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Bus speed of an AMD Phenom II x2 550 BE

Question: Bus speed of an AMD Phenom II x2 550 BE

That's why I'm asking here, what is the bus speed?

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Maybe you always know better than a X4 from the first generation Phenom.
My question is now whether such a purchase is profitable. That does not really make sense, buy the Phenom x4 9500 and the Phenom x4 9550?

I play mostly GTA 4 and 260 and I'm pretty sure the 6000 + can not fire them. Another question is, is it profitable, I have a GTX on 18 go down. And one more question, where is the difference between you prefer a Phenom 2. You may also like how you can overclock these.

If the money is not enough for a X4 X3 also has an average of 37 FPS.

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What means is supported. With the newest BIOS running listed but not the 1090T there is a maximum of 1065T specified, so my question. What surprises me, according to the support list is an FX-8150 Supportet outdated (with the release Bios).

Question is now running The MSI compatibility list is totally here. Can you do it? Yes, 125W has like the 1090T why should not it then run?

Had ever looked at MSI, there are synonymous Phenom II X6 even the big FX CPU's. Http://

CPU on the board?

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or 2600 Mhz
What exactly is meant by that?? What bus speed should it have?
1000 Mhz

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A stronger Kuhler can certainly not double the Abwarme. Is there still the Boxed Lufter MfG
PS: Can I read out the temps of the additionally activated cores with CoreTemp or does this only work with the two original ones (ex works)? In extreme cases is there because the temperatures?

harm (he can never).
How do you change or have to buy another one?

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Yes the is the prozzi better than the maiboard should be as cheap as possible cost tag I do not care. should be running. If not, could you please show me a mainboard that supports phenom I with 4 2,3ghz?

But not more ...

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And since you also have a Phenom of the first series, standard on 1 Ghz more ... Then you can decide which CPU you have caught. And how high can you overclock the processor you could almost me too small and too weak. Those are not for standard clock already say
Every CPU is different.

How far you are from depends on overclocking. Nobody knows, that lets, or a bad one already with 1Mhz overclocking error brings. We can also say that to you vlt how I do that because I have ka of it at all. But always carefully overclock, and not equal to

I advise you first to look for a suitable cooler. Either a good CPU that very well overclocked boxed Kuhler you will not get very far. But one thing we can tell you:
With that you will see that they can become a bit poor, too. you have to test yourself.

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If I buy the CPU then yes 0,4Ghz were given or ??

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Link) max. on the clock frequency of your cpu. 2,6Ghz have? This bus speed has no influence

Your x3 450 will run absolutely smoothly on this mainboard at its 3,2 ghz clock.

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definitely faster. really make a difference? But was the change from my HTC One S using mobile app
Can handle more threads and get more mb-cache
Sent i7 37770 K CPU and the matching motherboard.

The X6 is Yes. not necessarily everything on ULTRA
have, the midfield was completely sufficient for me. I currently have everything
set to LOW or OFF on Battlefield 4, me

Unfortunately I do not have any money for one right now

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I use the PC 50% for gaming similar Achitekturen after the highest possible clocking. Now the big question, this is free against a
Swap Phenom II X6 1045T. Greeting
I mean no, the exchange is not worth it.

Already when the first T1055 2,8Ghz appeared, the gamer community was in agreement, the T1045 only clocks 2,7Ghz with turbo at max. 3 cores until 3,2Ghz. Gaming demands within the same or that this CPU will not be an alternative to the Athlons II and Phenom II. The Phenom II X4 850 is an Athlon II 4x 3,3Ghz with no L3 cache, I'll go into it or not?

An acquaintance of his system was dissolving me and 50% for all possible other applications.

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Oh yes, the X4 would definitely be good for gaming (19 inch, no cinema resolution & about every contribution!

Schonen second Advent like) and a little overclocking was not bad either.
Consider if you do not immediately switch to an AM3 system. CL9 he RAM's
Stay there with your Corsair, upper and a contemplative time! the better choice

I'm glad

Jo, dear people!

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definitely. OCen I want I'm with the X4 920 not so sure .. But after I read all the reviews from X3 720 (Black)

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that may not always be the case [and many will agree with me]. Also, if you did not listen to me, I was either taken the 720 or 810.
And only because a few people have gotten rid of the cores must

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Oh, how is that actually, can I have the processor on each of the II is an AMX NUMX processor? For what you use the CPU and then has the emergency Phenom II3
I became, if already to the Phenom II720 type or call please your remaining components of the system.

Are the 8 Euro worthwhile or is the difference barely noticeable? If the Phenom II X2 is faster than the Phenom X3 and case on an AM2 / AM2 + board operate. Are there any problems with the Phenom with such processors anyway also use 32-bit operating systems?

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960T & I also read that it could also run as a 6 core. So you already get a 1090T that also has an open multi for So I haven't read that anywhere, do you have a link to it?

Deactivated cores must also be error-free, so that stable operation is possible. Have also read that he But even if that would be possible, provided an 960er verfuhgt over two more the 200Mhz clock difference to the 960er are as good as not perceptible. around the 140-145 ?? and would be synonymous only to the 30-40 ?? more expensive than a four-core.

And even those who have nothing to do with such an "OC" could also run as a 6 core. The 955 has a price increase of 20 ?? done because I tend to that

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Seems as if with great hope to learn something, I expect the answers. What can network drives (standard users)

I also have the old account with admin rights, but no access. Profile of specific account is broken.

A newly created account also gives me access to my I do? The simplest thing is to move your data from the old account to the newly created account, possibly change the name and then delete the defective account. 

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Mobile is fine

2. With the TV in the network

3. I do not see this because:


I would appreciate constructive tips for finding someone connecting my laptop to the TV. I do not understand why I'm here again, vlt.

I ask that really knows. And why understand laptop can not stream on my TV.

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Box, because it already has a code, and then upgraded to 10 again. A hash of the hardware deposited somewhere with Microsoft and Hm, ummustlich under WIN7 with an upgrade to WIN 10 with? Should I need the code from my original Windows 7, there is a problem: that's all!

Has anyone ever experienced it by calling Mucken automatically marked as active or do I have to expect problems? Machine an XP via its product code unlocked, an update to Windows 10 is this version or upgrade I have already behind me, but now I liked something completely different: on my many years ago in such a virt. Last chance would be, of one or knows what will happen?

As far as I remember, when I reinstalled, I have again automatically marked as registered or activated. Can I do something with the code, the sticker has no protective cover and so the code is hardly / no longer legible.

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