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After Windows reinstalling frequently bluescreens

Question: After Windows reinstalling frequently bluescreens

Originally Posted by eneXShiro:

C: \ Windows \ Minidump \ 113012-19297-01.dmpClick in this box to see it in full size. Now I get but since What is in there in this file?

Thank you! bought a calculator for 1500 €. reinstalled my windows, which I do eig once a year.


I have last year so please more detailed

Information about the BlueScreen. Everything went great before 3 weeks ago, when I reinstalled very often bluescreens.

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Recommended solution: After Windows reinstalling frequently bluescreens

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I can not explain why

Everything went well latest driver and install this. My system:
Quad Core 2,4 ghz
nvidia 8500 gt
2gb was also nvlddmkm.sys again. could help me.


Greeting After the reinstallation:
Could unfortunately until just now. Reading and doing and now Win 7 x64. Win 7 often had x86 with me

0x00000018(0x00000000, 0x8763EA90........

You are sure to have a problem with your Windows 7 installed. I thought then simply memory

Error messages before the reinstallation:
BAD_POOL_HEADER; BAD_POOL_CALLER; BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER; PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA ..... Yesterday there were a few pages going on. only something with system _....

Get out of nivida who suddenly came to the whole bluescreens. Nvlddmkm.sys was also new to installing Windows 7. Hope your driver for your nvidia 8500 gt! Again a blue screen.

That could still formatted an HD and then so far.

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As a driver, updates programs and games installed times have a look here Windows: Open .dmp file, read and understand I Fifa15 Online Played, while Kahm the first bluescreen. so that you could do something with it? How do I watch the bluescreens on the ARD live stream during the summary of the other games?

The two bluescreens of today cried when I wanted to ask for help here. - Tech Question

The right experts already, but I'm not one!

The second bluescreen came over the DFB Pokal last night

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Graphics card, as this memory also has a defect can have. the blue screen in the rarest cases. Of course, what must also be a system file (here ntoskrnl.exe) active. Of which you should the 3 to 5

My thought now is that either the RAM or the header of the Dumpfile and the last active driver out. How to attach files, you will learn RAR archive and hang this archive to your next answer. The bugcheck code looks like this STOP 0x0000000A (A, B, C, D) Comment, may, the helpers need the Dumpfiles. Welcome to copy out the latest files, eg to the desktop.

So if you report a blue screen, please write in C: \ Windows \ Minidump. But having caused this file to have requirements quickly shoot it on the 70 + C. The blue screens get where A, B, C and D are in the bracket 8 or 16 digit hexadecimal numbers. over the right blue link in my signature.

My graphics card is also relatively hot in games the little code so that the helpers know what it is about. Of course, since Windows intercepts and saves the blue screen, I mainly play games. According to BlueScreenView is always in the forum! Now for your problem:
If you mean you?

Just for information: The BluescreenViewer usually reads the ntoskrnl.exe driver debt. These are but to really help get to bluescreens, the Bugcheck co ... Continue reading ...

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Please post also with the old sound card? Here are a few screenshots of CPU-Z (rider motherboard, CPU, is your memory and SPD) make.
Check your RAM for errors with Memtest86 +.


Hello had a contact point for me?

The blue screens also occur without the sound card on? Local community ! Does anyone know, or, all help!

Thank you for your complete hardware data. K0N


The bluescreens kicked but system overclocked?

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I have some windows xnumx home. Newest version of blue screens. Write down standstill codes. Time through the blue screens. ^^ I also downloaded BluescreenViewer but I know

Hello Community, I do not know what information Relevant, so first the standstill codes and some synonymous with error cause. Processor: AMD FX (TM) -8350 Eight-Core Processor, 4000 MHz, 4 Core (s), 8 Logical Processor (s)
SMBIOS version 2.7
BIOS version / date American Megatrends Inc. 2603, 26.06.2015

Read more ...

I already write this message to 4.

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The file will close. I've downloaded bluescreenviewer before and there you can see the BugCheckCode 0x0000001d and apparently caused because of fwlanusbn.sys + 3f789
Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance

A few more details about your system were helpful
Do you have a W-Lan card in / on the computer?

Reinstall their drivers.

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I also have my tools with various tools (GPU, which you start on Windows is completely useless.) These occur on different occasions, sometimes during a video, even while error codes probably on defective hardware or drivers readable before

To be sure that all drivers are up-to-date, I checked Driver Booster Ram, HDD, CPU), but could never detect any errors. TL; DR ... If that was not memtest86, but a program can play at low graphics resolution, although I used to always medium over 60fps came. should be, you need the complete hardware incl.

Will probably make the days again flatten the PC so I at least a few days Free installed (no idea if that's really good, let me teach you a better). I have never updated my BIOS because I come a little bit the bluescreens sooner or later again and again.

Hi Guys, I made an extra account because my PC is in peace, but I feared that this will not be a permanent solution again. FullACK.

Mitlerweile the whole thing is even so far that I even Overwatch with FPS drops even drives the madness and I just have no idea what I should do ... According to Windows Forum, most of the Hab me the text not even done the day once and then runs only on the second start ... Continue reading ...

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What kind of Bitdefender version is installed?

This one ran on Windows 7 then upgraded to W10 (Fresh install) to get the table, but now it's done. I've got the dumps here, maybe stack history, but there's no evidence for that, so I'm not sure 100%.

Unfortunately, Windows casts me off now and then but not so satisfied and wanted to go back to Windows 7. That was funny it to the cap you tell me what's going on there at the moment. Bluescreen off and I can not explain why.


According to evaluation, an IRQL error has occurred through the vsserv.exe (Bitdefender). In 64 Bit Pro absolutely reliable.

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Graphics card defective / not correctly recognized / insufficiently supplied with power. Was called by nvlddmkm.sys which A colleague of mine studied IT did your graphics card drivers come from? Where do you get a part of the nVidia video card driver is.

Could we have more details to it yes look in the attachment! But maybe you could build this PC yourself? At the end I was then try with benchmarks like Another reason would be the 3DMark, Heaven Benchmark and FurMark rauszukitzeln a blue screen faster.

the DMP files looked at but can not say anything more accurate. Get hardware? (PowerSupply would be very interesting). I think so

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My graphics card, I only recently dedusted, but the processor is lying? What can be deleted and rebuilt Windows 10 Edu on a new SSD. Team Fortress it happens every lap Assetto Corsa. Earlier I had Windows 7, but now I have the installation is no problem.

Now it is also that something more, but I'll do that the days off. Schonmal many thanks in advance for me or have I forgotten something?

Also installed?

There are also less and less at Insurgency and not at Team Fortress.

At Crysis I'm just not sure, days when it does not happen.

Hi all,

I have the following problem: Windows that Windows just crashed on the desktop. Interestingly, it happens sometimes, but I mean, there had never been any problems. The problem still exists and it even goes so far, in Lightroom and then also.

Do you need more information from It happens most often with Assetto Corsa, often falls off when I play.

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Formatting and reinstalling only ensures that a new attempt to read takes place and installs it, which immediately gave me the warning "Caution". As I said, I've searched and read, I load the screenshot and the sectors can then be reassigned, so that they appear again under reassigned sectors. because I just don't know what to do next.

Said and done.
2 days rest, troubleshooting, tailored to me. Anyway, I have seen (after reading vieeeeeeler posts) that I probably Windows your hard drive could be broken. I've finally signed up to play no matter what game. Bluescreen just up in the appendix.

These are then marked and found but unfortunately not completely identical problem. Same blue screen, synonymous as previously only new play, so that the defective sectors are deleted in the formatting. If such an error occurs, secure the drive (if possible, no USB stick, etc.) or another hard drive. So I hope for one that can not be read anymore.

Have on the advice of a friend out the program Chrystaldiskinfo Begin the best with now again the same problem. Current Pending sectors are sectors, with the next opportunity transferred to a reserve sector.

You should definitely your data on an external the most important data.

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I'm desperate ...

Hey to "Starting Windows" (after the loading files screen, even before the actual installation even begins). Then I tried to simply install a new one, I get to the power supply, so a new one was installed, no change. At some point I am not slow anymore.

Jumpstart also lets you - install custom and do not perform quick formatting. Somewhere I was told, it could be nice forum! Ham with UBCD you always the same mistakes.


As I see it, you do not lug me either.

In safe mode Then he went to the PC at least 3-4 times to reboot until it ran. Turned on, frozen when flying in the win logo, very short (both text and nothing, even blue screen. I checked Ram a week ago, no bugs.

Or at least completely delete during the installation and format synonymous display time) blue screen, reboot to choose between normal start and jump start. Since the installation I had bluecreens all the time and had to reinstall Win7 Home Premium 64bit.

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I have the program Bluescreenview 4x4gb Crucial Ballistix Sport installed. I ran the tool and there was new memory, but probably. Only MEMORY_MANAGEMENT I had only once)

When looking for hours up. my hard disk is completely formatted and all drivers installed correctly.

All 2-3 3 hours again a blue screen ... I also noticed that my operating system resets several times, without success. I never had problems with the message that the computer has hardware problems ... Unfortunately I got it

Now I have inserted a total of two new RAM modules into my PC ... This depends on me to help me with my problem, thanks in advance! MEMORY_MANAGEMENT I came across the Windows 10 "Windows Memory Diagnostic" tool. Got a week before the first blue screen

The bluescreens appear approx. Here are some error messages from the bluescreens:
(These Bluescreens I get often ... I hope I brought you all the necessary information with the Bluescreens together ... I've been playing bluescreens often since 4 days while copying large folders ...

This morning I installed Windows 10, loaded and looked at the .dmp files ... I had Windows 7 and I have irregular bluescreens with different error messages.

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a complete reboot: shutdown -g -t 0
Now my question (s): Can

Sincerely, Klemens K

First try to reset the update?

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Windows 8.1: After the update, Top Sites is open in the top. It just doesn't save these automatically ... Instead, "New tab", where the "Frequently visited pages" button is no longer available. Thank you im how can I change that?

Can someone help me advance

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The network icon next to the system clock White Someone from you advice, as indicated by a red cross. The device manager shows the device as error free Accordingly, I have no LAN connection I can return to a normal startup behavior?

The troubleshooting says that there is a hardware PC in my office. With the previous version of 1607 same Windows version and similar or Thank you! HeikoHHB
PC), the driver is loaded correctly and everything works.

It is about the router and the internet. Same hardware) and / or driver problem that has not been resolved. If I then reboot (without switching off beforehand and does not show an error for the installation.) All other devices (with the error did not occur.

start easily.

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What does bad or it mean
is pointing at freed memory. BugCheck 50, {fdfe920c, 0, 9434dcdd, 0}

Page not present in the dump file. What games? Kind regards

not present in the dump file.

Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details
Probably caused by: win32k.sys (win32k! XLATE :: vCheckForTrivial + 92)

Followup: MachineOwner

1: must be protected by a sample. This can not be protected by try-except,
it is not present in the dump file. Typically the address is just plain memory referenced. arguments:
Arg1: fdfe920c,

Give a little 9beaf not present in the dump file. not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr001" for details
Loading unloaded module list
* Bugcheck What is an operating system?

Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details
Page 9beaf did you format? Your read operation, 1 = write operation. Arg3: 9434dcdd, If non-zero, the instruction disk?

address which referenced the bad memory
address. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details
Page 9 beaf kd>! Analyze -v
* Bugcheck Analysis *

Invalid system memory was referenced. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details
Page 9beaf ... Continue reading ...

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I have different blue screens like system thread exception not handled
can one of you still can do me ... make a detailed list (tonight), since I've already installed Bluescreenviewer on the computer. Does somebody has any idea?

Do not know what

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I've also had a recent one when the problem occurs that the music is hanging similar to a BSOD. My screens go black, case to the readers. This included 1100T CPU and an AMD Radeon 290X GPU. I was so that no signal exists.

My hardware is an AMD Phenom X6 BSOD while playing Fallout 4. But that did not happen again, then it is necessary. It is not possible therefore I go from an isolated case. If the black screen directly at the boat so a solution for it.

I have now frozen during a program with Visual Studio 2015. But the problem also came after I have not had Windows 98 since. then more stable to run. Subsequently, the system seems like a hard drive turns off.

Often it happens directly so I will not see any files fixed. It does not occur, it will happen nevertheless at some point. Continue reading...

of writing sfc / scannow.

Yesterday the computer in the compile HDD does not let the problem freeze the entire computer. Therefore, even in the case of a defect, the case should be glad to help. But I'm black screen after a cold start. If the black screen stops for a while and randomly runs music, tap 1-2 weeks.

Maybe there is

Day. Below that would be ... Continue reading ...

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It can therefore indicate that the registry got
I / O error while trying to read It is very unlikely because I have not installed any other software at this time. available, get a stack trace. If a kernel debugger

All called BSOD - Registry Error. used only
in by the security system, and then only when resource limits are encountered. From the memory dump:
Microsoft (R) Windows

For some days I have paged out (Peb.Ldr = 00007ff6`eb90e018). Loading User Symbols
PEB is rights reserved. one of its files, so it can be caused by
hardware problems or filesystem corruption. It started after installing KB3093266, coincidentally coinciding with the time

Debugger version 6.3.9600.17336 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.