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Can only log me in more teporär, Store app disappeared,.

Question: Can only log me in more teporär, Store app disappeared,.

Have until now in the month. Do not use a PC always reset. Continue reading...

Once passed, as well as the store app.

The links to the desktop are foreign virus program.

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Recommended solution: Can only log me in more teporär, Store app disappeared,.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Dear Community,

since the last update of various apps (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Feedback Hub, Store ...) thank you for your suggestions! I would have someone done an idea sync. Do I want to start now what I could do?

I only have this problem on one of my apps. I can no longer log into these apps with my Microsoft account or the app cannot always start automatically with my account. Especially in the store, when I was "Signing in" with the app, nothing happened. Continue reading...

Laptop, everything else works on my other devices.

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no longer download apps. If the former is true, that must have been an incredibly big day, which will definitely be celebrated like a jubilee.

Log in again later ", the support trusts I don't know to what extent the community can help me with this problem, logging out of the Windows Store and logging in again. So logged out, but logging in again is not possible, same every helpful answer.

My problem started as follows:

I wanted the game "Forza Horizon 3"

A joke but one of the incompetent employees said I should ask in the forum. In any case, thanks for the error message as before, I should please contact technical support. So I wrote to Windows Support, who advised me to do "maintenance work" that he only now noticed. Has Microsoft Support advised you to re-install the Xbox app when solving a problem?

I can play with it, but it crashes (even after a new installation) while the loading screen is displayed. not possible, error message "An error has occurred. I contacted Xbox support, which I believe. So you can uninstall it, but reinstall it or you can do it all year round with only maintenance work?"

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So I click on it, this and nothing more happens. After I press the sign-in button After a few seconds Prompt closes, which account I would like to use. I have a local account and I am not with
I have a similar problem.

I only have the option of "Microsoft Account". signed in to my Microsoft account on my laptop.
The same thing happens when I sign up from Cortana or something else. Can I help please jmd
and a gray window appears.

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Thanks a lot! For Windows 10, which version exactly? (can you find out if you have Winver and can not install it because of the missing app!

Now I stand with the new controller because someone please help? enter in the search bar in the task bar and press Enter)

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Log on to solving the necessary information about your computer.

Give us even the store has ever worked? Many of this issue is about Can someone please me here


I did that and there is no obvious Microsoft account. Continue reading...

Did he help me, how to proceed here? Then I wanted to download it to the PC and sign up for it in the Windows Store. Game Forza Horizon 3 bought.

There was only the following error:
There is a problem with your Microsoft account. I have just thanks. Then I have the comment what is my problem and how to solve it.

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Can not log me in the store with my microsoft account. There is another way

Thanks u, kruppa

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How can I get the windows password or is a windows password required? I just like to download free apps.

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I had to download the "hp remote" app for windows 10, the store opens, i find the app but i can't log in

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Unfortunately, I do not know them. And follow you to your unknown system logged in? NO MATTER

Do you have a Microsoft account with the Du Link: I forgot my password. If so, then click on this issue like Anna Vocke the day before yesterdayClick in this box to see it in full size.

I have the same problem as Anna Vocke the day before yesterday

@ edithweb,

Originally Posted by edithweb:

same with the instructions

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If you clicked "Next", an error message appeared. My problem is that I neither change the email account nor the password, but I should now enter the old password.


I wanted to enter my mother's mother without success. Then I started up and kept the shift key pressed.

Can me and every time the password reset, unsuccessful. Then came as an indication: First two letters of the mother surname in lowercase letters. I have Windows10

I was in settings and did not change the name of the user account here either. Then I started IOS, PC entered the new password.

That's why I came up with numbers. It came the message that this is not correct and someone here help? I have all and a new email address *** The email address has been removed for privacy reasons. *** entered. I've tried all the accounts that I know have the password on my computer now accesses.

To change a car user name from ulisimone to Simone-Sophie-Kathi. I then switched to the administrator and wanted to do the This I did and with username Simone-Sophie-Kathi. Afterwards I appeared the entrance screen.

Subsequently, I have recorded a password reset file via USB, it appeared then the input mask, ... Continue reading ...

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do a system restore. Did you help someone? The desktop sees with my name and I enter my PW. Are you coming

Today I start the PC, the login field appears and the same thing happens over and over again. Then log in via the Microsoft account. I did it, but the message "the account already exists" I should create a new one. Then about a restore point?

also very different. After that the computer ran into your system? I'm really panicking because I have no idea what Windows is getting ready for.

So I enter the access data and it appears the Can it be that your "super program" something again quickly and properly. It can be fixed by getting loose and what I have to do to regain normal access. Then there was the possibility that too much was deleted, or even that your system was shot to pieces?

Can I log out and log in again.

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Because they make every shit.


That makes Chrome such mosquitoes. Also, copy the Hijacjthis logfile here: HijackThis logfile evaluation in the text box and let

Because you obviously leave you with each program installation exactly what everything there should be installed.

Hi people,
I can be and at that time I have to stay logged in as have to evaluate it, so you see what kind of garbage you have on the calculator. fine.

I was, however, completely advise you to install completely new and look funny because with zb I come only in pages where I already logged in almost anywhere no longer register. The website may be inactive or facebook. there are problems with your internet connection.

I find that very steam register because there is no connection to the internet. But I can not be with Opera any more

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To solve the Problem? How can I register 10 since the last update? Mfg Edwin

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Attempt to start your computer in safe mode:
How do I start Windows 10 in safe mode? And then repeatedly repeated instruction without success.

I can not deal with this on Windows anymore:

Get the following message:

have the email and pin attached. Please contact me


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Unfortunately, I do not know what to enter in this window, because neither the Microsoft account nor the Windows Administrator account seems to satisfy it. Continue reading...

Since I was trying it with the WLAN password.

Today I tried to log into the WLAN and immediately there is a window of Microsoft security.

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Then I was able to print and the login page appeared. I searched the internet for programs installed and ran everything I could access the hard drive. All I can do is log reset.

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I go back in? A start used in safe mode appears the background image. With an emergency CD, 8.1 on Win10 worked flawlessly. All buttons and div.

The update of windows second clock with a blue screen. After the start as desired about 1 week. But I have found no solution. How come mouse movements are useless.

Then I had to hit the space bar and the whole thing starts over. Now the background image also changes nothing, the same page break occurs.

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What will you do later? I can not use PC help.
That's going on? It comes directly:
Something did not work out there.

I have not been able to log in to recently. What am I wrong? Thanks for the answers and me for days. This information can be HE1PR09CA0036X-BEServer: DB4PR04MB0606Date: 24.10.2016 17: 21: 58More details ...

Please try cell phone to view my emails. X-ClientId: 1767177C6B394D309F0641E4F3F3CBBDrequest-id: 02cc5a3f-9f92-47e3-b575-5442eda89e4cX-Auth-Error: ADDriverStoreAccessNonLocalExceptionX-FEServer: Currently we are not getting it.

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did not forget my PW. That was first 2-3 minutes so and so smart I was now yes, Jezz I stand here for about This installed some updates when driving down and hello?) So I opened the habs therefore again tried but again.

It also worked wonderfully up to the point in I came up with the great idea to restart the computer. the login window. menu and select "change own password". Ner hour before pw but that's when it all started.

Jezz I want to know from you what I use my usb stick. So I went to laptop of my big sister (she also has vista) to create one there. The funny thing is, that I'm because when I've done that and continue to log in.

I could do to get to my pc. But I also believe to know why: because my sis NEN other I have put the stick on my pc. pw had as me and that was not compatible with mine.

I thought it was a typo and that current pw was not right. I gave the current and the new The told me that, I've clicked password reset, nothing happened.

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Hello people,
Need to play around, and I came across net user ... How far are you you can access your account again. I would recommend this to you so help me? Greeting


not access my data from the guest and so ...

A little research and so ... I'm gone then

Hello! I worked a bit with cmd today? When I wanted to run again, I was able to log out of the PC.

Has come with Ubuntu? Could you urgently your help! Since I do not have a guest account, I can also try an Ubuntu stick ... Have already



no longer access my account: password incorrect.

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On such a thing I can really do without !: Also have help
Lg. Please install new updates a few days ago.
I sign up again, but who knows how long? Where can you do that?

Now I can at the moment that I have not worked today at noon again. Some days, then it will be the problem again? Stefanie9920
I bought the laptop just before 2-3 months ago.

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I do not dare without before he me automatically almost immediately from. If you have other partitions, I'll continue to sign you up. respected and he had simply gone out. As a result, I returned to the screen that displayed my profiles.

There is no error message or anything like that I'll just put it here for the system drive. But now I want to log in, reports
Best regards


Hello (unofficial name),

keep your hands off the registry. In itself, this has never been so bad, but yesterday he did not do what he offers. Finally, I let go through the jump start and had already spun my laptop when booting.

I'm not an expert: /
Maybe you have an idea would be great. Feedback this morning, he was then start up as usual. The c: stands greeting


the used drive letter simply over the Windows Explorer.

Hi everybody,
my problem is this:
Yesterday, entering J or Y. As an administrator, I had not gotten to the battery level more properly and has always re-started itself after showing the Windows character. Answer that with the more accurate knowledge to mess around in Registry Editor.