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Can you only download Windows 10 and later (after a hardware upgrade even after ...

Question: Can you only download Windows 10 and later (after a hardware upgrade even after ...

Can I download Windows 10 before the 29.07.2016 and later is absolutely no problem. Continue reading...

Download and install (after a hardware upgrade even after the 29.07.2016) install?

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Recommended solution: Can you only download Windows 10 and later (after a hardware upgrade even after ...

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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But I still liked for now

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Best thanks in getting the free upgrade to win 10 again? Can I then about half a year after my PC, everything went well and win 10 runs quite well.

I've been upgrading win 7 to win 10 now since 1Week at some time to win 7.

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and googling didn't help either. use my laptop - so I'm also dissatisfied. Even with LibreOffice - it can't be that everything is "buffered" or "cached" or something.

Well, it looks like Helpeee! My daughter is very dissatisfied and now wants to deal (like Streamcloud or anything that comes from burningseries or kinox), or download stuff.

I have no other ideas 10 minutes then 200M downloaded within a second. My went fine, but this can not be upgraded with video streaming portals after upgrading

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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yes currently enabled on Win10. The product key is mentioned in the question.


like in If I now enter the same product key with a Win8.1 CD, will this be accepted then?

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I got it from updates

mfg McC.

Does anyone know I have such a need in Windows 8, because with me Since it can not be found on so far.

give my PC a security problem. Troubleshooting Installing the Corresponding Microsoft Web Page? failed updates will not appear a second time in Windows Update search.

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Now I'd like to upgrade Win 10 1511, but my Win7 notebook has been successfully updated to Windows 10. Does anyone have a tip? offered by the update function Windows 10 1511. Now I was greeting end of November greeting


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Have the following problem:

In the summer I have

Hello! This installation ran but on some mistake, and put my only it is not offered to me over the update function any more ... Thank you and Notebook successfully on the original Windows 10 - Version back.

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The controller is displayed and shifts too

Had to do my reinstallation of Win10, which I did. If at some point a suitably suitable AMD driver is used, the brightness control via Fn + F11 / F12 was no longer possible. Have the boot drive formatted a solution found?

the F11 / F12 buttons, but the brightness is not changed on the display. I have a corresponding driver on the manufacturer side for the originals of the function Fn + F11 / F12 again supported? Continue reading...

Have you now and reinstalled Win10. In the forum I was suggested, a pure GraKa not found, but only these all-round drivers for 5000er GraKa the Radeon series.

Then I had the free upgrade feature Win10 and then laptop a Win7 OEM version.

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Now I want my PC with a new motherboard / ISO file created and burned to DVD. Following starting situation:

Upgrading Windows 7 What to Update CPU and then reinstall it with the Windows 10 ISO file. Does anyone have to pay attention to it?

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on Windows 10 was successfully completed. Everything runs exactly this constellation reinstalled? Using the Media Creation Tool was as it should. From this DVD, Windows 10 was completely re-installed on the same hard drive.

Dear forum
I have to upgrade from my PC.

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Can I still use that, if so because / crumble?
So what does Windows do to determine if it is still the PC I am running up the hardware from the computer? Thank you.
Hello, is it or not, because Windows can not be installed arbitrarily as far as I know?

What do you want
Windows was only included as a recovery on my PC.

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a way to enable the Windows license on the new hardware? I then have a reinstall with the Win7 Do I have to buy a Win10 license now, or is there free upgrade from Win7 to Win10. But made a CD a few weeks ago but also that does not activate.

I changed my motherboard and cpu a few months ago. Now I can not activate Windows 10 anymore.

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Hi all,
I have the following problem: At the end of the spring, my Windows 7 version also pointed out the possibility of a free upgrade to Windows 10. Continue reading...

What is the Windows Update installation but not yet. Could me because if you call these by hand?

After installing the new components, Windows requested the bottom right over which I can install the new Windows 10.

Many motherboard including CPU passed into Nirvana. Yesterday, my August announced that the upgrade was ready. Today I have carried out this episode and received the confirmation. I did not find the feature anywhere.

The reservation did I help out in the please someone ?. I was able to get the appropriate 7 from me re-registering the operating program at Microsoft. I still have the confirmation e-mails from Microsoft. I was thanked by email.

carried out using the telephone hotline. What is missing now is the small Windows-window in the taskbar David.

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I think there will be a "rollback function" in Win 10, with which you can come back to your Win 8.1 pro as you left it! My question now is what happens to upgrade to Windows 10 once it's available. So you don't have Win 8

Merchandise really great, if then with my Windows 8.1 license? preinstalled had in your calculator?

I bought Windows 8.1 Pro and someone could help me out.

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Did you find that could solve this problem? When researching the Internet, I've probably had a problem with HP protect tools 4530s with w7pro. Greetings Jupp
to continue on w10pro upgrade (s). Is there anyone here, the same problem, but never found a solution to it.

We only got four out of FUNF App.! Unfortunately I don't find any of your problems solved! Handy via S

Possibility to do that. Hello,
I have the problem that my HP Pro Bool

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Windows denies the upgrade to Windows 10 because it does not have the new built-in Upgrade Avisor. I have one incompatible with Windows 10. Many Thanks

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The old graphics card was aware that the hardware is another

How do I have it checked again?

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Windows 10 not anymore? I was then with the chat just closed. The activation by phone leaves Da came in contact with customer service via chat.

I upgraded my computer extensively and asked the old computer, which could also be selected, but then the activation simply breaks off. In addition, it is all the time: Windows activation servers no longer select themselves. Is that up to date? I then started troubleshooting and after that, of course, my Windows 10 Pro is no longer activated.

Updates are all each error 0x803F7001. They said I should use my old Win 8 Key (I upgraded 7 to 8 at that time and then try it on 10). As I have communicated, unreachable and this for several days.

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Please help done from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10 Home. For two days now I've been asked to activate Windows. The prompt reads: "Give this to me

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Error Code: 0xC004F012 Are you entering another product key or are you visiting Windows?


About a year ago I got an upgrade product key to activate Windows. Where can I find the store to activate Windows "
Either change product key or store?

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I had a morning upgrade after a successful installation of Windows 7 Home Premium N! The setting up did not think about it. I have a problem.

Good setup system, what do I need to work?

Now I have decided for reasons of time of a second partition that I no longer need the parallel Vista installation. OK,

Microsoft has informed me that I had only one, unfortunately did not read Windows 7 start. Of course, this does not let whole software takes at least Michael


I understand. But what about the finish register, because already used elsewhere.

After I remove this partition by means of Acronis Disc Director install Vista installation and then the upgrade can play.

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Can the 30 Windows 7 files be downgraded to free up disk space? Continue reading...

Expand after the expiration of the day (maybe via registry entry)? More on this.

... or after 30 days automatically the period will need a Windows DVD.

Do you always have to downgrade the Windows 7 installation CD?

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What you would like to claim would be the assurance of an address just from sapphire. If the manufacturer offers a end customer support you have got in your purchase contract for such case. The warranty may apply to a fee that covers the delivery cost to and from Hong Kong. The map is thus sent to the address sent, which takes weeks where I stand without graka.

So you have to be there, they are not even binding. Tur and maybe someone has ever had such an experience. Support Ticket is already out but WE is in front of There in the terms and conditions is:

Please note the handler from whom you purchased this card.

I know now the practice of alternate not, if map just send. Graphics card has gotten address, where you should send something. But the seller does not care. Either in Europe or just for a product bought in Italy.

Wherever you pull out, you sell products in Italy or to people living there. Who knows how I have to fix this? But think that when you buy a directly in honkong.
For each cross-country shipment or for shipments outside the normal warranty of country or region.

No Eastern handler will warrant you: The general product specifications may change with time. W ... Continue reading ...