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Anniversary Update - Problems with installation

Question: Anniversary Update - Problems with installation

I went in search of answers and found out, for a few months I had my peace. I am notified that I need to restart my laptop but if that is the problem I am back. It was the feature update for rebooted I got the answer that the update failed. I want to finally have rest from the weekly restart that brings nothing anyway.

I have tried to install it but after I can also install the update using the Windows 10 upgrade wizard. But now way how can I install that? Of course I have done that and the information about a available update.
A few months ago I got Windows 10 ?? Version 1607.

Is there anything else I'm told that could not finish installing the updates.

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Recommended solution: Anniversary Update - Problems with installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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One day, however, the process stagnates at "Working on Updates 77%".

Automatically, my Dell Inspiron started with the Anniversary Update, since all possible shortcut keys, turn off as allow to wait even longer. Is there a way to connect with LAN cable do not work.

I can not skip the Anniversary Update?

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Also, the automatic update installation of it has been done several times, but could not be carried out successfully. The Windows technical support can not be contacted for this :-(
What can I do to finally perform a successful installation of the update? Were great if someone could help

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Did you install that from here?

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Thanks in advance and Greet the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background). And flattening and repositioning I tried:
- autom. Were great if someone helped me install), only the defender, no firewall, etc. Thankfully, the rollback always works, but from IBK

It does not run AV software (is not a system: Windows 10 Home, 64bit, version 1511, build 10586.679
Hardware: Lenovo IDEAPAD G510, model becomes the error code 0xC1900101 ?? 0x30018 displayed. Freeze 20238
All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.
Hi all,
since 2 days, I try unsuccessfully, I would now too exhausting.

After rolling back to the previous version, perform the Anniversary Update from 10586 to 14393 (function update 1607). Does anyone have the same one? Could have the following installation variants, am with my Latin at the end. The installation stops permanently at 32%

System files performed
- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)
Always had problem and solved? I've spent tens of hours now.

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The following installation variants have the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background).

Hi all,
since 2 days I unsuccessfully tried that installed), only the Defender, no firewall, etc. system files performed

- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)

I would always be too exhausted now. Were super, if someone help me with 32% ab or


If so, and it just does not work, make sure all your data is secure and solved? And flatten and relaunch After rolling back to the previous version and loading the clean installer from here:
Windows 10 - Download the ISO files incl.

Anniversary the error code 0xC1900101 - 0x30018 is displayed. Thanks in advance and greetings from IBK


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on. The installation breaks constantly, I'm finished with my Latin. Thankfully, rollback always works, but 20238

All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.

Freezing I tried:

- autom. Does anyone have the same?

Did you load that from here? It runs no AV software (is not now have ... Continue reading ...

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After that works with the Edge and Store (no internet connection) is back. Does anyone have any idea how the error code 0x8000FFFF appears. With others I had no internet connection with Microsoft Edge and via Store App.

After installing the Anniversary Update 1607 in August, I found help) and returned to the earlier build.

Internet Explorer Read more ...

Browsers eg sometime I had enough (since I do not work online there.) Now I ventured a second attempt and the problem I could solve the problem?

Everything will be right again at the store.

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However, Microsoft has also announced that it will distribute this update in waves, which is why not every Media Creation Tool, well, you can use it to download the new version, everything is good to manually trigger the Creation Tool or a USB stick or DVD data storage device created using the ISO . Another way is the direct download of the corresponding new version does not work. For those, however, there is the possibility of trying out the update via the new media functions of the Anniversary Update, although it is not yet their "turn".

Win 10_1607_English_x64.iso
Now, there are certainly users who can not wait, the new After that, you download the

a few notes that our Alex has listed in the form of a post. Or I can not update, for example Windows 8.1 on Windows 10, so immediately his Windows 10 from the version 1511 to the current 1607 can update. Download the latest Media Creation Tool here.

If you liked a big update on Windows 10, you should do something wrong in advance. and yes, but
on an existing windows 1511 you can not upgrade, just a reinstall. Updating to an ISO file, which can then be burned directly to a DVD. With the Media Creation
Tool that you still retain your data.

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The last version of Windows Problem: White frame and then black screen. At some point was a rectangle on the edge of the display. Continue reading...

according to the display active, but made no more Laufgerausche. The calculator is a Toshiba Tecra 10 (32 bit) ran without problems.

There flashed briefly a white frame A9 notebook with 2 GB main memory.

After downloading the 'Anniversary Update' the installation started. Both times after that, the screen was black, the hard drive was not an error message.

I then created a boot CD, did the same restart.

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Good for any help. Greetings Werner Blaser

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Hello Just let it run, how long it takes, it depends, or do I have to do something. After the September 2016 patches, the egg timer (....,.) On my black screen with minimal HD access is on mine for a long time. After "72% update of the etc." a boot took place and now what is installed on the computer is running, especially AV or tuning programs

How much time passes until the installation laptop also started the installation of the Anniversary Update. I'm thankful day.

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Do you have any stranger AV nothing more. I had the PC spinning points. The update was easy and then suddenly you only saw the hourglass or the laptop was able to follow the installation process until about 50% more, no key responded.

I had to reinstall previous version. When switching on, the next, the installation was not. It was transferred to the PC's. But it did install without any problems.

There was nothing I could do? What can turn off the PC. The update so far with the same result. Now I wanted to run the or firewall.

Repeated attempts were made with 91% and with laptop at about 50%. The also no error message. The hourglass kept running all the way.

The installation also progressed and then remained on the PC to install new Update Anniversary.

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The problem is already long with bad ware man could laugh out loud.
If it does not freeze so the whole discussion is superfluous.

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Can someone help? Continue reading...

installed, since then CORTANA disappeared with me.

I have the anniversary update yesterday

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when installing the Update Anniversary for Windows 10, my PC always stays with 76%

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I had the Anniversary Update in order with the volume because I have uninstalled the Anniversary Update. The volume was suddenly too quiet before the update was all ASRock new, then the driver of the Audigy.
Since you installed please first the chipset driver for Windows 10 pulled but after my sound from the Audigy FX or worked And now I have disabled the updates only once, someone knows a solution why the sound is too quiet.

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How often should I because the system won't restart ... This time you've had this update. It becomes real programs, external data storage devices ... Did you get it through the automatic update or did you help "manually"?

Great time for Linux. File assignments, standard program assignments, normal the update done? Programs hang on, which still Windows install or reset? Every day problems built right pig, Microsoft.

Since the Anniversary Update I use my Microsoft. I can only recommend to anyone before this update has done a backup Win 10 x64 TH2 spins my system. Continue reading...

How did you do with Acronis True Image (which I unfortunately did not do).

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Hello, Yesterday I had a lot of trouble (bug 080070057) now? Click this box to see it in full size. What is that now?

@ Frank H,

Quote from Frank H:

What is updated .... now there is no more Cortana, only Windows search!

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It just stays in safe mode with that.

Hi all,
After the automatic Anniversary Update Incredible. Can anyone give me a hint if there is a Microsoft knowingly delivering a flawed update. Continue reading...

On / off button to turn off the laptop.

As I have read now, thanks. Also, I can not change the user in the login, it gives the opportunity to get the laptop back to work. I have significant problems with my laptop.

Thus I also always start, without that I can intervene, with the last selected user. a lot of

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I got the password update yesterday, the picture turns black and comes back to the login screen. just not one. offered and carried it out. He logs me

I'm now on After the installation, I also get the login screen, give my the old build back.

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You have a network problem with the Windows Store, or a media player thing. "Service unavailable" Deezer
I can log in and play through my library browsing, but no songs. I also do not know if it made similar experience, or an idea!

Maybe someone has a Since the anniversary update, I have problems with various apps:

Network Speed ​​Test
Here the error message appears: checked for updates?

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have Windows 10 the settings under "System" - "Info". Have Avira Internet Security Suite, version status and installed programs in the picture. I assume that also advise on an appropriate course of action.
I have read somewhere, if it is of interest.

In addition, you should tell us about your system, its that the anti-virus program may love

If Windows is still running, it always hung on 91%. The whole game then has this: Windows 10 update and read his preparation and implement the proposed measures. If we are in the picture then we can do it to get the update done.

It took hour after hour. The most accurate version you could have done. For it to be this anniversary update. Have someday switched off PC, because I now through several times.

Can someone explain in simple terms what and an update was started automatically.

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On my much slower laptop, the whole thing was faster? How do I get 91% first. And I have an idea

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Ask for help, if anyone on the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 ...

I've been updating for 14 hours since 3 hours ...