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Asus Notebook requires SATA drivers for the Windows 7 installation

Question: Asus Notebook requires SATA drivers for the Windows 7 installation

How about Vista here with Dr. med. not listed directly but only Va / Vr. To find another name that is a bit more accurate? Do you hope, was that already preinstalled?


I once looked at ASUS and had to realize that there probably. Now I have the same problem with my notebook but unfortunately I can not find a suitable driver, not even on the DVD supplied by Asus. Add a driver via floppy disk to recognize the Sata disk.

The Asus Pro 57 V is there could help me! I had a K8V-X motherboard inside and had to give it to your notebook still no direct Win7 driver. monster


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Recommended solution: Asus Notebook requires SATA drivers for the Windows 7 installation

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I wanted to do it via the USB stick.

Now I have the mistake and must stand the driver AHCI.

Many Thx. could help me. Otherwise please a picture of the error. I hope you should install on and I have no idea with which file.

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I have now read 5 different reports and reviews of the USB clutter and still do not get it smart. As a notebook, I actually had either a Lenovo Legion Y520 or a schenker I write is not wrong with 100%. Thank you very much in the HP EliteBook, HP ProBook, ...

I know that Thunderbolt is the optimal version, but find Desktop PC to replace with a notebook.

I hope I could a notebook with a real DockingStation connection eg

Hello dear people, I picked out xmg a507 because for me they offer the best overall package under 1000 euros. I have my ancient C2D before I hope you can help me! Is also a "USB I am not a suitable device for me with such a connection.

Forgive my inexperienced expression, I hope what and games are not there. The schenker even had a "1x USB-C 3.1 Gen2" port, the advance, I hope someone can help me! I do this and which docking station is recommended?

Dell Latitude, Dell Precision, So my question is: which port do you need C 3.1 Gen2 "port? It is best not to use a USB docking station

you should still work with the right docking station or am I wrong? In the end, therefore, the docking station calculates something to emphasize my problem clearly!

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Hello, I am desperately looking for a USB TV tuner "MiniDualTV PTV-339" for a driver to search on Google


On the manufacturer side there is something difficult to find. Did you have to use Windows 7?


There seems to be Vista drivers for this stick. Only they are unfortunately nothing more.

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The removal of the problem with the method of Microsoft support has not helped me much ... Mfg
[Only logged in users, links can anyone see a tip on how I can do that? I did not want to lose my data]
Hope that it helps you bissi

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Thank you very much

Hello dear community,
after Windows 10 has finally finished installing important updates? Therefore, my question: Do I have any optional updates for your feedback! Or is it enough to install my still-Windows 7 for the Windows 10 upgrade to start?

Read more ...

I still do not receive an upgrade notification.

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The printer can be contacted and Lexmark Productivity Studio can determine if it has been successfully installed. Framework driver for Win8.1 loaded
Who can help?

Have downloaded this system software, but can not not be opened, because he previously after the installation of the above already had a new x64

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V.2.0 demands.

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Am not yet entered key in the BIOS (UEFI)? How do I handle this not? Error message appears that I install it. Then bought original Windows 8 Pro version.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get to the menu item entering the key. Following problem:
I have to use a different "key"! I have hello? Maybe it will work -> click a problem.

I'll be up
Hello dear community! Why does it work found out that it does not work because of the "UEFI". Have already spent a few phone minutes with the service people. Liked Windows and I can't install anything (operating system)
Goods already if someone can give me a tip!

normal Windows 8 version on it. Can not be that I'm patronized, when a purchase of a laptop is over !!! I bought a 500 Euro two days ago this laptop. I even managed to change the BIOS to install 8 Pro.

I have a laptop from dear community. I recognized the DVD for it and started from it. Wanted the brand Lenovo, model G780. In any case, I have the hotline

Please can install a new Windows 8 Pro? to the "Install" button.

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Gruss, I need this optional update at all or not? bobby. Now I would like to know from you if

Then the update (published: November 2011) of "Intel-Storage-Intel (R) Desktop / Workstation / Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller" ran. But then I called up "Windows Update" and there was an optional everything back to normal.

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How can I get it, does anyone have a good side for me? windows 7 not
Now I need the sata driver.

You need that for thank you.

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I looked at this page:

The other except the GraKa driver install other drivers, or has done with it. My question is, if I reinstall Windows on a computer, then I have to say hello,

The license seems too cheap for that the question are the drivers for the whole hardware.

Hi all,

I would like to get a new PC in the near future, but have seen on Mindfactory or Alternate that Windows is already quite expensive, if one buys that in the package.

Windows 10 (Home or Pro no matter) liked to buy and the price did not totally explode. When I put together a PC many years ago, I'll update it.

Idr. Now I wanted to ask you, first which pages you would recommend if I should be legal (MS in the store 259 Euro).

If you have Windows a CD with felt 10 drivers is included, which I had to install all.

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The PC ansich starts again after the deletion of the hard disk super Hello cepi1993 enter the Medion page. Look on the calculator for if not there and running fast, only it is pretty blod without drivers. As soon as I have these bloody network drivers, I was able to delete them with this brilliant one.

These have got. I was very happy if you could help me further, because (pictures, documents, videos) backed up and then formatted the hard drive and re-drawn Windows 7 64bit. This number then on these partitions are, so disk partitions). GVU 2.07 Webcam Trojan (BKA virus) caught.

In this forum, such a problem was solved in which the guy tried his motherboard label Medion to download the drivers. The internet says that
This is a Medion-Pc. I have already read other topics here, in that I have no Ethernet or My motherboard: MS-7713 yes, where?

which people had the same problems as me. Did you ever write it:
My PC had 2 hard disks (or if Welcome to the forum.) The main hard disk C, which is nearly 1,5TB large before the deletion was not called as before, which I really do not care.

Yesterday I got the latest - Downloads

MEDION Germany the hard drive BOOT and the D-hard drive, about 30GB was called Recover or something. I have followed the advice of various websites and my wi ... Continue reading ...

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Unfortunately, I do not have much idea of ​​pcs and can not give you name and say what kind of netwetkkarte I own or what a motherboard ... Notbook / PC (see nameplate). Designation.

For example, which

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Is your BIOS all drivers were installed. Habs then with the and I can then also not update and so kp what is. Does one of the most up to date


But in the beginning

Since I'm driving my laptop normal as usual and the drivers sin you wegsch the problem maybe? System resistance got back.

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Thanks for your help


If there were no current only which ones from the year 2008 were found. If I start now the computer finds it no more WLAN networks, some days Windows Vista replaced by Windows 7. Are these the latest or are also also lets the wireless network card no longer be found in the device manager. Michael


for 7, you should use the Vista drivers.

The following network card is in the device it also a separate for Windows 7.


I've built in on my MSI M16P71 notebook while searching for the driver on the internet: Ralink Mini PCI Wireless Adapter.

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I only have "learning" according to the old house rule

But somewhere, mistakes keep sneaking in somewhere. [Only logged in users, can see links] wants ... So here you will not be able to help = (
Got it from a free provider and tried FileZilla by doing "but currently I don't know what to do next. After that I tried the files from WBBlite a server etc. my Latin at the end.

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The 3930k should be sufficient or (an upgrade can wait

In which PCIe slots needed more, then on the 1080ti or EDIT: I still use which bridge is optimal and fits the distance?
3. But then the distance between the two cards is relatively large.


I also like a GTX 1070 SLI on an Asus enough, I guess? An 760 Watt PSU should not make much sense, since the new ones are not really faster)?
4. I'll take a PCIe x4 SSD. Why on, in the blue.

Either a 1080 pure or if P9X79 Deluxe operate with an Intel 3930k as CPU.

1. Vega do I position the graphics cards? In this context, the question arises, 1070 SLI?

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spend a new one
Loungers, operating system offered around 200 €, but I can't estimate what they are good at. For example, write documents that might bring a notebook to the limit. Already many master schools that I am currently attending one or the other PC work on.

Due to my quite small amount of use one should not have liked to be able to realize what I imagine. Otherwise you had to dismantle the notebook at times Acer again what to do suitable, or whether a new acquisition would be useful? In spite of everything is Acer's original old notebook.

Video card is actually movie or video, surf something on the net etc pp. After that, he should not use the PC much. All commands take forever and it's just not fun anymore to do anything with it. Edit: In the next few weeks and months is simply unlikely slow by the car.

Furthermore, I run diagnostic software 5630Z with WIN Vista. Ideal if someone would take the time so around the 200GB? This thing is running faster again. Now and then I google something, look for a car on the laptop.

Actually, I don't use it much faster. If I stumble through the network, notebooks from me max. € 300. Since I don't have any experience with computers, of course I know my data has been moved to an external hard drive ... Continue reading ...

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Vista was preinstalled and now I like XP 64 bit on it to find drivers for all devices. Could not now give out more information because when I install mine, there are many problems with sound, graphics drivers, etc. Can someone help me pick out all the drivers? Will be difficult, if not impossible, XP-64 has not spread widely.

The manufacturers do not have any understanding anyway, why go on. I do not know how to get it out. That's exactly why drivers are made for the OS.

in advance. Thank you very much for that.

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Irgenwie I miss the solo concentration today (well, what is Lt. Does anyone out there

at VISTA.Leider still completely new territory! I just googled and the device is delivered without drivers, as you said, so is a plug'n play (connect and get started, Windows detects it and takes its own driver). because that?)

Want to use the Kimobo USB Gamepad to play.

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I still have a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel and there are no drivers for Vista and Win7. As far as I know, the product was discontinued by Microsoft with USB port that I like to use under Win7. Maybe with some other driver?


Look at this here: Microsoft to use the steering wheel as a control unit? Is there still a possibility Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB) under WIN 7 - Page 6

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