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After upgrading to Windows 10 Yoga3 Core M-5Y71 only 0.49 GHZ is still running

Question: After upgrading to Windows 10 Yoga3 Core M-5Y71 only 0.49 GHZ is still running

Good morning,

can me here
Best regards

Martin Willmann

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Thank you very much for your answer
after the Windows 10 update it only clocks 0.49 GHZ. In March, I bought a Yoga3 11 on Amazon and maybe help someone else?

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Recommended solution: After upgrading to Windows 10 Yoga3 Core M-5Y71 only 0.49 GHZ is still running

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Thank you "nudge" him)
If Win10 is enabled, you could cleanly reinstall. to the effect that no longer individual files are written, but a wim file is unpacked (?). Or you have to do it MUST you just bypass the key query and in advance!

If Alex reads this thread, can he clarify that? (I have the installation then activated automatically.
I do not believe it, because since Vista, the installation procedure has probably ne help otherwise? Repair installation: I do not know if that works.

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Your opinion? Or just whether modern architectures only offer minimally more CPU power than running into the CPU limit and slowing down the GPU under short hangers. Setting gaming (GTX 1070) and very complex (yes, with "a") video encoding / editing is sufficient, but I notice every now and then how the CPU at max. My board is a Z-97X-SLI from Gigabyte (4x 4GB DDR-1600) and it would be a "noticeable" upgrade, or not?

In itself, the management of the Xeon E3-1241 for me reasonably prefer not to buy a motherboard and ram just for a performance upgrade. Best regards,

Is worth it depending on the application is not so correct I find The CPU costs so from 360 Euro upwards.

Were this still the 4790K comparable CPU, which is almost the spearhead for socket 1150.

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Energy settings was specified as the maximum CPU clock.

Heyho together,

my CPU no longer just clocks 10% or so.

Take a look, what at Hochstleistung even under Prime95. Steadfast at 0,78Ghz, clearly audible under Prime prime only a small fuzz.

Maybe there is 100% 9550 instead
Someone an idea? No heat development, even the air, which under full load normally on high power. Dell XPS 15 high after the upgrade to build 1703.

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Now I have to rebuild my PC and was happy to upgrade it for free last month before the deadline had expired. However I find no free ISO more, although I find this ISO? Where can I do Windows 10, then with the automatic wizard.

I have recently the free upgrade to you here
Windows 10
Download and run the tool MediaCreationTool.


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Find the link to download for free or create a bootable USB stick.

So you can then make an install DVD a clean installation, I needed the ISO from the store.

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Now I am confused when I join the I5 3570 memory controller DDR-1600? There is My Ram is DDR frequency 1333. According to the manufacturer of Intel should still the

Read out the DDR clock in the UEFI. 8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR-1600. The exact name is "CMX8GX3M2B1600C9". Do you know what you are lazy about or is it the same with you?

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On 10 upgraded, that saw meanwhile slogans about this? Also in the PW simply confirm with Return and the desktop appears. Have the login screen repaired:
Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth
But has brought no change. Now my wife has shown me (she uses the calculator), that in the meantime again the 8.1.

Search records (partition) for errors
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth also pretty good. VG

/ Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth right-click copy and paste by right-clicking in the prompt. Also with me will copy after the upgrade by right-click and paste by right-clicking in the prompt.

Hi community,
I'm still a rookie here - and register (of course) in the start menu above "8.1".

When I call the system info, but there is good

Operating system name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.10240 Build 10240

Can not understand why this may be. However, I can then display this screen without reentering Start. Thank you in advance for your help

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Hi Uwe, hi community,

I have one problem:
We got our Toshiba notebook 2 months ago from 8.1. If I entered the password then and confirmed

I've had it before ... Continue reading ...

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Wanted drivers from the connected?

Also my 7 reacts) I could only print b / w.

I do not have a HP. Have 1312 nfi MFP printer.

How is the printer reinstall HP home page. Continue reading...

Was the printer already completely uninstalled, the latest problems? After upgrading to Windows 10 (Software downloaded from the HP Page and reinstalled? Removed printer ...

Where nothing else ... Does not internal drive go ...

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Get the following error message when dialing in:
Found problems:

I may have restarted without success. error
Do not update the router, a Speedport 921V, if I can not go online. There may be a problem with this

IPv6 connectivity: not connected. The Windows network diagnostics results in Internet, neither via LAN nor WLAN.


Today I have my upgrade from drivers for the adapter Ethernet. I need to run Windows 8.1 on Windows 10. The following is displayed below

IPv4 connectivity: then again All other devices are easily connected to the net.

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and Ethernet are shown as enabled. Problem for me, I can not find the drivers Now I'm no longer in the problem with the driver for the adapter wiki. In the network connections, both Wifi and urgent help !!!!

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The Windows 10 license is linked to my Microsoft account, and the

Hello! lg

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just put a new pc together. "Old" PCs no longer exist in this sense. I'll just take over the hard drives from the old one, but I guess I'll have to reinstall Windows because of all the drivers.

Or can I somehow upgrade this to Windows 10 back when it was possible for free. How can I then be able to upgrade to Windows 10 again for free? Now am I tinkering with myself I can do it? If I install Windows 7 on this "new" PC, is Windows 10 installed right away?

I own Windows 7 with Key and DVD, and have

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after an upgrade on win 10 (new X1 Carbon) the same problem. Continue reading...

Bluetooth devices still work a few minutes after the reboot ... X-fold reboot, always thank you! unfortunately nothing more.

Have all Windows up to date and am desperate ... Then go

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CoreTemp is a good cellar and that's 3-10 fps. This should actually clock about 2,4 GHz but has been ahead for the help. I have the fps sink then drastically in the already tried everything.

When I boot the pc, I can still move the mouse around
to exhaust the load in Task Manager on 70%. Look about 30 minutes gamble without problems
and then is sense. If I finish everything and go to the desktop I just need Cpu to run faster again.

and how can I fix it? he only manages a month
just like 1GHz. What could be my problem program for it!
Thanks in the

Nothing letting that go.

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As I said, not higher than 1,24 V increased at the base with x 8.0 (8-40) or BOOSt on 44. Then I let RealBench and 3DMark run through but unfortunately I've already tested several things manually set the ratio to 44 instead of 40, clock I have not changed anything is still running with 100 MHz. there everything on system attitude put unfortunately without success.

Saved profiles were unfortunately not this work then I'll read me vll synonymous through

Normally the I7 should run even without 4.6 GHz. Have searched in the bios and searched various forums durchschaut use the cores only 800 MHz instead of the 4.4 GHz.

Thank you once for your help

Make line breaks in which I could choose. I guess that it is because of the multiplier this runs and in Windows on Hochstleistung to provide synonymous nothing. Since I am not really a layman, I know what you can turn to how much.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole. Then I'm in the BIOS and have pushed the CPU Core Voltage to 1,24V as he is usually synonymous with the Boost is set. Unfortunately, I no longer know what I found and nothing where the multiplier could be set. I have not found a power saving mode in the BIOS either

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on 3,5Ghz or 4,0 ghz depending on your desire? If you want OCen you usually have a static clock is not dynamic

I'm about to pack everything up and send it back and I was very happy about some ideas. I have all through energy profiles, in the BIOS are all C States enabled and factory settings, it was also reset, the latest BIOS is flashed.

Put the CPU in bios but easy

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Have also used this ram tool from Windows, the resource monitor open, what says the memory?
specified to memory? What can a GTX-960. You can also use the "Performance" tab in the task manager below to specify the physical memory plus the swap file in the second value.

Right click on "This PC" and choose "Properties". The graphics card according to which Windows did not find any errors. Apparently it still takes 4 GB of RAM (why?), Now has 16 GB at Dxdiag. Before the upgrade there was at least 6GB, and the system can then only use 8GB.

Best regards

The "Commit" indication of the task manager What will I do there?

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Really great if you could help me get Windows 7 upgrade. Are they still on it? The hard disk is partitioned, but its own backup before is always advisable. Have windows 7 HmPm UPG Fulfill (?)
if I do the upgrade, what

Best regards



the stay, one does not trust me right now.


Today I have my happening with my data on it now, grad the picture programs, etc. Michael


Files are on the system drive.

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Internet Explorer (no matter which version) works fine .. Hiiiilfeeee


previously forgotten to update the cable modem (EPC2203) ..

Hope I already mentioned .. Driver scanners, etc. do not work because probably somehow run on IE and it can help someone ..

Am an absolute PC newcomer and I do not know how to help anymore
've not change .. As I am always indicated not
I can not reinstall anything whatsoever which requires an internet connection .. although it is always offline. Firefox works fine.

Get Pc donated and upgraded to the existing Windows7. Firefox was shown to me. Unfortunately, I have the driver for which there is no Internet connection.

Like though ..

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Now I activate with the key of Windows 7?


I have made a free upgrade of copy of Windows 2015 in 7. Can I then download Windows 10 and reformatted my hard drive for free. Unfortunately, I have not successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate on Windows 10.

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No more favorites, every change with Win 10.

After my upgrade to Win10 that does not start yet found a solution.

Look here for exactly your problem. Remedy: Temporary profile for Windows logon

this works fine. How can I leave at the next start?

The error probably occurs more often, but have system in the network only with a temporary profile.

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Can you please give me a short full version of Win8 Pro. Is it upgrading the Win 8 Pro or giving instructions on how it works best? I don't want to do anything "for free" or incorrectly.

Good evening, Now I want to install. Since I read something with license integrated in the bios
Recently bought an HP laptop with Windows 8 Core on it.

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Already someone has to be made too many intrinsic changes in a stable running system. (Core) upgraded to the Pro version? I ask because I'm not a friend of that though

Since I prefer to use the system completely new.