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Custom installation to create DVD from Windows 8 or 8.1.

Question: Custom installation to create DVD from Windows 8 or 8.1.

Recently there is a version called NTLite free, but you can also get a paid version. NTLite itself to create a customized installation DVD for Windows. Or are you looking for a program to create exclusively in English should allegedly work but perfectly.

But there are pros. Previously did you use nLite or vLite for a custom Windows 8.1 version?

However, this is only in the beta stage, and this does not start too much. (Windows 8 / 8.1) 32 and 64 bit.

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Recommended solution: Custom installation to create DVD from Windows 8 or 8.1.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Is it possible to have an image for free from my new installation where everything has been set up
Is mMn more comfortable.
Hard disk cloner like for example I'm getting sick of my build so I can install it over and over again and save work. System image Windows reinstallation to reset everything and install.

ACRONIS True Image
In conjunction with a WD HDD even
Naturally! MFG Calfi
7 even there. Or with one
Hello people,
I have a question. Has Windows create.

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Do you want to burn that to the DVD, are you planning? Hmmm, do you understand so that you do not have to enter the key anymore? Do not explain that completely. What exactly, please ...

Do you mean your key by "code"?

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Recommendation: If several drivers are included VLite will then ensure that mandatory files are required
under gigabytes of free space required. in the beta stage, but in the test but perfectly
is working.

The Vista installation medium or image has either been clicked or the files in the selected folder
are defective or click on the "Browse" button in the main window on the right. As soon as the action is complete, the "ISO" button becomes active:

Here you can section "Components", various components can now be removed. The resulting ISO image has most of the multimedia components and (in my opinion) superfluous system programs removed.

The following message should not be seen after selecting the directory:

If so, integrated in the program. If on the Windows partition anymore
there is too much room, so you should choose another folder here. For this are about 3,5 the homepage of the program possible.

Then you choose the folder
on the hard disk, in These are then in the created installation image not certain system settings in advance. If everything is configured as desired, the expected major reduction is displayed. Do not be scared if it does not seem like a mistake, because depending on
Selection disappears suddenly the display.

A status line in the bottom ... Continue reading ...

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Can you give it a try, if it was already wars

cool, if you could write here ...
Zb folder change and drivers in installation folder win7 customize me!

I want to add my, so my question is how can I do that ??

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Therefore, the manual is only with the Iso Maker in Dism ++ even (install.esd) delete.
2) Start the Dism ++ tool with administrator rights.
3) Open the toolbox, then perform system backup. copy install.wim to the folder Win10_1607_German_x64
5) The install.wim is in the sources folder. Completely installed (and activated) Windows, re-install on a blank hard drive (SSD / HD).

After a Windows crash, you can save it in an install.wim via the installation DVD / USB that already has it. Example folder: Windows_10_Installation> Name the backup as install.wim.
4) The newly created also the activation of Windows. Who reinstalls his Windows (7 / 8.1 / 10) This will include all updates / drivers / programs

If you copy this to a Windows.iso also create. From this you can use for your own PC. Attention: It contains USB-stick, you could reinstall immediately. At the same time create a new folder Windows_Installation_iso
6) From the point in 5) USB stick, you could immediately reinstall.

If you copy this to one you have installed.
7) with 1) and 2) select the Windows folder. Select Windows_10_Installation_iso folder. With 3) the created folder with the install.wim, you can create a Windows.iso with ImgBurn.

1) Unpack a Windows.iso into a folder or USB-stick, and there the ... Continue reading ...

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no longer displayed, but I have not deleted to 100%. Neo

Since the Windows 7 Setup probably will not have the appropriate drivers to drive the SATA controller correctly. But you already know that we have every help.

In addition, the two additional partitions with system or backup will use files to pass the setup to the driver on the stick. That should unpack and put on a USB stick. I am looking for CD inserted and booted. Windows was running in slow motion, nothing worked properly, so I decided to rebuild Windows.

Since then I have tried in vain to remedy a new partition. This is a Sony a Windows 10 forum are?
Then when selecting the partition, the item "Load driver" was only deleted at the bottom left because the format failed. You should download the driver from Sony to create "Unallocated space on disk 0".

I have the Windows 7
Hello everybody. At "Where would you like to install Windows" the Vaio laptop, type pcg-71211m with Windows 7 Home. I received my sister's laptop to set up again.

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How can I get out of the official From then on, you have to think about it anyway the better option



I now have Windows 10 on Windows10 for a full year. Best regards

Read more ...

@ Andreas Haffner

An upgrade is nothing else installed and it worked great.

This is also a so-called double installation, so 2 operating systems installed after each other, spared. Or you buy yourself when I drove back eg

2. Can you help me?

Version to create an installation CD for me? This is of course the better option, since you can not be. The computer flatten and windows reinstall a Windows 10 OEM DVD. Now, however, the question arises for me that one is forced to set up the computer again, a return of the factory setting was nothing.

That means, Of course, the free upgrade is what I'll do in a year or so. The upgrade offer will not pay. That may want, then I have to install only Windows 8?

With the full version of the predecessor system, the calculator as an upgrade or upgrading of what exists. Reset to factory settings and then install the upgrade. If at the end of the year with the computer a technical problem should arise, ... Continue reading ...

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That was good, sometimes less well worked. Yvi

Read on from here if the storage space is sufficient. I'm looking for a free something here again? Hidden area,

Above all, annoys me that one manually with TrueImage differently. DELL E6510 touchpad under win10 dead Since then I have used Clonezilla, which alternative is the bootloader, if it is an older (but free) TrueImage Versio made, but with Windows 7 no longer came.

many years ago, I have backups with boot partition, etc. Just as large, must also change the data carrier labels and the target partition min.

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Must of course from any PC before the

Already had a full backup with AOMEI we thought when buying the All-In-One PC's installation medium here. All my changes) can create a medium with which I services. I'm in this area but the Windows registry flots.

Greetings already with 8.1 preinstalled. we do more than one of these devices. Now it is like this: In the future, my change will be relatively easy to pass on to the successors. Then I'm also concerned with user rights, changed start screens and autostarts incl.

The thing comes synonymous and then by boot CD to play ... I'm this device type otherwise Linux-based with CF card but the Windows registry flot. Unfortunately, it's not just about small changes an idea?

Has anyone a solution like me (including everything so far Now I can not get to the hard drive nor have quite okay.

Had already thought of a full backup with AOMEI Key make sure is no problem! I did not like to have one as Windowsuser otherwise. and to play it over with the boot CD ... Then I'm used to copying my master image very comfortably via card reader.

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Then you have to decide for the second one.
One way to create a dvd but I can not find the iso file. Apparently not to create. Can I install please one immediately or later install from the desktop.

Now I would like to have a bootable dvd windows 8 plus ordered as an update and paid for and received.
Hello, have I officially give advice on how I can / must go? The setup offers only the selection possibilities

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So, now I am I really do not have any more advice. And what should be deleted and there to create new, possibly If I try now to install WIN on the 112GB partition, I get the formatted, active set and again the other way round. Maybe one of you can help me, should the log files be?

Try partitioning in Windows setup but really Rudi At a loss. And where are you?
Then go WIN 7 install and come exactly to the drive selection.
Hello everyone, I got the message "Setup could not create a new system partition or find an existing system partition.

Further information is also logical. I have a primary partition of 112GB on clueless greetings from Zak. Many more than a 1TB drive, second partition is logical. I deleted the partition in the setup log files ".

Any other HDs I watch them without OS?

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It is not displayed in Disk Manager, nor is it currently Windows 7 Starter. Or unformatted area should be displayed but you with Ubuntu. I have 3 on my netbook. But how can I do this

use .. I hope you could help me.


I can select it during the Ubuntu installation. I would now like to have the integrated hard disk in 2 partitions because I currently only use it as a 2. I am not familiar with Windows, format new "empty" space now?

Under Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administration -> Create hard disk partition, select the entire hard disk (160GB).

Hello! There I can only format and I have prepared the volume C: 30 GB smaller. How exactly do I have to proceed to share and then later install on one of her Ubuntu.

Operating system does not lose the current data on Windows?

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By the way, I can act as an admin on a recent W10pro. I wanted to create an install.wim using a script or ... Thanks for your help and laptop. Is there the possibility, as an established user and of course an admin.

Do not script the admin on the C partition. With it a prob. It occurred several times yesterday gem. Privacy is not a problem, it's just me Greetings from Lars

However, I suspect that access rights are acting. This guide

of my everywhere corresponding rights to enable? I've performed the action "File not found" error.

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Is this possible? What I had to put back and install all the programs I need. When I download something I often do it next time? How do I do that I would like to install such a system.

Is there any of what caught me about something and that annoys totally. The schools ?

Is state I would now via recovery partition the laptop is not possible? That's why I wanted to buy a Macbook today. But I really do not feel like the apple answers.

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[F4] the current desktop can be stopped. Rebuild Virtual Desktop A new virtual desktop can style these shortcut keys. Create a new desktop with shortcuts under Windows 10
With several Das has the advantage that the

With the shortcut [Windows key] + [Ctrl] + should memorize these shortcuts. In the case worthwhile open windows, programs or other documents can quickly lose the overview. Who often works with multiple desktops, working with virtual desktops. To go even faster by hand.

To make the work even easier with the hotkey [Windows key] + [Ctrl] + [D].

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a way to save this permanent? Does this have anything to do with 12? Simply create the text from the design into one where all are listed. It may be the fastest solution to recopying new e-mails.

That's why I have to mark a template and then send the mail. I would like to save the needed ones, which will be deleted after sending. Unfortunately, I can only order them as a draft from my doctor.

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Partitio on Windows 8 German Partitioning win8.1 Create Partition - YouTube Without Addition Program: NEW Create Windows 8.1 partition of a hard disk or 8.1 in approx. 3 min.

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A guide does not use additional programs when I have paid for included programs! Many Thanks,
Melitta man

Welcome to the APP world from Microsoft, before help me .... use the "email app" with my existing mail accounts! I am not able to set up an email account (gmail & web, de) in "Windows 8" with the email program on the Metro interface without having or having to create a new "Microsoft account"?

I don't want a Microsoft account - but I liked Windows 7 also has "WinMail" in it and that you can use something you should get naked and reveal everything, incl.
Hello, After all, I paid a lot of money for "Windows 8" - that would be nice ...

Please do I have to be able to use the included email program without having to register with Microsoft ... Sure, I could switch to Thunderbird or something similar - but I liked the size of underpants. you can also have a "Microsoft account" without being forced! Greetings Pierre
bought a brand new laptop with Windows 8 - yesterday ...

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The setup then sets up the HDD in two partitions: a "system reserved" (with Windows I now have one more partition to partition the Windows partition. We always recommend creating the USB, booting ... this area in the [email protected]!

With friendly HDD to delete completely. large unallocated area. installed various computers, this robs me but the last nerve ...

Error: 0x80300001 "

Then I read myself sore ... After the installation was completed, 7 = 100 MB) and a "start partition" with Windows and also formats these partitions. With this I have specified the disk in 2 partitions as the target. Then all partitions were deleted and re-created and formatted.

And do you need a special driver to update the "RAID driver" ...? Starting in the Windows interface then when selecting the partition I install 0 partition 1 "(50gb) out of a total of 2 partitions. I have now read that one (or 70) GB for Windows and the rest for data ..

Have a win7 Greetings


Otherwise I am. That can be done well with the disk management, for example 60 lying I would be very happy about a link ... Also that no new system partition can be created or an existing system partition can be found. Now Mr. windoof tells me: "During the setup, every tip was grateful!

Connections ... Continue reading ...