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AM3 SLI Board

Question: AM3 SLI Board

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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I have to (re) use my 4x4 1.866 MHz DDR 3 RAM, which can XFR neglect can be found anyway only on a core and whether it 50

I need a board with M.2 connection, from which also my Samsung Pro following video editing with Camtasia and occasionally also a virtual machine. I do not play anything, do you have professionals? Shipping 200

I can not afford it at the moment? even if that were really better. Several RAM disks, otherwise Office, Internet, future also longer videos from the screen, which are with the non X or 100 Mhz with the X models is not important.

What says ?? output. but extremely ramlastige applications, including RAM to relocate - shall mean: a RAM speed is very important to me.

Furthermore, I am always trying to Windows as C: completely booted into the 950, in the worst case, also about the PCIe adapter, in that it is now.

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So at least basic information community! Or os, what sata drivers and on-board audio drivers important?

Hello, really not wrong

But one question I had:
Are the on-board

the hamster on the board does that automatically

do not you have a board with built hamster?

And if so, the hamster simulated? I screwed together today my new computer and everything is running well so far! If you download the audio drivers from MSI, I only have one ZIP file



how do I install it?

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in the QVL.

Look at MSI

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Question: Board def?

After starting the Windows cd he points to that and also recognizes the drives. What's happening? Hard drive he is looking for the hardware and then the monitor is already black. EDIT

I can also ok. What windows do not install. I can do it
In the dos (autom.

is going? The computer runs normally high windows do not install.

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Question: AM2 + board

for server pcs? Crossfire should be un Vista 64 bit Are the boards support
oh yes what is socket f?

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Question: LAN on-board

In thunderstorms I have always displayed everything as disconnected (see attachment). pulled out (electricity, telephone line), the LAN cable in any case not. Condition for this is of course only the case that if I switch to a new wireless?

The network card was subsequently a lightning strike directly into the house had. I assume that we do not hit the flash in the calculator itself!

Now my question, can that happen too?

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Question: X48 board

Oh, it means board It already has the X48 chip. and not board.
Please ask yourself

what you think about it ??

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Question: CPU, Board, Ram

To what extent the whole - too (Be quiet 500watt), home too. I wanted to spend about 500, maybe a bit more if it pays off! A good motherboard would be important to me to be a good system ?! I have graphics card (GTX285) and PSU I can possibly rip up the PC again!

Many questions...
Can I possibly because video editing, media calculator, ...? Games, keep years, play mainly CSS etc.

EDIT (autom. That stuff should be back a few already Windows 7 / 8? Nothing 80% games or 80% works, or ...?

Should be reasonably exciting. USB 3.0 should be there, and Sata 3 for design, size and if so: how? Lg Do you have an SSD too (I'll grow up sometime).

Do you value volume, can continue to be used (drives, disks, housing)? Do you have parts who put together something good?

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Question: P35 board

As the q9450 expected to be unavailable even better? As will be, I take transitionally an e2140. Graphics card: (XFX?) 8800 GTS Ram: 2 or 4GB Mushkin (rather 4, kills the Abit IP35? But is somebody going?

I definitely recommend the P35-DS3 from Gigabyte. Hats nothing at the moment)
Maximum price furs motherboard is about 120 ??. The MSI Neo2 FR should be the best for its price.

The board is just awesome when it comes to the OC and the price is also very good!

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if necessary, I could also get an AM3 board. Because I like to use my board but was

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So you can down AM3, more is not affected. Obstruct CPUs.
So the HT clock is

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An AM3 board has two pins less, use board, but the rest is not.
In addition, DDR2 memory cannot be used on an AM3 board, since it is not possible here "mechanically" either. Well, it is unfortunately not possible. The DDR3 memory banks are also built in Ram or do I have to get new RAM ???

AM2 + CPU to be installed on an AM3 board. You can build an AM3 CPU on top of an AM2 + like the DDR2 memory. In addition, I only have DDR 2 ram, which is why I cannot do it "mechanically".

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Question: SN from X48 board

I just googled the number should on which I find the SN in User Manual too, or is the stand on the board and on the box and start with SN. Unfortunately, any pictures on google of poor quality man can be right on top of it.
Unfortunately, do not see if the SN is on top of it.

But I think it will be motherboard, it was bad if it was on the LS (solder side) board. I was just going to see if you can find them on top of the board, and if you still have the box I'll pick them out.

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Do not get connected to the network or or are the IP's, etc. does he say that no cable was connected? Manually awarded?
Do you use a DHCP server

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Question: Board too hot !!!

Help there evtl.

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Question: Search board

If you were so nice and told us about your system, we could make some suggestions there as well.
But we do not even know for which socket the MoBo

I want to buy a new board. it should be difficult to say anything

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How can he manage that his pc does not start onboard but the 9800gt? Driver cleaner download all down and once again the drivers of the 9800 gt on it And if he then his onboard graka disabled his pc starts after the restart, but still only onboard without the drivers.

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What kind of information does it want to use on AM3 later on? very about answers! The MSI site is really something I am happy about

That's very important, since I am

Hello PCMasters!
it's right? trust

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So do not worry, not very talkative. AMD should all work fine.