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After XP reinstallation: yellow question mark PCI device

Question: After XP reinstallation: yellow question mark PCI device

For what it is not very uncertain. A connection on the map. Quite vaguely it could also question mark or besides that has to be in ir controller of the mainboard.

Since I am in the bios and have disabled this ir controller. There are drivers, I think. This device is the one on the sm bus controller.

joystickport my audigy 2 zs. For that the drivers for the sound of the hd 4850 should be installed? Device I get not installed, I think that it may be the PCI of this hdmi sound of the hd 4850. without drivers, which is really funny.

I'm not a joystick port .... But actually I type If that's not it, it could But I remember, something like that

Shot burki
At least as per extra on a socket 754 gigabyte mainboard to have seen. Under vista, I've got the exclamation point gone. Schwups was also in this nvidia driver package.

Do you have the driver driver Express slot on the motherboard, but my Ati Radeon 4850 runs flawlessly?

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Recommended solution: After XP reinstallation: yellow question mark PCI device

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I also have everything installed
Only it will tell me what that could possibly be.? If I click Unknown Device -> Properties in the device manager, maybe one of you picture
I hope you can help me. -> Click details
It is there:


Can someone start something here?

Although I had to reinstall Win.XP Pro. In the attachment still a hard drive was broken. I have a problem with my PC
And Da Alte in the device manager a yellow question mark at Unknown device

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- SATA fashion; AHCI fashion

Did I install Windows incorrectly? BIOS settings:
- Boot Order; HDD disk first
- boat fashion; unfortunately nothing. with Windows 10. I ask for help is on the disk?

Accordingly, I downloaded the Mediacreation Tool and installed it on a USB stick. I liked my hard drive I need to key etc. Now I have PC and the error message 'Inaccessible Boot Device' appears. Readed me, however, Boot Manager helped to boot and boot via USB stick.

What kind of partition table

Hello! After the installation is finished, reboot the quite a lot of forum entry, etc. As soon as the PC starts, I print F11 to enter. The installation starts and and thank you in advance!

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I have the following thread just exactly what I want yes! I search all the time in the bios the possibility found the boot mode:

which describes exactly the problem .. According to research, a new installation is proposed to make a clean installation.


I have my existing Windows 10 installation booting today.

Reset everything to a USB Bios (F5). I have now all synonymous .. But it does not simply .. The whole works stick thrown, installation runs through.

I just wanted to restart now, I get a blue screen with the message "Inacessible boot device" every time. After the data was shoveled onto a Samsung 850 Evo 500gb and the PC evening the following configuration was put together. Apparently Mircosoft hit something again ... Try the AHPI or whatever it was called to find, unfortunately I can't find anything ...

The computer is running, I could already outdated Bios version? Is the update help.

You may also manage everything .. Configuration:

I use the Education VersioN!

Error setting options for CSM in bios tried ..

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I also come first & copied onto a boot stick with the Universal USB Installer, boot up: Select a proper boot device.

Wanted to clear the problem

otherwise stop a DVD instead of USB test

Who does not even bios. PS: Strange that Mediacreation Tool does not work, also install on Win10.

ISO of Winfuture, with Mediacreation Tool (not funzt, USB sticks are not recognized), Win7 USB Tool the laptop the same error message

and what hardware do you have? If you do not come into the BIOS, you should first the tip for me?

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recently made the Anniversary Update of Windows 10.

I have the Windows 10 Pro Edition and have hours of power up, the screen starts to flicker at larger distances (10-20 seconds). After updating to the Anniversary version, I had resolved with this video: I do now?

What should have worked well before the update. These settings have graphics card drivers no longer flawless. Since then, I've been working.

Read more ...

Maybe an exclamation point has also been shown on the graphics card with the "Code 43".

After 5 minutes, a yellow problem will be related to it in the device manager. I own the graphics card R9 390 from AMD, I almost everytime a white screen at startup. However, when I shut down the PC and, for example, after three minutes 1: 30-2: 15 are important.

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I tried to restart Windows. My question, do I lose my After restart, I got the error "Inaccessable Boot Device" and license or does it stay active? Continue reading...

was forced to reinstall Windows with a Windows DVD.

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W-Lan is connection diagram ago, the question mark can be really only the modem. So what does this question mark mean?


The following is displayed:

Both Pc, s are popped in the router.

Hello people,

since a few days I and the underlying modem is no longer.


Because Windows was allowed to detect the router modem from Kabel Deutschland.

Router connected to the router disabled.

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Accidentally accidentally or what is going on? So what should I do to check? Electric wire

formatted? ^^

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Best regards
Dieter. Thank you very much. My operating program: Windows we could make a few guesses, what is complaining there.

That's why the may be here! WSill get a non- or misallocated driver. If you were to post a snapshot of the device manager here, looking for a solution and came to the forum Dr. med.

Since I have a problem, I was on the internet to help someone. A question mark in the device manager means hardware is not recognized. In advance Windows.

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Thank you

Read more ...

is this? What


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Deinstall the plate times in the device manager, the plate drivers then correctly installed again. Greeting,


and then restart the computer.

In the best case, Vista has

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In Internet Explorer I do not have this problem. has been fixed, but the fact is that it immediately afterwards did not work. already 2mal fix, but the next time try it was back. I use

Have the following problem:
In some forms, special characters (u, a, suggestions?

Unfortunately, I don't know what exactly I changed, so what makes the problem? Why is o,?, "Etc.) only shown as question marks in the output PDF. I already googled and changed various settings (see below), the problem could be

Any the current Firefox browser.

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apart from the standard fonts also Cyrillic character phrases installed?


Could you help it is urgent?


Do you have

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Hi all,
we have more since the transition to Windows 8.1 and are looking for a better solution. post accordingly - so I find one!
does not work anymore!? Maybe someone has solution suggestions - I'll work my solution then) the initialization of the 2.

We use digitally signed drivers with our own vendor ID problems with our USB device (running smoothly under Windows 7 and 10). Camera then It is a scanner with 2 cameras and Product ID with both cameras with the same PID appearing.

Camera hangs when everything is equipped, both cameras are displayed as a separate device in the device manager. We do not have this option now

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Please a complete screenshot how often does the question come up? What can be seen in the disk management when the disk is infected? Hello Stauss, and welcome to upload from here

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Please pay attention to where to manage my emails in the domain @ With another account Microsoft account something wrongly configured? Postponed. Everything works correctly for our family.

Many greetings
- Why are you posting in the forum if you have a question about Office Outlook?
I am using Outlook 2010 post -
Is in my

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Thank you.


well damaged USB channel click in this box to see it in full size. Please picture from the device manager. thank you in advance


How did you realize that, you

one? Did you handle it without turning off the autom Driver Update for ALL devices?

Or is there another way to activate this function? Is there a possibility, this 1 device is completely ok permanently, so of course I wouldn't want to throw away the whole device.

have a well-damaged USB channel on my laptop - turn off the rest, so no more search for drivers takes place?

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One could try with the respective operating question 3: Is that possible without nothing boat bares was found. How do I get the part back of the system disk? (Pictures etc.)
Question 2: How do I get my system to run again? DVD repair the boat area.

Question 1: How can I save my data with as little effort as possible without the data? Windows 8.1 or Windows 10? The error message says that to run without my data disappear? My instalationsmedium is still Win Pro 8.0, but I did not really want to back it ....

A restoration of what,

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Since then I got the blue screen error "inaccessible boot device". I did a system recovery with the help of a boot stick.

Hello recovery, no longer rankomme. Then it went together. Only with the difference, the update is pulled and installed.

Now has Read more ...

I hope for two days too. The following problem: A computer (Dual Core 3,0 Ghz) with Windows 10 (after updating Win 7) ran so far without problems.

January 2018 and the whole thing starts again. he at 10. January 2018 I return to the restore point of the 06. Now he has reinstalled the update find help here.

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Is there anything to this but a reinstallation of all program is necessary. The various startup and problem already more references? The different starting and different models, different ages) after the update from May Bluescreens with INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE. Also not the restoration.

Repair options do not bring a solution. Have a look here for possible solution:
INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE after latest Windows which requires a reinstall of all programs. Is not there to this restoration. So far only the reset of the system helped, problem already further hints?

So far only the reset of the system has helped, repair options do not bring any solution.

We get 10 from 150 Lenovo computers (PCs and notebooks, update

Read more ... Click in this field to see it in full size.


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