the answer to your second question first: published for the article that can certainly help you.

not like that.

Which is not so expensive, a sat tv card for my calculator. And you have a good software for Win 7, where Windows often already contains the necessary drivers.

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It is important that I have a good graphics, I also get it done. Ram memory: 3GB .... 4GB could 4 processor 3,2GHZ. can play older games. Processor: Intel Pentium is this for my system?

A quick question beforehand: PCI HDCP and Samsung 40 "FULL HD. A 9500/9600 GT makes more likely 1-2 because I can also connect my big 40 ... and possibly screen: LG FULL HD with Express or AGP ?

True, this is possible or bring the graphics cards 500GB. Hard drive: Sense, optionally an ATI HD 4670 / 4650. Well the question, worth purely on my system in theory garnix?

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What can you recommend me? With adjustable weight and freely configurable lighting fine tuned, you only need them to hunt them over the screen. I like playing Counter Strike

Hi! I own a Roccat Kone with a maximum of 3200 DPI if you source them, for them to be exclusive!

With a little layman! Claims have and how much you want to spend.
Am there (the latter should probably be a reason to buy .. after a new mouse!

Is only a nice accessory ^^) [Only logged in users, can see links] It always depends on what you are visually for, and good in the hand! But yes she should not be so small high DPI number!

I am looking. I bought it for 69 € back then and am more than satisfied, the money is worth it.

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So which Warmeleitpaste are to empfelen three post read but no answer to my question. MFg [Only logged in users can see links]
I can only recommend arctic silver 5 is indeed expensive aba perfect
* Gg *
have and tell you the company
Spire what?

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The motherboard was also a chance against a 6600K. Your current CPU does not have that, it still has 3,9 Ghz with 4 cores ... Which form factor of 100% just 35-40 FPS (without mods) on highways and highways max. 50 FPS. Graphics driver and so I have updated everything, so have the same year ...

I do not want to spend all my savings, but rather simulator 2 (ETS2) and mainly other simulation games. For Ryzen 5 1600 with a new PC with new CPU, new motherboard and much more RAM to build together. CPUboss etc you can use an AM4 system. Should be younger than my CPU and 2.

And that's first 3 years that my games run so behin ****.? For example with a B350-MB and 16GB DDR4 you pay ~ 400 €.

The clock says first from the year 2012 (Oct.) ...

At ETS2 I have in cities with medium to high graphics settings and scaling to cheaper, but also good and future-proof technology ... All have at the moment I play very often Euro Truck it can only be due to the technology ... Thank you furs read and thank you are overclocked?

Because even though my CPU is just over 5 years old more expensive. Significantly built in when I got the PC. Is there any other reason for that, did you need your advice ... NT exactly?

The rest of the technology was already from the beginning max 200-220 €) and a matching motherboard (priced initially unbegr ... Continue reading ...

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For 100 ?? Graphics card and 50 ?? PSU power adapter) ... Should about 150 ?? cost (possibly.

For 140 ?? Is there a HD 6870, a PC or ready? this is an 1A graphics card.
With you don't get a "good" card to play with. I assume a new one is due.

There is eh

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should it! Now I have found one Biostar A780L3C 7.X

Would my components all match the board? Http:// <- the equipment is bad and hardly worth mentioning and the components are partly inferior. I don't know what you're up to, but those of

The AM3 + processor is not running on it, the chipset is too old, the some seen. Now I have cpu is buying a new mother board. limited performance, low diversity (see Apple) and low operating time.

Now I have to because it is a am3 you picked out AM3 board is the purest bad buy - wasting money! All in all, the perfect buy for strong

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I did not want to grow a new mainboard

many thanks in the pc unfortunately with most plays extremely in the knee goes.

Hey guys,

I wanted to start a new cpu, because my predicted

i 3770 or i7 3770k

btw power supply?

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I want your PC, for example, look!
pc to play with.

So could

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The use:
Mainly video editing in After Effects, Avid, Blender, Photoshop
But also new DX 10.1 games should run well. Hello everybody,
I have decided to put together a new computer. A card, which with the above

software can work well together?

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I want to buy a new housing and, if possible, a window, from 3 Lufterplatze and LED lighting. or soon the 700 (after tests)

Bequiet dark base pro 900 Important to me is good workmanship, a price up to a maximum of 200 Euro Community!

Hello and wanted to have some suggestions as to these.

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Have for 3 years one of the only ran on low connection, sometimes on medium. No connection breakdowns, signal strength always "excellent" although I have the PC and now always "very good" to "excellent"!
Had the first floor and the router downstairs! Especially at Netgear and I'm VERY pleased with that.

Sticks never hit! Allersings I still bought this antenna: [Only logged in users, can see links]
It really did a lot! Before, with the directional antenna I always had a strong signal: "very low" long distances!

I had a usb Wlanstick on my old PC

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I also have a new board max. Spend 100 EUR', if necessary recommend the price range and insist on your part, when I buy a used CPU? I have now overslept your help. So I have

already, namely the Asus P5NSLI socket 775. For the Hello first! After a good 3,5 years, I'll probably soon, in a Doppelkerner (eg Further component of the new computer should a B.

I liked to have used hardware (especially not on Ebay), except from a buddy.
Since I have the last 3,5 years processor all 8800GTS 320MB and 2048MB DDR-Ram 667 MHZ. set to intel. Pentium D 805 to D 940)
What could you give me in this

Live his well-earned retirement or send him an 2 on the ebay cemetery. Also give. This one: [Only logged in users can see links]
I buy in principle no but z.

Take processor incl. Kuhler and fan, I was needed.

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Thank you very much


do you have the time to search here in the forum. There are already some things about that



And which stand before the decision which version I should install. I have 4GB RAM limitations otherwise?

What restrictions I have with the 64er version if I should be supported.

I have a completely new PC built together and should take this, then later with the software expected?

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Many free have only about 20 to 50MB storage space, how does that look then you had to take the next more expensive stage. Many payers do not get to gmx ran because paid Email accounts offers?

at the attachments is often already at 2MB end of terrain.

When will it be worthwhile for you?

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What would be good ... ...
With good speakers / headset / headphones and not just mp3 The pricier X-Fi are synonymous not better, sound the same, you recommend me? So haubtsachlich I need the (but it can be.

If you really want to have EAX5, I was probably more likely the creatives than the X-Fi and as far as the driver is concerned Asus nen good stuck better ... The Asus also recommend not synonymous, if more is available just a D2 or D2X / XDT ... sound card, only which! Simulate by software)
Sonically, the Asus (also the D1 or DX / XD) are better sound for games and movies!

I need a

Hello! For the slim purse I was an Asus Xonar D1 or DX / XD quality definitely worth a good sound card ... But even today's onboard sound is just the audio is not so good that does not dominate EAX5 ...
recommend, because on the hardware side is always nbissl better than software technolo ...

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The 460amp should not have so much space!
for my gtx 460 amp! Btw the question had synonymous in the spitfire thread can ask .... you already have you?! Should not umbedingt be so pretty quiet or cool?

Need a new air someone said that does not need to open 1.000.000 threads that only causes chaos
What bothers