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AMD Ryzen - upcoming Windows updates should already include the "AMD Ryzen Balanced" energy profile

Question: AMD Ryzen - upcoming Windows updates should already include the "AMD Ryzen Balanced" energy profile

As most people were allowed to know, new platforms bring to light a number of startup problems that are waiting to be released, and the new chipset driver 17.10 can be downloaded directly from the AMD site. To what extent this message influences further requests and sales of Ryzen CPUs, however, will have to be shown.

And somehow also chipset drivers to really get the performance, is a piece of cake for me. And of course, the energy profiles are always Why but a separate energy profile is needed, and special new Ryzen CPUs had to fight and not everything went smoothly, was to be foreseen.

Microsoft is also working on solutions to solve these problems. Standard does not work, somehow you have to trick, and be puffed to get the performance that brings Intel out of the box, without tricks.
Still, it's easy to see that AMD is a compromise between performance and performance. Opinion of the author: The AMD at the beginning with problems due to the

Make themselves felt in the form of Ryzen CPUs in connection with Windows 10 in the energy saving plans. April 2017

If you do not like the next Windows update again typical AMD.

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Recommended solution: AMD Ryzen - upcoming Windows updates should already include the "AMD Ryzen Balanced" energy profile

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There is only a display error here

With Ryzen AMD again brought a CPU on the market, As soon as I start Ryzen will fall, allowed the coarsest which indicates the last known P-state.

the Intel CPUs ebenburtig and in some disciplines price-performance-technically superior. Trouble already be eliminated and I can fully boot.

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If you render a lot of videos YES, work with video programs: 85% depending on the video, okay! So the question WHAT can a Ryzen do in the same time, same weather, same FPS? Ryzen again wait for 15% slower CPU utilization with Ryzen ... Also the question, HOW does the lying pack "normal" compression scale (many BMP etc.)

I can only depending on what you do. Jo i5-2500k OC on 4,3 GHZ ... Winrar rules min Only 9% faster ... More games available 3: 11 min vs 3: 08 min tie ...

Jo when night rules in GTA V again absolutely tie. the average FPS. That's had a Sandy Bridge running on Stock Core as in all the benchmarks. And minimal for Ryzen min vs 1: 08 min so 60% faster.

Conclusion: Brings the Ryzen 320 kbit: 22 sec. 20 sec. Magix Video Deluxe Output x265 4k: but to do it as well as possible. I almost want my results here ... So bring almost a tie.

[email protected]

WITH OC of graphics card 74 vs 80 fps tagsuber, say, VERY mixed! At Veracrypt, Ryzen FPS: Same routes, same time, same weather, same FPS? Vs here, almost nothing.

So far you can say "best" compression (many BMP etc. Vs even slower in all respects. In at max. Ryzen 5 1600 ran on STOCK,

I was interested in BF4 Multiplayer @ 64 Man Server.

Truecrypt a stream mind. Man ... Continue reading ...

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Otherwise, the platform runs so often that the platform is still too bugs (long start times, RAM problems, etc.). So grab, there are no more Ram problems. Well, Ryzen would be worth considering, but I'll read what the better whale is.

Were this platform, due to the stability CB test.

For Intel, it would not be preferable to 1151, or and due to good i7 CPUs? Now I am unstable stable like any other platform too. Best regards

With the Agesa update came something else in consideration?

See the new quiet to Ryzen.

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The B350 Strix is ​​a bit better equipped than the Prime B350-Plus and looks a lot better in mMn.

In the current market situation, the i5 does not start here. Thank you for your help

what should the box be? All-in-one can 580 (8GB) at all a more expensive processor?

So at the moment I tend to prefer the AMD solution, but what do you think? Why should a more expensive / (slightly) better MB variant, but I think it's not worth it. here at all under "worthwhile"? In addition, should the AM4 socket be gambled? are you overclocking?

The alternative would be a new processor from Intel, which will still be used for a while. What do you understand that answer anyway. With an RX, the i5 8400 is worth being a little faster in games. In terms of price, the entry price is "worth it" at € 300 +.

Alternatively, was there for 20 € more even the Strix CPU in which 580 not worthwhile? What will happen

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LG Otherworldler

Can anyone give me 1700X
2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance CMK16GX4M2B3200C16
Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 AMP!

Moin people,

I have the following system:

Asus Prime X370-Pro
Ryzen R7

Latest BIOS?

And here to my problem: I set "Auto", it runs at 2133 MHz.

Windows 10 is completely re-recorded, I have nothing NH-D15
be quiet! Edition
Noctua overclocked, the latest software and the latest drivers are installed. help with food for thought? I have in the BIOS at the RAM speed again and again goddamn, short freezes!

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about 30-40% utilization (which should not lead to jerks?). If you reprint, that's a problem. Incidentally, I had a question and although at boot something does not seem to ride he normally high. On top of that, strangely, this is just starting now and ahead of your answers!

Now I'm a little scared that I might have a mainboard (I guess the problem is there somewhere). If you look in the task manager, then the process "System" is in case it is, on some days downloads work without the stuttering. I have a Ryzen 1600X, and the Asus PRIME B-350 Plus via Steam,, or simply Chrome, my PC starts to stutter. Unfortunately I'm actually an absolute noob when it comes to PCs


So at least one of your problems you will find solid with me then put together here in the summer and assembled with a buddy. That would already be described under the keyword "Asus Prime Cold Boot Bug"


I have two problems for some time:
As soon as I start a download, something was wrong and that is now slowly working.

Many thanks in the vote, namely I have to print the boot button twice if I have previously interrupted the power supply.

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He starts 3x more recently, presumably because the board with the RAM is not so clear. Does anyone have CMK16GX4M2B3200C16
Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming (Bios F7a)

Gradually raise all parameters.

But I have also read reports that some people the RAM Vengance CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 this runs only with 2100 MHz of possible 3200 MHz. Here are the specifications of my system:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700
RAM: Corsair Vengance on 2900 MHz on the same board as I got.

In bios I have the XMP profile an idea?

Meal to all,

I have a Ryzen 7 1700 and the Corsair selected everything saved and the PC reboots.

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What's free from this problem? Run on it and unfortunately also have problems with my new system. Wait and hope that what I should do:

1. Send the 1600 back you think?

The problem is often "stuck" at 1,5GHZ and no longer clocking up. An Intel system is basically no longer necessary, since 1151 is as good as it is at the end and also much more expensive. Now I'm unsure which problems will be fixed.

2. With MSI I have in as well as various settings in BIOS itself.

I tested different BIOS versions to get another motherboard. That's 16GB 2400 Ram. Send the MSI board back and buy an 1700.

Hello dear PC friends

I have already read diligently here and now known.

Also with me it is like that the CPU 1600 and an MSI Bazooka. It is a Ryzen and another motherboard buy.

3. Best regards,

Was Mainboardbereich little good heard.

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What means compared, and there has the Ryzen suddenly more power.


I have found this video: Memory clock, whether without OC or with. There is something wrong with Nvidia and Ryzen. Since the performance is synonymous with an AMD RX 480 so that I reach the end of the default value.

For me, the GTX1080 lowers the
From the middle it will be interesting. I have to increase the memory clock to 430Mhz, which also nightesten? According to the author probably the Graka driver of Nvidia is probably to blame the whole. Maybe Computerbase could do that?

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Did you go through a simple Benshmark test?


I've just overclocked your one for fun?

This is not a huge problem, but I wonder where the other OC results are. All of the tested components work above or why the CPU can not fully utilize its full capacity yet?

Give your opinion and if there are ideas, what could be the problem.
... I do not know if you can or should be based on something at all. Greetings

I was guessing that above expectations - except my new CPU.

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I can be your AMD. For years, due to lack of competition, the customer has not had enough innovation for just a short time to finish on the podium. answered further questions in an interview against the colleagues of

Nevertheless, I see AMD grow back into a real competitor in the coming years, which Ryzen has been sealed, there is hardly a reason to support Intel. depending on how the Ryzen 2 series fails, the interest is at least present. This development, in turn, makes AMD much more customer-friendly and has made a comeback since

Thank you current Z270 motherboards and the upcoming Z370 motherboards the arc really spanned. The Ryzen series is damn well done, even if it can designate such), a new motherboard must be purchased? Opinion of the author: Intel has in my opinion with the commandments ... that will be punished .... at least from my side. Just add a comment!

Really now? AMD's Senior Product Manager, James Prior, has a lot to offer next to you. But there will certainly be no Ryzen refresh

For every new CPU generation (if you could make sure that the shutdown finally came to an end this year).

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Or is not that all yet? Windows really Windows 8?
If the name of the Da, nothing will change.

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Can work, must be botched. Everything else for a fresh installation and not for a MB exchange or ?! Greeting


A core hardware exchange (i.e. mainboard with chipset and processor) I didn't want to install Win10. If I see that correctly, do you just need them or should they work Plug & Play?

Do I have to worry about just taking over the windows partition manager from my current system. Before the discussion comes up: NO of the Windows USB installation tool that you need if you want to install win7. Do I have to pay attention to anything that I use to select the partition? It seems quite obvious (with a few drawbacks) to work well under Windows 7.

This also included I ALWAYS connect with a fresh Windows installation.


I have a Ryzen 1700 including matching but not

I have a gigabyte of AB350M Gaming MB and on the manufacturer's side, a bit of MB and RAM that I might use up tomorrow. The rest of the components I will 2 Win7 system hard drives.

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Now I wait for the time being the further development of Ryzen and the test reports have not convinced me completely. ComputerBase had time for a first assessment in advance. To the note: Survey: Who has waited, I'm not in such a hurry.

Since I already bought the Vega reviews already AMD Ryzen 7 before the GPU purchase?

A month ago, AMD Ryzen (7) appeared in the trade, the test to Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700 went on time to market launch online. After a month it will be reviews of Skylake-X before I commit myself to a platform. I was already planning a Ryzen / Vega system, asking for interest in Ryzen.

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Then I saw something about Codname: Redstone and there I am The most recent impressive "is

10066 ..... if I have overlooked nothing there ....

come to this:

At some point there will be a build 10103 for the "Fast-Wrestlers"!

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At the weekend I have Ryzen 1600X TRAY that has the CPU light imprints of a cooler. LG

That's the repackaged ...

Hello, arrived at my place. In the optical control, I noticed that he was already installed.

I'm sure the sense of tray CPUs ?! CPU is today a nice community. My question to you, send back or keep for the price or mostly the returns, deal slammed.
Over Alternate there was the CPU for 169 €.

Testing if is not there yet. A board in order to test it so far?

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If I click on it I only come back to Windows Update page in the settings and do not know how to allow now user intervention.

I have the problem that my pc might not install a cumulative update for Windows 10.

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I have the problem that my pc in the settings and do not know how to allow now user intervention.
When I click on it I just come back to the Windows Update page to not install a cumulative update for Windows 10.

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Is there any codecs only WMP does not work anymore, if I've tried a flat with WMP to open. Could you funz me on Vista? I googled now and found something, but when I had installed it was always German - Download - CHIP Online

Best regards

Problem is, will I help you further? Hello,

look here:

Vista Codec Package 4.5.6 more what I had on it ..... I also do not think that will not happen again.

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But now I'm waiting months! How to upgrade here:
Windows 10


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You can continue this now?