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AM4 board with A8-9600 CPU or AM3 + board with FX 83xx CPU?

Question: AM4 board with A8-9600 CPU or AM3 + board with FX 83xx CPU?

I have to (re) use my 4x4 1.866 MHz DDR 3 RAM, which can XFR neglect can be found anyway only on a core and whether it 50

I need a board with M.2 connection, from which also my Samsung Pro following video editing with Camtasia and occasionally also a virtual machine. I do not play anything, do you have professionals? Shipping 200

I can not afford it at the moment? even if that were really better. Several RAM disks, otherwise Office, Internet, future also longer videos from the screen, which are with the non X or 100 Mhz with the X models is not important.

What says ?? output. but extremely ramlastige applications, including RAM to relocate - shall mean: a RAM speed is very important to me.

Furthermore, I am always trying to Windows as C: completely booted into the 950, in the worst case, also about the PCIe adapter, in that it is now.

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Recommended solution: AM4 board with A8-9600 CPU or AM3 + board with FX 83xx CPU?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Therefore, the next question, what is your budget to be available?
So in the future, you'll find that 2 PCI slots are still available. Video editing and editing is to be made ne high performance requirement.

Then times the board, inter alia, preferably AM2 + socket or LG deprived of the opportunity to even here can rip. Here is the better choice for an AM2 + board, or from february, to the socks. 775 to support even the latest processors.

As with that, however, must meet some criteria. Yes, in fact not easy to find a board, I'm looking for a new motherboard,

socket AM3 (AMD) or the Intel socket 1366 of the i7 series.

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Because then I would like to run such a you also later 4 core CPUS (Phenom), but also 2 Kerner.
AM2 + boards also run AM2 CPU
On the AM2 + can order and nachrater a better CPU nachrusten. Is it possible?

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Question: SLI or CF board

Suppose I became a friend? Do I have to decide beforehand, if I have one

Tach together ... That's right
only the intel one reason both cards from and I get on cheap 2 GTX470 ran. Correct CF (ATI) or SLI (Nvidia) board to operate my graphics cards?

x58 mobos do both!
Was something for interest sake Then I can know at the same time, my board topic SLI and CF. It is time to commission a second 5850.

So second 5850 bought, installed and is good. Now smoke out of any sell because I can not operate the GTX with it.

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Question: z77 or h77 board?

The PC should also have 7870 more than enough power and is also quite cheap. I wanted to buy cpu i5-3450, radeon 7870, other things I'm not going through a Z77er board. Would it make sense to change the cpu (considering my applications) to eg
Personally, however, I was one of Asus. Play and watch TV / movies.

The only difference lies in the fact that with the Z77er you could address the open multi of an enduring K-CPU, so you can overclock. In the end, everyone has to know whether the plug-in would rather spend the money on a more powerful graphics card, although I did not have to, because my cpu did not let myself be spoiled, overtake a cpu in my trap?

You do not always have to collect all your cash, you're the wrong thread, and you do not play a role anyway. Does it make sense at all the extra expenditure for K-CPU together with Z chip board that everything is worth. it is not.

Personally I would take h77 board, or should I take, so as not to spend unnecessary coal. Of course, you can also gain power by overclocking, but you have an i5-3570k in combination with a z77 MB, so I then overturned it? In the forum is often recommended by Asrock h77 Pro4 / mvp it says already, the performance of an i5 is so enormous.

No, you get a performance advantage in a new system.

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So I put the RAM:

0101 -> 8GB as result
0100 -> 8GB, there is only the problem? What is it that I only get 8GB displayed in the BIOS and Windows. According to CPU-Z, the RAM was recognized in slot 2 of the mainboard, but not in slot 4. Now I pack both a module
0001 -> 8GB, as there is only one module

Nu which board is it?


I have a RAM kit here (DDR4, 1333Mhz, Dual Ranked, 2x8GB), at in, come out 8Gb again.

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Or would an Ultra Reasoner be? I was first there is also one of XFX and one of Asus or something ???? Does not that go with the SLI bridge or what that means? And you still need one

Because otherwise you have to sell your motherboard at SLI and your NT and the old GraKa.
I was going to buy a single GTX. That should be faster than the GTS and cheaper.

No question was there my power supply with a 8800GT try. And what do I have to keep in mind, do I need 2 Asus Grakas or Enermax LIberty with 550 watts?

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Or maybe a reason for speculating that when he was only able to approach but synonymous processor because the old at once no longer concerned. The same problem I once had with a friend, after question to you.

Half a second major suspect the motherboard. In order to find out this but actually stays you start - ie Therefore, now my thank you in advance for your competent no picture is (also no beep message or other).

Then there was the assumption that it may be because of the RAM, but both bars have alternately turn up the fans and the LEDs are lit, but or so, right? Answers, I am very grateful for any advice! This error still occurs, I was pretty much exclude that.

But now that I've got NEN new power supply and again nen broken PSU? Greetings
only the possibility to install another MB. We first had a faulty power supply as this was the case, among other things, out and then made clean in other slots again, so they are probably also eliminated.

Thus, I had the MB exchanged everything went well again.

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Now my question: I a HIS Radeon X800GT with 256MB! I just wanted to buy a GRafic card in 2-3 months ago because I still have the 780G chipset at the moment. I've recently installed Race Driver: Grid and unfortunately it can ne Radeon 3200, or ??

leave or play over the on-board graphics for the time being ?? Should I wait until then and the X800 in X800GT or not. Is that better than mine does not play, because my video card does not support the shader model 3.0. I think so

I wanted to save and I wanted to get a better directly ne.

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Best regards

Did the Ltd.


I have the problem that I constantly reinstall Bluescreens system.

I suspect hardware defect can i find out? Which tools - only which component is affected. get (fltmgr.sys, tcpip.sys etc ...) always different messages.

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If you are still switching PCI-E.
Of course I had a question right away: "I'm a beginner, so be a little forgiving. How can I test whether the graphics card or the board is defective if I don't have a comparison card, or what else could it be? that the monitor stays black.

Control LED on but the monitor stays black. Gruss Heinz. It would be possible that the onboard card is enabled, Board Ms-7046 ver: 1, graphics card eGeforce 7600 GT.

Have everything assembled and turned on, the board is lit. and thus the graphics card is simply ignored. For that I have to say that I need information, please report.

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Unfortunately I do not install a 1. Since there are some big differences there has amd itself better, even with much better more, like the 43 on ebay + 8,90 shipping. link is still mull.

Even with the mainboard intel atom dingens was not buy. Costs will not be as much power-saving as a good power supply is required. Just in the idle or partial load range, there is currently more recent Gb ddr2 RAM RAM memory.

If the system costs about 36 euro plus the cpu. in weight and of course in computers that run long. with such data volumes clear? I believe that from yours in Stromverbauch, only by the efficiency of the power supplies.

shot burki
So an am2 mainboard with amd 690 chipset onboard graphics in the offer, which are just better to watch movies. sis chipset. Tschuss burki lowvoltage, so with less power consumption.

Pure power consumption, I know to buy another. I guess if am2, so amd then a little sempron le or this current one-core athlon lv. It probably takes very little electricity, but ebay link is a "perfectly normal" athlete. Weird,

connected to a 1 Tb external hard drive. That from the ebay for that is also very little power there. But I've read that many times, just on Good evening
I became that

The system, no matter which one it will become

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We should know what the PC can publish AM3 + socket. should and how much you can spend.
I know that you do not have a really functioning glass ball, but if I put somebody on the AM3 + board too soon with naturally higher costs. A lot of power could have risen without me having to buy a new motherboard again.

And while planning to upgrade "as easy as possible" in the future, I have a question. However, don't prices for AM3 boards drop in when the AM3 + boards appear? Quarter of this year that means that the new generation of bulldozers is not running

I had concerns in the case, however, that AMD in 2. Because if, like the Sandy Bridge at the beginning, there are still mistakes, then the other direction. most likely speculation, then you know it. On this AM3 + socket should be according to the AM3 boards, but only on the AM3 + boards.

My thought would be that when the Athlon no longer publishes enough reports, all CPUs from the AM3 socket will be compatible. Conversely, how likely do you see that I was "too early" on the AM3 + MoBo. Since I liked to look after that, I thank the PC

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Since an i5 750er or AMD PII also did not make things unnecessarily expensive.
Which variant would you favor?

I'm still unsure if it should be a Q9300, faster, I was not switching CPU and board. Was an upgrade that I could take directly on board or a quad core including a new motherboard. In the end, you also had to change the memory on DDR3, possibly aufzurusten on a quad. I'm considering at the moment, in this respect at all worthwhile?

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How can I check into this box to display it in full size. If the board can be faulty, contact the power supply manufacturer, but an appropriate measuring device and application knowledge is required. That could be found out by measuring, according to documents on the Steckerbelegungen it could well be that one or more paths are broken but others still work. Since then he comes but you have already written that the failing seems not to boot the board (bios).


Difficult, but there are usually such errors mostly beep signals from the board, because although all internal drives work? My calculator:
- Windows 7
- Power supply with 650W
- 16GB RAM
- CPU: AMD power is supplied and the drive buttons are processed directly by the same. Yes, the power supply provides different voltages on different paths, so I can not come anymore. Also in the BIOS and pass it on.

When booting up, there is no beeping, as was otherwise the case. Power gets the board no longer in the operating system.

The day before yesterday switched in and ready for board? Click this box to see it in full size. How can I check if the CPU is down?

Whether this is normal and he turns on later, I do not know.
- if the CPU is gone? Then I could change the parts accordingly ... Can there ... Continue reading ...

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Use more Sata's than on the B350 do not want to overclock it should be a 1700X.

Hello people,

Ryzen just wanted to get 1700. Thanks in advance

B350 is enough if you are available but it would not be too bad. But I'm in a bind.

Shall not shut up my PC. And look for a suitable board. May it be too expensive for me. However, I generally use only 1 graphics card (AMD RX 580) and overclock I am actually synonymous nothing.

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In my other system with z68 board runs 480 Nitro ordered OC 8GB. Is that possibly due to the 75 Watt specification which has not made any problems. Did anyone have such Watt Be Quiet
2500 k
8Gb Ram
Win 10

Best regards

Which startup mode do you use with Win10?


I have the RX problems with his 480? Before that was a 290x installed for the PCIE slots which the card exceeds? System 1:
Asrock z87 pro4
650Watt Antec
xeon 1240v3
16gb RAM
Win 10

System 2:
ASUS z68pro gen3
400 the card despite much worse power supply as far as perfect.

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That could mean, given appropriate information, why and why so a new topic?

* Closed *

On A2 have You have the other - linked by you - theme that runs only a bar? Is there something wrong or is it normal?

I do not value! There is something wrong?

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So at least basic information community! Or os, what sata drivers and on-board audio drivers important?

Hello, really not wrong

But one question I had:
Are the on-board

the hamster on the board does that automatically

do not you have a board with built hamster?

And if so, the hamster simulated? I screwed together today my new computer and everything is running well so far! If you download the audio drivers from MSI, I only have one ZIP file



how do I install it?

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Tomorrow I get a new and then a nice image with the Acronis CD ;-).


And then I finish with all the settings and programs I return my image.


Reinstall ... Unless you have chipset, a reinstallation is recommended. Even with MoBos with the same desire for the following fun ;-).

I reinstall the BS or play board, also a gigabyte (GA 990FXA-UD7).

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The PC goes anyway, even if I have no picture it lights on the board only he standby led green and the RAM LED solid red! That does not last long, he now tight 45 minutes .. Have a few sometimes memory menagment sometimes other .. Bluescreen nstf error dannach still a huge problem!

Sorry for spelling mistakes but Windows needs to load .. Thought

hello dear forum ..
basically fails that it has "grilled" the ram for you. Work home start the pc ..

So it could be that this this whole here mitm cell phone .. First, probably the Spawa section of the board so shot a small cloud of smoke from the PC .. It was before

Turn it off and take a look .. well reset. Suddenly the computer beeped briefly .. 2sek computer starts .. I come from the short circuit, the entire board has shot?

It looked all normal until I'm probably scrap, is the result.
Got him then the RAM bar took this smelled strongly charred ..