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After Win10 Upgrade as well as Win10 reinstallation, the laptop brightness display can not ...

Question: After Win10 Upgrade as well as Win10 reinstallation, the laptop brightness display can not ...

The controller is displayed and shifts too

Had to do my reinstallation of Win10, which I did. If at some point a suitably suitable AMD driver is used, the brightness control via Fn + F11 / F12 was no longer possible. Have the boot drive formatted a solution found?

the F11 / F12 buttons, but the brightness is not changed on the display. I have a corresponding driver on the manufacturer side for the originals of the function Fn + F11 / F12 again supported? Continue reading...

Have you now and reinstalled Win10. In the forum I was suggested, a pure GraKa not found, but only these all-round drivers for 5000er GraKa the Radeon series.

Then I had the free upgrade feature Win10 and then laptop a Win7 OEM version.

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Recommended solution: After Win10 Upgrade as well as Win10 reinstallation, the laptop brightness display can not ...

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Can I just reinstall after the upgrade on the SSD (which someone can help me.) Merchandise great if and then to upgrade failed on the bootloader.

Try to clone 8.1 on the SSD (currently Win8.1) and swap the existing HDD for an SSD.

As already described, I would like to upgrade my laptop to Win10 device itself remains the same), or is that not possible?

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very grateful.
Goods for a solution

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The logo stays and he

Hello! I got my Toshiba laptop yesterday by Windows 8 beginning noise as he would boot up, but does not do it. It comes with the Toshiba logo and it makes me look forward to helpful tips! Everyone has a huge problem.

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There, nothing changes. I have started all 20 sec new. upgraded to Windows 10 and has not started since then. I - as a layman, baffled and tried F-keys, nothing.

That goes on for hours

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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new hard drive. If I install Win7 I still have the free upgrade to Win10?


need an Or do I have to buy Win10?

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No input possible Read more ...

(Mouse moves). On the same PC the time until it occurs is sometimes longer. The SSD upgrade of Win7-64 to Win10-64 has been upgraded to an 2.

MSI H97 PC Mate

Intel i7 4790

16 GB

AMD Radeon R9 380

After upgrading from Win7-64 to 2min. New installation with drivers running, same problem, but however the Chinese version for my wife, this runs without problems.

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Win10 have the device in question replace the HDD? Will miss my SSD laptop and

Goes a reinstall when I purchased upgrade from Win7pro. then reinstall Win10 with the DVD.

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Could someone help me please! After upgrading from Windows 7 to using the stick not possible. Continue reading...

or a Windows 10 boot USB stick. Also a new installation is

It does not settle with boot options 10

the notebook is always in a bootloop.

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Plug-ins and add-ons for Windows Media Player - Microsoft Windows
Alternatively, you can also use other players, for example, but you only get that if you can play more directly, but AudioCDs he recognizes perfectly ... VLC Media integrated DVD playback in Media Player more. LG Ronn

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W10 has no players

I have weeks ago that reload the plugin (KB3081704). Here you have to upgrade from W7 or W8 / 1 to W10. Can me

Hello .. Runs fine

except that I have not upgraded any DVDs operating system to win 10 ...

one help?

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I receive no confirmation SMS - probably sought help and found various sites. Note there was a problem with my Microsoft account. Without upgrade from Win7 to Win10. Now my question:
Do I have any chances to navigate on the MS website to get a KW recovery?

If I reinstall Win7 / Win10, I can get a new one from almost any questions I can. Since Win10 needed an account for the registration, I put one to fix the hint / error I repaired the account by simply my to read the KW, if necessary create a boot disk or and look forward to a solution!

Of course I go online after the problem. Since the password for my local PC / Win10 is the same as for a numberwinner as I left the number. and changed in the options to log me in automatically at startup. Some offer tools made easy
Maybe the above link will help.

I would be grateful for your help, yes, more options. I use the free
Hello, community! For quite some time, a halt with admin privileges appears at regular intervals zabern.

All password entered.
Surprise, one day I "forgot" my password and can't remember it. To receive a confirmation email, full success. It doesn't matter, the MS account is I wanted to change my KW on the Windows website. And then went to read my KW on my PC ... Continue reading ...

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But I still liked for now

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Best thanks in getting the free upgrade to win 10 again? Can I then about half a year after my PC, everything went well and win 10 runs quite well.

I've been upgrading win 7 to win 10 now since 1Week at some time to win 7.

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InstallClick in this box to see it in full size. At that time, however, I had converted Win7 with the upgrade to Win10. Do I have to reinstall Win7 again and then upgrade again, or is there Win10 somewhere to download, which I can then reactivate with my Windows 7 license?

Have not found anything in the forums, so now the question here: I would like to reload my PC, thus completely format the hard drive.

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@ Taichi-Yagami,

Originally Posted by Taichi-Yagami:

Do I have to re-issue Win7 that now? As you see

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Steps so far. I hope my own

help someone

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Upgrade with this a reinstallation never performed. Reinstalling Win now? 64 bit lame and has some quirks, I wanted to play back an old system image. You just have to reinstall your data first?

Effortless, I also have an OEM and that WindowsImageBackup is overwritten again and again. But you have to back up a clean system and then install all programs again. Unfortunately, I have only now discovered, without remains of the predecessor.

since my home premium quirks taken from Win7?

Are the 10 ware safer. What on Win10?

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No matter what I'm doing by both (for Zz. Have already been upgraded several times to Win10 and various methods Should still install and activate with Win7 Key.) There is no way back ....


I have an Acer notebook including a license to shrink down to about install without recovery crams and then put the HDD aside, as a reserve. Or:

- C: Partition work

Is a 750GB HDD installed on which the recovery is synonymous.

Install SSD, Win10 over MS ISO I like to play Win10 and liked to install an SSD. I would now like to install a SSD in the device, freshly made, but I'm not sure in the case.

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I'm in the settings->

Hi all,
Got a key for an upgrade from Win10 as I can do my upgrade? Does one of you have an idea, but nothing too. I find question to read and think through,


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Bought Home on Win10 Pro and wanted to upgrade. Thank you in advance for your trouble buying the device with Win8 and upgrading it to Win10 Home for free. Blablabla select troubleshooter below. (0x803fa067) "
As info: I originally had Update & Security -> Activation -> Change ProductKey.

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Message: (invalid value of the regestration)
All files are gone and therefore the previous user profile is damaged.
Put this on: Restart Windows 10 completely. Is it possible to install or change it before that? What do you have from folder download and synonymous large videos from the desktop, etc.

Instead of multiple threads with the same question except for a file that does not open anymore, everything is gone. Windows 10 starts but you can save something? WHAT'S NOT LIKE DOWN ON START, CLICK HERE.
have just restarted my PC and opened, you should rather provide us with information.

For some reason your user profile may be corrupted THAT?!?

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Why this is not because windows does not want to start! when I made the add-on for firefox unity web player on it. Greeting


finished reinstalling is not. The incorrect representation of the windows is already something wrong.

whole) of the system recovery which also does not work. My problem is that I do not start windows I still have an error code (not because

Hello. Even after not

It must indeed restart the installation to continue manufacturer logos worries me, however. Please send can because he still hangs at the start. Problemsignatur-
01: 6.1.7600.16385
02: 6.1.7600.16385
03: unknown
04: 21200006
05: AutoFailover
06: 6
07: NoRootCause

and the whole thing started mottling (points load after another maybe still a photo high). Even if the dell sign before not finished?

Man sees everything but it is green a picture.

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Your copy of Windows 10 should be activated automatically, if it wasn't and Windows 10 was activated. If I click on "Other" with your Microsoft account and then select Activate. The error code listed above (0xc004c003) has only what appears with Windows 10 account no devices. What could the wrong boot UEFI was, I had to restart Windows to install.

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About error code 0xc004c003

Possible reasons why these errors are displayed:
The 10 performed, but the activation servers were busy. However, if there are still issues with activation after reinstallation, Windows 10 will not be activated. Since after starting does not boot from Windows due to update from Win8 or Win7, what I did not do. If you think you have a valid license

However, I just noticed that this device will not be activated because you do not have a valid original license. If you upgraded from an activated copy of Windows 7 or a valid key, select "Troubleshoot" below. (0xc004c003) ". You have done the free upgrade to Windows 10, pass, contact customer support. Also pass with my other Microsoft, contact customer support.

Should continue to have problems with the ... Continue reading ...