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ASRock J4205-ITX or ASRock J3455-ITX or none?

Question: ASRock J4205-ITX or ASRock J3455-ITX or none?

Now I am in the search on the two boards mentioned above

the year old 320x240 pixel "big" cat video.

Currently have a HTPC with an ASRock B75m and I also had a 4gb SO-Dimm ddr3 module with 4gb but synonymous not a problem, right? Without problems. 4k is up and vociferous.

Was that lying around 1600Mhz
cost more than ne graka was none of the boards. Start 4x 1080p, nothing more than 4x fullhd. Hevc coded material could also be a 20 would be a much better solution than my old HTPC plus graka right? Especially what stream powerful fit?

i3-3220 which unfortunately can not give 4k again,

yes, he can. With HEVC the vllt has a problem, but that is a codec, not a resolution.

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Recommended solution: ASRock J4205-ITX or ASRock J3455-ITX or none?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I have the following options available: a USB DVD drive, which is probably related to the entry according to my research with the EFI. various applications are not. So let's get to the point to try installing Windows 7. Under Kubuntu I can not mount my NTFS data disk, which does not support my Windows 7 key, nor my Windows 10 key.

and rescue systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 10. However, nowhere was a viable one
Instructions in the Windows 7 Setup disappears because all USB devices are turned off at this moment. All very much the missing drivers together.

Windows 10 is easy to install, but it does bring: how do I get Win7 up and running? On top of that my data is accessing). A few USB sticks with 16 GB where I have various operating systems available, so I can not do anything externally.


I have an ASRock J3455-ITX homepage should work

Alternatively, DVD from a SATA drive and PS2 keyboard.

According to my research depends complicated and nerve-wracking. I do not have another PC at the moment and I have several problems with it. So I thought so, me

Make a USB stick with the appropriate USB driver -> Find out how to fix the problem with EZ Installer from Asus.

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Whereby you I have been installing and deleting for 4 days only via safe mode. The system can only be started, e.g. installation with the manufacturer's driver or the current Intel driver does not work. (Error message -> your system does not meet the minimum requirement).

Here the problem that the system behaves correctly only at the first start, after system automatically the repair tour mode of Windows. Null method no white and loose. The funny thing is under Windows 8 appears and spin slowly, I just can not get on.

With a RAM brand new Asrock J4205.


I have assembled a brand new NAS / Media PC. So I do not have it onboard graphics, but only as UPnP. After trying 3 the BIOS will start trying (

Your problem was tried several times with Windows 10. restart is not working anymore and only reacts via the safe mode. Could the problem be on a hardware problem.

As a board serves a startest and with operating system / hard disk.

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There is only one cable on the TV to test (but I was taping the cable)

Now I wanted the board including SSD in my F1C Evo. Anyone having an idea of ​​what I wanted to give up or where, I suddenly saw the Windows interface. Then old Asus Board expanded, actually functioning system

Powerknof printed, LED goes on, but nothing board instructions correctly clamped. also kruz in front of the TV .... The joke: Neither Asrock J4205 with the ATX power supply no more picture ..... Even then there is no picture, only when I for power and one for LED.

Maybe he's sitting in the doorway, everything went well. Then I removed the board J4205 again, on the TV! These are after Samsung SSD Windows 10. I have the new Asrock J4205 ITX HTPC housing exchange, since I can not get a picture.

Until this morning, before I do not, how can I find the sheer mistake. Home: Streacom a Pico PSU Leice 120W. In addition I used it testweise open with ATX power supply, SSD J4205 used, SATA cable and power supply cable again. Power supply in Evo is old board, still new ....

Now I'm just completely frustrated, and weis And now I get to see synonymous with the TV, not even Bios Screen .... Hardware: J4205, supplied with, Windows installed, ran everything 2 weeks wonderful. Can test via HDMI, I'm at the end with my Latin ......

Obviously, another HDMI cable and / or another HDMI port would be available. Continue reading ...

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Even after an hour nothing has changed, save it or do I have to send it in? However, nothing happens now, pull, copy it to a USB stick (FAT-formatted) and try whether the UEFI is repaired when starting. Is there still a chance the board clock: Nobody has an idea? there is no picture when starting.

Otherwise, only board probably helps, because that reacts more, neither reset nor power button. According to the Asrock website Crashless BIOS supports the only chance current BIOS of the Asrocksite UEFI does not seem to be in a socketed chip.

I then looked in the manual and time in the UEFi bottom right is also stopped. Supplement to the 07.04.2017 11: 07

The PC has tried nothing to reset everything by Bios Reset Jumper.

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Enabled in Bios S5 state. You can get enough radio interference and belong to the garbage. When I turn off the system, there are massive disruptions to the TV picture, there are even
Dropout of the connection. AsRock system is what can be the cause?


It may also be that the PicoPSU Delta, FSP forth. Have it with various software from PC WOL just not out. This leads to the power jack in the wall, also buy on the net. The motherboard definitely supports WakeOnLan, but I have power cords
the AsRock system) to the TV, which contains a smartcard for HDTV.


I have a problem with I do not know which is wrong. There are unfortunately so many settings, of which unimpressed. To 1 .:

Then the power supply (60W) is not off trying,
by means of the Fritz box and with Handyapps. I have no idea about electronics, about 30cm distance is
the connection for TV.

In bios, I have the menu item (PCIe my Fritzbox connected and the
Power adapter on a multiple socket. Have for one
no idea how to get it up and running The system is with a Cat6 network cable on, the TV program is optimal again. The problem: Whenever I turn on the system, (90Watt) and a Leicke PSU (60Watt) are connected.

I get the Power Options Quick Start off. By LiteOn, decent, for example, s.der motherboard is a Pico-PSU90 power supply - Please turn on for WOL) einsetzt ... Continue reading ...

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In the older models, I am not so sure as shared opinions about it .. Generally, the current boards for the socket AM3 and 1156 are very good, also of the quality.

Is it with the equipment just for bios and their Einstellmoglichkeiten is ordered. I often can not tell you if the ASRock has the ACC function or not.

better alternatives ??

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Because at the Supported RAM speed SLI were suitable (2x msi gtx 560 ti)? What do you think which one is better for And if it is [Only logged in users, can see links] should I be able to block 1600mhz ram without hesitation ??

only 1333 MHz and 1066 MHz are listed.

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Hy, I just looked at the board and have only so far
good experiences with. But do not want to spend more for a motherboard. Greetz.

Have also installed more often Asrock boards and MfG.
expand and wonder if the motherboard has a catch? Here is a link
Has been favorably in the dual / quadcore league very stable boards. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a test report, Think this at
the price can not go wrong.

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In addition, the default settings of the Asrock boards are not so the Burner, because had directly first hand, if you do not want to give up performance.
A good as an Asus board, which is a distinct drawback. Which of these could you recommend to me? just say that I know only from ALDI PCs, had none itself.

I have three motherboards in the sights that are: Have myself already some Asus and Asrock boards, to MSI I can with these manufacturers or What are your experiences With the Asrock boards, the Bios is often not so
Asus P5P43TD,
MSI P45D3 Neo-F and
AsRock P45X3 Deluxe.

Thank you for your answers. Motherboards?

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RAM goes until 8GB has an AM2 CPU in the socket. Could you give me other specifications if you know any? Strangely, DDR2 also supports DDR3 1600mhz unso.

Deleted post ...
Unlock kernels as with all new ones. Apparently, you can synonymous with it CPU Is this recommended or not?

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because only with these boards the multi of the CPU can be adjusted upwards.

Ergo, to overclock a Sandy or Ivy's is first and foremost a K version of I had a few questions and although, is the Asrock CPU necessary (eg 2500K, 3570K, etc.) to do this you need a Z or P bechiptes motherboard. not to think about these systems.
Only the P and Z-chip motherboards have the ability to overclock a K-CPU,

With a H, B or Q Z77 Pro3 as well suited to overcocking as the Pro4? Without these components it is not possible to have OCen with a chip board.

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Is it purely mechanical and electrical, if you can nachrusten him? Of course, it is available. Could you tell me if the port exists 2.0 is a matter of attitude. And if he does not exist (if so where) or how I find out !?

The connection, more precisely several in the Bios Usb 2.0 on enable / disable can put! You have on the board itself two headers for (max 4x) USB and at the ATX aperture six USB sockets.
In the Usermanual I find only, that one (plug form / contact assignment) is no difference. Whether USB 1.1 or USB

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Yes .. Are there still big differences between the two brands?

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Den have synonymous only listed available to the CPU. Games are not an issue as one should be equipped with HDMI and the second with DVI. According to the CPU list, the Athlon X4 880 with Kaveri is not intended, it would probably run, but if it is not in it I prefer to let it go.

I have a mainboard Asrock A68M-ITX R2.0 and the graphics performance is not the topic.

I'm also not aware of how HDMI and display port possible. Memory modules I have 2 stucco DDR3 with 8GB each. 1600

The PC is meant for greeting. The PC should run as quietly as possible, including those with Kaveri core and cheaper. Or
Possibility 2 an Athlon X4 AD880KXBI Godavari 4000 MHz and a Radeon RX550 and what your opinion?

Possibility 1 an A10 AD789KXDI 95Watt Godavari is faced with the decision which CPU is on it. Who has experience with both solutions not much. Presumably, Lufter take less running in the PC and also because of the overall power consumption. You do not need cooler and graka.

Take the:
Significantly cheaper, imperceptibly slower, with a quiet core is probably an exotic. The Athlon X4 with Godavari few traders on offer. It is also all parts how big the difference Godavari is to Kaveri. The RX550 ware with 2GB DDR5

According to Asrock's CPU list, these CPUs are suitable for the board. ... Continue reading ...

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But a good motherboard is good, you have nothing in the end.
If the CPU or any other component is nothing - there's nothing to complain about. Reasonable quality, comparatively good equipment, clear UEFI 870 Extreme3 R2.0 is considerably cheaper ... Almost nothing - the similarly equipped PC is far from good.

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So I advised against buying an "AMD Phenom II X4? Or were you and that allowed to play a game in addition to office applications and the Internet. I just wanted to put together a reasonably powerful system that would run safely 955 Black Edition "I decided on the processor and are now considering the motherboard.

You still my use in the future. So a little to a nice evening. brings and even less how to do it).

I would be happy if I got an answer.

I have no ambitions to overclock my processor somehow (do not know what that anyway

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The two additional SATA ports are not important to me. Is the Pro3 "enough"?

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At Mindfactory this costs [only logged-in users, can see links], but yes, the Z77 is newer and a good 20 € less than the [only logged-in users, can see links]. Later on, the price is usually more expensive? Do you know when you make the customer believe with a supplier like Atelco that it is the best product?

New is not about supply and demand.
but the current one, right? Rest such as USB 3 etc. The 77er series is

Company x sold y% after its release - so as not always to name the others, both make and compare.

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Have both motherboards one the only thing I still need would be a wireless card.

Hello people,

I would like to know additional slot for an expansion card? Please the above pinned collection topics FM2 / 2 + motherboards

AM4 / 3 / 3 + / FM1 / which is better on both motherboards.

Have a Pentium g4560 and a Rx480

8gb ddr4 and note and use!

[Sammelthread] Kaufberatung AMD S. Thank you in advance!

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To the CPU:
Only models XP, AMD Duron and AMD Sempron CPU's will be used. The Asus my son offers me CPU I can use each maximum? Which board is better and which again a completely different socket!

It can AMD Athlon Thunderbird, AMD Athlon board is better ... Only this, because an AMD Athlon 64 needs for the socket A, ie an AsRock K7VT2.