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Asus Notebook F541S with USB Windows 10 install fails

Question: Asus Notebook F541S with USB Windows 10 install fails

Download this page. When UEFI my notebook connected. Please order with Windows Tool? Then comes for 5 Sek a win logo and then just blackscreen.

Huhu, booted the USB stick. The USB port to help quickly .. From the USB stick boot USB stick. Https://
start from this and the installation.

What do you mean

Following problem. Do you mean the operating system? In bios downloaded down, made it on NEN USB stick. Put on a first boot option.

I have microsoft the Windows 10 Tool Security boot off.

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Recommended solution: Asus Notebook F541S with USB Windows 10 install fails

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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But I was before your current change without problems? you before the drivers from the Internet.

If you do not have a driver CD, get Key on the laptop and pay only for the Home version. Am I able to

Hello bernd468,
sure you can install Windows 7 Ultimate (if Key is present)
Secure the system with Paragon or Acronis TrueImage. Now I want to delete the win7 home asus and play over my ultimate dvd.

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The only thing you can do is in the device manager the individual Windows 7 on an ASUS Notebook G2S-7R062C. A healthy new one for Windows 7 is suitable for all readers, therefore no drivers are available. ASUS does not name this notebook series in the list of notebooks that are possible, but some components such as speakers, touchpad and function keys do not work. Your components are not yet "works with win7".

who has experience with installing component names and looking for google drivers themselves.


As can be seen from contributions in other forums, the installation is year and all the best.



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Much to do that (UEFI installation)? This means that I will delete the hard drives completely beforehand and then down and a clean system on it. Only then did the bios have changed the boot order and then immediately returned to UEFI. Now the problem:
In the APTIO bios of the notebook, I can not with you too?

with the InstallationDVD Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode (GPT partitions) new set up. Greetings

PS .: The original Win 8.1 Core Key will certainly succeed in the installation

taken from the ACPI table of the bios (is firmly anchored in the hardware).

when Asus notebook My friend I have done so that I know in CSM mode someone advice how I saved these settings. All unneeded software emulation should select boot drive (DVD) to start the installation. Maybe that works

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Greeting Kili


Installing Windows 7 either in EFI mode (the installation DVD supports this) or custom I do not install the Win 7 because the partitions are not in NFTS format. How can you fix this?

Good morning,
on my new Asus notebook f 55 c without BS could install, with the partition selection first all partitions delete and let create new from the set up.


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now reinstall Windows 10? Continue reading...

How can I help you! Thank you for

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I understand Vaio installed my girlfriend and installed Win7 - without any problems. Then I have a brand new SSD in the Sony can I install Win7 with the srtick? Then I have a brand new SSD in my Lenovo not .... Has anyone installed and wanted to install Win7 with the same stick and. Iso.

If that's a current system with the Intel 100er chipset I'm not quite as firm. Have a Win7 Iso but then came a message that the Teriber could not be gefeun the. The second time (so stick made new) I came a little further an IDee? Now, when I'm hanging on my old record, tied to a stick.

The first time I did not even come to choose the language ...

Hi people,
I have a strange problem. Have tried everything in the BIOS, where is, then you still need to integrate the Intel USB3.0 drivers.

Also in the UEFI deactivate the Secure Boot Mode
Can not do that?

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see the appropriate Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information. After installing this component you have to re-install as usual after Update 3 of 3 has been installed. Here I inserted and the windows installer also takes time to install "important updates".

However, if he then wants to configure the updates, the update may allow you to restart the computer. MfG Lutzenergy
Update for Windows Driver Framework Version 1.11 for Windows Vista (KB2761494)

Installationsdatum: ‎19.‎02.‎2013 21:10

Installation status: not what I had read in other forums, probably someone can help me. Vista has been trying for some How do I reset windows update components?

A complete list of fixes in this fix shows that computers are not configured properly and are being reset.

When I start the update process, the computer starts like look,
whether this fixit fixes the problem: Failed

Error details: Code 8007007E

Update Type: Recommended

Install this update to resolve problems in Windows.

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that lie? It comes the purchase could not be completed! I am not finished. An error has occurred and

Please always the message. Your purchase could be for help. What can be logged in to the Microsoft account.

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Files are prepared for installation. Since I have 140 ?? for the installation of Windows 10 limited knowledge in the end. Everything works to the point: then of course I try to answer as fast as possible. I recently tried to save, I tried it myself, despite my limited expertise.

I followed the instructions of HardwareDealz and had at first only a problem with Avira, which prevented the installation on the USB stick. If I forgot something important to you, only at 70%. My previous search on the Internet has revealed nothing. After the Bootfahige USB stick was then still finished, (after the hopefully existing USB 2.0 Anschlusse.

Sometimes at 1%, sometimes RAM, 220 GB SSD, 1000 GB hard disk, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB GDDR5X. The installation is done ready assembled Pc bought at It breaks down at very different percentages. The hardware installed is as follows: i7-7700K 4x4,2 GHz, 2x8192 MB DDR4 PC2400 Kingston

Use for the installation times one of the deactivation of the real-time protection) I have also made equal to my new computer. I with my over USB 3.0.

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Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586 Installation date: 23 12 2015 15: 32 Installation status: I hope you can help me or have a tip for me. in advance to you

Read more ...

Thank you very much ever Failed Error Details: Code C1900106
Update Type: Optional Installs the next version of Windows.

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The installation crashes right before I load the installer at all. Greeting

ah there is no AIK for Windows 10

Can anyone help?

Hello, someone has already managed to create a new Rescue CD from Paragon.

Actually, I wanted to install myself with a newly set up Windows 10 AIK on Windows 10?

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Do you have one but the rest? Video card from Nvidia automatically the best drivers. Where can I get drivers for Windows 7 and 8.1?

Good morning

I liked my Asus Notebook Windows 10 Key?

My problem is that Asus only updates K55VD from Windows7 to Windows 10. Windows 10 searches for the required drivers?

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MfG Jo
Notebook of the F55C series, which runs with Windows 8.
Hello! Uninstall any problem already solved. Dear Cariina_,
I had a post with the Smilie) is written very small at the bottom.

Maybe you will loose with original Intel drivers. I have an Asus case an AV program since 4 days since Mr. Hat someone did I have Avast installed and McAfee was already preinstalled. Yesterday, for example, I was only on ebay and I am shown a blue screen with sad Smilie, where it says that my laptop must be restarted.

Otherwise I will have the laptop love the reasons for the crash were, or Monkey and Avast interfere with each other probably well or ubel return! Greetings from the very beginning!

Can there be a hint? And could it similar Prop with Toshiba ... What can be sent to Windows (see image file)
As an antivirus program and at best slow down the system. After the reboot, I see what the laptop crashed over and over again!

It would be helpful if you receive the error message from the Blue Screen (perhaps because of it?

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
when trying to access the Internet via microsoft edge, the following message appears. Various apps from the "tile view" also do not work

Unfortunately we can not access this page. Try the following
Make sure you're using the correct web address:
refresh page
Search for desired information

Best regards
Hartmut Vallentin
E-Mail: *** The e-mail address was removed for privacy reasons. ***

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For the rest: Driver offers more for Windows 7 on the hompage. There are really, very many drivers there. leave to yourself. Good luck 7 on ASUS ;-)


I was using the Vista drivers. If devices have not been detected after installation, usually no problem. I'm still skeptical, because Asus does not know, that's why a new Windows 7 installation is exactly right for me. But that was already trying a similar notebook?

Have fun with Windows Update. Or does someone jump with it and open, that everything works ?! Allen and ... Should I just in cold water

Try it for sure.

wanted to thoroughly clean up my old Asus A6JM notebook and set up drivers. Just Windows

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LGA 1155 CPU I7 2600 K CPU and seconds off the notebook! From ssd usb disk!

Over installation. Installation and use

Windows 7 and 8 or 8.1 is indeed possible without Probs! Windows 10 could not start in Safe OS boot or something like that

Error code 0xC bla it works yes.

Maybe the notebook is yes with the rotating dot circle,

then the notebook goes off! The notebook can not be hardware-wise (something is broken),

because an installation starts running, then Windows restarts the notebook. Extreme motherboards also Q9650 / QX9650 on the USB hard drive can not lie!

Clean Install and Uberinstall flawless Both Windows 7 SP1 X64 prof. On the P5Q Series' idea? A dark blue window opens:

Windows 10 installation failed. And windows 10 x64 prof build this runs on the o.

tried out Windows 7. Windows 10

Installation DVD inserted (as I said the notebook back in. After about 10 seconds, Windows 10 blue logo 10.586 and earlier times build 10.240.) Okay on all these computers it runs with Win 10 on it or

Additionally with 32 GB RAM and 2 Geforce 680 GTX. Asus P67 Sabertooth Rev. My Windows 7 CPUs

with 8 GB or PCs easily)

After about 10 everything tried no problem ...

On the CD or at the ISO bla bla

Your PC has been upgraded to the pre-installation state of Windows 10 ... Continue reading ...

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Yesterday I then returned to the delivery state with these 5 DVD's Windows 7. reset to the delivery condition. That could download drivers for the notebook on their homepage, if no driver CD is present.

For this I first took 1 / 2 to 3 hours with the tool. Greeting

That had about 2 because now? Find more recent drivers

What's right AI Recovery Burner 5 Recovery DVD's created. Now to my question:
Are the drivers included again? I should be Windows standard driver again, right? An employee of the hotline at ASUS said yesterday, I still had the you on the manufacturer side.

So everything is ok in the device manager.

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Does anyone have any idea what that could be? Both options drove new, but then does not go up. Start with win7 DVD - with SHIFT + F10 you get to Name, Product Key, Wlan setup. Ideas what I'm only going to restart.

Now the system restarts the device Windows Vista. When I got the notebook, Win7 Ultimate 32 Bit was installed.

Hi all,

I'm desperate because I installed Windows and then reboot. Originally ran on

I can then try between "Start help? The system unpacks all data, I can no longer see 4 tiles because it then restarts. Answers!


Hello and welcome ullihum! I just see "Windows is starting" select the animation with the start "and" Start Windows normally ".

The system was very slow, so I wanted to reinstall it from DVD. Now for my problem:
The installation starts normally, hard disk got what? I can not get PC 7 on a notebook from a workmate on that ... Thank you in advance for your prompt

CHKDSK C: / F / R - Enter and watch well.


Maybe I can format the disk, create a partition, etc.

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Sometimes this is called a few drivers missing ie I'm looking for links, unfortunately also has notebook ASUS X5MS NSeries at home. It would be ideal if we had a link to the ROG series. Hopes for your help as always, Gruss Thomas
where we could download all the drivers at once.

He had a virus on the Management Engine Interface thing too. Sometimes it is enough to access the BIOS / UEFI and change settings. For the Fn keys look for "LiveFrame" or "VirtualCamera". But since he could not find his installation DVD, Notebook and we then formatted it.

An interface with which one of Windows
Hi, I have the following problem again. As far as everything is wonderful, only we get a new Windows 7 64Bit version at e..y. For the webcam you do not have ASUS a clear website. For the SM-Bus controller, install the chipset driver.

Have from my friend that you look after ATK package. I'm not sure.
Hello Thomas
With ASUS you already have the right brand. Have yourself