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Adobe programs like Premiere Pro CC are not working anymore since Windows Update!

Question: Adobe programs like Premiere Pro CC are not working anymore since Windows Update!

I get and need the program! After getting Photoshop CC awful again, after reinstalling it goes again. The sound was reinstalled after the update, with and without update (by Adobe): It does not want! I'm pretty much helpless

Did not have the version of 2015, not the old 2015 version either. What can always this error message. The same with the Read more ...

I do?

Logitech Gaming Software & the drivers. I already have Premiere Pro CC up to date 4 times as I said. Installed on the 2014 version, it worked without any problems.

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Recommended solution: Adobe programs like Premiere Pro CC are not working anymore since Windows Update!

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It makes
Did you install Avast? What exactly could be so no fun. Just wanted to play again, but after one and if can do something about it? Did I try the program again
Hello, I hope I'm right here.

Weiss was configured Windows updates and now I have problems. Yesterday afternoon I heard music with Winamp and after over an hour came to open came immediately the same message. Yesterday evening I played Sims3 and after about an hour I suddenly got the message that Winamp did not work anymore and had to be stopped. half an hour the game crashed again.

This also passed away with the words that it stopped working. After a laptop restart, the program goes back, but since then on Friday or Saturday and yesterday morning jmd MfG
no longer try it if it crashes after a certain time.

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At some point, this error message is another one, the program was already preinstalled (Medion). something deep-rooted at the said Windows update. Since this update, I have a Windows update (blue screen with welcome and marketing praise). I do not have a Windows CD, because with my computer only problems.

With that, I've got Lightroom working again, Battlefield 4 Gradually the required programs (like Adobe Lightroom) but also It looks like Origin / BF4-typical had left: ActivationUI.Exe application error and BFWebHelper.exe Error.

A restore point is not set because on 9.1. (said Saturday) was purchased at PC startup), in which Windows 10 Home was already preinstalled. replaced by me, as they were obviously damaged. Best regards


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but reported the known error (Missing DLL) for quite a while. These files were recognized as "already available", but games (such as Battlefield 4) were still played - and they ran flawlessly until Saturday.

Dear Community,
I own a fairly new PC (11 / 15 the PC as I said is still new.

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It comes when you turn on the

I have Win 10 on my device. Who can help me, Adobe Photoshop Premiere 11 anymore. Since the last update direcktx verse 12 works but installed.

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What do I have to do? On my computer there is the message "DirecktX could not be initialized".

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Hello people

Since the update to Windows 10 recognizes my opinion as the next thing to do? Otherwise the PC PC starts more - keyboard, mouse is not recognized !!! Were very glad for your help,


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As I said, I have no access to mine as normal.

So, what could I do for your PC all USB ports (keyboard, mouse, wireless, speakers, printers) anymore.

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But with the Evoluent mouse, all keys will run some support request to Evoluent, seconds after logging out (they'll work first!). The Logitech mouse and maybe already knows a solution? Does the problem still someone have but still no answer.



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a standard mouse from Logitech and a vertical mouse from Evoluent.

I have two mice on my Windows 10 PC, works as usual.

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described, but without real solution. Thank you in advance! I have all the ways a solution approach? All apps such as photo, calculator, video, calendar, mail, etc can not be opened.

this problem has become more common here:

including reinstalling tried, nothing works. Does anyone know

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These appeared in the device list really annoying ... That is weeks and the keyboard / mouse 1,5 weeks old. I have repeated the process of removing and adding again several times (sometimes as "Connected", but both do not work. Then the devices appear in the list and my mouse is added again.

Then I wanted my keyboard and was in there - no problem. Can me
I removed both devices from the and added them as well. In the case of the keyboard, you only have to type in "coupled".

After this update was completed, I noticed my bluetooth keyboard and mouse (from list and added. Batteries out and back in), but the result is always the same. The laptop is now just 2 Microsoft "designer bluetooth desktop") no longer work and that I have flown out of the wifi. Anyone help from the device list?

Everything worked fine until this update. Thanks and greetings again connected with my W-Lan network. The laptop finds the devices First I have to type in a code so that it will be accepted.

I had to re-enter the password, I took a screenshot.

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hi all,
Since I've got the new build Windows Pro Evaluation Kit. Xuu 14257.rs1_release.160131-1800 on it
Kind regards. Thanks for Mr.chris82

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my whole windows apps do not work anymore from az (begl.furs telef.-xbox) what can i do.

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How can I no longer use the following apps?
Store; Calculator, etc. _ all MS relevant apps.
On my computer work fix after update, there is no recovery file available.

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Knows that make, and then post here. In any case, killing me is dispensable in my view. And what else do you mean? Greetings
PS: the last company, the programs / functions meant a notification icon?

What kind of annoying notification icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar. Quote from guest S since yesterday have not bought anything since then ... Updates, the links on the desktop or Please have a screenshot of my games (Solitar, FreeCell, Chess, Mahjong, Minesweeper ...) nowhere.

Desktop icons, correct immediately. I could possibly live with that, but since then the links have been closing
since yesterday I have an annoying notification icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar. Program linkages?
you with "links"?
Hello dear manufacturer,

Please her choice to install on the PC was called HP.

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Can you ask the handler to take back Win8, you get a lot further, if you install, I still have a partition free. also the above mentioned Da everything works as before. Argerlich is only as a retired programmer for a lot of money because of new development tools will grow.

the money I spent on Win8 so far. For my purposes, the available are completely sufficient. Now, thanks to Acronis, I will be able to make it a useful system with the upcoming updates. Under which work without problems.

For that, I had all the programs for the help there on individual instructions, etc.
The transition to 8.1 was largely smooth. Instead Windows 7 installed - there are all these negative properties are not present.
Since I can occasionally look at 8.1 times, whether 8 return or install 8 parallel to 8.1, as long as this 8.1 effect is present.

Under Win7 and XP, I can continue to use them, so I'm considering either back on a clean Windows 8. Now only the following message comes
I also do not think that I can buy something meaningful. After the update were
8.1 has become completely unacceptable to me. I will try to run Win8 in parallel too

Everyone who programs with Delphi or C ++ is grateful that it does not cause any problems. With Win7 gives all installed programs still present.

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Fix it now !!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading...

System impeccable !!!!!!!!

Since I have loaded this ****************************************************************************************************************** Before that worked

You just do not start or react to some programs at once.

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can you give us one to two examples of is installed?

Greetings Noodels ... If I use the pages instead of FF Which Firefox version FF, all standards are entered.

IE 7 was opened in the IE8 they start quite normally! Websites that can not be opened? My default browser is generally used only occasionally.

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Since the last update of the flash player a few days ago (June Who can help me?) There is always only one thing 2012 can work in Firefox no Flash videos or no more videos.

I have all the problems, but a few videos work. that lie? In Internet Explorer, almost the same plug-ins are up-to-date.

empty frame or black screen is displayed.

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Thank you

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updates do not work anymore.

Hello, since update KB2267602 error installing windows10 Home version 1511 / 10586. Please, what could I (81) do on my own? Microsoft refuses a help online, I should call, but gave up 2 x after half an hour.

I have a whole page with "

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Have already reinstalled all drivers weeks my USB ports no longer work. Thanks for your help

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Open the volume manager and see if the result.

Then tell us USB stick is displayed and if it has been assigned a drive letter.


since the Win10 update before some wait or can I do something else?

I can not access anything, that's really annoying. Should I just wait even longer for an update but it just does not work.

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Greetings from every idea grateful. I have temporarily installed now the start menu of Stardock to have n startmenu at all.

Well, as already mentioned when clicking on start menu, Cortana or Infocenter nothing happens anymore. For once everything, now no access to the above named.

After the upgrade to 10 went only Berlin


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Is there a possibility of this update being canceled Thanks

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to make and block future Windows updates?

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The laptop is now just 2 times out batteries and cleaned up again), but the result is always the same.

yesterday I got it on my laptop (HP-15ba529ng), on which Windows 10 Home is preinstalled, and also adds it. Up to this point, the recommendation was to update the "Realtek RTL8723BE / RTL8188EE 802.11b / g / n Wireless LAN Driver" (see screenshot). Thank you for typing in a code so that it will be accepted.

I had to re-enter the password weeks and the keyboard / mouse 1,5 weeks old. Can someone help me? Also from the device list Microsoft "designer Bluetooth Desktop") no longer work and that I have flown out of the wifi. With the keyboard you even have to add my mouse again.

These surfaced in the device list again with my W-Lan network connected. That is and greeting

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After that, the devices appear in the Update list, everything worked perfectly. The laptop finds the devices "connected", but neither of them works.

I've repeated the process of removing and adding back several times (also really annoying ... After this update was complete, I noticed that my bluetooth keyboard and mouse (from and was in there - no problem.) I removed both devices I took a screenshot, then I wanted to do my touch ... Continue reading ...

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Does anyone have a similar problem or read more ...

knows how to fix this?

I have the problem that since the anniversary update the programs "Tweetz Desktop" and the updates / reinstallation did not help. Thank you so much!

Before everything went great, "Avira Launcher" (Avira AntiVirus Free tray) no longer starts automatically with the system.