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After Biosflash problem

Question: After Biosflash problem

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Recommended solution: After Biosflash problem

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Biosflash on SLI

Cards in the SLI, and can not be changed. Unfortunately, I find this bios nowhere.

This is the intel chipset have gegooglet but nothing came around. Does one know where I get this

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I have learned a lot, because Acer will not shut down until I'm back ..........

I have the laptop of a good friend with me to look after her monitor black, power button illumination,

The source was that one read how I can blindly flash the BIOS. A small 1 / 4 match-sized black plastic piece with a print probably in advance.


If this is important, I know that will help me. But the work came, everything was as before - broken.

Yes, someone was on it when she was irrelevant of the request. What should a Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit install, despite 4 RAm ... At this point it was already sold out, so "A13", look for my magnifying glass, then I know exactly.

But he was not only spared hardware-wise, for example he could easily see that someone was fooling around. For the day the laptop "didn't work anymore" ... I had the thought that it didn't work here (only XP, Win7 all versions). Please, I think there is no application file stored, regardless of whether it concerns drivers or operating systems.

She has not gotten a CD to the motherboard and through the formatting of the Others, 20 Euro ... you can not understand exactly how it came to. Submit I think also pointless, Acer will be a virus synonymous could be ...

I had to go and ... Continue reading ...

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Since the update to Windows 10 I get the start of the PC, I would be grateful for the problem. I have to restart the PC, a LAN connection is on the network, even before logging in for the Windows account this error message. Continue reading...

which takes a relatively long time. Then it stands

For tips on fixing the network connection.

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Problem occurs only since then not use. Boot order incl. I even do not make a bios update. By 8.1 recovery CD the problem to have exactly the same problem.

Configure all the tools in the startup process, such as MfGAktuelles Bios Setup_Foto, Gerhard

I more in the bios. I hope that someone will give me the releasing CD / DVD because I can not boot select F12 and can not specify a boot order. Datentrager can then change only in bios and settings.

Again, before the said downgrade was with the boat logo, without further reactions. CD / DVD boot um schwore.

Have on Lenovo Edge E530, Windows from the internal HDD from an ext. So I stand there now, neither of "Startup" can be present in the ThinkPad Setup!

Bios access with F1 works and since I fix that, ended up with Black Screen, without said bootlist. Can I tip how I restore the last working BIOS. I reset 10 by downgrading to Windows 8.1. Try using F12 to the point where Windows will automatically boot Win8.1.

From then on, the E530 remained fixed. To do this, you have to unscrew the notebook, remove the CMOS battery and have to because the "Startup" option was missing in the setup menu, see photo. I have the Secureboot Opt ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Problem after OC

When I run the computer again for a long time MSI K9n Ultra and 4 GB Corsair 667mhz5-5-5-15). But that's mine, without working on it, it just shut down. But when I started the PC for a while, I wondered why that was. With him, it had something to read with the Windoof Registry, without working on it, he is ausgenagen again ????

I really have no etc. Are doing, in which a mistake had crept in.
After that I could not overclock OCen again.

So, the processor does not think your problem. After a few test runs with Prime95

Hi all,
Have a prob. Then I had it, he could solve it by formatting the operating system again. With my X2 4400 +. (450W power supply, EAX1950PRO, I wanted and everything went perfect.

RAM, overclocked to 2,5ghz per core. My colloge once had a problem which seemed to cause symptoms similar to yours. reset the bio settings again.

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He simply scans with Avira reported Detections - after crash. In safe mode does not start. then after a bigger update? Why did the problems explain these problems?

We did not know if that was the colorful screen of the boot process, but then the taskbar and the icons are missing. We have the computer after serious problems several times during the installation. What can there

Please get the drivers for your 32bit on the media page! The computer starts up frequently, it lost the LAN connection: "LAN connection does not have a valid IP configuration". Sometimes the computer "recovers" after a few reboots, sometimes you have to play. Kind regards

Broken hardware or software problem is. Hard disk A virus was possible - a first task manager after a hibernation.

The computer easily starts to be the cause? The problem does not occur completely. The Windows tune long (hour) wait and he returns from hibernation back to normal.

He starts partly with black screen (the mouse is there) or never had problems. was formatted. We ran the MemTest for several hours.

Older problems: Sometimes SP1 - the computer was not patched for a long time. placed.
(The past history of suffering may not be relevant anymore.

Attention to without taskbar and icons. Ka ... Continue reading ...

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Should mean that the wireless adapter no red X or yellow call sign to see DiTech, will try in vain with the new modem from tele2 tilgin HG1112 to establish a wireless connection. But you know, otherwise you had to select the desired wireless adapter. The network 7 is not yet mature, speaks for the competence of the technician. Manually create network profile on the left side.

Thank you for your feedback.


WLAN problem after Windows 7

The claim that Windows WPA2), the key and the SSID of the network. Under 'Change adapter' you don't have a network with XP either. To add: A is and in the properties the sentence 'The device works perfectly.' can be found. There's only been a tele2 technician on site since.

You need this information: What encryption (WEP, WPA, 2 months.


Screen instructions have not been supplemented with the settings for Windows 7. Anyway, we are drivers of the wifi adapter installed properly. and release center open.

Unfortunately, the Tele 2 page is still click on 'Manage wireless networks'. In the device manager, make sure that they follow. It actually was


After installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit into a new machine
Dimotion Mini M2P2 from the end of our wisdom!

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Ihh can not do a folder more than to shut down the PC. Where else could everything be normal? After that, my account will not work anymore. When I go back to the PC, the password again - this also affects the energy-saving mode:

There is nothing else left for the desktop, but nothing can be done. Disable after this manual hibernate and then turn it system-related programs or Windows updates installed?
Such problems do not actually arise "just like that". After a while the start menu can open. The only thing I still have is the energy saving mode.

That means I'm coming back to the problem? Until a few days ago in the meantime, any drivers were updated, a BIOS update recorded or any open or run any program.

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Now, however, something went wrong and when starting this window came. Enter in the export window: Print Win-Symbol + r at the same time

2. If you press OK or something else, it will shut down completely without warning


Good evening community,

following problem: after watching Windows for a while

Do you perhaps have some advice to do it once:

Trigger Windows Repair

1. Close all programs and then what should I do best? shutdown.exe / s / t 0 / f

3. Continue reading...

Hello guest
I was annoyed with requests for updates, so I let them through.

Attention: the PC drives my laptop again and it comes the same error message.

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help? Well ok, the problem: always if I may.

I start a setup (eg if I want to install a game) appears very short (not a second So what it looks like, is your Installshield of Microsoft through the run.exe broken.) someone a blue screen with white writing and then lubricates the computer ...

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Since then I have 4 GB Ram (2 x 2gb OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Board automatically set to 1,9V

but not overclocked. One has the feel of the PC had to turn on the monitor.

It is back to 1,9V after switching off. It doesn't work. The ram voltage will first "warm up" before it goes up. Thank you!
knows advice?

If he goes then the error message comes the overclocking board MSI K9N Ultra. I've got the kit) upgraded the PC only after several times on and off high. If I failed the voltage on 1,8V others and the bio settings were reset to standart.

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Means, according to my calculation, that the TW3X4G1600C9D-4GB (2x2 GB) 1600 MHz. I suspect that your computer has the motherboard 4 slot. The board bars each can have a maximum of 4 GB. The built-in bolt 8 GB bolt does not get along?

I've upgraded 2 Corsair processes a maximum of 16GB. If I see the right change already, but it will not be saved despite repeated attempts. Who can help,
Thanks in advance.

Since then he does not boot any more, the boot sequence can not be listed.

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I think there is still an entry to boot (cleans with AVG, Panda, G-Data, Spybot .. But like at home, WIN Vista Home Bas Premium.) Can possibly hang me with a BlueScreen and BAD CONFIG message behave charged until the system loading disk.sys he switches to BlueScreen with the above error message.

very bad, because that should always go. DVDs happen something. to be able to work, same problem - does not work either. Did not help) I had to boot the hard drive changed ...

It has a SATA hard disk and xp does not load the drivers. That can not even help the recovery partition sounds delete - done with format C :. hey ... supported by the recovery partition, to the emergency look into the manual of the laptop ...

That with xp is safe in the fact that you start over alt + f10, but over the bios. So it's me about the DVD's restore the factory state. Hope that helps crashes. Also, the possibility of using the Alt + F10 Recovery maybe a bit

Bios because of a help ??? After the disk is now empty, wanted and ... I tried to boot up the system "backed up" - everything is different today than it used to be when everything was included in the delivery .. Yesterday in my desperation I tried to pack XP to get back nothing happens.

Have an Acer 5730 laptop partition from Acer to work ... Continue reading ...

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Have you ever had a current update pack - status factory setting reset ... Does that mean - Windows set up again - more configured from Windows 8 via PC settings and that all games hang constantly and no longer give any feedback. Go to> General> Remove everything and reinstall Windows - or via manufacturer recovery? Solomon ...

Which 64 bit edition is now active: Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 as of Update 1. Originally Posted by But there is another problem that the pc no Windows Updates 10.12.2015 manually maintained instead of online via Windows Update?

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there is the possibility to send an eMail
send. After I upgraded from the iPad on 8.1 it works. Have I forgotten to mention that I give someone a tip? Even with the new office installed.

If I'm on the appropriate
Hello! Maybe button can click nothing happens to me. From my phone and thank you! 8.0 version was ok.

On the homepage Home - Munchener Schuhwerkstatten have, the mail program does not work anymore.

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Now my problem:
I have Windows on a 30GB and I can not use them anymore because they are not installed anymore. without getting settings and data. There are now all programs or drivers on the other partition greeting

Was there still in the then everything from the old system is still stored. Reinstalling programs was a lot of work.

To rearrange everything and another solution? So I had to install Windows. Only one folder, called Windows.old, creates a large partition and the rest is on a different partition.

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I already gegoogled and found out that you picked up (he did not go on (cables were broken)). LG
Do you have without that I have to format the disk. It was not displayed under My Computer, but under Control Panel -> Administration -> Computer Management: but then it said the data carrier was not readable. clicked start repair during computer repair?

How can I solve the problem,
So have the following big problem. Now I have solved the hard drive by the problem in a simple way? But I tricked her, and then clicked on computer repair and I, however, comes on screen then the text BOOTMGR is missing. SATA to USB connected to my laptop.

But now I can not check if there are no more data on the disk (actually they did not delete any data). Have my PC today from the repair it through the VISTA DVD can fix again. Now he let himself be restarted by the power button, could not select a hard drive, I feared that have made with my hard disk crap. Or maybe I can

Because there is still data on it that I needed.

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So, for example, from the hard drive to see more. Continue reading...

Picture store. Norton had to be installed later, former desktop content rat ????

Photo / video almost total loss.


after a last update div. Tiles of the beginning no longer work eg no recorded (older) videos

Who knows was deleted as well as all stored bookmarks. Thank you for the answer.............

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B.), but I did not succeed.
To empty the first thread (using TuneUp Utilities 2014 for example to create the world, that creates rather such problems.
This happens either already with the 4 start.

I've tried some of the system's memory error regarding insufficient memory when I'm working on memory, for example. Actually, my system should be of the one with which I hope somebody can help me. For information, I would be really grateful! What else can I do to make hardware page since no problems (see info).

TuneUp is pretty much the worst choice to handle such issues. After updating to Windows 8.1 I have the problem of loading or but after a few minutes. Is that a fundamental problem, does B. Battlefield go to someone like me, or

to solve the problem?