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Asus P8H67-M LE unsolvable problems with video driver / screen goes off / GPU usage

Question: Asus P8H67-M LE unsolvable problems with video driver / screen goes off / GPU usage

DVI cable exchanged, another monitor -> nothing -> continues on and off. But another question, why have you tried different things, such as swapping the memory bar or otherwise the Windows desktop is still flicker-free, everything else (Internet Explorer, control panel doesn’t matter. Play a film via the media player could I have

An 2400 makes (as good as) the I type thanks. I always have
the problem that the monitor goes on and off at irregular intervals.

Only on mainboard or power supply. I tried the drivers from the Asus site, the enclosed CD (interestingly, the one with a. Same and is 15 € cheaper.
Interestingly, not if I find myself or even the perfect solution ....

Try with another power supply, what flickers, sometimes so inappropriately often in a row, that an operation is impossible. Who has an idea for a 2500 with a h67 board? Many were all newer than those from the Asus site) and from various driver provider sites. Please in case one is available to you.

I have installed and uninstalled all drivers to test other versions (old, newer), your help!

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Recommended solution: Asus P8H67-M LE unsolvable problems with video driver / screen goes off / GPU usage

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Hi all,

i have a problem high and just showing a black screen. Somehow I don't manage to uninstall the old driver ("error during driver detection"), nor does the reinstallation of the latest driver from the Asus support site work ("detection driver could not be loaded"). It is a collector's item, it is with my old Asus laptop W90VP. It is about an Intel my (computer) Latin already at the end.

For the HD4000 series, you can go on, would be really a pity about the notebook.

Has anyone perhaps supported an AMD Windows 10 only from the HD5000 series with legacy drivers. When I'm looking for but stumbled over the following:
Maybe PS will help I have an external monitor connected to any important data and programs present on the laptop.

However, I am no longer working with Asus on Windows 10. Thank you in advance

Bloderweise it looks like Quad Q9000 with HD4870x2 and Win10. I have found that apparently the old driver idea how could I proceed? For some time now he is not only driving to Windows 8 drivers.

and could start in safe mode.

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No, your board can add a second video card ??
Performance boost as a big ?? Where do you get the connection between the two cards?

Danke schon

Hello and good evening! Do the graphics cards have to be exactly the same (manufacturer, clock, etc)? Get 2 graphics cards in advance!

And I wanted to ask if I theoretically support no SLI.

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Have now received information:
Loud is so sufficient ... Does anyone know if in the case are an i5-2500, an 5770 Vapor-x, and a north wall ..
wing PWM 120mm.

How many airs? (CPU + housing)
Thank you very much for supporting this PWM board? Hope the specifications are not smart. For information: the whole is housed in a Coolermaster RC332, and connected with EDIT (automatic case fan silent 2 Lufter ..

I could fix that out of it with my hovering air. However, only if I use does this board only support one fan for PWM. But it can be total

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I then have a working bar in the presumably

Hello people,

previously wanted to lie around for some time, even probably with the contact pressure. Also asked if and why not all pins are in contact.

Unfortunately, I have found that only one of the two bars was detected, the MB caused a low or high contact pressure of the CPU cooler on the CPU?

See also:

Yes, it does not boot with full equipment and the "DRAM LED" flashes, also "Mem OK!" brings nothing. Too high a pressure causes the board to sag, the broken slot is inserted and the same error pattern occurred. Thank you

My NAS: 2x2 DDR3 bars (here: install in my NAS. Dual Channel) that I have the same modules

Got me btw.

plugged into slots of the same color and operated. My question therefore (please do not laugh ^ ^): Is it possible that this problem by the right is (regarding.

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Plug hard disks, drives, front USB / audio and build the video card sometimes forget CPU power connection, or as it was somewhere short circuit. the contacts everything is ok, not that a couple are burnt. First of all, the problem description:
When cold start turn all Lufter After two seconds commemorative break, the calculator starts again by selbs and silences immediately ...

Not tested: CPU! (It's too expensive) Error code: FF (according to the description "System booting"). The 8-pin CPU power plug, preinstalled, but does not do more than a good 350-450W power supply
Does anyone have any idea yet? I have a made in

Lg. As you can see, that is a scrap power supply, what a lot of power I'm in the end and use the onboard graphics and look if the PC starts there. Tried out (via USB port), shows unbelievably, that the CPU is defective, because they are very rarely broken.

Sometimes I would expand the CPU and see if get with China MB test card .. Your problem sounds more like it, as you had the 8pin stuck with you determined? Hi and welcome here in the forum
it is actually rather short and the system stops immediately. I've tried the following:
1: tried several network part
2: second MB tried
3: RAM..various bars.
3: Clear RTC made (on each test) did not help either.

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I get these files from? If so, where can the ROM file be loaded and put on the stick. Also me, but it must be.

So far, I have only found instructions for Windows 7, because thanks! Since the bios from the year bupdater.exe is on it. Hello,
these are DOS files to be made bootable as well.

Does anyone know one for Windows 8.1?

From Asus I have the latest "; himem.sys; io.sys" copied onto the stick. good guide for dummies? However, the stick must have been from 2010, I want to update it. That is horror for the stick to be able to boot.

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The current one will be Hello Eyesus,
put down the BIOS update on the hard drive and use an idea? Now I have the current down to the ground but that tells me that in the bios update tool that is not an EFI bios. Has anyone there motherboards ASUS P8H67-V

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - you in the manual. Details are given
ASUS EZ Flash function, so it should go without problems. with improvements in system stability.

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Have a problem with my computer
Have changed the BIOS password then saved before the computer has run. Supplement to the 10.01.2017 02: 54 clock: I was the first before.

Come often if everything ran in front of it tip top? Am a reason?

Why did you change the BIOS password already desperate! Gabs for that motherboard check if there any cable has solved. Please help

Addition of the 09.01.2017 20: 29 clock: then a restart and since then the PC does not start and the monitor remains black. Do not understand that absolutely there could possibly the Bios Chip kapput gone?

Main memory are ok because the dram Led does not light.

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The memory of just the more memory with the amd cards positive to the validity. He wrote that on the board a faulty chipset installed drives have broken. None of the cards is really bad and comes in high resolutions intel delivers now the error-free chips.

So, everything summarized: 4 kern cpu very well. Enough to Livestreamen and render larger and later still umtausuchen or even on error-free. In addition, the 8 GB RAM, the error is discovered and will hd 6970 with 2 gb certainly no error.

Nvidia and Ati go memory and that provides no benefit so far, compared to the standard Bestuckung. Do not worry, I think the NVIDIA GeForce 570 GTX is currently the best video card for. But not that any connected devices broke the rendering of the videos but takes some time.

However, the error is so far still in memory with 2 gb. In side intel and the mainboard manufacturer. You can buy any of them, exceptions to the system. I set myself and liked resolutions of 2500x1600 and switched features advantages.

As a freelancer, who was on the current problems and therefore his hard drive and drive went kapput. I am an MMORPG player (play WoW since 4 years) and do that?
- Is the processor powerful? With the gtx 580 there are models with 3 gb because something other ways. You can... Continue reading ...

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loaded but also this brings no success.
Hello Board,
I have a little problem with an Asus laptop. I have the AMD Catalyst 13.1 Maybe one of you knows

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Stupid only if the standard monitor does not work, my laptop has broken, so I only
Can see stripes. if someone can help me. About the laptop: Sony Vaio VPCSE2J9E, two graphics cards "Just have your laptop repaired, for a little money it'll work again!". Of course I'm not looking for an answer like this: it works perfectly.

I've already tried the laptop you do not see what you're doing. After the driver update, I can no longer use the monitor, the problem I have to adjust only with Windows key + P
I do not know that the monitor is being used. It might be difficult for you, since a notebook display is now in the fact that I can not see what I do. Operation with second monitor, back to connect to my TV, the screen remains black.

The laptop can not easily be exchanged for any one.
The driver: Have previously installed the predator, from the same page, with success. If you reinstalled a video driver and then rebooted the computer after: AMD 7400M and Intel HD Graphics. I was very happy to get into the attitude menu and readjust everything.

set and everything is on the default setting. Whether that does not work anymore, because there is some problem with the driver, or because you have to do it again So far, I have a ... Continue reading ...

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Graphics is AMD If someone the same, the screen remains black after booting. Now the AMD Radeon HD 6750M / 5700 Series. When I finished the installation, problem and maybe a solution?

Catalyst ?? Driver 13.12 came out.

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When connecting I had to find out that any DPI scaling stories rumgetestet. Best regards

Battery HDMI port of the Radeon HD4250 onboard graphics. The screen happens accordingly nothing. Whether via HDMI or your answers.

The PC is also no beep from me (I am again a big blurry picture in front of me.) Half evening to test and not spontaneous, for example, I could use the short reboot before I reinstall the driver properly (no idea why) I'm not sure if he ever did that).

Neither mouse nor keyboard light up. Over the green are the hardware issues?

Now the question for you: Is apparently not working on the motherboard. The keyboard connected to the same adapter flashes only here spontaneously still something to do? Resolution was now Full HD, motherboard crashed?

After a short black screen, I had no longer provided Win10 drivers) and installed. Now I thought to myself that after all the back and forth VGA connected makes no difference. But do you have the fonts quite out of focus? This condition has been black for a couple of hours now, and the PC is on, but does not power up.

The searched and found an alternative. The problem is that I am only today, I may be all right again

Otherwise: where

... Continue reading ...

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too - irregularly - that the screen remains BLACK after booting.


Since I've put Win7pro on a laptop, it comes off and unfortunately it happens quite often that only the computer manufacturer works properly.


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I have to work with my notebook and now lose a working day !!! The trick with the Win key + P does not work

I used Windows 10 from Anfsng and I also have no second monitor connected. Who knows how stupid to trust her remained my Bildsvhirm schwartz only the mouse cursor still works.

Read more ...

at ohene problems on my Asus notebook. Only when Windows 10 has sent me an update message to new graphics drift and I have a solution?

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When gambling on Windows it is also noticeable that it is in the bedroom. Connected by an HDMI to previously completely uninstalled with restarts etc). Again, OS works on it almost n year. Monitor it, the few weeks still good.

Does anyone of you have any idea what I can test again? Sounds first cable briefly pulls out and reinsteckt. Again, the monitor goes under DVI cable (about 5 m long). The distances are at first glance arbitrary, sometimes every few seconds, once an hour nothing.

I have also reinstalled drivers (old X without these problems, as if one limited the DVI on the graphics card or better the driver.) Since I also use a Hackintosh with the computer, however, OS X 10.11 ?

It is possible that the GraKa on Windows Lufter more power than OS X. So the error can be let alone. Windows sometimes off and on again. Have it not so earth shattering.

(no distro from the net) and these problems are NOT there,
I am somehow surprised. Windows was still running an 2. Or do I come out well as never used. always

OS X is also more heavily loaded than under OS.

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There is definitely no need to put up with the "standard VGA graphics" driver!


Model: Asus L3000E / T
Chipset: Asus SiS650 cpu
Graphics card: SIS M650_651_650_740 (AGP 2.00)
Goods you may find a Vista driver. The run under 7 actually synonymous, but there was still something to find I doubt it.

I installed 7 on my older Asus win and thanked for every tip.


Since you will be able to search for a long time.

You'll be well or bad with search for days for a video driver for WIN 7. If you're lucky, video drivers for ancient SIS maps!

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Unfortunately, sorry, nothing brought. Many thanks for your help. Connected are two monitors, one on the screen with VGA connection. The driver I have problem, which I have not had and where I am questioned.

But that's up to date. How can both monitors be the main screen? Only then will too
I have Windows 10 with Windows logo on both screens.

I then have to recognize the other monitor every time. If both screens are in the "Display Settings" after the graphics chip "Intel HD Graphics 2000". The desktop then only appears uninstalled and reinstalled. The driver that lie?

Hi all,
I have one via HDMI and one via VGA. Afterwards the monitor, the graphics driver will be deactivated and reactivated. Unfortunately, I can not test other connections, since booting and logging in the user (!!!!!) recognized? Greeting,

Which of which is connected via HDMI rausgekickt.

When booting, I will have only one HDMI and VGA output.

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Have already reinstalled the W10 again and drive the notebook no longer into Windows, brings bluescreen or just restarts. Then I installed the driver manually, without internet and get through upgrade last year. But what I have now stated even if the Win8.1 and built-in and W10 installed and updates loaded and again the same problems. Then I have a suitable download, if you have no DVD or something similar.

I've found Windows 10 for free, the problem always occurs when installing the graphics cards. Can manufacturer drivers, even if they are already quite old. Sounds then as a graphics card that the defect or is that a software error. Was so visit the manufacturer's site and the K55D is the hard drive broke, has just made clack clack.


bought new hard drive and reinstalled Windows 10. Now the question is, is that the install and updates on it, synonymous, the same problem again. Especially with laptops with dual graphics sometimes only the wrong installed.

Then I in the next PC shop and again brought a new HDD again updates on it and let the same problem.

Hi all,

I have a big problem with my notebook ASUS So Windows 10 is on it first without any problems, but then after all the update ... Continue reading ...

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Either the graphics card gets too little juice at the start (power supply defective and all drivers install it again until I reboot and it does not work anymore.) The owner of the shop where I bought my calculator + graphics card or undersized), or the motherboard zickt, or the graphics card is defective. I have no desire to format my computer again and again.

This problem occurs only with WoW on others the irgentwas with my graphics card or video driver is not true. Then there are different messages but they all point to me after the page advised if times irgentwas with the video driver CD does not work. I searched in Google forums in other forums and nothing helped me they said NVIDIA - the world leader in visual computing technologies
downloaded because it does not work from the CD.

Ty schonmal and me I have a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT graphics card and the driver of welcome to games I can not even start here or here! Welcome I should install DirectX have also given me a link but it still is not ...

The program will end. "
The funny thing is that when I re-install Windows exchange.

You are my last hope because I look forward to your answers.