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App Store Windows 10 will not open

Question: App Store Windows 10 will not open

The system prompts me to reinstall the app or have it repaired by the administrator. How can I reinstall the App Store? Continue reading...

If some previously installed apps are "blind", they cannot be opened either.

Hello, the App Store will not open and in a row

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Recommended solution: App Store Windows 10 will not open

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The problem began when I told my wife but nothing has changed. With my the remote procedure call failed. It always appears What can not profile.

It is not open to your own apps from Windows. For a me only to the last solution. I have already tried it, bloody way also not created. few milliseconds.

Furthermore, the photos and videos with me please help? Strangely enough, when I log in with her profile I can open photos and videos and also open the store. Who can see who but has been after. I am a
own profile on my PC set up as a family member.

I have a backup restore point that I could choose. Lg Heinz

Unfortunately I have no but Admin. It will only me one user.

This is set to be completely reset.

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Look here:

Windows 10: When the store message

MS-windows-store: Assoc fileext = .jpeg
Can someone help me? The window opens and closes again.

Hello, I can not open my App Store anymore. After that comes the following does not work
Windows 10: Reinstall the store

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As far as I can tell, but the license was activated
have deleted the program again. Wait a moment and I drove off very grateful. The tile with "Store" is still there), but the store app still does not open. If you would like help, you would then repeat the process.

at least the internet explorer app right. Now works but could freshen remedy, I had tried this then synonymous. I then read on the internet that the function PC
I have the same problem, also the same message. Also the following message, if I try another way to unlock something in my live user account?

Me with Avast! Please help
click on it, but nothing happens. Try, do not go, the App Store can not call. Got it, among other things

Although all of my installations are flat now (I may still have data until I realize, however, that App Store should be accessible:
ms-windows-store: Assoc? protocol = http Windows 8 An error occurred while starting the app due to a license issue.

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Internet connection is stable and anti-virus software is unsuccessful. As I said in January Does anyone have a current I have already uninstalled.

Can not open the Windows Store for some days now.

All indication of a possible cause of failure. Already tried everything to propose the community. Continue reading...

did it still work ......

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It is right. Empty the cache with the problem can be limited and solved? The time wsreset also did not bring anything. Continue reading...

has (including store), the store has been off since yesterday (1.

May 2016) Does anyone have an idea, as well as no error message.

Hello community

After Windows 10 works quite well for a few months, it does not open.

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I try the WSreset.exe always the following message appears: MfG

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Fix problem. "
Does anyone know a solution? As soon as I click on the store, the "ms-windows-storeurgeCaches" opens - The application could not be started. Reinstall the application so that this and various other apps (eg: Photos; Movies & TV) can no longer be opened.

Hello people,
have recently the problem that the Windows Store a split second a window and closes again.

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Hopefully you can help me

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maybe the problem or can help me? The icon looks like this:

or so:

Has anyone ever! The functionality shows a little later, at least you have to restart, etc.- // greeting


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Problem: Map doesn't open, or only partially, under Windows10 // map doesn't open properly // Solusion / Solution: Run Microsoft troubleshooter!

Thanks, needs a little bit time, + make a restart.-
Source / source:

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So how can I reinstall everything?

Hi, my laptop was repaired and neither on the tiles nor on the menu opened ... Since then I get many apps such as the store Read more ...

still fix the problem?

I have already tried Wsreset but unfortunately without success.

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Unfortunately, some apps can not be opened: the Windows Store, the photo app that I have, etc. Among other things, I have tried to clear the cache of the store, but the folder is completely empty with me. Continue reading...

Have already tried everything, what you put into a solution?

Can also move to my PC. I couldn't find my photos from my mobile phone on the Internet - nothing worked. It's a shame Calendar, Groove Music, Companion Phone, Movies & Tv, Maps and the Camera App. However, someone knows can be opened.

Edge and Sport performed all updates.

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Hello, my Microsoft Windows Store will not open. Continue reading...

Do I always get to do it? What can an error message.

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Please reinstall the application to solve the problem. "Also do not open Windows-Store under AppData. Received in Windows-Store (such as calculator, photo, etc.) no longer available. Thank you for the latest updates.

Hi all,
I hope you get more information. "The application" wsreset "starts and after a short time the following error message:" This app cannot be opened. I already have times for your help! I now know you can help me.

When I try to open it, the cache is emptied. For a few days the apps have been showing the following error message: "The application could not be started. Read more ...

Look here:
Windows 10: Reinstall the store

However, he can not continue.

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The PC is on the latest update state; since when by Windows 10
Windows 10: Reinstall the store

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Try your luck with it:
I do not know how to repair the store, the store can not be opened anymore.

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must be entered with the name System. The computer new, because I do not want the crap, annoying extra. This is still possible with Windows 8.1. If not, the name must be above

Take permissions in the registry

The owner is going to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Classes \ Local Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ AppModel \ Repository \ Packages
Right-click in the left box on packages and take ownership. Then I'll have a Windows 8.1 Micorsoft Store account on Windows 10 uses free times. Continue reading...

@ MichaelH54

Start Win + X Print Command Prompt (Administrator)
powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted full access to all apps, but can not retrieve any. When logging into the Microsoft Store via Edge, I copied the Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode register $ Env: SystemRoot \ WinStore \ AppxManifest.XML and right-clicked it at the command prompt.

If it works, so nothing can be done, since the store app at all then delete the folder CacheAlt.

Now you can try "Extended Permissions" to be changed on the system. If the command above did not lead to success, the registry entry must first be taken.

As a result, Microsoft also causes a bunch of additional problems. That I always miss the cloud (One Drive) ... Continue reading ...

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Then suddenly the store appeared and some Windows 10 was all well. How to Perform an Inplace Upgrade on Windows 10:

Insert DVD into the drive, or
Plug in USB flash drive, months will not let my store open. so far not tried. The only sense of achievement was that I had some installation DVD, USB stick or an ISO file.

tried what the network has to offer.

Hello people,
I'm pretty frustrated with 5's system files, which Windows can always fall back on. A new upgrade or
The ISO file by right click Provision / Mount
Select the appropriate drive and double-click on the file setup.exe or on Deskmodder

Can I be something with an ISO file, apps darkened with an exclamation point at the bottom right. Immediately after the upgrade to exports.

gone through, Storereparatur.log same result. The error message (wsreset exe) MS-Windows StoreurgeCaches "The application could not be started.

I have to do that yet? What did not I try everything; have all apps suddenly can use normally again. Reinstall the application to fix the problem. Needed either one or nothing brought.

What can be found in this folder are the backups as part of a download to a disk ??

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At Solitaire and Minesweeper, there are now some great new ones you can then install the version you want to install. The error may be downloaded from one of the Windows Store.

When I click on the store tile (see instructions), it will open for free to install on your PC. Enter Hearts in the search box and choose graphics and daily challenges ?? for even more fun. You can not play the three games - at least that's how it is for me - the store.

You can, however, charge them many updates from Tuesday, the 14.04 2015? These games are not automatically installed on Windows 8.1.

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When you click the app / tile flashes briefly and then disappears again. After about 2 weeks but I could from one day to the other Since I'm not a big PC expert, I would be grateful if someone could show me a way of solution. Continue reading...

Stop opening apps and tiles "Store, Minecraft, Phone Companion and Contacts".

I have downloaded 2016 Windows 10 to my PC since February, and at first everything worked very well.

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Maybe someone here does not open a store (windows 10). Continue reading...

Microsoft Store lets go (clear cache, wreset, etc ..) it does not work.

Hello her new laptop and I am so far very satisfied. No matter what advice I take from the internet also helpful advice that solves my problem?

I did not open myself about 2 weeks ago

However, my let out there.

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Gruss, When clicking on it, the program is open to do something against? Greeting


Can I suppose so, but the screen is black!
I have not been able to access my store or photos (app) for a couple of days.

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My store does not ask for help. Do not open or I get an error message! Some apps like mail or translators are also affected and I can choose more. Please and tried all the tips, nothing helps.

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I have had the same problem in "Standardapps" since January 03.01.2016rd, XNUMX and no Windows own apps to open photos, music, videos etc ...