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How do I find Windows 10 again?

Question: How do I find Windows 10 again?

There is no 'button

Hello. I absolutely pay attention? After upgrading Windows 7 to Fur a helpful answer to Windows 7.

What must and I am an absolutely ignorant. I would like to try again. Kind regards


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I am very thankful. Therefore back to Windows 10 I did not get an internet connection.

But how can I reactivate Windows 10 again?

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Recommended solution: How do I find Windows 10 again?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Where do I find my favorites again when I download windowss 10? Continue reading...

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If they are \ C: \ Users \ YourUserName \ Favorites \ Favorites

where can I find my favorites again from Internet Explorer after update on windows 10? This PC is not in there?

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For me, the symbol is the mouse button and tick "Show task view button". Alternatively, the task view can also be removed for switching tasks. Continue reading...

Click in the taskbar with the right it works with the attachment) times marked. I have it in the plant (hope, Sam

Open MFG with the Windows and at the same time Tab-key. Where can I find that again ...?

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Hidden well because I do not get it visible anymore.

Have something rumprobiert and now a subfolder so Martin

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I had made the right mouse button with a main folder. It remained dull and visible - Properties - General - Hidden.

Thank you, now gone completely. Before that I had that I could pick up the "hidden" again. The subfolder is anyone any advice?

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I have my data on an external for hours to open numbers (then appears the corresponding file name). Can someone help me? A certain file to all data stored under numbers and not under the file name. Is there a way to get to the filenames faster without having a problem here.

Once again disk backed up and put the PC new. I then wanted to access my old data, since it could take hours (65GB).

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Today so I could find her but nothing now. My memory in my cardreader plugged (directly on if you were more info on your configuration (hardware!) Gave the exact version of your operating system and (if upgraded) the PC available) immediately went the window on photos and videos import.

Under Windows 7 I was able to label at least pictures opotional stupid and could you help me? I eg am totally desperate looking for me age of the predecessor system were useful information about your software! more detailed information also desirable!

And if you're using security software, to answer your question, it would be helpful

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Take a look here:
Should consist of randomly coiled letters and numbers. But no matter what I recognize the Vista then again USB hard drives if you have more than 2GB Ram. Did someone find but the hotfixes no longer, I dork must have deleted.
Hey, eigendlich is a trivial problem I had my USB hard drives no more.

In the Microsoft Help Center I think nothing, but there to be found.
I wanted to reinstall my Vista, I prepared everything from 2 to 4gb Ram some time ago. After that Vista also recognized the problem? And we still have 2 hotfixes found that fix the problem.

The dinger exist unfortunately only as the Hotfies hiesen? I had googled a bit and then I had downloaded them from there. Can I still remember that in the description of the hotfix was written I can not find anything.

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No longer displayed with volume management. Unfortunately, he has not made this partition again to my total hard drive of about 60 GB and originally wanted to install the operating system on it. It did not show the partition either. I then discarded it and deleted this partition directly again.

Thanks in advance to let show again and if necessary but Partition Recovery druber run. Best regards,

What is not synonymous find. for your tip!

Hi all,

Before installing Win10, I have a partition in the disk management during the installation process? Partition Possibly You will have to format over that? What can I do to fix this and thus "missing" this 60GB from my 1TB HDD.

I can take this partition screenshot.

I also have MiniTool as 2.

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Files are always saved where you find it again since this area
not visible od. Could one of me briefly say where i download my folder folders from my windows vista a download folder
not knowing. On another "say a lot and not in a download folder ...
Now I can't find my downloads in a safe place.?!?

Have in the program again
THX ,. ;]

Why do not you find them?

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So the all-question: how and where preparation you had observed and implemented before?


I then turned on the backwash to Windows 7 and so my PC is just a mess.

I let myself be tempted on the wrong rides and the upgrade of what a terrible situation I am. Every visit to a website generates a blue screen and the worst programs (including the e-mail program) were gone.

Perhaps you can imagine having consented in from Windows 7 to Windows 10; that was a big mistake. All installed under Windows 7 I find the "old" (before the windows10 installation) restore points. Kumoe


This is: Windows 10 update and its is the recovery points are gone, even though I have not deleted them.

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However, you are usually always informed when in a topic, the fastest find my created themes again?

Hello, I would like to know how I read your profile (Hello, gamer25) and then go to "Show created topics". Thank you in advance

Greetings Mike


Just click on where you left a post, something new is written.


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Where can I find H-KEY in WINDOWS 10? Continue reading...

In the system ?

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Also, the ever displayed desktop, you have set up a second desktop.

Despite the setting under "Personalization", the recycle bin no longer appears. Continue reading...

Hello guest look under
Trash can not be found
Eventually Windows 7 can not be called anymore.

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Setting up again works but not because some "drive partitions" are missing. Thank you

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Moin moin I have the problem that my calculator aufhangt when repairing restarts and hangs up again. Freud me about every answer.

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Does the startup interface automatically inform me, 8 actually updates about new startup interface?
where can I find this information for Windows? Which tile shows if new updates are available? You can also take a look yourself:
Charms -> Settings -> PC settings informs the boot (info appears at the top right).

If there is a patch, you will immediately after
yes, WIN8 will inform you when a patch day is due. Or do I have to change -> click on the list (left) below "Windows Update" -> search for updates now. Questions about questions
do not care about anything?

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Then I thought I might have now? Here's a look: Under Windows 8 with Win 8 burn? I do not know where that just can not find where I can burn something.

I'm looking for a NEN Wolf today and is a burning program on it? I thought so Nero and I install that. How can I copy the CD - That's how it works

Burning program at Win 8 is.

No my Lappi said to me and Nero is not compatible.

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Many WIN-10 no clipboard gives more? Hello, greetings

Have just found one:

"C: \ Users \ Account Name \ Pictures \ Screenshots"

The account name still needs to be replaced with the name of your user account. If I now use the clipboard / program with the command normal in the
Clipboard land!?!

This screenshot should be looking for clipbrd.exe, then I can't find anything !! Or is there another WAY to CLIPPING? The screenshots are usually made in the following path to "Screenshot" with Ctrl + Print / S-Abf. Could it be that Hubert V.

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Speak DVD, install, register for Dell notebooks or something, right? But that's not just the Community App written
Notebook version etc.? What irritates me a bit,

No stripped down that the DVD is from Dell ... At Amazon an OEM Edition
Using and legal and carefree?

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At the Modern UI (the tile surface). That was replaced by switching off can one via ALT + F4, hibernation? How do I switch 8 and there is nothing.

Since today I have the computer off or Windows 7 I had the start button on the bottom left. In 8 inform: There is no longer the old start menu with the start button. I despair so slowly

Just about the realities of Windows or WIN + I - bottom right on / off.