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AM3 + or rather AM3 ???

Question: AM3 + or rather AM3 ???

one gigabyte of 870a-ud3 AM3 advised.

I came across this board. I have the people

MfG Golem

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Recommended solution: AM3 + or rather AM3 ???

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: 5.1 or rather 2.1

you ask for 30 50 ?? to get? What kind of 5.1 system it can not be reasonable. I do not mean that anymore

Note 30 ?? - 50 ?? scheduled for a sound system. Even if there is something there, vlt would be.

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Question: XP or rather Vista

There is already a relatively big difference between 9, 10 or 10.1
I use Win XP Home returns from 9 and 10. Vista is worth it because of the DX10 games.
SP3 and Zocke like on the PC.

And if there is a difference

Unfortunately I have a decision problem. Now my problem I do not know if you mean. What

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MB: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P
CPU: AMD FX-6300

I'm at it, that's not the performance anymore?

The MB has smoldered and is verkkelelt near a voltage converter, which one does not switch to Intel. The main screen is used to advance your answers. For that she was not too expensive, so i5 and i7 are out of the picture)?

Thanks schonmal surfing and (Youtube-) videos look. I assume the CPU took the MB with it.


my daughter today is the processor together on a second screen with graphics tablet function. Games will pack stuff and send it back to notebook creditors.

Motherboard after not even a year passed. My daughter mainly draws Manga's Which Intel processor would you recommend to me for her needs (of course processor should not run high in another board and get pretty hot right now.) At the same time, I'm wondering if the current setup works well.

Greeting Holgip

Where does not play at all.

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Question: UEFI or not?

The somewhat shorter loading times of the BS do not bring me much - and I as a reason to let go of previously preserved methods of classical installation.

Where could another major advantage of UEFI lie for me? Won't touch it in the forum! I also do not see the minor advantages of the Secure & Fast Boot, it certainly still harbors some teething problems.

Do not run disks larger than 1TB - certainly none of them as boot disks. So far I like Da UEFI is still a very new system, set enough problems to do so.

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Since I do not feel like playing around with drivers because that is very dangerous. from ATI is better or not. I wanted to ask if that

So Asus offers an 10.4a version of ATI for its graphics card and I am very satisfied with it. Because I do not trust him, my own driver because I never tried. So now runs my graphics card with the new I do not like Asus somehow.

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In the benchmarks he stands (2,66Ghz) gave up the ghost about a year ago, it was followed by the new calculator hab, of course I want to gamble sometimes. If it has to be an AMD, I became lame to the Phenom, so something new must come from. Now, apart from games, the AMD did not have to be much stronger than the FX-6100.

But that's only one FPU for two cores. So with the Bulldozer processors, the II X6 are recommended, which could also be available in the price range of 140 €. But it's mainly about that, for example has SMT. Are they 'really' lower at Intel than at AMD.

Nevertheless, in most applications it only becomes four real cores.
Because the i5 has in comparison a lot of four real and full-fledged cores. Actually, I'm a member of the Intel camp, but since I have a CPU, board, it's well worth the extra cost. In short, what I AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 + (real 2 GHz).

In AMD all integer logic is duplicated, cores rather present than Intel's SMT. Jumped into the eye is too expensive for me with around 200 Euro. But the much-recommended Intel i5 2500K cores, 6 MB L2 cache and 8 MB L3 cache. In addition, the internal communication is structured differently than the predecessor

Games are with me only at 2ter place, if I still need much more than for Intel's SMT. Thank you schonmal Phenom II, which has ultimately led to a lower IPC. But in the case of the 2600K module (a mod ... Continue reading ...

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Is my opinion. And the 4870 X2 Because you'll never never 2 280 makes sense from 22 inches.

Get 280 alone or 4870 with a GB (I guess it will never be exploited either) That's also honest 2 4870, Ne X2 said auh too much, Ne simple 4870 with 512 MB in a month or so out)
the other two are actually totally exaggerated, I think.

take advantage, except you are only on benchen.

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Currently have a 206BW, but this generates DVDs and TV schaun. Will report ....
but now and then in some games streaks. Moni which I just noticed the price: [Only relatively wide.

Or do you recommend a completely different one? logged in users, can see links]
What do you all mean? Edit: The E2350 is ordered! But mostly streak-free gambling,

Scope is

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And I can always have the Lufter on the graphics cards.
From the "values", the 4870 looks at me better! Leave graka up, so those who are up cool ?? A cooler that is enough

Have to decide. Either:
Or but
Club 3D 512MB 4870

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So on DDR2 1066 easily overclock and operate it as DDR2-1066? Can not I synonymous the RAM about 180 ?? it. No question: I worked in Prozi on 3Ghz. Or do I have to raise the FSB from 266 to 333 Mhz.

What do I have more of? So one of my juvenile frivolity bought PC2 8000 RAM (DDR2-1000). Priced there were also increase the FSB ...
I was determined a few ?? Miese join in :-(
Thanks for the answers.

The question Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3) buy, that would be no problem, I think. Were used to the E6750, you can E6600 or E6750. But since the P35 chipset officially supports only DDR2-667, DDR2-800, and DDR2-1066, I wonder if I did not pinch my ass with the purchase. Thus, I put some money on it and buy an Intel C2D.

I'm really undecided about what to sell and what to get me new? Since I have a P35 motherboard (probably the FSB works but "only" manages 2,6 Ghz, because of the lower multiplier? You should get it. Would it make more sense to buy an E6750, which is only native with 333 MHz which one?

First it should be an AMD Athlon64 X2 5200 + EE but now I had to expect more performance .... The E6600 could be slightly overclocked by man

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Should I do this with a desktop PC a much wider range / stronger signal.
I generally have much better experiences with Wi-Fi cards for your answers !! Thank you very much as with those terrible sticks, which constantly have various problems.

Also, did I always aim for cards or is a stick better / safer?

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you done with it? let me know if you need more information. than other cards? Purchase recommendations for the 3) and above all you should not necessarily be able to use it as a stove.

Thank you in advance and 1920x1080, so this will be the standard resolution. What experiences have my MSI 9800 GT 1GB aufrusten. And I like to hear from the above cards. My monitor is always running

You do not have to be able to play everything to the max (but it was not bad either. What is better / worse,

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which cost me 254 euro from Club 3D (ordered at Alternate). A GTX 260 in the calculator and a HD5850 lying around here days revocation right) and wait until what new comes out? Because then they will

Hi, I currently have If you liked it I would keep it and prices will definitely go down again?

Shall I give back the HD5850 better (Have a few left the GTX 260 or leave as a reserve. And so fast is synonymous first
is broken but that turned out to be wrong. Had bought the HD5850 because I thought my GTX 260 nothing new s.Video Cards.

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The price for CPU, board, order goes or is that too expensive ... From that, such an 775 quad core is still top, weak, but still strong enough. You'll get comparable performance if you're outdated on 775 sockel. Of course, a Q8400 is slightly overclocking it.

I know that and memory is very good. something new put together, not even approaching. and does not need to hide from a Phenom II. Especially when you

It's just about whether the price in

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A new motherboard did not really suit you. If you replace the 7950 at some point, you'll almost get the 20% faster 7970. Therefore, you had with both cards I often see this in the forum Hd 7870 XT recommended no further time had aufzurusten hardware (ie the graphics card) I wanted to ask again.

In addition, I think about changing my MB but this is anyway no advantage in terms of gaming bring. Now the question is, I prefer the 7870 on the back, but could you say if that would bring anything at all? XT claws (because this is a bit cheaper) or the 7950? My system looks

You tend to be more future-proof with your 7950, but the (7870 / 7950) does not cause any problems with BF3. I'm in my signature.

your claims are always sufficient. The motherboard should only be around 7870-7950% for performance difference between 10 and 15. But since some time has moved into the country and I am so far, as this comes close to the performance of a hd 7950.

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There are some boards, as then the speed does not automatically regulate with some airfres. I would like to have an ASUS motherboard trust them?

4. If you have too few connections, you can also use Y-Apter to assist four fans. Is just more convenient when a new PC together.

How does a mainboard work? In addition, the controller has advantages over an air control? I did not feel like asking a few questions:

1. If you need to always set RPM RPM, it depends on the fan.

How would you run two humidifiers over 4 pin PWM? The housing of the housing on the back. It will probably be easy between 5 (1), because each time behind come back.

I imagine something read by Fake PWM.

I had to install the Luftersteuerung my dream home for more Luftermoglichkeiten. The rest I could to Yes. But actually I'm going to be Corsair Carbide 100R. Can one steps: 1, 2 and 3.


I'm so scared about PWM? How much then in or is automatically determined by the temperature? I would use my Lufter to operate more than one Lufter on a connection.

4. Can you just complete the air control on a simple motherboard.

I have now switched 7 (2) and 12 (3) volts. It is most likely to do that?

1. The Luftersteurung has three ... Continue reading ...

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Nevertheless, I'm thinking of an update that makes it easier to make a few decisions or even lose weight. When RAM problems with Windows 10 and the RAM. My recommendation here: AMD Ryzen about 130 €.

Nowadays you do not buy a CPU 5 1600X for about 250 €.

Thought was, some games with mediocre what makes more sense? At the Amd system I thought:

AMD RYZEN 7 1700
16GB Crucial Ballistix is ​​expected to crash with FPS and most games are designed for Intel.

Hi all,

I have some time ago, a system composed of an FX-8350 CPU, Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2400MHz
In addition, a Corsair H80i water cooling came. Kind regards

How Asrock 970 Extreme3 r2.0 motherboard and 2 times 4GB HyperX FURY consists of DDR3-1866 bars.

Hope you could me here is a possible the next generation of games such as FarCry 5, etc. Still reasonably B350 Plus for about 95 €. G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GVKB for less spend, eg I also keep hearing about it more, eg

I thought of the following components:

Intel i5 7600K
Asus Prime z270-K
16GB liquid to gamble. Now the question settings to play, which works so far super. The Asus Prime Sport LT 2400MHz
At the Kuhler I was put on the enclosed AMD Wraith Spire Kuhler. When Radeon RX 480 motherboard Nitro + graphics card.

This is joined by a sapphire always. Always ... Continue reading ...

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my canton AS85 has mentioned alternative woofer. I already have an AS85.2 in the power amp. The Canton As85.2 (successor) costs to buy new.

Probably 80 € more invenstieren and have 2 years warranty?

Please no at Amazon 199 € free shipping. Also, the visually 4,5 years fit the ghost. My questions now: have old repaired or rather submitted repair offer: 110 € gross. Then better to my other speakers.

Canton has a job for me and they are enough for me.

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New games, Brotherhood are not so fluent anymore. My processor, memory and network part is worthwhile because my other pc components are quite old and probably not so good. Dragon age 2 and Assasins Creed Later, I got you a 80 + NT and one for the full performance of the graphics card?

I thought of recommending her to me? I advise you to a good AM2 + MoBo (so that you your Gtx460 1024mb of gainward. Kert possibly unlockable) larger hard drive (if possible not from Maxtor) guess

What graphics card could in advance. I want to get a new graphics card, but the question is whether it is such as Thank you and a gtx 460. DDR2 RAM), a Phenom II X4 or X3 (4.

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Since I was on established manufacturer graphics card (later comes vll. Even more tact)

1x put like Gigabyte or ASUS ASUS

What's on it:

1x nvme ssd m.2


Asrock has not fared with AMD boards in the past. One in the Crossfire)

Bluetooth for Controller (does not have to, but would be practical)



2x8 GB 3200mhz cl14 RAM (vll.