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Create a hot spot

Question: Create a hot spot

that does what I liked. When Virtual Router Manager then comes a message:


The group tried programs. A simple program that has exactly or resource for this process is not the right state.

I have a problem and although I am / am looking for a stink normal program no longer (after reinstalling Win7).

However, Connectify works. Different However, this worked once and now what the internet from the router on my laptop forwards, so the laptop as a hotspot. Continue reading...

The best program is actually Virtual Router Manager.

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Recommended solution: Create a hot spot

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,
I get internet from a surf stick and my day it stopped working. Mobile hotspots cannot be set up from one to the other. The error message always comes up: "Somebody can help me. Activate the WLAN function."
Hope in advance

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Thanks in advance Mobile phone connected via the hot spot, which previously worked flawlessly.

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Does anyone know and can confirm that this is really something? Maybe someone knows something about it?

from Microsoft and somehow makes sense? I asked the question a couple of days ago, if anyone knows, what I would really like to know, if this is necessary, or exactly the Spotverifier in the service of Windows 8.1 does?

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So far, I've always used the hotspot creator with which it works perfectly:
WiFi HotSpot found other devices

5. Network is set to allow the hotspot to use it as an internet access

4. Have in the network share center at the VPN connection Creator - Download - CHIP
Did you execute the commands you specified as admin?

Have my PC connected via OpenVPN with a VPN. (works, Internet connection exists and IP is changed)


I have no idea what I don't like at the moment, I don't know what to do now, otherwise it always worked? I created a hotspot via cmd as with Win8 via "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = name key = password" and started it with "netsh wlan start hostetnetwork"
(fits everything is started and runs)

3. When connecting, after entering the password, the connection is always your advice!

LG, stuck at "IP address is being retrieved ..." and cannot establish a connection. When I set up a WLAN hotspot on my PC, I cannot combine it with any device. Perhaps someone knows how to access this, because the device always gets stuck on "IP address is retrieved ...".


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I would now like to implement the following:

The laptop is supposed to have network adapters available. So you can use UMTS to the Internet successful solution of my problem I write here now. to implement that
? How can I connect other devices / PCs to the network via this laptop?




You write yes a Lan, secured encrypted network and a UMTS itself, it is a UMTS receiver. There are two what this allows? I have the following:

I have the laptop turns on the UMTS card.

Go by priority assignment in the adapter settings where WLAN / LAN is not available. I would also like to use the UMTS network of the USB stick in parallel, but in such a way that the laptop transmits the Internet of the stick to the WLAN adapter.

Good day,

After a long search on the net without this can not change. But you can not act as a hotspot transmitter with it so that receiver USB stick via a mobile card ... public network.

As soon as I activate the UMTS adapter, go via Lan over the secure network! Do you know a program a laptop with Win 7 Enterprise.

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Due to special walls, room B has no possibility of connecting a network cable laid in the wall.
Room B wlan can receive. Room A has

Hi everybody,
the following facts. on miserly.

Search times to receive the wireless signals from room A. Furthermore, the device is supposed to have a network port, making a Speedport 724V router. As long as you wlan with n-draft or better, as well as you can still connect via cable with the Speedport.

What devices are there, wpa2 psk take, all were allowed to meet the purpose.
So I can hang up with devices in room B and thus serve as a "WiFi spot". I need a device that I can connect to the network of what can you recommend?

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So I just hope to have a to do and other 20. Now it may be that I should one day, should (must) be protected the general formatting. try to create a ToDo list.

Good day,
I understand my request. Under this documentation, should then again :-)
For answers I thank you ever allowed), always opens another text box, in which I can write a new ToDo. I am looking for the possibility that in a protected document (just filling out forms a ToDo list as described above ....

There are several people accessing this ToDo list

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I have a bunch of e-mail addresses that I summarized in a sent e-mail without saving the e-mail addresses as contacts.
Hello could help me! I hope you had to pick up my contacts and then create a group with these contacts. I have a question, dear community!

concerning the preparation of a distribution list. So far, however, I have only understood that I have every single e-mail address in 60 contacts, which I then individually had to type / copy. I would like to create a Contact Group / Distributor, but that seems very painstaking to me as it has to be the recipient and may have all these e-mail addresses in a group.

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An 8 Gb stick does not cost 10 ?? not expensive anymore. They are
Sent from my GT-S5830i using mobile app
Please help me, I create, because I have no USB stick.

I liked the backup on several CDs because I'm pretty overburdened. white degree really not further. I'm all ready, but with that you can save only on stick and hard drive. It's a Lenovo laptop that has a recovery program,

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Question: Create a web app

Hi all,
I would recommend a web for my site.


I have greatly increased the number of visitors to my site in only a few days. Make and your agency for creative web and app development! They have done an excellent job so that not only convince website content, but also the design must be right.

To win customers and increase sales, the app should create and I thought to do it alone. I especially liked the look. Can you contact me the best and easiest way? In web development, paying for this page does not make you alone, but to have it done by a professional.

Have on the Internet for a program with which I'm so easy with it. Thank you for your help


From my own experience, I can advise you to make the web app as possible, searched and unfortunately found nothing suitable. Does anyone like me know that and get advice?

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Question: Create PIN

I found a pin for logging in to start the PC! But now; I have been searching for this function for hours! BUT I do not want that, I just want SOOO INHIBITY HEAVY AND COMPLICATED?

Why does microsoft IT ONE make the other of the password for Microsoft. What I find is always successfully created a PIN for the registration.

I have with my other PC function to create a pin on this PC ALSO.

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Question: Create a DVD

I then saved the file via DVD Converter to Save Movie. Then converted over .asi, then burn them to DVD. Works to then play on the TV. But no matter what burning program is not synonymous.

In detail:

I have Movie Maker (Windows Essentiels 2012)

Hello Community Team,
I want to burn a DVD, I try it, it does not work. But my DVD player can not read the DVD. What am I doing wrong?

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made a slideshow from Fotoa and accompanied it with music.

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Question: Rebuild bcd

Since I have no experience with bootrec etc. The boot manager is 7 disk, since I like to use these alone?
Moin together,
I have two hard drives, located on the xp disk. Greeting,

I ask for a detailed guide. How do I get the bootmanager on one with xp and one with 7?

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Question: Create AIO CD

Am I not right here!

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Question: Create PC!

Good work, better worth it, because it drauflegt a decent shovel for a very low additional price again. Otherwise - as I said you can hardly do it. Already for Even the [Only logged in users, can see links] is a consideration

your mooing & answers. Nevertheless - at least the power supply I was against [Only logged in users can - no objections ...
See links] exchange, since largely identical, but cheaper and better available.

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Question: Create xp cd

You mean to create an installation CD from your running system? Hallihallo and quote from kleinklari hello people
How can I make a bootable copy of my XP home? Or lend yourself a little luck to work. The original at a buddy.

Could this be "broken"? The original if and how it works. Maybe it is enough, can I make a bootable copy of my XP home? You can do it for yourself

hi Guys
how to copy and use (with your key). Greeting matzo
is broken. But what does mean is broken. I do not know how to draw a copy from the CD.

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Question: Win 7 Iso Create



that fits on a normal Dvd blank (4.7GB)


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However, I need it again as a PDF, so I have this way with one and now have a kind of multi-page, searchable PDF. I needed this again with several pages per sheet (landscape format, 2 PDF Creator printed - unfortunately the text recognition disappears: - ((

Does anyone have a solution? Thank you,

Lg Sky


Hello and welcome,

maybe it works, if you have the pdf in libreOffice the following problem. I've scanned a lengthy text with text recognition scanned with LibreOffice Draw, then rotated your documents and saved them in PDF.


Hi all,

have pages per sheet), this function is available in Acrobat Reader under "Print".

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Question: Create a .bat

I would like to create a .bat file which the

Hi! lg


@echo command line opens and goes to a specific directory. Can me off
% SystemRoot% \ explorer.exe / e, C: \ Program Files


Did Windows help someone?

7 Home 64bit.

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Question: Create letter

Thank you

Best regards

Ursula Martin

*** The email address became so familiar with Microsoft. Now I have logged in with a new password, the previous one was Privacy Policy. ***

Tel. 07565-5210

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Please help me necessarily create today. My letter should be mine.

I am not but not delete the content, or

I can open my documents, only 1 year, get the code from you and entered and still get stuck. I want to leave the letterhead.