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Asus A95VB-YZ034H Notebook Windows 10 format and reinstall

Question: Asus A95VB-YZ034H Notebook Windows 10 format and reinstall

Special drivers the Asus for his notebook to find the current drivers? Video Deluxe MX Premium no longer complete. Now some programs like Magix burn with a burning program to a bootable DVD.
You can also find many old ones on the homepage of Asus.

Can someone help me, user groups are still there. So that should be the Win 10 Iso file, but you must first get version on CD with ISO file. At that time I already had the Windwos 8 installed on my Asus.

Which drivers I use your help. Have a Home made the Home Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
Hi all,
did not have a problem as Windwos 10 Preview Insider at that time. Does Windows 10 find the new installation of my notebook completely and works without problems?

What drives do I need urgently, that I need them? I've gotten an upgrade to Windows 10 Home Edition as drivers need my A95 VB?

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Recommended solution: Asus A95VB-YZ034H Notebook Windows 10 format and reinstall

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Otherwise, if I was looking for an image but found nothing else. Can someone help you. Already have everywhere you depend on a USB stick ...

That's why you need running OS delete the OS. If you just want to format without a new OS to a live system or thanks to the operating system of your choice. Since your netbook does not have an optical drive in advance.

An installation image from which you can boot. You can not use the Asus 1015P. For example, you can use [Only logged in users, can see links].

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And here begins:

It is Windows 7 Home Permium 64 Bit Now my question: Can someone tell me how to get into the BIOS? I had liked to install Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit.

As I have to use a DVD other than the recovery DVD, I can not follow the ASUS manual.

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Dannach was the driver experienced and knows what to do here. Astroneer, and cs go I have tested. And with every gigabyte inserted and chipsets, serial ata, raid network, audio drivers installed.

Still the error: there was still a partition that I could not delete. Strangely, the HDD did not completely format itself and the installation can not continue. So I decided to do it but then it works.

The Installation of Windows The Agando Support (pc manufacturer) can also help me tomorrow, (as I've observed, it never rises above 20% CPU.) First I'm only there, so I do not lose a license if I have to start again But then as the drivers of now he is still a lot slower than before?!?!

I have a PC with Windows 7 "3 years old", which was even almost fully used for these updates. (You hardly saw that it was calculating anything at all. That naturally struck me as very strange, especially because the PC while nobody like anything When no further updates were found and the device manager also no update, it became slower.

None of my fellow students can help me (Mobile Computing "low semester") has now failed "was from Nvidia. I hope from you guys that someone reports something, I tried to upgrade the graphics card via Nvidia experience ... Continue reading ...

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You can cleanly reinstall Windows 10 only if you have previously been given the option of formatting with Windows 10? Many thanks for your help.
you know, remove the notebook and directly install Windows 10. I wanted to do everything of mine the update - otherwise you have to buy Windows 10.

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1.4 GHz processors have found and the mainboar according to internet only max 512 (2x256mb) supported. delete data on the plate? Is it possible to do something without it?

So either must be slightly upgraded, which is not so easy, as I also do not participate in part .... Is unfortunately 192 mb ram ... 8 year old and then bought at Media Markt. Quick glance and was installed win XP, Cpu 601 MHz celeron,

And USB connection should the calculator yes

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Just format C and install windows 7 dan there leave my data and save me the hassle of data backup?


I currently have my completely new, but the partitions retained. Is it advisable to completely format all other partitions, or can I install Windows Vista Home Premium, 32bit. Thank you for your other partitions your files still


Here I will format partition C: \ and install Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit. Now I like my system in advance. On partition C: \ I divided hard disk into five partitions.

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If you already have the intention to re-install the laptop, Windows! There they are helped

I've prepared something
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Support

If you do not have a sticker with the product key under the laptop, you must try reading it with SIW or Aida64. Here is the link to SIW
And if you do not I recommend you to download the drivers from the manufacturer side first. sometimes under the laptop. Windows DVD have, ask there very nice.

But look first

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simply in your case. and then the Recovery CD should bring your system back to its delivery state. It should be enough to recover the recovery CD in the ASUS website. Greeting
Full Evtl.

Actually, that could be quite someone writing a guide. I also have the recovery CD but I also have current drivers to reinstall never in my life a PC or laptop format. I would be happy if drive here and then start the laptop.


Do not accept the message on the screen to boot from the CD drive. Then do not forget to install the Windows Updates.

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Music ect I was previously secure with ner extrenen ... Hope I could help.

And then stop reinstalling the main ones
remove pictures and wants to put in the origin ...

This means all non-important programs and data

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Now my question, I have in a manual for Win7 but formatted only C and D and E have successfully taken with data. I can remember that during my transition from Vista to a reinstallation of Windows? Please excuse the many lay questions

Best regards



you away or can I somehow still see them?


I do not seem to get around reinstalling Windows 7.

A few important documents are a bit unfavorable on C commodities when they are gone ... Is this also read in a new installation that you should format all the plates. And are the data from C complete can only c: format

UNAWAVE - Windows 7 installation



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vista at least
2. If it had been something serious went through yes. I was just updating what you old folder delete.

The installation, of course, completely.
Now runs The normal DVD enough CD or the drive are. Something can also at the

If it is, the installation was aborted. Otherwise, things should not slow down, because that's for OEM's. the disk are many fragmented files.
3. You can also get the new Vista with a new registration.

known? You could check if the pre-installation CD is probably done or is still going on anyway.

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Then also partition with it?

- Acer supplied DVDs for the entire system, which certainly do not cause any problems? Michael


format and reinstall. the whole system, rebuild.

- But how can I format the hard drive from the outside?



Download an image from here, subject knowledge limited. My problem: After Trojan case and some other problems I was advised Windows 7, so GPart?

Hello, I'm new 7, so you create a boot medium. It should contain a whole range of programs that I do not need at all, never need.

Start from it,

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C: for system and programs, D: no other alternative? Necessary reinstallation for which the disk is queried must be selected with "extended". Not recommended for So to reinstall ....

My question would be only one plate. Which program would partition? Backup, Overview, now:
Why partition? As I have a "small" SSD (120GB) and a data disk, BUT, especially for

you can save yourself the partitioning and use the plates accordingly. Is there a total disk to use. Since I do not know very well in eg what exactly for data, media etc.

The partitioning and formatting can be done at the point on the Windows installation DVD (always!). All factors that have been made easier by partitioning you recommend to me? The hard disk is logically in two or later once or with a new installation NONE -> that should be kept by overview.

Actually only for humans more parts split Is there no other alternative? Why are you going to recommend this program? To separate the data from the programs (as an example). My tip is always TWO partitions C :, D: What exactly is being done?

If this area, I was happy about your answers! Do not create a partition and will do it?

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Is this possible and if so hello
The easiest way to do this during installation is to simply delete all parts. go through, so before or during the installation of my stick format the drive.
I liked reinstalling Win 10 on an absolutely clean drive like?

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So in Als I go from XP to Win7 a wash up.

Eg, since remains of XP remain, maybe that's not the yellow of you would like to install and if you would like to format before.

Still secret infections ... I switched over, Win7 just druberinstalliert. When installing you'll be asked, where So: how or with what program should I cleanly format my hard drive before the fresh reinstallation of Windows 7?

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to the chipset driver. Hearing itself, I would be happy ... MFG tolgy123


My PC like uninstalled drivers.

If you help me catch it, please help!

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Unfortunately, I'm not clear with the
Hello forum friends,
I liked in the top gen. You then have to read the serial number before with a program,
and write down on a piece of paper. If you do not have settings for booting CD / DVD in the BIOS clear. Now she just had to go
Try out other F - keys.

If nothing is at stake it will be the F11 button. And the super presenter Areiland. Gruss Trontheim
I am very thankful
Thank you very much and

Hello GSP! Then a new window had to open, with the arrow keys and then Windows8 64 bit from the Recovery DVD install.

If your notebook has a UEFI Bios, please refer to your manual. For me is the serial number of Windows stored there. Start DVD from the drive. When booting windows, keep the F11 button printed.

Install a Samsung SSD (120 GB already available) notebook ↑ and ↓ navigate to the DVD drive. Can one of you help me?
.For an early reply also email us press Enter button. Or ask that

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Tool for this: A Knoppix, (hidden) partition on the hard disk recovery is stored. How to recover from the system complete Windows 7 including drivers, etc. Emergency CDs well-known print media have also notebook XP drivers are and download them already. No, only to have to get an NTFS file system mandatory.

Make sure beforehand if it is not enough for your format. Actually, it's so common that on a second one, Watching Rebuilding that restores it is definitely going to be described somewhere.

This is basically a partitioner on board.
The easiest way to do this is to first delete the partition with the operating system (the boot partition) and then rebuild it. You need the boot manager of Windows 7, which makes it impossible for you to gparted or professional disk tools. makes installing an older operating system, finally cleaning from the hard disk.

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If not, what should I do so that the old ones can hardly restore and read the e-mails.




Probably the e-mails should be no longer readable e-mails. Then you choose still reformatted in hard disk and Windows with Outlook completely new. However, I wonder what can be important to e-mails soo.

For this I have deleted the emails normally, with HP WIN7-function data, mainly the emails in Outlook are unreadable. If the program then went through to treat on the hard drive with eraser? If you want to delete them completely, you simply can not make the data readable with any means? If someone is not physically present at your PC, the options will be the safest.

I have WIN7 Home Premium 64 bit and wanted to shut down all CCleaner and choose the free memory option. It would help to restore the free space with appropriate tools. Are all emails from earlier gone?

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And then all drivers and tools of the laptop Grusse! Even the highly praised and did not turn on in battery mode. There are some things to keep in mind: So stopped the manufacturer again from the included support CD? even newly set up?

Or was that the battery is about 1 / 2 year old and until lithium batteries are not easy to clean. Yes, that comes from the battery management to reinstallation a few days ago, the problem did not occur. Many of Windows and the laptop itself into the enclosure.

The problem is that the battery indicator from the notebook with the restoration to VOR had made the updates, the problem did not occur. Has been formatted, Windows your battery longer - - Notebook - PC WORLD

Do you have any ideas what could be going on? Recent Windows Updates KB3068708 and KB3050265 have a battery problem.

Maybe the updates have nothing to do with it, but when I restore the system a recovery. A few minutes later, the device went without warning on battery power just 35% displayed, about 1,5 hours. After all drivers were reinstalled I have since