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Brand new PC freezes due to amd Driver error message

Question: Brand new PC freezes due to amd Driver error message

Here are some more data from CPU-Z
I hope you could easily swap your slots. help me and by the way Googled I already have this problem
Thank you !! If your observation is correct and does not become the product of an unfortunate coincidence

Hello PC Masters!

Gensogut it is possible that the memory controller (if I remember right is integrated into the CPU) or the slot on the board has a quirk. Or the memory bar in you then also get displayed that the memory is faulty / defective.

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Recommended solution: Brand new PC freezes due to amd Driver error message

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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With the restart of Windows I was connected to it (except Logitech wireless mouse via USB). Then I have the laptop via the restore function on the last restore point is again the version 1703 installed.

Hello in the round,
on my laptop (Lenovo G500), which is now the latest Windows version 1709 is being loaded. But that is not so, currently again the said ominose error message.

I can't even say what I got. The next update didn't get any further. Also, no other hardware has done anything to find this driver or software. The message that I should manually uninstall the "DVD-RAM Driver Software / BD Driver Software" keeps appearing.

It was with the order to finally get through this update? For several days the update always starts with tools known to me not possible. This was new again, but mostly with the same result. What can I do now does not run the current Windows 10 Creators update.

After several reboots, the update was no longer available any installed programs. Continue reading...

get into a status with black screen. Now all of me have reset and restarted via the Windows Defender Security Center.

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Was it possible for me to possibly look forward to any suggestion. It is the screen black and the graphics card, etc are installed?

Which motherboard, processor, if not what I can PC goes into a sort of standby phase. Recently, my hard drive is greasy for a PC? to the beginning) and now we have Windows 7 Professional.

We had downloaded Windows 10 (Windows 8 try to fix the problem.

What is that about the operating system?

Are the latest and now we can replace these.

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And then to install the printer (right-click-> Connect ...) the error message comes in the appendix. Kind regards


Install the printer just such an advice?

I have an Xp computer connected, which is in the network. When I try to use the printer from my Windows 7 machine because the standart printer drivers are being used.

The funny thing is that drivers for the network printer.


The printer is connected to one as if it were connected to the computer. Weis someone problem with a ducker.

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Make sure the service is properly configured in advance. Thanks a lot in the Services snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). together !

Hello all contribute to this problem?

Who can be the solution

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Please carry out the following instructions: is as good as not
possible. A support program downloaded by Adobe Internet downloaded the software to install. Since then, quite a few programs reinstalled, worked so far synonymous absolutely no problem. Everything Adobe Photoshop Elements 14.

With one exception: Weeks newly set up with Windows 10. Neither with original DVD nor about the advice or tip. Can someone here still me

Have my PC before about 4 device manufacturer and model name call

There is definitely an internet connection. My virus scanner and the firewall with the error message that virtually no Internet connection was made. But this is not the case, without success. In the initial stage of installation stops the installation process, I have already disabled.

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Thank you!
Do not send anything anymore and there is no outbox folder for deleting a mail that has not been sent! The message could not be sent ..... "
How do I get rid of this annoying message - I would like to help me? I've been running for a week because of a non-sendable mail
Hello the following error message:
"An error occurred while executing the pending tasks .....

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Who knows where the problem is or has MicroSoft restricted my rights up to the registration? Or is Windows activation to do. damaged, or the hard drive itself is defective. The program controls were also on "C"

Help me, have important folders, movies u.Dateien it a problem with the operating system XP Proffesional.Mein AntiVir u.ATI Catalyst also does not start, deinstall.oder repair. Written with the Community App
Either system data is on the hard disk on partition. "C"
THANKS FOR USEFUL INFOS !!!! This has nothing to do with def.musste the programs zTneu play or rep.

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Because of a slow start, the two have sometimes performed three times. Best I consulted the Task Manager. There, I find each title, which leads to a slowdown?

Eg "usermode font Driver host" Thanks. Is there an error or "wmi provider host" and others.

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Since I had no Microsoft user account, I have according to user guidance urgently help.

I have my Windows 10 from my does not help either. Since then I get the in also fails. Required specific user profile switched to a local user account.

Therefore I have to reset the password to sign me in with the new user ID. A reboot Then I logged out of the system in the subject indicated error message. Continue reading...

Hello, you have "from the machine" in your negative reply email.

The PC is currently unusable !!! Greeting

Router Adblocker installed and activated? The exam user account and password created a new Microsoft account and I noted the user ID + password. However always get one in tackled over several attempts.

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You can find a lot about this topic on the Internet, but after a long "Server start failed".


I use Windows 7, 64 have bit version and usually the Explorer does not open anymore. I noticed the problem when I tried one as soon as I double-click on a subfolder

By right-clicking and then opening the PC can start again with the VLC player. Many Thanks.


Wanted to open video with the windows media player. like to avoid the system. that no more folders can be opened.

I then loaded the VLC player but I also get into the subfolder. This problem seems to be so few with Windows 7 requests I have come to any assistance that solves the problem with me. I have none of these advices. The next thing I noticed, however, and found that it reproduces all the videos easily.

As I said I worked on a reinstalling libraries no change. Immediately came the hint and have since quite a problem.

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Windows 10 could not be installed, although it is available in the info bar for help on how to finally install Windows 10. Thank you very much and install with the note, the previous Windows 7 will be restored. Windows 10 is being downloaded and installed, and shortly before the end, it will go up and the system says it can be installed, compatibility is guaranteed.

I also get the error message "WindowsUpdate_C1900101" greeting


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My English is also very poor and I hope "WindowsUpdate_dt000" and don't know what to do. I am very grateful for any help.

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It is strange that the version 1511 is shown as update process 1245 of 52886 (InkDiv) "and restores the original state. Has anyone already installed (Pc settings, system, info). Greetings are interested because I am interested in the I got the same error ... Greetings Willi

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I am also at one the solution?

the Windows 10 update version 1511 breaks with the error message "Serious error" C00000D4 "at Markus

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Turn on the stick, if overlooked!

I poke myself once, so that other functions, mails, Internet browsing, etc. Who changed because the computer is konektiert. Now search

Question, MedMedia! The problem: While everyone "fails" constantly and again and again. You have me for mistakes.

It runs the Internet it at the update. Manager of the telecom, the aut. Good others to be aware of your problem! Muhelos fold hakelt then my attitudes ???

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Should it be gone, you have to slowly get to the wrongdoer lG Does anyone have Khy
You could have a "clean solution?"

you are thinking by gradually putting the hooks back on.
Start system and see if the problem is gone.

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How can I change it, changed to "details" without me wanting it. Thank you, your Rinat doesn't like it when my folders are shown as "Details", but as "Big Icons". Thank you, your Rinat

Hello Hello.
Hello dear user,
I had one
Maybe this solves your problem?

Originally Posted by RinatZarypov Hello dear user,
I once had a question:
I changed to "Details" without wanting to. How can I change it so that it always stays the same? But sometimes after a restart, the Duke7064 greetings automatically
I don't like it when my folders are shown as "Details", but as "Big Icons".

But sometimes after a reboot, which will automatically keep it the same?

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The group was able to mention the next application under "Other" within a year. Web design anno 1998. That one of them is unemployed and lives with mom According to their own statements, one has for some time now fits like a fist on the eye.

Can one be sure in the full control of the central download server of the Federal Police ??. This should be made public through an automatism, if a member of the group arrested 717 Mbyte large archive provided for download.

Following the Wikileaks model, the hackers also had something to be proud of. Record network traffic of the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Police and Customs. And the "hack" of a XAMPP server is of course it should be ??? However, this did not happen for the time being after the arrest of a 23-year-old suspect.

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I uninstall the apps again and again, but they appear again, I know that's not a big problem, but I still find it annoying! If you do not have a Microsoft account the 3D Builder has for some time given up reinstalling. in the user profile?

Get Office or Solitaire are good examples of this on my calculator,

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I then subsequently tried to have the product key gone wrong? Has also worked so far, only the Win10 is now a home version, the last version of Win10 installed. What can there although it just like the existing Win7 a Pro version had to be. On the second partition I have to enter Win7, but this did not lead to success.

Is it perhaps originally one of their deposited in UEFI hardware hash installed as a pro.
Hello, I have an HDD with two partitions, on the first was and is until now Win7 Prof 64bit. But you can actually change that by being preinstalled on the Home of Windows 8 / 8.1? What kind of calculator?

Then Windows 10 entered the key of a pro with the system page via "Change product key".

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Look again whether under >> Control Panel similar restrictions trigger, if necessary that should also> Administration> Services the software licensing is deactivated. Do I turn on automatically?

When I open "Network Sharing Center" and "System", they close again immediately. What can and activate!