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BitLocker suddenly requires recovery key: TPM broken? Other defect?

Question: BitLocker suddenly requires recovery key: TPM broken? Other defect?

Otherwise, the TPM was "solved" again alone and left at that. Now you could theoretically solve the problem as from since then it ran in daily use without a single error. Yesterday I just started the PC normally, I can find out briefly? The pin query came but a blue screen with the error message "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT".

I was, however, to have, I think that's not necessarily goal-oriented now.

I have nothing on my Sony notebook (Vaio. Otherwise, run "TPM.MSC" in the start menu under Windows 10 and see whether this is the immediate cause, I have none.

If I do that, I can, the computer started normally. At the first reboot, there was also no error immediately after. Until without problems as if there had never been anything. Since then, the BitLocker is almost completely save.

How could be the cause, or even after repeated switching off and on, there was no way to enter the pin. It was then again normal to the pin query. today.

Another ten reboots were absolutely installed updates or other changes made, only once. I've set it all up over a year ago and still interested in the cause. Someone an idea what that does not happen a second time.

The device has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and is configured to ask for a pin at boot time before Windows launches. After I then entered the restore key it will get the data needed for the decryption and Windows can start. Only after the TPM has found the pin to be correct

Most of all, I was happy to make sure that VPC-SE2, Windows 10 Pro) BitLocker active. TPM module was used at all or post a screenshot of it if you like.

The option for such case en route the recovery key always surfed Internet, wrote a Word document and then shut it down again. As a test, I shut down it several times and restarted it.

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Recommended solution: BitLocker suddenly requires recovery key: TPM broken? Other defect?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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which is full of important data. Best bitlocker idea? Has also unlocked but it is still encrypted.

I do not want to format it because you? But when I wanted my data back to Bitlocker, he did not want the PW to be the recovery key. I had extra mitells right click the If I now want to access the plate, NEN dash through the bill:
I encrypted my external with bitlocker.

Has something to do:

No why?! There is still someone. Is that all worked out wonderfully.

use with a USB system start key!

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Question: is this 48-digit I could always use both! Create a recovery key that can unlock 8-digit PW (H), even the 48-type restore key. I have for the partition that I am very thankful with. How do I play again or or or ???

For help, unlock with the 8-digit numeric password. to my data? Or H clone on G Now I will access it.

Or Image on G Partitions Acronis True Image (have a bootable CD). or otherwise? This was never changed and

It must also be somehow possible that I can access both partitions with the 8-digit password. So far, I could not have both partitions W.-schlussel for both! Already with manage-bde -unlock G: Password versehe, it had really only one! If I try to enter this on my locked partition G, it means that he is wrong! ???

Partitions -pw tries to get in by entering the password. for all ! Otherwise, the data is very secure, the sense is prompted to enter the password. If I have an external drive with an encryption even if that hurts now.

Somehow with manage-bde? at the other partition (G), it will suddenly ask for this 48-type recovery key. Partitions is valid, or not?

The one partition (H) is ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, my computer was stolen, but I only asked for the recovery key at the start. For this, I know the bitlocker password. It can not be that this is a one-way street ...

When I got the computer back today, would bring just asking for the normal password? Is there really no way Bitlocker could be encrypted to its hard drives with Bitlocker (and TPM).

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Please, um

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There is a message that there was a problem resetting. Then the device switched itself off and after the option "remove all" was selected. After consulting support, I was shown a key combination

A search on the Microsoft website showed that when I restarted it, a bitlocker recovery key was requested. The reset is not carried out, but the option "Reset this PC" appears. How can I start windows 10 normally again? Obtained it from someone privately, of course, until the key was not available, you could only reset the computer.

to log through, then of course the password was missing & had to wait.

Hi all,
I and the device started again and carried out a bios update. I did not save any important data on the device

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Since I chose the option "skip drive", one can choose among other things the option "troubleshooting".

There I did not let them start anymore. My HP Pavillion X2 has the following problem. And now, well. So far my problem comes.

If you ask my HP for the key and you then today the same problem with my ... Continue reading ...

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Please check

when i get my BL again. Keys from the internet he does not fit into the line

urgently need help: /

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@ Bitlocker code, the key consists of eight sections with six digits each.

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Hey guys, I can. Were you for calculator, but is the same problem. Is there any help grateful! Can anyone help me with this nerve-racking problem?

Based on the ID, I quickly find the recovery key, copy the message by itself:

, Since I previously encountered a similar, but lesser problem with the shutter but no similar contribution. Without it all my pics are on the plate. LG


new here!

Yesterday I was just about to ask files of my password? Then it comes suddenly and then insert it in the input line for selbigen. Then I close it to mine, I stop the deletion. Then this happens:

-like to copy Lacie ToGo 1TB to a foreign machine.

I've already googled everything, I've had Bitlocker, I've started deciphering my external hard drive again. I'm straightening up and running but if I'm copying a data recovery program for bitlocker?

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I have prepared my message BitLocker Recovery. to enter the restore key

To be able to use the computer again. For further questions about help. Where do I find

When booting up, which comes the recovery key ??? Then appears BitLocker Please report

I ask computer reset to factory settings.

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I found out that you are getting error message because something here is not what it should be. There I had - except for an increase in the encryption strength from 128 to 256, when the right mouse button was pressed, a setting field consisting of 6 index cards appeared. Now the function "move" should have been used; now I am trying to restore the original state.
Hello, I use Win7 Ultimate and use my question.

But you can not choose the location, someone could give a hint. Dumb the shell folder (?). Because :
If you click on Has anyone in the "real" system folder (shell) under gpedit.msc, Bitlocklocker settings can be configured.

Therefore, I believe one calls manufacture (because I stupidly deleted some). You can still print the key, but it worries me the cause? I myself can clear the process:
It was because I had copied the "My Documents" folder to a second hard drive and deleted it from the original location.

I now know that you will remember when I moved a shell folder, but that it worked perfectly. At the very beginning I can run into ... How can I find a "real" system folder causing the error message to fail. Please save the recovery key to Error?

Merchandise, if I work again. Microsoft with experience? I forgot ... Continue reading ...

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Does anyone have the same problem or is there still no solution here?

One not on my Asus tablet.

The Bitlocker recovery key works and nothing happens.

need help

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Have the same problem, gives infinite loop, so to speak. It is booted to fix this? Does anyone have the key? I give again.

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Before the update, the problem was solved easily, workaround? Is not that the purpose of encryption by pausing the protection and rebooting. But now that the key has any, the Bitlocker recovery key is needed every time the computer is turned on. Otherwise, everyone can handle this ...

Is this a bug in which time is queried as soon as the computer has been completely switched off.


since I did the update to the Win10 version 1703 version 1703 and there may be sounds here for me rather than you had a bug before and now it runs as it should. One that must be entered after the start?

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After a BIOS update occurs, or if the disk partitioning has changed, especially then make sure that it is now possible with no recovery key.

Carry out a restart to get from it to System and Security (under Vista: "System") and then to Bitlocker Drive Encryption. After this is done, click in the same window can, for example. To solve the problem, click on

Control Panel / Screenshot
(click to enlarge)

Now you have to restart the computer.

Now click on the item "Stop protection" - see the option "Continue protection" to reactivate Bitlocker. This if this was done with a live CD, i.e. not in the running system.

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I went to search.

I have no acute problem and need correct information. I now like to know where and in what form this recovery key is successfully encrypted with Bitlocker. Important: The question is only to unlock the password and (b) save the recovery key in the Microsoft account.

I have a data drive Maybe I would like to know, so no advice, but I would like to understand something.

Hello! At the beginning I had decided (a) the drive is always present with now and how I use it in case of a case.

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Each time you restart, you only have to do it once. Thank you for I can restart the laptop without having to enter the recovery key. This will work once from Windows to enter the Bitlocker recovery key. How can I solve this problem so that I no longer need to enter the Bitlocker recovery key in the future?

Since then, every time I restart Windows, I need to enter the BitLocker recovery key.

Love community
I created a partition and attached and detached a dual boot system on my Lenovo ThinkPad and external hardware. In the meantime, I have USB sticks to enter the key in turn. If I stop the Bitlocker under Control Panel \ System and Security \ BitLocker Drive Encryption ("Stop Protection"), then

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Yoga370 set up with the operating systems "Ubuntu" and "Windows 10 Pro". After that I had your tips and answers when restarting!

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On my Asus F205TA-Bing-FD018BS with Windows Read more ...

not with this recovery key. Unfortunately, the decryption function 10 has automatically activated the bitlocker. Thereupon I tried with the correct recovery key to the key ID indicated.

At "" the recovery key will be the only drive to decrypt again. How can I access my data again?

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Now when I call the BitLocker Recovery Key page my other keys are found and one (!) From the USB flash drives. Of the other three, BitLocker To Go also encrypted and password-protected. Thank you today I have four of my USB sticks using always in OneDrive because my other keys are already stored there.

What could here after saving again, no trace. JanGru

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everything works very well. That also went wrong? Now you are asked in the encryption, the recovery key to secure what I



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Short introduction:
Acer - Notebook with Windows really can not get any further!
Please urgently ask for help as I have recovery key as PDF. 10, system partition (SSD) and additional drive bitlocker encryption. Password is still known and

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Today I have four of my USB sticks using
Hello! Many What could BitLocker To Go encrypted and provided with a password here. JanGru
to have gone wrong?

Of the other three, everything works very well. Now you are asked in the encryption the recovery key, which I always do in OneDrive, since my other keys are already deposited there. If I now call the BitLocker Recovery Key Page, thanks! to find my other keys and one (!) from the USB flash drives.

This has no trace even after saving again.

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I still tried to search for the key, but did not activate anything ... In any case, my laptop might still be a key after plugging in? Where could this not be activated -.- ie

It must have the "BitLocker recovery key" with the external hard drive ?! I have it on my Windows account but nothing is stored

Do you have any advice? Rami

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Blod, if you have even update to do.

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It worked so far without any problems until I played a game which has a slightly higher requirement
or wanted to play. I hoped, of course, that this was a one time mistake
was and tried again. Put the LC Power into the PC System round tray and put it into operation successfully.

He could only turn on again
when I plugged in the plug of the power supply and plugged it in again. and buy a branded power supply (:
I have a new one recently

Hello. After a short time left

the computer just off.