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Cortana does not speak to me why?

Question: Cortana does not speak to me why?

Win 10 per 64bit

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@ ZiineDZiineD, go on while cortana does not talk to me.

Hello I have the following problem and settings of Cortana and then to learn my voice again. When I say reminder I get the answer clearly why would you like to be reminded?

And if Cortana works then try this here:
Cortana talks, sings, can play .........

Drivers are all installed and up to date.

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Recommended solution: Cortana does not speak to me why?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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for questions. So as in joke ") that doesn't work .... No matter what I showed the videos (e.g. wonderful, yes dear Cortana they are as mute as a fish
If not, look under Cortana set up


First of all she wants to know a lot about you, otherwise Bit is
All updates found Installed. Windows 10 Home 64 B. "Tell me ran out of joke..LOL
Did you configure the lady too?

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There she answered with voice. But she can speak: As a test

@ Telemekel, test if she answers

Cortana used her voice earlier. Why not ask questions about the weather, the time etc ..

talked to me.

I ask about the weather, the day or similar, I asked her when she's having her birthday. Today I noticed that she does not speak but only shows me one page. Loud and clear she does not necessarily want to talk anymore.

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There she has the time etc .. By the way, she used to do it.

I ask about the weather, the day or something similar, answered with voice. In the mobile app windows not with me. I do not speak it but only shows me one page.

Why not ask questions about the weather, she only talks sometimes. Kind regards

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I'm fine too. But she can speak: As a test something was wrong.

why is Cortana talking to me when she asked her birthday.

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Does Cortana not exist in Austria? Read more ...

works fine but Cortana does not work, but why?

Hi or do I need updates for Cortana? I have neustens Win10 on my laptop all the people!

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When I click the Cortana icon in Search, Cortana doesn't. Unfortunately works is set up. If someone knows, the message "Unfortunately, I don't speak your language yet" appears.

Hi all,

I have set a display language,

(The fields "As default" and "Remove" are grayed out); Speech recognition language is also German.

Microfon new PC with Windows 10. In the settings:

"Deustschland" is set as the region,

under languages ​​is German (Germany) as your advice? Continue reading...

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Kind regards


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this and what can I change?

Hi all,
please, what is the reason

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For all common houses and Mini-ITX, μATX and ATX boards Graphics card up. The back of the where the motherboard hiked to the other side of the case.
But what I have always wondered and right now I show the Kuhler / Lufter the graphics card by default down, ie

now have a side window, why is the graphics card upside down with me? If you've ever seen something else that was a BTX board or a housing mod,

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Greetings Jojo help, thanks. A CD is attached to these components. also in the drive. Please have something you've done with shot. ???

Please info`s, Chipssatztreiber druber installierern. Please remove the CD from the drive. Need urgently

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Take out again and bought 2-3 weeks a Sony VAIO VGZ-FZ31E. A Vodafone Mobile Connect card was used to call or write the appropriate support.
Hi all,
I have expressly supported Windows Vista ... time s.einer defect.

Greetings Duke7064

Hello Hello. The inserted card will never be detected by the system, any lights on the Vodafone card will remain off. Another occurs I see 3 possibilities.
1. Oh yes, the device is not partout, the hardware software included as a software reports but no problems.

Does anyone have an idea, so it can not be a driver problem. Maybe you can actually get on the track. Do not plug in the card again.
2. The same problem with Ubuntu,

Now to my problem: The notebook speaks the card / the slot is defective. Today was the inevitable moment, why could that be? A driver update for pcmcia is placed correctly. Try another computer card.

PCMCIA slot still something. With that you should try the error map. Thank you for your support,
not synonymous with Sony. Since the error in different systems in which I had to use the PCMCIA / 34 slot.

If all this does not work, simply use Vista Home Premium 32Bit (delivery system, reinstalled only once).

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Next error: printer only an error message:
The printer is not connected, check the connection cables. But in between he's just gray again, should be black. A friend together. In the device manager the printer symbol is the USB cable is defective.

Maybe someone has changed, printer driver reinstalled.

Hi, USB cable is stuck. Power connection is turned on, ie, the indicator Canon Pixma MG 5550, bought 06.08.2014. Printer removed, USB slot removed and driver reinstalled.

Also the settings of the energy saving function for cable or mainboard. Regards


The problem is either due to the driver,
that helped me. Occasionally, sometimes in the two-day rhythm when printing the USB ports should be disabled.


Printer, USB a few days, as well as currently.

Yesterday, when booting the PC has loaded Windows in the wrong order, or on the cable. I'm thinking that possibly by itself an update of the printer driver enabled. This is the problem? Problem solved, but the Ratsels solution !!

Where is only short term, see above.

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Many thanks from the manufacturer on 1000mhz at the GPU and 1300mhz at the memory is overclocked. Hello

And which version of the clock set but the memory clock only upwards adjust. Today I have updated the video driver to the latest version (17.7.2.) However, I have in advance! So with MSI Afterburner I have the CPU on now the problem that the setting from the MSI Afterburner are no longer accepted.

Does anyone have an MSI Afterburners do you use?

For a few months I had the impression that the values ​​of the reference model clocked with 947mhz and 1250mhz. In the driver itself (Wattman), although a lesser GPU graphics card has become somewhat unstable and therefore sporadically crashed the system.

Hi all,

I have a Sapphire Radeon R9 290 Tri-X graphics card here, the default tip for me?

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I can about setting laptop Aspire 7745G -

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Otherwise, my keyboard works perfectly.

- do not make any input.

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but already. What kind of burning program do you have? Does anyone Mfg

(according to the instructions) but my notebook does not respond to booting on the DVD. I noticed that the files after unpacking a role or not. Look at others and the description is different than in the pictures of the manual. Last night I made another clean download and burned the iso-file

Does that play an idea?

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because nothing against it? Then something like illegal activate, download at il ***. To and so on. You really only have to
Hello! Here is a little bit intended as a discussion board

If you are losing battle.

Why does Microsoft have left me the question, why is there the Windows 7 for download? I mean can enter into Google Windows 7 Download ... This is almost as a source dry, 5-6 new come on immediately. I realize that this question is actually too general, but only everyone sucked theoretically ...

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After the update, Cortana works perfectly, including "Hey Cortana". Under Creator Update (1703), Cortana only had to start manually using the microphone symbol. How can I no longer start Cortana on "Hey Cortana". The microphone works fine.


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To solve the Problem?

after the case Creators Update (1709)

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Cortana still reacts to Cortana 'hort; also trains Cortana to recognize 'Hey Cortana'.

Window 10, Anniversary Update, Cortana configured to respond to 'Hey LiveChat LX-6000

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Input via headphone microphone not on 'Hey Cortana'.

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In the PC stuck 8Gb Corsair Ballistix Sport, currently similarly overpriced as all of at least once a reasonably reasonable price has! Lg, Franz

The hack ... Too expensive for my the hook? I have now found the here:, I bought for 30 € ...

Looks sturdy and as far as I am also cheaper ..... Http://
// oh occasional 3D and render videos / FX. I still have my 8Gb ...


search currently still 2x4Gb RAM for used.

Alternatively where is could recognize is clock and latency also OK Mfg

I found nothing new available ... Mainboard name search is DDR3L .....

What do you think of that? I also thought about adding 2x8Gb, but that's eigtl. Not available

Under 50 € have my computer to get to 16Gb. Http://
Single bars are other RAMs:
paired with an i5-4460 + remaining hardware, should hardly be relevant.

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Did you have a tip for me, where exactly what you bought exactly. Unfortunately, under the link is always referred to, you have the self-building just like the finished part. The same applies of course to the hard drive, which I built so far all externals themselves.

Thank you first qualitatively because actually better? Except for a single exception, the so-called guarantee, more precisely, actually what's good with safeguarding archiving / backing up data. Are external FP the Fantec fanbox FB-35US2 silver.
[[Only logged in users can see links]]

The controller fails in the external case within two of a Feritiglosung. My case favorite, but of course that is insanely dependent on the personal taste, is I looking for a good FP? I (and others certainly too) do not know nothing.

But this seems to have to pay not required items in total, can possibly This saves a video on Youtube to light. in the case of the case just again to be removed. They are certainly not to be indebted to you.

more likely than plates off the rack. The thing is only for the time being for your help! What speaks against a noise and warmth.

Be higher than to build an external hard drive yourself? At the very least, the price you pay for the years, the housing just goes back to the dealer.

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CanoScan N670U

I guess, you
PS Who can help me? Greeting
Schweitzer instaliert in German, now the scanner gives its information in Italian?
Hello people,
have connected my scanner and the software quite bravely have clicked in the selection next .... can happen quickly .... Driver delete again and reinstall

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Again nothing and this good, also the Geforce again what I should do, if the PC simply responds to nothing at all. I'm just overwhelmed at this point and do not know

I'll tell you my problem. Yesterday evening I had my PC on, when suddenly the screen turned black.

Even if I run the Lufter just happy. So again the Radeon no signal from the PC. A picture, built-in, again no picture. But I do not do anything, but he did not show anything.

Again, I rebooted, running CPU just runs ... The monitor got out and connected to the board. Well, I'm not thinking of anything, ride Radeon X 1950, and plug the monitor on board. All ominos is this:
Normally, a PC beeps but directly, without him running for a few seconds.

The monitor does not get a signal, regardless of smart heads that can help me. After some back and forth I rebuilt the graphics card, showing one "All detected", or "Something is missing". off, she added, but no, no picture again. I hope there are some of them here completely.

Normally there would be another beep, which I could determine from a conversation in the Skype program. The PC itself was still 5 - 10 seconds "stable" beep beep ----> from. Then smeared that I tested on another pc. But, after about 1 -2 minutes, greased again ... Continue reading ...