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AM3 CPU with MSI K9A2 CF-F Compatible?

Question: AM3 CPU with MSI K9A2 CF-F Compatible?

Are the AM3 CPUs compatible with the board ???
fit on it, but on several pages is synonymous, the AM3 CPU's fit? If I'm right I find on the MSI side only that the AM2 + had to remember!

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Recommended solution: AM3 CPU with MSI K9A2 CF-F Compatible?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Question: Msi k9a2 cf-f

I am surprised now but there on the mobo Some do not see much to nothing, which is the same with the same ver1.0, however, it looks exactly like the 2.0.

boards in the respective version was changed EDIT (autom.

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MfG Avi

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Question: MSI K9A2 Platinum

Or may I only use others, for example? Crossfire cards or

Can I install any PCIe graphics card?

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Question: K9A2 driver

So check it out, then a K9A2 CF-F, a K9A2 Neo2, a K9A2 Neo-F, a K9A2 Platinum .... On the side of msi is quite a lot to download offered, but I ka which one of these programs now needs. help me? Can one

Since we had to first know which K9A2 exactly
There I betray you the rest.

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ask if anyone knows. I just wanted another board. Then I need help with ATI Crossfire
but nothing of SLI) EDIT (automatic Crossfire = 2xAti maps

Hmm ... has unfortunately mitlerweile done ... Whether this motherboard [Only logged in users, can see links]
Is SLI capable? (In the description is well

not SLI-capable ...

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Question: RAID on K9A2 Neo

Peripherals> On-Chip ATA Devices> RAID Mode> 1. Enter and restart the pc, he finds no hard drives anymore .... In addition, there is no indication where

Have already found in bios some settings regarding raid:
Integrated IDE 2.RAID
but if I have the option "RAID" I can open the RAID option when starting ...

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Can also be, you have factual information currently so ca on the stand of 2008 .. That's why I ask for no benefit with the Phenom II.
Should be a gaming system, ware despite

Hello dear community! The 640 available to you ([Only logged in users can see links])
in the eye.

There are differences not supported by AM2 + processors, ie Phenom I Prozis.
Performance difference to the Phenom II? How about seeing links with that]] to find that confirmed. With otherwise identical equipment will depend on the software itself.

The title says hello! How strong, but it depends on different games titles. From the technical news, I am with my higher price a Phenom II preferable.

At the moment I have the Athlon II X4 because of my ignorance .. Phenom II with the same clock class (and of course just as many cores) are the same settings for the Graka, a tlw. Now I read that some mainboards are really only the highest for AM2 + CPUs built at Fps. Unfortunately, depending on the application, there are a bit to much faster than their Athlon II colleagues.

Do you look again at the [[Only logged in users, measurable up to average 15% in it. The result will vary very often synonymous with AM3 processors (So Phenom II) tolerated - right? The Phenom II b ... Continue reading ...

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msi k9a2 neo2 mainboard. I have an Is it here that sometimes you have to change something in the bios so that you can take advantage of the full taktraten. According to the manufacturer, it supports up to 1066mhz but I've ever read in forums

also the case?

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Can you already buy / recommend, or too new?
no new firmware to give. What holds It is new, not even the socket AM2 + where the
new AMDs are running.

It has enough connections and you already have it?

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OC and other I became a few games (shooter, etc.)
I hope that someone can help me here.
future-proof if you believe in AMD. Was advised against the msi because of the lanes - ne gaming-compatible graphics card has 2 graphics cards, then a PCIe with 16 and Sch *** on the other. A good CF board is only available from 100 € (2x 16 times in advance !!

I'm not a real ZOCKER but I like to play
also suitable for playing. Have before me a new motherboard to buy and wanted to know if thank you already

Hi Guys! Otherwise not bad at all, am2 + is already something of 16 lanes and there you can get a bit rough.

Has only eight PCIe lanes, if you're not a gambler, you probably will not lanes) eg [Only logged in users, can see links] could help with my problem .... Do not know if you leave me with the board.

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Mainboard. , or just Athlon X2 processors? The article information is the difference
2. What is AM3 processors like? Also AM3 CPUS will not work

I thank you in advance AM3 processors? namely only Athlon X2. Functioning also in advance for the answers. What is there, or just Athlon X2 processors?

I'm building the PC for myself and because I can not install a BIOS update without Prozi. Athlon II X2 processors work because I can not install a BIOS update without Prozi. Mainboard. the difference

MfG Pcler in advance for the answers. I thank you in advance
1. I am building the PC myself and
1. In the article information stands namely only Athlon X2.

Also work Athlon II X2 processors

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Could you please with now I would like to turn off the on-board Raid controller, but can not find him in the bios. Have 2 HDD installed and never had problems with my old motherboard so.

help solve the problem?

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The settings you can leave so!
Your Ram is running with 800 MHz!

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Question: Compatible?

Good / recommendable: the better but still in the same price range.


I want to buy me a PC for gaming and multimedia and wanted to ask if the following hardware is compatible with each other, if possibly motherboard:

CPU: please read: Guide to a compilation.

Power supply:


CPU cooler: absolutely not.

Can you make it completely new,

Graphics card:

Housing: Forum: Desktop computer: purchase advice -> Before posting

compatible: yes. Still missing parts and if I use it other parts only the graka is fine.

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Because I wondered everywhere. For help. You're welcome

Sometimes it is said that only 1066 and Bin 1333 Mhz Ram Riegel are compatible. what else have read!

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All right, theoretically he should run on the motherboard, they are compatible, we are not here ... Nee internet do not mind!

Why do I go to a computer shop if they can not even answer that? but you can never say that about 100%.

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Question: CPU compatible?

In the CPU support list, only the one with the C2 stepping is listed. running? Fits (I think)

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Yes, you could install the GTX 460 in principle Which power supply do you have exactly?

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Question: SLI compatible?

At current prices for graphics cards, I was advised to sell your old for a second card, of course, must be given. Prerequisites like a SLI motherboard, a power supply with enough reserves Of course you can do that, you just have to make sure that and together with the saved money to invest in a single more powerful graphics card.
new card also has as much Vram as your old one.