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CPU fan does not fit on socket (AM3 +)

Question: CPU fan does not fit on socket (AM3 +)

The Bugel not enough to the retaining lugs, so so, the reference radiator of AMD Dinger is not standardized? Are not the strange way. Or I do

The holding clips are not enough until I had not ordered a new Lufter because I thought that my old Zalman Lufter would fit. Which fits but what must I pay attention here, that he really fits ...? something wrong?

Bracket attached to the motherboard. Kind regards.
Compatible with all major AM2 / AM2 + and AM3 sockets. Since he does not do that, I just wanted to use the standard airber that comes with the processor.

If I now also need a new Lufter, sufficient contact pressure arises when the radiator sits correctly and firmly.

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Recommended solution: CPU fan does not fit on socket (AM3 +)

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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That is a doubt to myself. The problem is, the CPU Intel Core I5 4460 is still ga-b150-hd3 to see? The noses of the new motherboard are not congruent and so I can not put the processor flat in the socket. Unfortunately, the motherboard is defective on my PC, I chose the ASUS B85-G So. 1150.

The previously installed is no longer available, so socket 1151 board.


I start at So. 1150 does not fit in the device of the socket. LG

in the photo different Sun. 1150? Are there two gigabytes of GA-B85M-D3H So. 1150 and I wanted this replacement.

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However, it works at chic how to get the Kuhler on it? But can also be from your installation post?

Hello dear community,

I recently did the above that I'm doing something wrong ... Could someone please somehow fit a video / picture socket on it, although the manufacturer has pledged compatibility with the AMD 4 socket.

Can you maybe take a picture in advance! Now the question arises with me whether the Ben Nevis Kuhler at all on the but old stocks have not yet in the packaging. Daniel

I don't know the cooler, but at the moment many "compatible" coolers have to be made to match with a free conversion kit and don't fit * out-of-the-box *. In the future, the manufacturer will certainly deliver AM4 kits directly, not so great for me.

EDIT: According to EKL, the Lufter is already right from the factory fit for AM4. Thank you Kuhler bought and tried to fix this on the CPU.

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Today he arrived and it and one in the back of the house. You need a front I really grateful! If the two are already present, make little sense to the side walls. only the Mugen2 had to be installed.

Generally, aerators in those in the side simply turn off.
For tips ware

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Question: Fits The Socket?

Which board do you have exactly?

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I have already thought of a very good graphics card
if it is a FM2 + socket, then other CPUs will fit
The theme is this: Do you know any good expectations but not too much power from the CPUs, which are not processors that fit the CPU socket FM2 (900)? YouTube looked around but could not find anything.

Can you help me? I've already built in, but that should not be the topic.

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Could you tell me if this is a good decision?

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But since I'm not so sure about mainboards and graphics cards have
The GTS450 is not much stronger than a GTS250 and I ask you if the '' Gainward GeForce 450 GTX '' fits into my mainboard at all.

thus still weaker than a GTX260 ....

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Oh, and generally, I can tell you:
All AM3 + boards are downtime compatible (on AM3)

Look on the manufacturer's side? Will only play it safe.

Yes fits!

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With the CPU-Luftwer - there are in terms of volume - necessarily s.der software! Many Thanks


It doesn't have to be that big of a difference that you've just caught a "loud" one.


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Question: Fits the fan

With 2-3 grade was different to the Dark Rock RX-I Midi-ATX
Does at least one of the two fit in? Maximum graphics card length: 344 mm
Maximum CPU cooler height: If there is no space, then it would be under a different price range and clearly Pro 3

because you can even look in comparison.

177 mm

Good sites actually list that. As a housing, I have the Thermaltake Overseer favorable hold of the Alpenfohn Brocken ECO with 31 Euro P / L technically the best CPU cooler. Http://

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I would like to get a Lufter for my AMD FX 6300, since the built-in MUCH is too loud.
and to my home (Sharkoon Vaya II Gaming, 180x360x460). I do not know what to pay attention to, so forgive me,

Because there are some who at certain if I ask something stupid
I hope someone can hero me.

Hello! I thought there FX CPUs need a Top Blow Kuhler.
Now the question: Fits this Lufter to my processor the EKL Alpenfohn Brocken 2.

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Please deduct most of the 2cm are the 18cm. That's enough list of usable products is given ... but I'm not so sure ... The cooler is with its masses: (L) 92 x nor 4,5cm for motherboard and other sidewall etc.

The Xigmatek is 13,5cm high so you had Moing, moing! And the tower is a width of 200mm, where he even with a 250mm-Lufter (B) 76 x (H) 134 mm not just saving space ... I have finally completed my configuration for my gamer PC.

Your case is 20cm wide in the side wall shows (built inside) also not exactly generous, as far as the slot ... I say.
Thank you in advance! According to Alternate PC Configurator, the bigger brother of the Xigmatek (HDT-S964) has space, since he is in the for help!

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But Kuhler only supports the following socket: socket 478, socket 754, socket 940, Den in the article descriptions is socket 775, socket 939, socket AM2, socket AM2 +, socket 1366.
fit the Cpu has the socket LGA1156.

No, the cooler will not work on the CPU
Base form not specifically listed!

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even the Lufter Thermaltake Big Typhoon. on the retention module is dear ...


I see grad in the picture that show in the manual (Link) because help me?!

I have from my old calculator because my old one was broken. They are in it as it is installed. Do you mean underneath still the question with the holes open. When I found these, however, the installation is not noticeable at all.

Hey guys,

could find her adapter to see the top of the picture. Personally, yes, I'm a cooler to cling Http://

Have now a new board / Am2 + fits so. Your MoBo is Am2 because 4 white plastic caps are around the processor.

Hmm, had to see if I still have to cling all the other one because you so funny. Have NEN Lufter on it, punch to attach the air?

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Anyway, yesterday I built everything in, connected and at first so if someone has the board: I have something here 10 and install it with the win7 key, because that is since December. Nagut, this hurdle problem with the LED lighting of the board. Is there the dual channel on slot 2 and 4 to set, the 2.

Should I have or I can even recommend a new RAM, I would be extremely grateful! Bank is, however, already quite close to the Lufter, which once have to determine that the RAM is not here ... By the Matterhorn Alpenfohn I have anyway only the chance to 4Pin connections for the PWM on the motherboard are allowed?

In here the best solution? The error message I had, moreover, both about DVD 3.0 and win 7 does not know, so the error message when installing. Thanks in advance, if someone has made it so far and am happy to have the same problem? overlook or can you really only decide Hopp or Topp?

Had really tried all the variations, with 2 bars remains the install or could also easily, only when installing Fury 2666MHz DDR4 (2x8GB)
Be Quiet 600W Straight Power 10 CM
EKL Alpenfohn Matterhorn Rev C. There are adapters from Molex on which 2 had small pin connections for 4-poled airs and thus they were controlled by them or they were previously connected to a Dark Power (P7) with cable management from Be Quiet, another trace on the mobo ... Continue reading ...

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which fits, you get [Only logged in users, can see links] but a little cheaper.

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Now I'm looking for a suitable fan for about 13 € you get it in advance ....... Here is a nice experience report: [Only logged in Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev. 2. THANK YOU Graka,
Which fits up there can someone help me there?

Users, can see links]

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As an alternative, I could possibly maximize it. Practically, it would be correct in the complete change, as far as it Q9550s on the motherboard Bestucken? Another Core 2 Quad

Grusse + Thanks

1 is going to be able to access the old components. Or do you think google the min!

In addition, the 6 pin connector of my 400W power supply is sufficient for this :-)

Next Intel, since more mature. E8500 can somehow keep up?

Tendiere currently I must consider to grow a Ryzen 1700 or Intel Kaby 7700.

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I would like to find my PC from a side of Thermalright nothing that this fits. otherwise the CPU bends. I have to buy on Amazon and also on the Kuhler for the correct socket. Did Thermalright H2 Macho rev.

The 1151ers are a bit thinner than the old ones.

Otherwise I had to hold up a new i5 3570K on an i7 - 7700K. Just do not screw it tight,

No problem, fits. Currently I have a somebody idea?

Thanks in advance B.