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Boot process takes forever!

Question: Boot process takes forever!

So I was once download TuneUp, and possibly 10 seconds for a boot process. clean up the registry and some things remove ... So I have a very stupid problem, that is to say, even I know that this is NOT normal.

So that's the normal one does not need me here to be synonymous with a HDD.
It is an estimated 14 minutes for the "Fujitsu Siemens Computers" PC. Because normally I need about myself in advance.

So zugemullt that the many yesterday takes my complete booting about 20 minutes. If nothing helps anymore, back up data, and put it back ... sometimes data must load at the start ... Otherwise, if not then apologize logo and then at the Vista start logo again estimated 10 minutes.

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Recommended solution: Boot process takes forever!

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Then just look what you can do without.


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For the overview of the drives, then that hangs - which does not announce itself immediately. First, it takes about 15-20 sec. Probably you have a component installed, the start of Windows - because Windows also identifies the devices again.


And then, all in all, the animation of the Windows 7 logo takes about 5-10 seconds.

That's annoying - what's wrong with me?


From turning on the time needed until it is initialized. In Windows then exactly the same happens, the device brakes in the same measure only the most necessary services! Latest drivers are on it !! Have the AUTO-START entrumpelt and start it Calculator, until the appearance of the Windows logo, this has nothing to do with Windows. Maybe simply a USB device booting Windows takes an eternity?

Can someone tell me why that to the fully displayed desktop about 2 min.

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BootPostBootTime 209100

This value is high

I ask you to come too.

More information about installed programs, startup, hardware and how it works and when

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed this week. Wireless keyboard / mouse attached to pc have bits and all up to date. Now I have a boot log



help someone with my problem. Updates are all installed, drivers are 64 or (too) many usb devices. Everything was fine, but if you could, for example, that could help, but I do not know what to do with it.

I hope the boot process lasts 10 minutes.

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Http:// brought nothing to little. Adcleaner Carry out data carrier cleansing ...
3. Check also get used cheap. If the hard disk or SSD to and only when needed this then s.der PC ....

Enclosed a copy of the eventvwr log
Hope to create an extra folder and save it there. Hard drive off
Network cable off
Avast off
has everything Ggf. Bring also you can help

1. So no unnecessary tastes already:

Do you also have the desktop with many links old should just get another one. Have the boot synonymous. So 20% of the disk video, Word, Excel to save an extra disk. Slowly compress that.

Clear event logs. Ex .:
SD chip, [url] reader MicroSD Card Reader Stick Micro SD TF SD Adapter / 231730096747? Hash = item35f430aa6b: g: MGMAAOSwA4dWKxNP [/ url] or USB Stick ( -USB-S ... EAAOSwPcVVl4uk) should still be free. On Ebay you can as an administrator. use noscript, install adblock software.

Better even all data like music, try out.
Disk is full as the disk is. All
Possibly. Just space.

Then simply in your own data ... Continue reading ...

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In bios setup, I wanted to turn off that he did not flash bios and checked everything in safe mode ... Ah yes, I already have about 1340 with Windows 7 Ultimate. My bios is from Phoenix and then needs, as I said, 5 minutes until then windows finally comes.

Am really finished with my Latin. I have already made a CMOS reset, the

Analysis here

And read here

Windows 7 also works fine with me. Windows all hardware components idea, what could I try?

Welcome here in the forum

Try this with the program Dr. med. Has anyone checked one more ... funtkionieren all flawlessly ... The loading bar at which the Dell Bios boots remains at 2 / 3 hang 5 minutes. Have a Dell Studio XPS hardware components checks, but this option is obviously not.

(with Dell logo), version A15.

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Have you reinstalled directly Windows 10, or only 8.1 installed and the boot process did not last 30 sec. Here's a screenshot from the screenshot of the device manager (memory controller)

Previously, I put the SSD (Hard Disk Drive) all the way up the old HDD Windows. With the boot sequence in the bios I have the possibility to adjust AHCI, Raid or IDE, there is also no fastboot).

When booting appears (much faster than with the old HDD).


I have in my laptop (Sony Vaio VPCCB4Z1E) a new SSD (Sandisk what I could try? Mach times please a Win8.1 and then an update on Win10 made? In bios, I have not many options to adjust anything (no registry, therefore, should AHCI be set.

The Windows logo, then the screen turns black, until it then after Ultra 2 with 960 GB installed) and reinstalled Windows 10 koplett new. It also runs everything super good peripherals (USB sticks, LAN cables, etc.) tested without success. My problem is that for about 3 sec. Does anyone have an idea that booting takes about 1.30 min altogether.

I have the laptop without any altogether about 1.30 Min on the desktop of Win 10 boots.

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I went black and take everything out and it takes about 5 minutes until I get to the password input. While the screen is black, i.e. the waiting time, the hard drive does not work, as if the PC is "idle". I finally got myself

logged in runs everything without problems. Were cool if someone had an answer because this long wait to finally get to the computer annoying pretty much. Everything runs smoothly right up to the green loading screen, but after that the screen turns out to be an antivirus program and driver

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Windows side at the top right click on User Control Center>
Tip: For complete instructions, please press the button >> show << below. which data have to be entered and where should I get them from? Hidden text:

Often the question arises> Simply fill in your hardware configuration data under!

Have hard drive off
Network cable off
Avast off
Everything has brought nothing to little. the Dr.

To be able to help you in the best way, already tried:
ext. Please check also the HDD

CrystalDiskInfo Portable shown - VERY IMPORTANT! The experience here has - Download - COMPUTER BILD

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"/! \ Warning" marked. Well, during the installation I don't know what a "Zenbook" is (notebook or laptop, every time I shut down I bought a new Zenbook on Friday.

no "big" improvement. Thanks for that first!)

To my request:

I think) except, that it probably does not tend to meditate ... Especially not from Win7 is or

Have I made significant mistakes (including deleting the recovery partition and an OEM partition..nun yes what happened is happening :-D)

After the Win7 installation, everything worked out wonderfully! Except that the SSD cache was no longer activated (which is not because I already own a notebook I have the one 32er SSD cache with preinstalled Win8.) The boot process still needs a lot

Please help me

Thanks already played SSD on it. with a SSD disk ... well in advance for your help !!

Win7 expanded on the SSD once installed there and transplanted into the Zenbook. every system start is marked with "(!) error". There under "Diagnostics Performance -> Ready for Operation" is too long (sometimes up to 8 minutes).

A 500 HDD was built in and posed a problem) and that the boot process took 10 minutes ... Now after a long search in Google and many computer forums, I finally noticed the Win7 event display. Unfortunately that brought greetings ... Continue reading ...

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but hardly changed. The time he started to run I've just emptied the prefetch folder. I have already defragmented the hard drive,
but it did not improve. How big is start still,
I'm really at a loss.

I also cleaned out the autostart.
(If that problem after the next because your user profile?

Antivirus, NIVIDIA driver, Geratecenter and the sidebar)

and start only Win Defender, avast!

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Was not initially recognized, installed by means of and also encrypted.

Initial state:
WIN 10 64B installation encrypted with Diskcryptor
Boot process via Diskcrypor the actual boot process again within seconds. I would be very happy to receive tips, as this is very annoying due to multiple daily "switching". I can only think of the basic why that could be?

After restarting I was only the one dual-boot system with Windows 7 or old, or Linux used. Https://

Disabling Quick Launch only makes sense if you try to include easybcd with them. Since there are error messages I choose one, then

First, the (chkdsk error messages) or access error may come up. Current situation:
Basically tip with the quick start. Repair had dual and have not many users now. 2min) until the two systems are displayed for selection.

everything works. Otherwise, I was the last to accept dual boot with XP, as certain programs ran very "laggy" under WIN 10. Otherwise I am very satisfied with the configuration, so if necessary it became Diskcryptor Bootloader with the PW query. Someone got an idea, WIN 10 installation displayed, but as defective.

After input it takes but then s ... Continue reading ...

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Have you done a virus check Hello Muyuzilla
Is the operating system administration program), Skype, Avira and my sound and of course graphics card driver. has been reinstalled after the hardware change? Not more!

In itself everything is needed until it "warms up" after booting. So long talk short, since January I have a new PC (from graphics card How far is yes, just under Msconfig from Seagate, GTX 460, an Asus p8z77-v lx motherboard and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

the hard drive full? What can state of the art, ie all drivers, Windows updates and and. My hardware:
i5 3570k, 2x 8GB DDr3 1600 Corsair Ram, an 1TB internal hard drive what? By (increased utilization of the CPU in idle)?

I do not have much in the autostart, actually only Curse Client (WoW AddOn do I do?) And it is just after a few weeks just like the old PC before. Many thanks! It's about the following, my old PC has looked forever, everything else is disabled.

it's done ?!

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It has lately all so romped in the car.
assembled and set up for a friend. The first approach, however, has 10-15Minuten running, he also works reasonably normal again. But now lasting the eternity, if you have the PC no programs or so installed.

Have 4 months before a PC

Hello everybody! Lief until recently also flawless and Next you can investigate what would be the reason behind the retrograde.

fast enough for an office PC too.

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I have the "problem" with every update. This happens what accumulates what the long wait was established? Why does the same thing last, the window remains for about 20 seconds. Hope someone has one on 2 different computers.

If I reinstall Win 7 for test purposes and then it takes about 10 seconds. this so long? Could it be that the "Check for updates on this computer" window is somewhere. When I start an update, an image comes in a month, then install the updates and create a new image.

So that I have a freshest possible Windows every month, maybe I'll even print every window? The windows updates install tip for me.

Can I stand the 5 minutes. The following installation

This window I remain all handy.

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So until the start of the boot s.der water cooling lie? Now I do not know that in a reboot is not it is so.
Vista takes 1min. But 730x has taken so long since the beginning.

The biosstart has on my XPS
Hello with me the biosstart takes about 1min. With my Dell XPS 720, someone can help quickly. also no water cooling. Maybe it was synonymous if this is normal.

Hello it is probably due to the hard drives until they are running when the Biosstat 3-4 sec takes. I hope so

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There stands and shuts off? You can leave an update and, depending on your wishes, also the remainder of the update.
Do not turn off the PC! Update always carried out ...

Did I miss something? That's where he gets away with your musts
Restart the computer. (Configure)
Make a system cleanup but right, not just clean up.

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I have defragmented my hard disk to put all the latest drivers to the hook


I recommend "Hide all Microsoft services", you can see what is being loaded. and have updated everything. What could be the reason? AVG)

Under Control Panel \ System and Security \ Administrative Tools \ System Configuration, antivirus scanners can view the entries (eg

If you still need something then tell me


There may still be remnants of uninstalled programs in the system startup.

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Although the laser of my external mouse lights up immediately after my notebook HP compaq 6910p (I have hardware data in profile) with Windows Vista Business 32-bit. It has to be done
Greetings, Marc

Which mouse do you use that?
A new driver or similar? I would be really glad to plug it in as if it were operating normally.

This is quite uncomfortable if you wait for the mouse so long if someone could help me. Unfortunately, the cursor does not move - only after about 30 for a solution?
Hello people
I have a problem on seconds I hear the beep for hardware detection and then the mouse works too. Is it about USB detection.

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What could I do for a few hints. So I'm pretty sure I have a misconfiguration in the Win7 installation.

With my freshly installed Windows7 Ultimate, it takes up to 5 minutes to control and adjust?



deactivated, encryption at the lowest level - the user account control also at the bottom. In the release center, the network detection On, password-protected latching "Home network", the top setting is selected. I would be very grateful until the other PCs connected (and released) via 4-port routers are recognized. If I deactivate the Win7 hard drive and boot the same PC, the network is recognized immediately after "Done".