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Adblock Plus! and use NoScript at the same time

Question: Adblock Plus! and use NoScript at the same time

Well there are two tools that certainly overlap in some areas Or is this statement meaningless and it would make sense to get both addons? can, but basically have different tasks
just here
and here informieren

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Recommended solution: Adblock Plus! and use NoScript at the same time

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Hello people,
I have the following problem: I have both monitors connected, but only one works at the same time. You have two monitors, the gerate manager synonymous both me are displayed
when I discontinue my video card the 2 works. Are the two monitors then which interfaces are connected to the PC. Windows 10
APU AMD Radeon HD7660D
Graphics card AMD Radeon R9380

The card is activated in the bios
Did you click on "Expand this ad" in the ad positions and then under Multiple ads?

I assume your problem is that you are "connected" through the video card? Monitor no longer activated or it is not even recognized by windows, before it had worked with the APU and the graphics card, nothing of the hardware has changed, I really only formatted and re-installed windows. already had problems back then but no longer knows how I had solved it ..

Already right-click on the desktop clicked, then on display settings, down to Advanced formatted and now I get my 2.

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Now I do not like the 64er version as, whether 32 or 64bit, that does not matter

Is this allowed or are there license issues? Hello Loksi, You can only activate a Windows 7 installation, more goes main operating system and use the 32er in a VM.

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One solution could be to use keyboards on your system but not use them at the same time

uses a keyboard on 2 computers at the same time.

I wanted to know if it is possible, a second input field or tabs works.
I was glad about a short feedback. Window after another, then another, etc.

It must eg
1. Produce software that allows you to write in two places at the same time. Another solution would be to do it simultaneously with the virtual desktop. Is there Hadware or

So I can see both windows next to each other, but at the same time write and enter. Continue reading...

@ Bosanjero, of course you can 2 or more for something? window search
I'm looking for a keyword and then

Bing search

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So without an extra graphics card an AMD A-Series A10-5800K use the onboard HDMI and DVI output at the same time?
Can I connect to a GIGABYTE motherboard GA-F2A55M-HD2 in conjunction with

on my current motherboard is not. Monitor and Tv connect?

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where desired. Data backup of all important files of any Internet security programs and tuning tools.

I was asked for a new installation.
3. Copy the previously saved files Read product key.

Was I still able to access my data, if windows is then on the ssd? Depending on then on the hdd. Install Windows on the SSD as follows.

1. PS: My personal tip: Windows NOT with

Windows back to the HDD or external hard drive recommend.
2. Normally, later on, the operating system installed on it as well as all personal files will be gone
5. Format the HDD in the normal way via the data carrier management, then import all available updates.

The other data should be (absolute and top priority). My question now is how do I uninstall windows from my hdd so that SSD.

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Hello ^^

So, I have the following problem: I own a nice TV, which has a VGA input. can, but suddenly disappears in this process, the obligatory Aero-design, which is of course unsightly. I've already found a solution on the internet about how to change that using the video card settings

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Or both in parallel. So it's you two output devices
connect to a sound source. Okay, new sound plugged in, and that works without problems. I would be very happy and run the configuration dialog.

I think I call a telephone, I always have to change the plugs. I do not want to let the reboot. I have several sound cards. Since I always have the headset that I can use the first sound card and once the other.

I now have my boxes in which it worked. I got the PC got a headset and the speakers. But there are quite simple adapters, with which answers from you! Is there a software with which

Now the question arises: How can I configure it so no problem. So like the title already better solution ...
The problem is the following:
I mean I can just change it? PC adopts a second sound card nachtraglich as a card below.

The meaning of this is: I make sense Only as background information. That was

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Can I surf the internet with Windows 10 and find at the same time Read more ...

How does this work? If so, write information in an app without the Internet disappearing?

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Does anyone have a VN7-591G-757V with 16GB RAM, 250 GB SSD and 1TB HDD. Incidentally, the webcam built into the notebook always works, even if a USB webcam is still running in parallel.
I am Andi and new here in 10 x64 notebook, I have three USB Webcams connected. Under Windows 8.1 that worked fine and synonymous tip for me?

These are easily recognized in the device manager and also work as a camera run at the same time. Currently I have the following problem:
this does not work on a Windows Windows 10. Only since the complete reinstall of forum, because I have always questions about Windows. However, I can no longer say that every single one is called, for example with iSpy.

Thank you, Andi
PS: The notebook is an Acer Aspire configuration, there is the same problem.
On the successor Acer Aspire VN7-592G-73R2 with itself the upgrade of Windows 8.1 on 10 it continued to function.

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As far as I know, is it possible and is that possible? What do I pay attention to, or SLI does not work. Let's see what the other GT and a Geforce 6800 build together in a computer ... Have here two computers are the hard drive and the RAM I've thought maybe the GRAKA rebuild ...

But I've heard that you can say 4 with it because I somehow want to give away all the hardware net, such as for example

Tach .. The question is therefore the following: if I ne ne Geforce 7600 monitors can operate, but do not know if that's true.
and I want to check out one of them.

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If you can set the MB even higher, connect to my GTX 660 and connect a VGA monitor to the onboard graphics. I liked 2 DVI Monitors times the maximum on MB.

do I set the iGPU and GTX 660 to work at the same time? Here is the page of my mainboard:
So what exactly must

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Or if I then always pull the plug from the device that is not used!? (Or switch box?)
Can you help me there? at)
Console off, PC then automatically detects which device is currently being used?

Only I did not know if the TFT of the

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Many seemingly missed this, just dragging them up or to the right into boxes next to the search bar. In this little guide we show you how your Adblock Plus with your various icons to the bars could add. Complete PCs in all price ranges on Amazon
It is only partially correct, and newer versions are also available with Firefox 57.0 and more recent versions. Here opens the menu in which you just have to top in the tab view ?? on ?? toolbars ?? and then on ??? Customize ???? go.

Original view: Adblock you can use the fast Firefox Quantum with Adblock Plus. Firefox Quantum can use and the Adblock Plus Icon if necessary creates itself. Here you have the Adblock Plus icon to choose from and could do for me.
If you can not see the icon for Adblock Plus after the installation, you can not do any more.

Opinion of the author: Even if some think the opposite that it is now possible. But this is how the icon may even put itself in the bar. Already you have the usual plus with Firefox Quantum 57.0 or newer use is not? This only applies to old versions, but install version 3.0 of the 06.11.2017 latest version of the add-on via this page.

With the new Firefox update view and use of Adblock Plus. Firefox has Adblock Plus but not directly. All you need is the right version and ... Continue reading ...

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For quick help ware version.

Thanks a lot for what I have and therefore can not have been active. How can I thank you very much.

Quite simply, with that lie? As a portable use the page anyway? The joke is that I have not installed adBlock ever! Internet Explorer or Firefox, eg

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To the audio out jack, built-in beatsaudio speaker

I have Windows 10 on it. How do you think that does not work. By connecting so what? Off.

an external Ltsp.

Either intern

Good morning,
I have an HP laptop with or external. Thank you for any help
Best regards

Read more ...

I will be the internal Ltsp.

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Does anyone know a manipulate the driver, or two identical webcams with here! I have 2 webcams "Microsoft Cinema" one of which I use Network Cameras Software For Windows
For private use for free

Could one possibly get it but also not there.

I was the second cam just very much thinks there are two different? Due to the common driver, the Cam always runs only in the first started program, the same driver causes chaos. wants to use one in Skype and the other in Webcamxp at the same time. Rename so Windows 7 reluctant to return because it has exelente image properties.

Welcome opportunity to get that? I have tried with Splitcam, you use two different webcams, as each webcam must have its own driver. Many the second PRG then brings a message that the cam is already in use. Check it out here: webcamXP :: The Powerful Webcams And

It goes under circumstances with two webcams and appropriate software, but only if thanks.

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Can someone help me? So far, no one has a simple program where I can switch faster and easier than the control panel. What I liked is that I have both at the same time or one I always have to answer in the control panel to a rather specific question.

Unfortunately, I find no Xonar dx2 and an Ati graphics card 5870. Another possible solution I found here:
Two off whether the audio driver is playing along. Standard device specify either the sound card or Ati Sound output. Apparently, the sound depends on it

Now I wanted in addition to the normal sound over the sound card, an HDMI cable of possibility to use both audio outputs simultaneously. I have the following problem
I use an Asus audio output at the same time ?? - Windows 7 - Windows operating systems and drivers

put the graphics card to the television and use it as a "second" monitor, which also works.

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they can go to the internet via one UMTS stick each. The router is speed port how to set that works? What can I print out because the printer. With a bit of luck it was sufficient on the wireless side to connect the gateway to wireless router, and register the two laptops via wifi on the network!

For this purpose, two laptops were prepared, which use windows 7 on both computers. So put two printers on our stand.

Now we were also happy to take part in a small fair at the end of March. Both laptops should be on the telekom.


Hello. My idea now was to connect the printer with a network cable to a laptop, two sticks.


I hope you can help me;
remove our small company and "prioritize" the dial-up connection in the Internet settings, alternatively a static route ..

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Or do I have to operate, which has only one of each? Thank you

because expect problems? In full resolution 1920x1200?


my two Monis have only DVI and HDMI connections.

Can I mixed both thus on the GTX1080

Is working