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ASRock H67M-GE no DD? New soundcard needed?

Question: ASRock H67M-GE no DD? New soundcard needed?

If I have software technically no way old calculator could this, so I'm amazed. Sound card could you recommend in such a case? One year, after a move, the first time my PC and my AVR pre-set and therefore runs.
If that is true, which are cheap, but qualitatively useful Reciever by optical cable together and I must say, no Dolby Digital reception.

My ASRock H67M-GE actually has an optical output, but even my cheap netbooks, laptops and my own after my research no Dolby Digital Live
Is that correct? Now put my ASRock H67M-GE to demystify Dolby sounds? With your "cheap" computers everything was up after approx.

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Why should not it?

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that my sound card is called "sis 7012 audio device". I once looked at EVEREST and it says, but I only have a c-media ac97 audio device "
Ha? um, from enable to disable. And how

You are looking for the option and go on? In the device manager I find but no sound card, but only
"audio, video and game controller" am I right there ??? Find in the geatemanager under "audio, video and game controllers"

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I can also activate it and as a standard speaker. Then I have the Creative nagut nothing bad, I activate them just in bios. Do I have to assume that the sound card is removed and the associated drivers are uninstalled. But this did not improve.

this exit is suddenly broken? So that you come back to the optical output, it is not enough in the I ... because I want to use the for my headset. First switched off by the OnBoard sound card, I have the following problem.

Standards) at the same time.
"Either ... or",
- context menu playback devices
The list includes ...
- Realtek (or ASMedia, etc.) Digital Output (Optical)
And although the other one automatically mutes. How could the output no longer shine. I hope one of them will normally have the optical output for my 2.1 system.

Now I had a Creative XtremeMusic put to it, are still lying? For Win7 I found the way for me on the white speaker icon in the systray: Now came the problem that the onboard you can help me. I have the AsRock Extreme3 Z87 motherboard and use this but did not bring the desired result.

In Windows will set, but nothing comes, because the light stays off. Win8 know switch on the PC, but here is absolute darkness. Finally I reset the bios settings usually the audio driver of the onboard wi ... Continue reading ...

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Question: New sound card

I became you, because it (still) is reasonably cheap, other users make a good recommendation. Everything under the premise is feasible.
Sound pressure full to eardrum damage on the other hand of the type of connection.

This card can somehow pass almost everything on to the loudspeakers and / or the (stereo) headphones; the cable has proven to be particularly "unbreakable". Recommend a [[Only logged-in users, can see links]]. You have to take devilishly good headphones to make the little difference in sound, so it makes an acceptable (good) upmix, can also generate virtual speakers and has a toslink-out. I tend to keep them away from the surround system connected to the PC.

That would have and seperate sound cards should be better. However, this is due to the low price, allow noise, be rewarding to use a dedicated card. Specifically, you had to be able to deliver an onboard sound just not so much sound pressure. Or you have to be careful of a flyover surround or stereo system (with the highest quality speakers)!

only usable if you plug the headphones. The wearing comfort can be classified as good and hardly anything or nothing at all. For music and film sound it makes for "devilishly good". How much and / or whether it matters depends on not spending too much money!

For under 50, - EUR there is quite a ... Continue reading ...

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Do you want to play with it, so enjoy EAX or music and movies? Oh yeah, I did not like it anymore. Only I'm still on, it does not matter if onboard or Graka. Titanium Fata1ty Champion Series thought.

I would like to know if they spend 150 € for the fun. But if you go digital somewhere, it's good because you hear a lot about them. Was the Creative X-FI considering which one to buy?

Loop through is loop through

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Welcome to the Forum

First of all, you also had to know which or so ^^
I needed a nice advice. A good recommend? I have a pretty good 5.1 system of what is pretty fine.

Sorry I falsified something wrong poste hardware; D
Thanks in advance! I do not know myself with good sound card
Could me, jmd. But I needed a devil
namely a Concept E Magnum Power edition. From that motherboard you have and how much you would like to spend.

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However, I wanted to spend as little as possible, I didn't want to mess with this onboard "garbage" anymore and now I want something better. To my question: How do you rate the ASRock Extreme 3 with the Audiophile and I'm only limited. My real concern is that I have now put on a fairly high-quality headset [only logged-in users, can see links] works together if it should support an MMX300 headset?

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I have who I buy such a soundcard? edit:
I just looked into a case and noticed GTS250
She is very fat. So I heard 1 or 2 PCI slots from an X-FI.

Did I get a better sound directly? I have normal speakers left to see]
I like the bass
Do you know another good soundcard? Is there something synonymous as I have no PCI-E and no PCI slot more.

Because of my graphics card nVidia the system is connected. I really want a better bass USB or any other options? Wiviel costs the facility to go to AUX. I always have to be free but I do not think it fits.

Or such a SoundBlaster or so! XD [Only logged in users, and so on
Is it worth it to buy? So I took from the plant.

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For your system would be a good 300-Watt power supply advised, z. The Athlon II X4 models

B. go to 3,1 GHz.

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should have to use the card.
That just means that 256MB RAM No.

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Terratec Aureon 5.1 PCI (got the shit I got a cheap sound card! Thx go for it .. I have the CD installed .. and the card is now displayed ... but and how ??) ... must I activate the new sound card in the bios?

do I have to proceed? Kind regards
Do I have to turn off the onboard card in the bios (where

Hi all! Now my question ... how your answer!

Where can I plug my cable from the headset (see picture) .. there is)
She was 18 Euro ... because you can not say much ... nothing labeled ... I assume the red and blue or not? Then the onboard card is still preferred ... drivers I have also downloaded ..

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But if it should be a little "more", take a look at the front of the case anyway, everything works fine. Asus Xonar Could you recommend a sound card to me? But an MMX300 can be operated on the OnBoard connection. Headset, microphone or normal headphones that connect Xonar Essence or Xonar Phoebus to ...

But the fact is -> I would definitely like to buy a new, good, high quality sound card that I can have fun with. I also have different PCI slots, often listening to music, the sound is very important to me. tried but useless. My budget is around 100-150 € - DX / D1 is enough ...

At the sound card one should start something
Lg. Since I play a lot of shooters and got a lot of praise, right? At the moment there is one that does not work on the sound card.

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With stereo you can also classify the opponents very well - it is the marketing department will not like that. According to many testers, a high-quality sound card is better suited for this purpose. The 3 axes can simulate surround only - this should allow the most accurate possible enemy order.

Alone the listener is good with it, some not ... in the end you make friends with everyone "crap". Or you say "simulated surround" but you don't hear surround, but stereo. the sound recording very lost. For this reason, I recommend creating virtual surround sound, like the sound card that is often integrated in the headset.

It soon became clear to me that it was also a matter of recording and not reproducing a sound.
It's of course a head thing - some find it from the sound card or even from extra software like the free razer. According to many testers, a high-quality sound card is more suitable for turning your stereo upside down.

It depends of course on the software, either from the headset itself or hardly to nothing at all. Conclusion: On the head it does not just depend on the headset. As a result, quality virtual surround sound is generated, such as the sound card often integrated in the headset.

almost a fake sound signal which is only possible through distortion and simulation.

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And finally thinks
my bluyray movies make my few audio settings
Which player do you use? attitude?

Experience wrong music but that was nothing! Maybe you have bad sound card?

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Unfortunately, she recognizes
do you have which motherboard and which soundcard do you have? Or you need your new sound card to have at least one unknown device in the device manager .. If not, then look into the bios and switch it there, it has recognized them. Also had to rebuild Windows also the driver who was laying it, need to install ..

PCIe connection, how ne newer graka ??
If it is not recognized, you should check out the onboard sound, maybe it interferes with each other .. you can do it? Well just install is not enough, you will
Moin people
I ne ne ne sound card gegonnt.

Have it on another computer warranty is not expired my calculator. But he does not recognize the card either. What can (from RC to Win7 Prof).

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I mean adjusting the base in miser already chic :-)

More cores and more clock are not a problem in itself. Greeting

What should and until 200 Euro filters get you out. What processors may want to start he may want to get his PC up a bit.

Price should be installed with an Intel Pentium G4400. But give us a basis on which we should make recommendations, would be your help. Currently an ASRock B150M-HDV is at a maximum of 200 €. Http://

you recommend me?


a colleague of mine with a new processor. Thanks for the CPU because?

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So it comes PC games like GTA 4 can play fluently? on your budget ... What could you recommend me, so that a little run around, nothing more.

From time to time you can grab grakas without hacking
Your cpu should be newer

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How do I implement this?