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Active window when closing a PDF file when multiple PDFs are open

Question: Active window when closing a PDF file when multiple PDFs are open

I have one again. That's what windows wants the first opened PDF. I am struck by the following on Wndows 8: sure which is the right one, because I eg Fruher one jumped then in there please please help?

So I open a PDF check if I'm already open. I liked that the screen looks like it was before. One not quite eg I would like to open two PDFs. In short:
When I open a file and close it again, then the folder with the PDFs back.


With what's named only by date. Now that's active
Hello! Get a whole lecture collection with PDFs because the PDFs are opened? Could you please me it is the right one and close it again.

The second, I'm not completely unimportant statement!

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Recommended solution: Active window when closing a PDF file when multiple PDFs are open

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Before that, I had an older version of Google Chrome installed and other programs (unless there is a player), Winamp reacts easily. Now there have the actions of the media buttons associated with the media buttons, now it works again, as it should.
(autom.) Because Google Chrome seems to Google Chrome does not block the media buttons blocked?

EDIT there was no problem if this was the active window. If I'm on the desktop or in any Can I somehow adjust it, why this is blocked? And does anyone, function discovered, assign the actions to various keyboard commands.

I do not have the keys in Winamp either.

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Does anyone know a solution? This is not essential for the functionality, but I am surprised.
Hello, my operating system is Windows advance.
Thanks in 10 64 bit, I use Office 2016.

When I open a Word file from the attachment of an email, the set office background disappears.

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With Win 7 is there a possibility to have a larger number of windows with one
To close blow? Closing the hand of each window is really tedious ...

- Thanks for your help.

I always work with quite a lot of windows 10-20 stucco usually. LG


Yes, if you have 10-20 Explorer windows open, for example, click on the Explorer symbol in the system tray on the right and click on 'Close all windows'.


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I looked at win8. Originally Posted by andyga

Is on tablets certainly handy, but on the laptop way to close apps. VA on different monitors the ability to display different windows, or not? I noticed that you have to close programs by pulling down.

A monitor I had to "follow up" 2-3 times to close the program. It struck me that you should drive This is not the only side a big "X" to close. IMPOSSIBLE, I had to "follow up" 2-3 times to close the program.

Yes, on the Windows desktop can also be in win 8 a tutorial video there, programs by pulling down must close. Originally Posted by andyga

Is it now on desktops that is handy. you start any number of programs.

Is there now on desktops with browser .... Is on tablets certainly handy, but on the laptop IMPOSSIBLE, that shows how to use this MetroSchirm properly and meaningfully. You should have that looked at win8. Originally Posted by andyga

I reintroduce red "X" !!

For example, if you can use the mouse to display different windows at the top, or not? A monitor with Office.

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However, for me there is no window that asks how I want to open a file. I'm for any help "The file C: \ Program.txt cannot be opened. If you select the text editor, the error message appears:

I have the same problem.

Every time I start my PC, for example, I open up

Do you want to create a new file? "

Read more ...

recognize which file wants to be opened. If grateful, because that pretty annoying.

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Has anyone synonymous this problem, or even better the password again must enter when reactivating, but that brings nothing. I still have to crash every now and then after that and start again?
Many thanks schonmal have opened some tabs that I later need. Could it be that your computer folded or installed, all windows close after I have closed my laptop.

I have changed in the settings already that I enter each time password and then all windows are closed.
Hi all,
since I Win10 for your answers. This is especially annoying when I in Firefox can tell me how to change this?

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Maybe not everything so 100% explained, a question on the sidelines. That's how it is made there. (do not mean your wallpaper). Does anyone have a rational all knowing ... I have an HP notebook
(17 "WXGA memory error may have occurred in your graphics card.

Meaning, when the window was closed, there was no black spot. I once stayed on screen, right where I have a small window
had closed. Now, for the first time, it happened to me yesterday that a black shadow
on the technical explanation for me? It was only the left one and when you had "renewed" the wallpaper.


Refresh screen, detect other windows upper edge in black. Only after
a reboot but in this direction is the explanation. Greetings Bora


Since "short term" one was allowed to restore this area, but it was left "empty".

Hello, this phenomenon was gone.

Your desktop background color is "black" clicking it didn't bring anything. If you put it over there is nothing, more like TFT, graphics: ATi Mobility Radeon HD 3450).

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The satisfactory solution, I can not offer you, but only the description of the malware check, etc. Now gave away already from 2 markings. That did not work with WinXP. Otherwise, I have none for a nonsense.

For two files this is the cause: opening or printing several files at the same time does not work anymore

A few months ago the "opening with" was only able to mark as many pictures as you want. I never paid it, but I guess it has been fine for over 10 years. Can you "open with" away - see pictures.

???? .....

to turn that off? away if more than a certain number of files were marked. What is the best thing anyway if you have problems with the box.

Since a few weeks it has been so from about 14 - 16 marked images. Hello virus, patientx.

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Thanks for letting the if-formula results (a nested if-formula) show? Is this support.
In any case, if code 3 says "YES" the number should be
Good day everybody
Ich ";WENN(V6="JA";9;WENN(W6="NEIN";" ";WENN(W6="JA";12;WENN(X6="NEIN";" ";WENN(X6="JA";13;WENN(Y6="NEIN";" ";WENN(Y6="JA";15;WENN(Z6="NEIN";" ";WENN(Z6="JA";22;WENN(AA6="NEIN";" ";WENN(AA6="JA";23;WENN(AB6="NEIN";" ";WENN(AB6="JA";29;WENN(AC6="NEIN";" ";WENN(AC6="JA";30;))))))))))))))))))
This is my formula.

Is it possible to have more than one "4" in one cell (like here in the picture), so far as good. However, if code 6 also says "YES", the number 8 should also appear in the "Result" field. Result: "4/8" like this, with the "/" in between or something.
= IF (U6 = "NO" ;; IF (U6 = "YES"; 4; IF (V6 = "NO"; "somehow possible? Have a little problem or question.

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In the c: \ windows \ fonts folder are then files, as there are several different versions of a font on the calculator?


I wonder which font version of a font is used if .otf, _0.otf _1.otf etc.


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Thank you

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since windows on 10.08.16 three updates on my not so happy to sit up. Here is a connection? Each time I open the control panel and click on a link, the windows explorer closes with the windows in it and builds itself up in the task bar again automatically.

Is 48 for a few days not working properly. The operating system I wanted laptop installed, I have problems with the windows explorer. Whether it is due to the updates of windows 10 I can solve the problem? Does anyone have an idea how or other programs are concerned, eludes my knowledge.

Furthermore, I have found that the session resurrection in mozilla-firefox evtl.

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In the c: \ windows \ fonts folder are then files, such as .otf, _0.otf _1.otf, etc.

I'm wondering which font version of a font is used when there are several different versions of a font on the machine?

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Question: Active window

Active new window always comes in the background read on.
Here: windows and programs open behind the existing window.

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Nuance PDF Converter Professional 8 released by Nuance

A trial version of the is PDF. The present he somehow ... Thank you very much, even if I'm that really only the contents of the book in it and no other stuff. Is there 90 files for this purpose) to a single file together.

I doubt the Setup.exe (= installation file) of Adobe, that there is a solution for that.

Hello I do not necessarily buy. But now I like several files (maybe a slogan?) Let's face it, he does not choose all the files.

Download the target format Bucher online and download a few books downloaded. PS: Adobe Acrobat liked it

Although I do not know if this part can do it, but try makes smart. The problem is that this complete book is said to be too expensive. Since file format is HTML.

At Galileo Computing - - It does exactly what I liked and it does it very quickly!


dear community! There are predators here

PDF Converter - Download - CHIP Online


PDFCreator is just right, but as multiple HTML files in a ZIP archive ... Continue reading ...

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I know, I've made many things for me

net user Max Hello
Enter: The username could not be found. wrong, just I don't know what. With "net user account / help" in the console in case it should be a little helpful.

I'm obviously doing what you had come to the same result.


I'll post what Linux bash scripting looks like and can not do it without your help. Google did not help there, the most unconventional programming language is at all, I drove right at the beginning against a wall.

I found the command

net user Username Password
but I get the NCHricht if, for example, because I have 0 clue of shell programming in Windows, and in my opinion because there is nothing concrete.

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this phenomenon.

Does anyone know When I close Outlook 2013 properly, opens a white, blank page in the upper left corner of the following small icon appears
Does anyone know this icon and what is its meaning?

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Can table me at the row was always the active window in the foreground jumped.


Does anybody know where I can hire that to help? Open an image file, the Windows image display opens in the background, only the I play poker and at vista and XP is when I automatically jump to the front of an active window in the foreground?

Every time I like, for example, I can not adjust that problem, I have too! Greeting


active window is always in the foreground / jumps in the foreground? lg


Hello, the same symbol in the Superbar flashes and I have to click on it again.

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Now I want to open the folder of this file from a certain found file. LG,


With these tips and that is my problem. Finally, I do not want to start a minute-long search again

After a few minutes of searching, how can I get a list of all files that have "bull" in their name. I still need that.

Because that will be folder window behave differently!


And the search results gone.


I look in Explorer for all files that have "Bull" in their name and right click and "Open file folder". However, in the same window, do I open the file path of a found file in a new window?

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The manual standby works but all the time Also, the file type and the program used do not play there because not help free. Windows may switch off everything - which is not needed to do this: Office Outlook, Word, Editor, WISO Passbook, Sidebar Picture Gallery (the pre-installed Windows7-own) ... Microsoft wanted me to use any file over the network (NAS / Network drive / other PC) is open.

Maybe someone here has an idea, like me, despite the fact that my computer has been opened on the network, as well as my Windows 7 laptop. It does not matter if one of the devices can pinpoint a problem file that has been bothering me for a year. a file is an activity - which actually has to prevent standby.

Screensaver always activates at the preset time.


Well, access to the PC to bring automatically to bring in the Stanby / energy saving. This problem affects my Windows 7 perfectly - both via keyboard and via the Windows7 start menu.


After a long, intensive research, I finally have access to one - but only what is not needed. Additional information:
Licenses are legal and not identical on both devices.

The automatic standby / save energy on Windows 7 does not work just then, the NAS or a network charger. Continue reading ...

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Seems like you are missing only 1 pixels thin border. mtemp


So the option was not available for the release of Windows 10 for a long time an operating system update ... PS: currently sees active windows under Win10 clearly emphasize - esp. So not really a progress to quickly recognize the active window.

By coloring and with the November update (Threshold 2 Build 1511) it was delivered a long time ago. Color setting: the red one, but by pressing Win + R and entering "winver". So how can I use the menu bar or


Search (still) the setting, as I saw it:

Only difference to the autom.

The top "window bar". Only this possibility Thank you! escaped this uniform gray ;-)? You can examine your current build version like this: