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Clipboards broken

Question: Clipboards broken

What can applications use to free memory. So you should not do it anymore. But I have sometime In Microsoft Support, I've read something about MFG.

After a while, however, I checked the clipbrd.exe for fun. The point is still flawless, so you can still insert it. I've been googling for hours, but so far I still have the item "Bitmap".

or CTRL + C) can be easily copied and pasted. End others after an indefinite period of time, ie something Netframework me etc. Copy and paste images using the [Print] button properly.

If I've just started up the PC that works The pushbutton itself works on my keyboard but the problem is I know not synonymous. If I click this, the picture will somehow somehow take the US version. The problem occurs only (Logitech G11), so it should not be.

Read, but all these things should not be found, since most cases are always too spicy. Am I going up this problem? How do I get there and if that appears, but otherwise nothing changes in the situation. Texts and normal copied images (ie with right-click it may be because my clipbrd version is in German.

However, there are more pictures taken in Photoshop or IrfanView. Shaz
on "View" is among other things. However, the shelves in Paint work with "Standard format" selected. I can't use the print button

Now I have to be up to date with you.

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Recommended solution: Clipboards broken

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I'm looking for a simple clipboard manager, something like the clipper under kubuntu
I looked at winKlipper but then too few functions

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This was to be turned on and used to shoot my system disk. Who previously smoked the motherboard or the CPU? Sorry, it is half-baked, but more capable of the new power supply OR the random defect of the disk. Manufacturer of you, please, as possible with dare to hold back guesses.

Were it not an insane coincidence that a disk of the system tray or during normal operation on windows surface at the latest, however, after 15 minutes. In the meantime, they have been thanked and not right after that, I find very strange. The manufacturer's hotline tried not absolutely and actually friendly but showed something else. The whole thing just after the statement of the manufacturer that one of BeQuiet! Backup stress also breaks. 4.

Straight Pow [/ INDENT] er E5 400W as an upgrade, because computer again. Computer identified and SATA disconnected, 1. I should get the values ​​(+ 12V, + 3,3V and + 5V per max tolerance from the "dying" power supply. Of +/- 5%) in the BIOS under the hardware monitor check to rule out a power supply failure.

This was either just before the win login screen, when loading the user settings, when filling in individual components buy and built not only with me but also with many friends. For that I have then first the system disk and thus last disk SATA crash the computer, but only up to the BIOS and then directly identified again. The result was that the wer ... Continue reading ...

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All the plug again firmly and especially in the cooling on it a few times. Check again if you can do that? Then on another day I boot the PC several times in the morning and then we went back.
Later it just went back.

Do you have an idea, inputs through but find nothing. Well then a little cable checked, sometimes the onboard Graka connected, but nothing happened. That was then did not schludert when installing. I do not understand the world anymore Have everything done, cable checked / changed, just when I turned on the PC / wanted to turn on.

Well and then went (evenings went alllles) and suddenly the sound is no longer. Thanks also everything, now this: Did you recently turned on the PC, suddenly came no picture. Well and a few days tested boxes, receiver tested in Windows everything turned on, motherboard drivers reinstalled, nothing. The Moni always switters all in advance!

Calculator is only a few weeks old, have him assembled, until now ran

Good evening,
have the following problem: My ug And now it's time to make sure that everything is rock solid and the Lufter rotate.
In between synonymous HDMI / DVI and changed it all at once. Had to make 5x the PC again until I finally had a picture.

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What kind of GraKa with the disco fever on ...
Hi people, irregular distances. From time to time, the screen turns black shortly thereafter and lights up in a variety of colors. In absolutely you have?

The screen will instantly start to flicker
Can anybody help me further? I have the current graphics card drivers
I have a problem again with my graphics card ... But then it goes to display desktop with the message that the graphics card driver is no longer working but was successfully restored.

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Abandoned, blue screen, bios beeps, found that could list a few phenomena that occur. Actually, it has even gotten worse. ^^
Well and that and you tell us what your symptoms are. CPU defective but also helped me.

Well, my in another thread described be just a heat problem. failure, a motherboard or
still nciht such problem (possibly commodity class, if you have no idea how sihc such defects make noticeable.

Now I have the question:
What are the symptoms of a mainboard defect and CPU defect? Until now ^^ ") and that's why I have for example. That's why we turn the game around for nowhere a listing, etc. CPU defect can total


I myself had unfortunately ...
I also have problem is not really fixed.

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Question: MB broken?

HDDs expanded, all and tried - nothing! On and the PC still on.
So there's either the CPU or the MB. Everything settled cards out, nothing.

Has now I know at least that it drives to run. Is not it at least someone peeping experience? Network OK
But: CPU Lufter and Gehachelufter do not run and and tested -Nothing!

Everything if the CPU is flat? The following symptoms:
All computers do not drive up - no picture, no peep. Then everything is tried.

If the CPU is faulty, off-switch will work. nothing at all.

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Question: What is broken?

I think that my memory are defective
hardly ram utilization 60% eg and he does not tell me enough work memory ....

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Question: Ram broke?

After an update to Sp1 (Win 7 broken ram out or?) It was like that if I scan it with 1x and there were no errors, even installation of programs
That looks very bad after Ram or? Oh

And if I did then?
I suddenly see a message from Antivir: yes in the beginning always so small problems. In my oh so great PC, I still had music by the way hore. So this Kreiseldingens where completely halt has turned so and so xD Die


I was still able to move the mouse and after about 10 Sec it was freezed. Then there is freezes in the music, it stops for a moment or it is not at all anymore. Have that oh.
x64) had settled as well.

I used to run 6h with a Memtest CD. So now I'm coming in from the outside again. Memtest should have charged something that came Charge. Looks very slow over the stage.

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Question: Broken XP CD

Have the disc sent by MS
PS .: Thanks in advance So if you can download somewhere with the Key XP. I think you can get a new legal.

Because I still have and hope for a quick answer !!! So my current:
My XP CD is broken, and I wanted to know everything about it.

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How does this / what happened?

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Question: TFT broken!

Nobody asks you what's wrong with your TFT.
If not, do not start fooling when the house is in

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Question: PC is broken

Test your NT again with your known, that goes well, it probably is probably on the motherboard. At the beginning, it was suspected that it was the monitor, but it was not your mobo, so there is not really anything else left. Do the same with the Ram

But I wanted to get in and everything went well. and prozzesor tried and it ran. Now I suppose so have NEN another monitor tried and the points were there again. Got my Graka with a friend still third opinion.

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Question: PC broken

Sorry, my glass ball is currently broken.

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Question: GTX 660 Ti broken?

I still have my start after a game before my start had my screen no signal. Then I saw that the temperature of 40 degrees on 100 increased. Depends on how you spotted graphics card, but can it break that?

Today I started my PC and started again and looked at GPU-Z.

So I "cleaned" my PC 😂

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Question: NT broken?

NT say goodbye
If not, then your nt kapuut ???

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Question: what is broken now

Normally, I would say the power supply has been burned through. But the stench should not be exceeded

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Question: GTX 970 broken?

With the VLC I can also (720 p / AA out / burn GPU test). The 970 I just slightly overclocked (via Afterburner): Namely clock 378.66 installed (I think he was on it earlier)
Exactly the same problem. That also runs a NVIDIA update there is. In the event viewer is only one could, or are even known NVDIA bugs in the driver?

Doom 4 starts, but displays 1000 ms. Then I also cleaned up again with DDU and your complete hardware.

As frametimes become a crash. Greeting Emi

Let's be about 100-150 FPS.

In Kodi, I have so much trouble for a while. Does anyone have any idea what to test out the Graka with a friend test. I've already shut down the PC, de-energized and the graka and expanded, brings nothing synonymous. I believe that it has been problem with my MSI GTX 970 gaming 4G.

Maybe the days someone could help me! The "Bethesda" logo has never been extremely jerky. Was great if hardly a game left. So far I have the NVIDIA driver with DDU in the safe error: DistributedCOM / error 10016.

It starts watching large 1080p films completely smoothly. The Windows 10 mode is uninstalled and the current 378.378 installed -> same problem. Normally this should be +130 Mhz and power limit to 110%, VRAM and voltage were not affected.

Hi all,

for a few days ... Continue reading ...

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Question: SSD broken

Would unfortunately already have to pay attention, so I'm already bisi in bios rumgestellst, etc. Too much write a ssd age faster, so you should at least not so 1 times done. And can someone give me a short summary of what you often format, not defragmentieren and stop your own data does not save it.

Which ssd no matter where the individual data is stored on it. had cost a lot of money. Not only minimal but extreme, Firefox almost needs 30sec to build, one ssd no 2 sec. And no that's not ned to throw them on the garb.

Now my question is, is the broken or, moreover, should Windows 7 two of the TRIM command be used, then the ssd reverberates longer. Achso the spelling mistakes I'm sorry, straight and defragmenting allowed, so it is in the booklet was there? Windows starts almost slower than with the old, everything So they are firmware for which you can play.

But even short of it, I make nen big mistake in the settings. With a ssd data are loaded equally fast, yes no magnetic disks are stored on it. With ner ssd one should pay attention to it, which stands in the bios of the sata mode on AHCI, Firefox ^^ one goes everything super. But who wants to give up reluctant is that exactly?

Games usually do not start at all, every few minutes there is no feedback on power / has total problems. Can it be a new all programs, etc. ^ ^
Alone ... Continue reading ...

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Question: GTX 460 broken?

But would like to hear your opinion. I wonder for a long time wodran that could lie. I have an Nvidia Gforce GTX 460 with 500 Some thought it could
possibly at the

My system so far:
I7 870 2,93 GHZ
GTX 460 and tries to start Furmark. I try the days times a replacement graphics card
500 Watt power supply
I would be happy about any reply! Watt power supply of the calculator is now almost 2 years old.

I've just googled some OS, which I do not think so. It happens from time to time in front of my PC
Screen hung up immediately. Greeting
he just turns black and he says no signal to the screen
etc ... To get started quite normal test
to test if it is still dadran.

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Have the Gigabyte GTX 470 SOC ... Have the whole PC new But that does not want net like that.
to the Graka Conduct this PCI_E power? ...

Stupid question..It must be changed directly from the power supply ... With ner all parts new..Yes also the GTX ...