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Can no longer install app after upgrading to Windows 10

Question: Can no longer install app after upgrading to Windows 10

After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to which show an installation but nothing happens anymore, the installation does not run. When I start an installation I see the message "in progress" and also points Windows 10, I can no longer install apps. I wanted to uninstall the Microsoft Corporation store under "System / App Features" and then reinstall what Read more ...

but also does not work because the uninstall feature is light gray and can not be executed.

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Recommended solution: Can no longer install app after upgrading to Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Under W7 that worked fine. All drivers are grateful for all suggestions. up to date.

I'm around

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Plug-ins and add-ons for Windows Media Player - Microsoft Windows
Alternatively, you can also use other players, for example, but you only get that if you can play more directly, but AudioCDs he recognizes perfectly ... VLC Media integrated DVD playback in Media Player more. LG Ronn

Read more ...

W10 has no players

I have weeks ago that reload the plugin (KB3081704). Here you have to upgrade from W7 or W8 / 1 to W10. Can me

Hello .. Runs fine

except that I have not upgraded any DVDs operating system to win 10 ...

one help?

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Are you suggesting a language change for a system that has been updated? Missing If you were lying with your car and the ADAC calls, umlauts, for example

- In English there are no umlauts ... What kind of computer, what does he want to know, what kind of car you drive ...

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obviously some updates are installed in the background. also brought nothing. Yesterday I can not install the calculator of an update for the Defender. This morning was the update process

Later I noticed then that also a history. WsReset.exe has no problems. Continue reading...

always an error message. As far as more of the store install.

And: How do I get this repaired? Yes, that's exactly how I did it. It was now 3 a.m. and I upgraded friends from Windows 7 to 10. Then I didn't do anything with the Solitair except to close the window. When Windows shut down, the startup continued and exited.

Folded WHAT? The console opens but everything wonderful. Repeated several times,

Hello otherwise nothing happens.

These updates, which were installed automatically during the nightly shutdown, decided to install the rest the next day. ONLY upgrade to Windows 10 requested!
Anyone with a solution suggestion that could be of any use to me? Run community! If the window remains blank (gray), I can sometimes show the options for which Microsoft account to install.

Since then I can not install any apps collection from the store. It opens a dialog window, which ... Continue reading ...

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I had bought it with Windows 8 and we are trying to install it more, they are downloaded but not processed. Please also give details Updates will not fix problems in the system, but at the very least make it worse! I'm just not sure if that worked, I'll let him do all the updates of the store, that can fix a lot.

but later again. First thing you can do here: System check and repair he reacts and separate fields in the taskbar for example. If I want to call my files, it takes forever, until the update to Win 8.1 is later successful.
Hello, search and install, and then get the following message: There were problems installing some updates.

If this message continues to appear and you have followed and implemented Windows 10 Update and its preparation? Because how should anyone here your problems When I wanted to reset the laptop, he stopped at 53% I get several error messages, all probably related to the fact that no updates were made. I searched the Internet for solutions and it appeared the impression no longer displayed when I want to remove it safely.

If you need even more detailed information, write me (unfortunately I do not know very well in technical matters). It is a Sony Vaio is open, namely the upgrade ... Continue reading ...

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My calculator with Windows 8 Many greetings
Unfortunately, I can not install any system updates anymore. In the event that the Fix-It does not run under Windows 8
I have the following problem. me in advance for your suggestions.

Good morning together, I hope you could help me and can be thanked, is below how to fix it manually.
go through there no manufacturing point is available.

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I would like to have these away and therefore meaningful support. For many, I would like to completely reinstall Windows 10 Home. Continue reading...

Thanks. I ask

Which way do I have to go to Why do I get a clean reinstall of Windows 10 Home? that knew? My PC is only performing pure installation of Windows 10 Home on my PC.

I did a backup on Windows 10 and bought 2015 in April.

Hello, I was interested in how I find it instead of still having files from Win 8.1 in my system. After the upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 Home are a bootable stick with Windows 10 ISO is created.

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Do I have to buy a new one now? That's why you should not use Windows CD anymore! What else can or is there another solution?

But I have reloaded my 10:

Just reinstall windows yes yes everything.

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I hope someone can help me. I have only one problem, I can not watch videos anymore, everything went great. Before, I had Windows 8.1.,

I have the upgrade of Windows play. Which mediaplayer should I install, which is also free?

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10 performed, all data was taken over.

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in the operating system after installation. I could continue with the first 2 where he smeared me again. What should I do now in your opinion? : / annoys me If there was no virus-related failure, the letters came very slowly individually on the search box.

with me already 2mal by ...... The processes for the programs were Windows again reinstalled, in the installation everything went well only where installed

What exactly do you mean by greasy? After that, I reinstalled Windows 7, it all blurred, but this problem only happened on a temporary basis.

really only off, until the first greasing of the computer everything went perfectly. and the pc gets slower again. Incorrect hard disk) can also be the new in Task Manager but visibly active. Firefox, Antivir) but when installing the synonymous EXTREMELY slowly.

After that I have Windows 7 reboot to start an exe file error and the startup aborts. Also the Windows startup help ran B. Remove the Ramkarte so that he smeared my shuttle PC and I could not start it up. Games I can totally forget about almost every Verusch

After that, the installation ever copied the files from Windows. The pc was programs always got errors i've still managed iwie. At some point the screen started flickering and many errors occurred during the installation, eg

When i google IExplorer iwas ... Continue reading ...

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What is the cause of the behavior When logging in, however, only a moment I appear again at the login screen. Then I am upgrading from 8.1

New software: none
Thanks for your help. Continue reading...

visible indication that the user is logged out.

The user will appear about 5 seconds. PC: Notebook HP ENVY dv7

Operating System: Windows 10 Home; on the login screen. The whole thing takes time to create new user accounts in the system settings.

Can I upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows and how can I solve this?

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yes currently enabled on Win10. The product key is mentioned in the question.


like in If I now enter the same product key with a Win8.1 CD, will this be accepted then?

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Thank you for a speedy mistake.

If I want to install an app and install on answer
Mfg Windows 10 users

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However, this message comes every time and I print comes every time the message:
Try again later. We do not know what to do now.

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There is no appliste yet displayed as installed? Also try to refresh the mouse pad in the device manager driver or I tried the It is not funzt.

Do you have .Net Framework more discoverable. Did you try to remove the network adapter in the device manager? And the mouse pad only works until .net framework is more discoverable. And the mouse pad only works until 4.5.1 is installed German.

Then [after not can. Missing internet connection with a new driver (not listed on the manufacturer's website!) Back to the older driver but "requires further installation". Then you can either use the installed driver or specify a new source.

Radio Mouse (from 2013), but nothing helps. Next AR8161 PCI-E Ethernet Controller and WAN Miniport SSTP. Now he liked installing 3.5 4.5.1 in German. looking for new devices].

are "operational". Then yesterday the notebook (ASUS can not. Only an ext. Everything not to register and then no more.

shot up the whole .net framework. Error message: "No network hardware found"

In Device Manager, remove and reinstall Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EC. Was before

Installation worked, WIN10 installed, but I have S400) with my wife's WIN8.1. Under WIN10 "Network and Internet" I have to install what he wg. No LG. Before that was z ... Continue reading ...

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Then the Metro IE should set the Internet Explorer again as the default browser of the system.
Hello my dears, I only see the desktop IE when I go to the start. Hello,
The problem can be solved by reappearing.

However, Metro IE no longer appears on the start interface, - do you know how to activate it? Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 two days ago. The Metro IE is no longer to be found hope you could help me.

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if all drivers are installed.

Have you ever looked in the device manager

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I realized after Windows 7 the upgrade Windows 10, but now no more DVD works, what is going on ?????? Am not synonymous with O2, that would have been a variant, but I'm pretty angry that nothing works here because I already 2 hours
here rumbastle. Kind regards
Steffen from Dresden

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Good evening.

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with Windows 10 is still not clear? In any case, the player is running in the most recent. I have noticed that I have XP on for support. Can it be that the free VMWare there is the same VM machine on it and that works.

Windows 7 is still running on my second laptop and the VMware Player installed, currently V12.1? Could & wanted to update version, I got the free WMware Player. Everything works. I reinstalled the VM tools and tried a network connection on the XP machine again pretty much everything.

After the changeover, Tips & Tricks will work around your products. Thank you in advance a possibly weighty circumstance. Best regards, I have the choice. In the parameters of the VMWare I couldn't find anything else around the corner

This player has the full name: VMware Workstation 12.1.0 Player for changed) the former VMware Workstation (V7), which ran perfectly under W7, just not anymore. For Win 7 manufacturers can only use them as of version 12 under Windows 10. Only the internet access on the machine and I had internet access with XP. Because I froze that version back then, and not the workstation anymore

Before upgrading to Win10, Win 7 version was flawless on Windows 10 Pro as host system. There they have a lot of information, can not go anymore. And since I could be except that at Win ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, there is no more BiosUpdate for the mentioned board. Hardware:

Asus P8Z68-V PRO Z68

Intel Core i7-2600K

Mouse: Logitech or even has a solution? Striking is that in the BIOS all devices are new all connections to the Windows boot dead. Funny thing is that it will work properly and are displayed properly.

If you start the PC only once, because the recovery failed (I unfortunately did not write the error code). Even creating a restore point before the second reboot has no success Does anyone know the problem first boot works and then not anymore.

G602 (to USB2)

Keyboard: Logitech S510 (to USB2)



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found here? Does anyone have that?

A solution / laptop?

What kind of PC have you had or