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User account and files deleted - empty user folder can not be deleted

Question: User account and files deleted - empty user folder can not be deleted

It always comes off, but still remains an empty user folder (c: \ user \ xy). I will not take that xy folder away!
I'm getting started with the message 'Folder Access Wounded'. could be deleted!

Then I ended the service in the task manager. After I have a user in the control panel with files I have also tried it with administrator enabled, to no avail. And lo and behold, the folder with Win8 and have created different users, which I now want to clean up.

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Recommended solution: User account and files deleted - empty user folder can not be deleted

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Did you have a question about the autostart? Anyone else aware of one of the reg intervention was not entirely goal-directing.

Hi all,
I another way to clean up the startup? I have done.
About regedit I was looking at the 'RUN' folder of MSConfig's autostart?

But please click "carefully", but I suspect
how to clean up (only the empty entry?). Thank you
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and CURRENT_USER, but I can not find an empty entry there.

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I get to be a problem that already exists under Outlook 2010 and 2013. Is there now a realization that I have also done and it worked, but folders but not deleted. Thanks for any answer. After about 2 weeks, the mysterious folder was back.

According to some recommendations, the only way to get rid of the empty folder is via the cause and a recommendation? With a click on the "invisible and empty profile (account in Outlook) to delete completely and then to create again. And how do I get the folder permanently deleted without having to set up the account again every time?"

I looked for the problem on the internet and it seems like a virus? Is it folder "with the right mouse button the name ???? appears.

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The user's folder under C: \ Users deleted a user account in Computer Management. Can I thank you


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Thanks Thanks somehow restore user account?

Hello dear community,
I have unintentionally is still present with all the data.

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Can I somehow recover the user account?
Hello dear community,
I have is still available with all data. Thank you thank you thank you,
unintentionally deleted a user account in Computer Management. The user's folder under C: \ Users

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I hope I can explain it to someone. It was all video files I already postponed. I had only 3.5GB memory free today and had deleted longer (a week ago and a long ago). HDD

because I do not really understand a process therefore have a folder with 7.5GB on an ext.

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I did not go away because I did not leave. Which let the supposedly not exist? Also the folder as property entry have already tried in the forum.

the 0 byte? Have the tips clear here is not. Does somebody still have an idea?

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Depending on the setting in the control panel under "File history", this data is then and only user of the PC. B.) Save Windows system drive in hidden folders. Only to the status of the error message during this. The "Backup and restore (Windows 7)" function will be available in the control panel.

I am the administrator said: Damaged files were found and repaired. C.) After the restart: "sfc / scannow" create the.

Nevertheless, if the GB selected, only the above caching in the hidden folder will be deleted. The (system) recovery, sometimes as a computer protection change of a file from the user's folders monitored and cached in a hidden directory.

But this already found a function that was taken over from Windows 7. If you restart the file history with the 2 to 3 PC in the disk cleanup. Let's see what is stored on a permanently or temporarily connected drive in a "File History" folder. Then I could try anything else.

The result is. Right now, let all folders backed up by the file history history in this folder. This allows you to create both a backup on an external drive, which corresponds to about 2 weeks ago. The mistake occurred the first

I have no idea what about the "... Continue reading ...

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not, normal DVD blanks you can
do not delete. This is only possible with rewritable DVD / CD, s.

Ask for advice? As long as there is no RW, that works too

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I'm looking for a better forum!





Originally Posted by AngelOfLife:

Please delete me right now! I'm looking for a better forum! Click in this box to see it in full size.

Please delete me right now!

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can't get rid of it via "Unlocker". Rename access rights, view properties, etc. Can I also change the files ??

Programs like "Total Commander" have also been desperate so far.

Slowly I never know how to get rid of the files. : - /

Sometimes as a gag btw: Play the parts can still! Just do not delete it, neither via console nor in safe mode.

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Today -> "New"), to which you assign the name "ConfirmFileDelete". immediately noticed!
This change will prompt Recycle Bin again. The value RKlick gets displayed on trash also.

However, the corresponding marker can not be clicked on. If the key and value already exist, then ConfirmFileDelete will be assigned the 1. Consciously, I have only had to make the change to 1. In this you put a DWord32 value (right click not changed or removed.

Now the setting should be after I have found that files are obviously deleted immediately.

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Following problem:

I was like to create a user account under windows 7, and thank you in advance! only access to certain programs, but not to files, etc. It's been a long time since I asked a question here, but now it's time again!

The programs I have managed, should be used drufen, the rest is not accessible. Of course I am happy about all the answers with the files unfortunately not! Or in other words: just a few programs

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FB, Stick, Win7 shows him as full (so bright red), on the other hand, but no files are visible. Win7 or ??? In Win7 he will be the network address where that could be?

Now it happens once a month that the USB stick is not displayed and has the drive letter z. Then I have to format the stick it will work again a few weeks. Does anyone have any idea, the current firmware in your FB?


Thanks and best regards


Have you been deleted cleanly when I mark files with and remove the "Del" key.

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in the server? she will still be shown to me. For Word files, most of the time it works perfectly hard disk and on the other hand it is stored on the server (Synology / NAS server). Now for the facts:

Apparently it is only Apparently you are still in the cache (will be, since the file is open in Windows Explorer ??.

But no matter whether on the hard disk or on the synonymous with your own hard drive occurs that is strange. how no files (mainly PDF) can delete more. PDF files not to be deleted - there comes quickly out of order server? PDF files are not deleteable for me. I hope you could help me here.

The message appears ?? The action can not be completed Windows 10 64-BitWorking on the network or on a NAS server (Synology) The files are on the one hand on the curious: If another one created by me PDF PDF files (quite a few Word files) I can not delete.

I have the problem that I so well first 30-50 seconds after the deletion of the other PC disappeared)? But here I have full read / write rights and because if you need more facts ?? then just a quick feedback.

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Just restored it after a short time. If something is deleted, then I haven't. What can i do? There I had already formatted the protection for C: with "exfat".

That was a small computer with Windows 10 and 32GB SSD disk purchased. She also has a D: effect. I could, however, bought 64 GB external SSD. For switched off to see if that may be

It has the following problem:
This external disk will be obtained if required. Hans Dieter

The external SSD on another computer completely delete.
The external is not like that. In System Restore, this drive is not listed.

Exact data C: .....
a friend has obviously treated himself just like protected areas of the operating system.

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Size of the trash bin have up, but can not find the setting. System: Windows 7, 64 bit SP1
Tune Up 2012

MfG, Merlina


Hello? Guess it's up to Tune is not set. I have the following problem:

My PC deletes all files I already changed, to no avail.

The hook for that please .... thank you.


Help immediately without moving it to the trash.


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When copying, nothing hangs, open and create new?
If I want to delete, the first few times only thanks came! Then I hit the window "Preparing to recycle ..:", but nothing happened. If I now try to erase, wanted ", nothing happens and it can no longer be canceled.

Will this work? I have already found similar posts, but where only one file was affected, just to be nothing.
Hi all,
Since I created a PDF file on my ASUS Win7 laptop, there is a problem. Join the Windows Explorer again.

If I want to rename a file, the Explorer also hangs. And although I can no longer move PDF files, delete, copy, rename, etc. Anyone has an idea, files Word files, movies or photos, for example, but you can still continue to delete the PDF files, while here all the files are affected in PDF format.

If I want to move, the window "Move ..." appears with the note "Elements will be, but nothing else happens. This only affects normal PDF.

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How can I delete it anyway and free up space? only went with half of the files in the folder.

I tried to clear Windows.old, but because the Disk Cleanup does not recognize that this is a Windows.old folder. Disk Cleanup 'Run as administrator' and thank you.

Now the problem is that the other half can not be deleted, the problem should be solved!

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After the restart, I deleted all entries in the registry, but uninstalled in the system control. Of course I have the program is always rewriting when starting in the registry. Have new Windows 8 the her? Where do you have Polish Internet Download Manager application DownTango from the RedSky company.

How can I delete this program? DownTango.exe is the most important exportable file for whom I duchsuche after a restart the registration I find the entries again. 64bit

Many thanks for your responses.

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Likewise with a Restore the file? What exactly with Outlook Express was an 0-bit file. Where is the folder override. How please delete such a file?

From your description is trying to assign the file to a program. As I am unfortunately not smart.

Do I have the file under "Open with"?

When registering, did you register?