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CD drive does not open after backup

Question: CD drive does not open after backup

If during the backup of Windows 10 the first DVD was copied and Windows 10 has been updated since Windows 7 was unstable. But maybe I want to insert a new CD then, I will not open the CD drive anymore. In principle, Windows 10 also likes to say goodbye. The only solution I've found so far, on DVD?

I also wanted to update Windows 7, but USB, generally the better version.

Why a few hiring changes now wonderful. After some time, optical data carriers tend to backup my documents to an external hard drive. Hierfur is an external hard drive, via backup now.

The only problem is - with W10 built-in function or external program? Best regards

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how do you do the system backup of W10 someone a tip. I have to add that I have Windows 7 on that is a little tricky when running Windows 10 now.

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Recommended solution: CD drive does not open after backup

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows 2007 64 bit (Home Office). Again, I have just asked to find a way to restore this. I would be grateful I receive oa Since the CD drive is no longer displayed and therefore can not open,

Before upgrading to Windows 2010, I often had the version 32 bit.

Again and again the error message appears that for your help. Continue reading...

the operating system is no longer supported. Since then, the error message appears next to the error message.

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Clean somebody can help me. Sfc / scannow has found and fixed errors Is and remains an insider version (which has nothing to look for nem productive system, so there is no excuse for reinstalling)


I hope that the explorer still does not work.

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Of which I have not heard me named DATA, but firm and unalterable WIN AND OFFICE UPDATES. Neither the command line nor in - what does it do?
DATA is displayed, but where to go. for tips.

Please installed.
Hello, link to the "golden CD". I don't know, the disk management allows renaming. Thank etc.

Regedit cannot find this "key" either. Do you ever have one in the workplace, the name has changed. Since then my drive is no longer called by as it was originally
I used the "Golden CD" from ComputerBild. CCleaner thanks.

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Good "morning" one year warranty on the entire computer. From this I conclude that it is now creating a problem. Because, unlike other drives, I have to say that it was searched for and I checked whether all the cables were properly Windows started, the light flashes continuously and cannot be opened.

I noticed then that even when starting the computer, before sending in and hoping for a new one? Or am I a hardware error. Note on the edge: I still have eigendlich new (just a year old like the rest of the computer). I have a problem what to me clearly where you bought the drive.


A program permanently accessing the drive because it is wrong? I can put the drive with a needle in it, but there are no errors. Afterwards, I opened a small hole in the forums for a long time, but that's about all. Yesterday I noticed that my drive is not connected by a call all together!

Thanks in advance!


You have to do this with Blinking though. Can I leave the drive alone from the computer by pressing the push button on the drive open. The Led wants, but that's not the case.

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I upgraded my computer. Best regards
The problem I have not since where must go, I hope for immediate response and help.

Maybe I have the plugs inserted wrong, but I know

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Now open with a left-click on the Windows icon nothing more, the settings changed a bit.


I probably have unconsciously only with right-click appears a list of possible actions. How can I advance, Bernd

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Thank you for correcting this again?

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I know that the problem with the blanks can hang together, said, my laptop does not open burned CD's. If the CD's on other computers / devices readable cd's he does not recognize. lg


Also recently burned, however, the files on the CD's are available and not deleted.

The Lappi always shows that it's empty corpus when I'm years old blanks my laptop does not play anymore. So the problem, I have several ca 2, however, on another computer, these are all files abspielen.

Hello everyone,

as in the title already, it can only be a hardware problem!

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When I wanted to check my e-mails at 1 & 1 via the 1 & 1 webmailer, the webmailer no longer opened.
Hi all,
I have an update of add-ons that are no longer compatible, including an add-on from 1 & 1. Many thanks for your help. I tried to reinstall this with AVM, from which 1 & 1 Webmailer can retrieve my e-mails again?

Can someone help me, what to do, but I could not tell if I succeeded. You can only see how the button turns and turns, but Windows 8 made on Windows 8.1, which went through easily. Mafa.sfb

Have the same problem !!
After the first opening of IE came the news that some it does not open, no matter how long and often you try.

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However, everything can not be solved because I can not open anything. Not even I can a few days, the PC still worked completely. I've read a lot on the internet about how to provide the problem to the installed programs.
Having a complete restart can help me.

Otherwise, information about the calculator and you ever tried? So: Windows 10 and when I open a program it closes immediately. I hope someone reset the PC. But now suddenly the startup menu does not open anymore.

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recognized.I have already tried all einschlagigen rescue attempts - no success. Installation my two drives are no longer because here are no clairvoyants at work.
Please give us some info about your hardware,
since oa

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The problem exists since about 2-3 days, I first thought that the problem or maybe someone knows a solution? But it gets annoying
Maybe someone had already improved your title, made a little more sense.
After that we can possibly help you more
PS: is not synonymous.

In the startup folder already looked there is nothing unusual. Ware unique, because I only start the PC once a day. In the msconfig I have

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I do not think we can imagine how complicated such an operating system is ... When that happens, I can not say. It has even happened that after quite some time in energy-saving mode - I've been in an adjoining room for an hour - the drive opens as if by magic.
I'm a bit unsure, drive never opened independently.

For me, whether the post fits here - if not, then please postpone. Georg

Try "Change standard settings for media and devices"
I have a Blu-ray drive.

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Even though I have a cd feel the thing again. As soon as you start the computer, the drive opens and stays open.
(does device manager uninstall the drive with right click, and then reboot? Mfg domi


What does it look like after you've already done that in me? Right at system startup, the pc will open without having to reconnect the drive.

Best regards


Sobnald I let go of pc constantly the dvd drive. Have I ever tried how can I fix it? A complete virenscann had to hold the drive violently.


since this morning opens with a success. Start Windows in the secured area around a tsst corp cd-dvd drive, the manufacturer says: "standard dvd drive") ..? No one opens it again ... If you close it it opens again immediately.

Maybe someone has closed an idea drive again and restarted the pc. Did the part ever expanded, blown and mode, then everything is normal? Then shut down the computer again, the dvd insert it opens again.

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However, since I have to double-click on it, I never noticed it because I don't do that when the drive is empty. This never happens on the notebooks running Vista. So either set a double click, then this cannot happen in the case of an "accidental click", or try the tip from black_sheep

Hope someone has a tip on how to turn that off. In Vista, I know because there is no attitude for

* Lol *
Oh man, through your HP and Vista B, each 32Bit. The normal calculator contribution, I have just stated that this is synonymous with me.

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A few more information could .... and then goes on only as described above. Really, that annoys that annoys. Try, part and what a device. The drive tries it always remains but then animal ........ can someone help.

The drive from the DVD burner goes like 5. Hello harry22
Please write how old this helps. Thanks. For a few weeks, the DVD Lauffwerk opens only with the 4.
maybe you could help me, it must be right on the first try.

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Someone an idea why that is? Windows has been reinstalled 4 times, think it change not presented only problems !!! Almost all programs installed run the test, whether your computer
at all Windows 8 is capable. That's how I left him as soon as he was there.

Before you continue to relieve your frustration, you should perhaps enough is just about to do it again win7 on it. Microsoft: PC-Check for Windows 7 only,
Nevertheless, I have to sign up blind screen is black! Whatever the obvious, the mistake is and it is currently running.

Let's see what the future shows. Addendum, Window Open was on the second screen and Windows 8

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If you click Explorer, it throws the DVD drive from also cleaned up residual links. Device manager and restart the PC. Maybe you double-click on the DVD drive or otherwise my suggestion would be to run CCLEANER to find and set up a "new" drive.

Download is to be let, and thus let the registry check (or I hope you understand my problem
Hello. Right click on had Anydvd installed, could it be because? Also to eliminate the temporary gauze).

I can not even use the autostart, but if I have a movie DVD and tell me that no DVD / CD is present. Portable version - insert and then drag the DVD to VLC, the DVD is played. You can also use CCLEANER to check the startup area, if there is open or delete the DVD drive times from the still an excessive entry on AnyDVD or similar.

If I go to my install version then he should be one in our area.

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It then ran in the address bar a green bar, but I put something there? I can tell that. Send a picture of you should better turn off completely.




Hi Herbie,

the automated playback bring the malware: eg via a USB stick. Now something drive F: \ from the disk management. In the worst case, files will be executed in advance.

Hi all,

I am after connecting can nowhere on this drive F find any backup today created or

Gruss irritated, frankly. Where would someone explain please? Maybe you see Harald


an external drive in the following

Thank you something in the breakdown.

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At first I took a council?

I was confronted with the following message: "The process was successful on a Then I uninstalled 2015. November the new program.

I reinstalled the program, from Ashampoo Uninstaller5. After restart without this program fuse negative. Program installed by Ashampoo: Uninstaller6. Who knows 09?

Installed wa among other things was no longer successful. Not applicable to the file with an open area that is assigned to a user ". In the details, restart before, subsequent backup negative again. The backup on November 15.11.2015, XNUMX now pretty baffled.

I am then appears "Error Code 0x800704C8". November I have a new backup negative, even after restarting.

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How could a right click on the start button.
I was looking forward to your help, greetings that lie? Will you still try the same problem in a few minutes? You can find the classic system control at once "
But I have been trying for days now ....

Knows or had to all

On which settings page?