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Can someone tell me why it does not run smoothly?

Question: Can someone tell me why it does not run smoothly?

I did not have to be that far? Have programs running in the background. How can the drivers be updated.
You could try

However, these do not run fluently then.

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Recommended solution: Can someone tell me why it does not run smoothly?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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After that, I came up with the hard drive formatted and Windows 7 installed, all updates pulled, upgraded to Windows 10. Continue reading...

Upgrade my Win 7 enabled.

Following situation:
I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 in the first week. I have this built-in computer newly set up and according to the instruction that circulate online have only once upgrade true?

I did not want to enable my Windows 10 in front of everyone? Upgrade my Mainbaord shortly after installation has broken. Bought new, and again:

- Win 7 installed

- all updates are pulled

- on Win Again, there was no problem.

Is the nonsense with 10 upgraded
The only difference this time: I used the Media Creation Tool. Can someone tell me why everything went smoothly! Greetings

Aleksandar Hardware (also MAINBOARD!). Unfortunately I have so much luck that


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Can someone tell me if it is on Windows
I'm currently using Windows 10. 8.1 also already gives the app Mail. Yes, this app is also available for Windows 8.1.

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If it helps: Win 7 is 3 weeks old. Oh yes, the PC If the problem occurs dan normal and suddenly it is at 50% busy. It without reason, sometimes it is normal for hours all day long.

sometimes only once a day. Sometimes the PC 64 bit 4 GB Ram. Who I neustar do the things that run when the problem occurs.

Have a screenshot of taskmanager made with is pc back to normal.

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florian-ara, why want for the answer. Thank you for doing that?

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update - Error Can With Many Greetings! The update loads again and someone say how I get out of this number? Carsten

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keeps running on the same mistake!

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keeps running on the same mistake!
update - Error Can with Greetings! Many people say how can I get out of this number? The update loads again and again

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The graphics are not compatible -> NO 6900 graphics card

What is not to be understood? Win10 on the PC
Have Win 7 and
HD Radeon

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I do not find the right motherboard !! this, [Only logged in users can see links]

I have all the parts yet This, [Only logged in users can see links]
or also eg

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This is a "digital" audio cable. this cable.
It works without synonymous With this CD / DVD drives can connect to the sound card to * Digital * audio to transfer.

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Forum rules and you in advance

What exactly is the problem? From the screenshot not visible and a bit more information were already desirable ...

I have a Lenovo G70-70 laptop

Thanks so much ...

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Should one be more active - should that be on it?
[Only logged in users, can see links]. On what board or passive cooling do you take? Dan, you can also play Crysis on medium liquid.

Take this one here [Only logged in users can see links]
Is that good for them?

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to boot the CD. I also clicked on the other things, because I thought so I come

Try with vll on but it does not work ... what could be the reason why this is not? That should work.

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With Revo thrown back down - rest were 9 Reg entries but strangely the PSISetup_3.0_2003.exe goes. (3.281.592 byte)

PSISetup_30b8013.exe does not work under now Windows 8 anymore It will look for a solution etc. Edit:
Also already an experience with the newest version? Under 8.1, the and 3 files are running
Previous version logged installed - does not run either.

I do not want to play guinea pigs - not even at first. Immediately after the program starts - the Ver.

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that can lie? Windows starts but normally. Is the stick formatted and do you have times with the volume management menu, that one

Call via the function key F8!

With some BIOS versions there is also a boat looked up,
whether the primary partition on the Memory Stick has been activated?

"Boot from legacy USB device" option? Does anyone know what so similar!?! Or is there a stick in the first place in the BIOS.

Clamp all drives down to the stick

What happens then? Am then in the BIOS and have Thank you.

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with which you can film the screen well


windows 7 snipping tool



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my mouse is connected via USB? Or is it due to the power adapter, a power-saving mode. Does that mean that my CPU runs slower than it can, here in the forum motherboards, but I do not want to make two thraeds on. Everest Ultimate shows that it does not have enough power?

Behind it is in brackets: "Original power saving? Because it says you net help sry
Then I have another question about the clock of my CPU:
Although you are not always 3,0GHZ.

that he is on 6x. You have to times in bios if you want garnix ... This reduces the option Intel Speed ​​Step looking then make up. Thank you for your quick answer (s)
What I just noticed 3000MHz "
It's about an E8400.

Ultimate shows me but double-click the computer ramp. So that is at, that is the multiplier in the BIOS on 9x. I catch up with PS / 2 connection ... Hello,
the CPU has or is reduced by some BIOS option because of possibly.

Is it perhaps because of the multiplier, so haste so wenieg. I can not do that with the other one? Why is the CPU running only with 2000MHz?

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Please your help. Continue reading...

@ 1PB, is this perhaps

Originally Posted by 1PB:

I can still get 2 laptops to log into my account on a laptop. With the second laptop I get the message "The password is wrong ....." !!!, model from toshiba ???

I have 2 although I can log in to the same account on the 1 laptop.

For some time I can only contact me !!!

To install a laptop Windows 10. Thanks for the message "The password is wrong ....." !!!, Click in this field to show it in full size.

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If you look in the Explorer the protected system files let you see the folder, which is renamed with the batch.

Hi, Did you find it Hidden a folder can tell me what happened or how it works?