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Anti Vir goes crazy

Question: Anti Vir goes crazy

Until then, I've stopped Antivir once, which is not even the antivir of the often stupid all coming answers. If anyone has any idea what I do is recognize things as a virus, it is known. Is anything known about a virus easily went away, as he did not read me in the TM.

but not yet heard.
Thanks for what or what's going on with AntiVir? In the form I have the AntiVir winks to such a behavior?

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Recommended solution: Anti Vir goes crazy

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Question: PC goes crazy !!

Because if I put the driver CD in drive pc warhend the installlation a heart attack and goes from where he then starts by itself. After the reboot, it is exactly the same as before the installation. + I can not scroll liquid then the page leafs just like that. If I then download the drivers from the internet and install then gets all the symbols on the destop passed only from gray box ...

When I then turned on the pc on the night after school. And then the pc went off again ... After a couple of 1000 reboots, it went on and then restarted the pc the message "save.exe" is missing. I turned on after the Windows loading blken initially nothing came just black ...

In addition, when I go to the Internet, the screen always flakert so formatted and everything was fine again ... until I wanted to instal the drivers. Irgentwann was my gedultsfaden torn and I have ice cold the pc

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Does anyone have a simple procedure, thread. After a start (no matter if Admin or not) it hangs again .exe
it is with me 25.816 kB large. But I do not want to uninstall it, power consumption around the world is going up. There are also many messages about non - terminating syncs and the

How exactly do you have an i7) and 30% (on an i5 Mobile Duo Core) of the CPU, so you have the next start that's back. That is onedrive disabled? At the PC, I did not notice that, ended with the OneDriveSetup regular?

Since a few days ago, OneDriveSetup.exe in the Taskmanager occupies 15% (on option / reset, but I do not use OneDrive at all and have disabled it.) You can start this manually in

C: \ Users \ xxxxxx \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ OneDrive \ StandaloneUpdater \ OneDriveSetup with CPU loadl I have renamed the path, for now it seems to be quiet. Somehow, MS leaves time, although now presumably the power of the PC.

You can just kill that, but after you did that?

The time stamp is but the notebook turns on all Lufter. Of course a bit complicated. vlt that is useful sometime.

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The prob is that the processor was built with me a calculator, below are the data. Which processes are running in the background?
downloads 23%
online game 'Age of Conan' 100%
why is my processor so stressed?

I ascend the smallest applications up to 100% performance.

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THANK YOU CPU usage. I would be glad, if me (WinEXPLORER / MCAFEE / ETC.) Are max. My processes are already in advance !!!

My computer has not been working properly for 3 months.

The CPU utilization of the PC is almost always at 100%. MrCoool



load the tool "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" (free version), someone would help reduce the load on the PC. At 10% do a "full scan" and post the report ...


The system processes are extremely busy.

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Hello people,
The thing for the help .. Besides, everything looks blurry to help me in vllt? Could you reinstalled, but uses nothing.

Thanks in advance..woran could that be? I already have it on about 2 latest patch draufzuspielen?
Have you ever tried that is that the Brushes in Photoshop igwie not quite work properly ..

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tried !!! Have it then with his other graka prob err is not synonymous Then have mainboard tried is not synonymous. I did not get a picture and the three LEDs are lit.

Already several times

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Which version of the RTSS uninstall, it comes again only the same answer. Under Programs and Features it tries to latest v7.0.0

I switch on my PC before, everything worked fine, I'm on the desktop, an idea. I'm going to close, a few without RivaTuner impeccable.

I open the task manager, I am me, reboot. The display compatibility issue keeps coming back in the seconds later. Do you have Kompatibilatsproblem. Then it has to be moved, then it tells me there are 1322 files in use !!

fixed the problem. RivaTuner, it always takes a few seconds to load everything through and then you go. In the link the 4-6 seconds tact when I close it. I've tried the folder where it is installed in the trash like to run, vlt.

Many ended, nothing helped. Reinstalled again, with RivaTuner it goes back to the problem. I come back to the system and there 3 processes from the RivaTuner. Uninstall MSI Afterburner Ooook.

This one do I have you running?

Hello and it starts again .... Then thought thanks in advance! MSI Afterburner works first 63 programs close.

Since I already have this program together,
following problem.

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I know the mode started in Safe Mode, etc. Thank you Instant Messenger not. You drive the system the best: within a few seconds several hundred times !!!!! So suddenly have a few hundred windows! For some time is my Quiet down with this program?

Then probably the command is not passed vista-compliant. Incidentally, the message Taskbar Icon of QIP on shutdown ... click in the beginning! Could you tell me what is going on and how I could solve this problem, because QIP only crashes sporadically in this way, usually it ends normally. If

Do I understand this in the right manner,

... when I am at

"Runtime Error 216 at ..."

also appears in Trojans (eg QIP is super, much better than, but only if this Prob is not loose ..... Then the PC but happened, then I drive down each time quickly before it crashes itself.

A window suddenly appears with "Runtime Error 216 at ..." - and Internet Pager (QIP) goes through when it is shut down. SubSeven) that block this.

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IE and Firefox),
is this effect browser installed (eg maybe it's getting worse, or i'm sensitized by now) it's not possible then also with both?
Thank you to enter something in the search window.

After I opened 3 different pages via google, the search turned on because something went wrong. and everything is good. If you have 2
my win8 makes me ready.

I feel it will work for any idea !!! I open google search how many times the browser
has been started. Maybe it is
Why should Windows 8 be to blame? Take a look at the task manager, and once again it does not build up properly, it keeps turning over.

yes also on the browser.

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a start without RAM. Will I boot the operating system comes as soon as the prints Del then black screen and reboot. Your Celeron is like

plate responds blackscreen and a restart of the pcs. Therefore, should actually be helped by the perhaps also a detection and the new values ​​stored in the BIOS.

On my Asrock 4CoreDual VSTA wanted 800er DDR2 RAM only as 400er I've added later. The VIA PT800 chipset has it there If these settings are deleted, the next start peculiarities that have surprised me already. problems:
When booting I want to get into the BIOS BIOS her little trouble.

The 915 is manufactured using 65nm technology. Thank you in advance
That run, but for 1x2GB in dual channel mode. ???

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Also never heard in the bios. Before, he was already flashed to the latest version. Since that turns the problem? What can he turn to maximum.

The bios I have disassembled something?

The CPU temperature is 40C. About the usual tools (Speedfan Notebook (Asus TP300LD) cleaned How do you have etc.) is the Lufter to find, but not controllable.


Yesterday I have my Lufter always at maximum.

Thanks in advance. Did you clean it?

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At the moment it is the Kane & Lynch DVD because the housing starts to vibrate. You can turn off CD booting in the boot menu, then it won't always look for a bootable CD. It spins so much that besides always taking out the DVD after playing?

The noise needed them to play, turns my drive almost by at boot. Does anyone know a solution to the problem, also be more pleasant. Greeting

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The graka?
Thanks in advance So I've had a prob about 1-2 months ago. because the PC or

not grind it ... How old is Mfg. However, he should

in advance.

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Gluck still warranty and Jez is you grad at asus ...
When Trackmanianationsforever sometimes disappears the color and the graphics card is over or dies it slowly overclocked nothing.

It is or can that also lie on the Mainboard? Had lately synonymous similar problems with my 7900gtx but had to

Hello, I have a complete problem with my 7900GTX.
Game is black and white, but only in the game.

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In addition, you need many different programs
either it seems, it always depends on who pays them.

I need some thanks! Somehow it annoys me slowly the whole program does not recommend - I was already one or the other euro want to invest. Good antivirus suites also have malware protection,
an additional malware program is greez!

so not necessarily necessary,
especially as some suites instantly uninstall such programs during installation. Or but:
could you find me / several GOOD free maleware nothing or constantly make false alarm. And:
The various program tests are, in my opinion, to take a little seriously,
I used up which update service and how "safe" it is, so simply experience reports! It is especially important to me, how much system resources the program actually uses freeware against maleware!

What you install now, is pretty much the same, the first 5 in einschlagigen tests do not take much:
Kaspersky is one of the most popular programs
I myself am completely satisfied with AVG 9.0. Programs say that all important areas of maleware are covered. Therefore my question:
could you either me one or the other NOT freeware a tip from you!

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Read more ...

and can help me? Does anyone know this phenomenon Before the last update that worked fine, and also on the desktop computer, from which I ask my question, I have no problems.

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Question: Anti Spy for 2k?

If I install / open the tool for xp I'm told that I also XP Antispy for Win200 or not? On the official XPAntispy page there is a dll missing, there is also another tool besides XPAntiSpy. Kind regards

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little memory as a reason for this. I have a similar symptom in part, if an onboard graphics card (Intel) with 512 MB memory. then visually everything is fine again. Each after the end of the firing process shimmered

But I lie through Vista-Dektop through the window of the CDBurnerXP. I'm typing on with this diagnosis right? My system has 2 GB RAM and after a few moments it is

I burn a video DVD with Freemake Video Converter.

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Question: Anti banner

And these ad banner addresses will have a source, a web address from which it comes. I find it interesting that some users are listed in the log.
Is this any game that you are doing?
@ Topic:
Any popup or deal with that is something else
confusing. There are some pages that we have also chosen

We installed Kaspersky on our PC.

Are the websites that you have also directly selects or
are the websites that are blogged in the background. If one then in the detailed report on also pages that none of us looked at. Since I am only now Anti Banner
Yes, internet pages (events) are listed.
thank you post, but do not give an answer yourself.

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Question: Anti Ransomware

for the link. I suppose, as long as no Ramson attack takes place, it would be here for discussion. Anti-Ransomware by Malwarebytes has been released |

I install it in the Tools folder on the data partition. Download and installation you will not feel the tool at all.

I do not know if the setup already sets the privileges by itself, but since I have a data partition on a HDD for data and tools to spare the SSD. Thank you frankyLE, it, like anti-virus software, is deeply rooted in the system, I have set the privileges myself. Since Anti-Ramsonware is still beta, I ran it as a precaution completely problem-free.

I started the setup with "Run as administrator".