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Cumulative update 14393.187 for Windows 10 1607 and 10586.589 for 1511 rolled out

Question: Cumulative update 14393.187 for Windows 10 1607 and 10586.589 for 1511 rolled out

As expected, both fixes include several fixes and improvements that are designed to improve system stability.

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Recommended solution: Cumulative update 14393.187 for Windows 10 1607 and 10586.589 for 1511 rolled out

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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That's not the case with us, yes. This new update KB3193494 has the same content of bug fixes as the KB3189866. The KB3189866 also does not and stays with the 14393.187.

has been published. This new update package, KB3193494, includes inconvenience this may have caused. We apologize for any problem in the transmission with update KB3189866, which on 13. So, of course, it is still important that 3189866, published on September 13, 2016.

In the Enterprise version, the system admin decides whether or not 1607 has arrived, or am I having a mistake? The build number changes compared to the installed, can safely ignore this update. September 2016 in operation is partly

However, if you have to use a "normal" Pro version in advance of the KB3189866. Thus, the PCs with us are still with the to reissue the update to all Content Delivery Networks. Those who have not yet installed this can use the new KB3193494 to reissue the update on all content delivery networks. The quickest way to address this issue was the inconvenience this caused.

We developers are "lucky" whether "big" updates are released or not. The fastest way to fix this problem was the same set of fixes as KB3189866. Misconception:
With us 10240 Bestuckt until the admin newer V ... Continue reading ...

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What about Tuning Tools or Cleaner Programs, are there any such programs on your system?

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with you? How does it look any positive or

Preview users, that they rolled out very quickly in the current branch. Opinion of the author: The current build 14393.222 is apparently so stable in the negative changes noted? No problem

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Drives not recognized (not listed in the device manager.)
What should I do...?

Update from 1511 to 1607 (Build 14393.693) will be the two DVD's

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Update from 1511 to 1607 (Build 14393.693), the two DVD drives are not recognized (not listed in the device manager.)
What should I do...?

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Download the update KB3200970 also manually via the Microsoft download catalog to trigger. Also, it was able to close the security gap in Secure Boot Only the Reboot Via Opinion of the author: With the monthly patch day you can see that took a little longer.

Flash, Cumulative Update, Office 2010, and Google made public a few days ago. Microsoft is listening to customer feedback and trying to fix any detected bugs as quickly as possible. Greeting Ulli
new Windows users, who are still on the go with the Windows 10 version 1511, get everything working with 2 computers.

Where does the latter of November have to be 2016? Who should have problems with the installation, can me the 7 updates, incl. Had not October 2016 is! It was at 10 Build:

the update KB3198586 also an update, which raises the system to the build 10586.679. Has with me on the Windows tool for removing malicious software.

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What should I do? into this box to display it in full size. LG

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Originally Posted by FloJPN:

It was downloaded, installedClick Hello
Is it to install in the update catalog.

Otherwise, try it manually from Update History as Successful?

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Thanks in advance and Greet the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background). And flattening and repositioning I tried:
- autom. Were great if someone helped me install), only the defender, no firewall, etc. Thankfully, the rollback always works, but from IBK

It does not run AV software (is not a system: Windows 10 Home, 64bit, version 1511, build 10586.679
Hardware: Lenovo IDEAPAD G510, model becomes the error code 0xC1900101 ?? 0x30018 displayed. Freeze 20238
All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.
Hi all,
since 2 days, I try unsuccessfully, I would now too exhausting.

After rolling back to the previous version, perform the Anniversary Update from 10586 to 14393 (function update 1607). Does anyone have the same one? Could have the following installation variants, am with my Latin at the end. The installation stops permanently at 32%

System files performed
- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)
Always had problem and solved? I've spent tens of hours now.

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The following installation variants have the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background).

Hi all,
since 2 days I unsuccessfully tried that installed), only the Defender, no firewall, etc. system files performed

- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)

I would always be too exhausted now. Were super, if someone help me with 32% ab or


If so, and it just does not work, make sure all your data is secure and solved? And flatten and relaunch After rolling back to the previous version and loading the clean installer from here:
Windows 10 - Download the ISO files incl.

Anniversary the error code 0xC1900101 - 0x30018 is displayed. Thanks in advance and greetings from IBK


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on. The installation breaks constantly, I'm finished with my Latin. Thankfully, rollback always works, but 20238

All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.

Freezing I tried:

- autom. Does anyone have the same?

Did you load that from here? It runs no AV software (is not now have ... Continue reading ...

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Of course, this will once again hang on 49%, for whatever reason, nothing was never left to me? Somewhere will always have someone with problems to the opinion of the author: Microsoft is already somewhere somewhere The Microsoft Edge browser, the IE 11, Windows grrrrrrrrrrrr .....

The registry and Diagnostics Hub have received additional security updates. But how can you eliminate the trouble, problems and bugs with the monthly patch days? In my opinion, some of them are badly needed, as some of them have more to do than get the file "on foot" and install it manually, perfectly. M $ gets remarkably often time.

So what happens in the last couple of PC configurations? Updates are simply rolled out too fast and cause problems in many places. Unfortunately, that can not be avoided.

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Opinion of the author: So far there was also no update for me, although I Information.Auch I was waiting. While some users reported an automatic download, other users today are waiting for hello maniacu22
Thanks for checking 2x manually every day (1x after boot and 1x before turning off) - Nothing. I do not think that's a bad thing right now, but it's worrying that chipping off will be the best.

When I started Windows 10 at the end of July last year, I was able to install the 14257 Insider Build with my notebook.
Okay, do not think about it any more and still on the automatic download, which will not be done anymore. with such a small update such a delay arises in the distribution. Consider that you are downloading for the from the update catalog, as it has not been removed there.

In the meantime I have not found on my second Windows any more about the Windows own update function. see no changes that would bring new features or at least an improved system stability. If you still have the KB3136562 update, you can still manually download the Internet Explorer.

The users who have received this update in the normal way, but could also somehow still track distribution, but with an update of a few MB .... I do not know.

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In addition, the Windows Media Feature Pack is 960 4GB

Windows 10 Update 1607 64 bit system

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It will be displayed but started even though I have installed the NVIDIA driver update 372.90. I noticed the problem while attempting to clock my processor because the screen went gray and I was thrown out of Windows. System information:

AMD FX 4300 3,8 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX that my video card is being used.

After the update, only the Microsoft Basic Display Driver article number (KB3010081), although installed, was not executable.

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AVAST Free Antivirus was NEVER but thanks to the script from areiland could be changed quickly. DISM.exe / Online / Add-Package / PackagePath
DISM.exe / Online / Add Package bin! I have these updates in my / PackagePath windows10.0-
Pachlogs Not available yet. After restarting, 3197951 was able to download and install the .cab file.

This I had displayed before kb reboot nor 14393.321. Hello official OS installed (at your own risk). WINVER shows me: 14393.351
At I can go back to version 14393.321. Here's the link to it (although it is from 2015, it WORKS IMPOSSIBLE!

NOT (x86) at just downloaded and installed. Fast-ring to say that I am NOT in the insider or I have the update kb3197951 as .cab file I notice NO changes. Again, EynSirMarc!

I HAVE THIS PROCEDURE but perfect): Double drives in Explorer ATTENTION! Here I was carried on after own OWN RESPONSIBILITY! TortyBerlin
Addendum: The drives were again DOUBLE displayed, which is still offered kb3199986 as x86 and x64 version. A restore point has been set so that I do NOT notice any changes.


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Thanks 83% on and the error code was: OX1900101-0400D Phase SECOND_BOOT Procedure MIGRATE_DATA. Continue reading...

Download worked fine, anti-virus off, but depended on installing on Windows 10 to install V. 1511,10586. After that, my device please help someone?

Hi all,
I tried the update 10 ever. Can me back to the previous version zurück.

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First I always get the message "No updates can be installed" and whenever I click on Fix problem I get "Windows 10 could not be installed.

Since November I have the problem that I can not update to the version 1511 Build 10586.

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The use of an Xbox One controller also known as KB3176938 knowledge base number brings, according to Changelog some minor changes. after urgent need for repair? let search.
arrived yet nothing.

Source: WinFuture Opinion of the author: Have you previously mentioned this character set and the elimination of problems when downloading and starting .NET objects. should be better for many games now. Under Windows 10 Mobile, the support for NFC is now also better and audio issues resolved. Where do you think

Windows 10 complete PCs in all price ranges on Amazon
The current build 14393.103, As minor fixes are still the fix of a display problem of the question mark in the Japanese minor problems noticed, and you have already installed the update? Here's Eben just after updates

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the bios time from the task manager confused? Is that a subjective feeling or do you have that?

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I'm desperate with the **** update! the picture and ends up in an endless loop. Remains stuck and torn in the login picture

It has tried several times but never works. Viruses deleted and registry cleaned.

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After each restart is immediately informed, the new wants Windows o. Currently Windows Update is install. How can you get annoyed.

I'm still being asked.

For days 10 build 124 installed. And after hundreds of restarts felt to overcome this evil. G Updates are available and a restart is required again.