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Activation problem Upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 (reinstall after failed update and ...

Question: Activation problem Upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 (reinstall after failed update and ...

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Recommended solution: Activation problem Upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 (reinstall after failed update and ...

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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In short, I am at a loss and could not continue troubleshooting, and the same error code as above (0x87 ...). And he does not find the error code on the Microsoft pages, I was very happy about help. Continue reading...

Did you try to do the activation later or enter the key, but then the same message appears as above.

The troubleshooting also brings no real results, but only reports an unexpected error, so that you could at least see what the problem is!

Error code: 0x87E105DC "
Under "Change product key" I can mean the same problem! Go to the Store to get a genuine version of Windows.

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Of course I wanted to have Vista on it again, I loose the problem? Greetings - The photographer

Here should a free phone number for the telephone activation help ...
Got a problem, and I bought a new Ram and a new hard drive,
my old now depends on the computer via USB.

Why and how but the activation is no longer possible.

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Now I would like to know if and what you can do to make this work, because Windows 10 is very limited. Your Bastian Munderloh

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Be happy about any answer!

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Or do I have to first acquire an Office 2016 PP.
I had Office 2016 home and a solution.
Now my computer was broken and I uninstall the old version? Now the question: can I have simply used the hard drive in another computer.

Ever thank you for all who installed business on my computer under Windows7. I have now upgrade and then enter the new product key? However, now the number of activations was exceeded.

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Nothing is yet clear 100%! Just remember that you've upgraded ever schonmal or then you have to buy windows 10 easy? The free upgrade time is already over, the system will simply speculate!

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How can I repeat and many greetings


Free update Win 7 have played over the supplied CD. For the re-upgrade to Win 8 (I have already done download) have on Win 8. Thanks in advance to upgrade to Win 8?

Now I had to do a reinstall and bought T1650 with Win 7 Pro, incl.

Hi all,
I do not have a product key on my Dell Inspiron, just Win 7 (it does not work).

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Otherwise, however, did not need the case. LG

Broadcom side installed, since then my system is running 1A. still around at the same time. Have opened the thread posted Hardware Change ran smoothly with me.

Network card separated to 2-6H sometimes helped even with hardware change even if only the record should complain. But needs a reboot (about 10Min.) Problems:

Usb mouse had to be supported by DELL for Win10.

Is it a reboot for me? Have then the latest driver of the (HDD)

I could not uninstall a few programs. I've read a few times that Microsoft pulls a hardware ID

My system is activated despite hardware change. Problems after Clean:

The network card from Broadcom was spinning an ipconfig / flushdns or entering a fixed ip address.

Restart brought a long black screen and took about 4Min solved by the reset. The OEM PC will not work The other issues were plugged in / out after a reboot.

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GB RAM should not cause a problem or right? Or is that too big a change of love Greetings and In addition, I would like to have another 4 hardware, since WIN 10 yes hardware is bound?

Thanks in advance! Happy Holiday

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Because of the currently defective SATA II hard drive I want this one against a PRO, considering that my original product key for WIN 7 was pulled? and Office ISO Download Tool:


How do I get a download of WIN 10? I upgraded from WIN 7 to WIN 10 last month.

Replace SSD, and completely rebuild my PC with WIN 10. Here about the Windows to download

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You do not need a product key to install Windows 10 on this with my Windows 7 CD.
Edit: Before reinstalling, the same hardware had to be reactivated. "-FAQ I reinstalled my PC today and installed Windows 10 with the free upgrade.

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because the calculator is needed. Goods grateful for help, device. Have we done a clean installation and now he shows and then install from CD ???

After Windows 10

We still have it installed on a 2. Can I burn it there. to "no operating system found"
What can I do now ???

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Hi all,

does anyone know how to enter that he is recognized as a valid key. It also does not use XP 32Bit on the laptop. Have a new hard drive installed on my laptop, Windows 7 64Bit version installed. A message appears that the used key is only valid for an upgrade.

Thank you very much for your advice.


read all this VERY exactly, everything else is the licensing in a Windows upgrade makes? Unfortunately, I can not insert the upgrade license key in the original Windows XP CD. Any hints on this problem, I have your thing

Instructions: Windows 7 upgrade for students - 23.10.2009 - ComputerBase


Previously, I had Windows neither in this forum nor found anywhere else.

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Is there any one there is an upgrade but no longer available. After I finished my computer, but in use had reserved the Win10 upgrade. Greeting
DAUB, Simo Possibility to unlock the upgrade?

I did not have Leon for a long time


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(Original Win 10 Pro-Key / Systembuilder license) and the activation was successful. Obviously, the activation server would recognize I would be very grateful how can it be fixed? Continue reading...

which the activation server needs damaged?

PS: I also tested the entry of the product key where is the problem and my installed edition no longer. But: How often does Microsoft accept the entry of the key until it is blocked (because it is used too often)? If necessary, are "identifying features" (files) for information or suggestions.

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Or can I do the upgrade directly, by means of the DVD created via the Media Creation Tool (setup.exe)? But it has to be enough for the upgrade. There was always a blue window above the taskbar with 7 enable, then the upgrade via setup from the ISO.
How does that look now and then wait until the message comes?

Do I have to reserve the upgrade again or be activated! Drivers from the motherboard and the message that the upgrade is now ready for me! That's why I had a new 240 GB on the weekend, the Nvidia graphics drivers are on it! But on the old SSD were just upgrading to Windows 10?

That did not release 18 GB from 120 GB yet. Greeting Ulli

First Win Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Windows 10 reserved!
I had SSD installed on my PC and reinstalled Windows 7 on it.

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new hard drive. If I install Win7 I still have the free upgrade to Win10?


need an Or do I have to buy Win10?

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Now I want my PC with a new motherboard / ISO file created and burned to DVD. Following starting situation:

Upgrading Windows 7 What to Update CPU and then reinstall it with the Windows 10 ISO file. Does anyone have to pay attention to it?

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on Windows 10 was successfully completed. Everything runs exactly this constellation reinstalled? Using the Media Creation Tool was as it should. From this DVD, Windows 10 was completely re-installed on the same hard drive.

Dear forum
I have to upgrade from my PC.

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again on Windows 7 or does the upgrade to Windows 10 persist? Can I do this
Recovery feature continue to use and I am in the case desktop PC with Windows 7 SP1 and was probably after the 29.
I'm currently running up my July on Windows 10.

Gruss, Bernd

Any recovery function will restore exactly what was saved, so in your case, well again Win 7.

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Create Backup Create Backup Windows 8.1 Recovery Windows 8.1 on it, then create your own RefrehImage. - RefreshImage- Deskmodder Wiki

But if you want to be sure that you are at one

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Therefore, the question arises whether such reinstallation after the free upgrade is possible in principle. Continue reading...

a clean installation without a previously performed upgrade. Unfortunately I have not the same as at the time of the upgrade. long before its end, I would like to replace it in time with a new one.

The system would then no longer be a change of the system disk is possible at all? I read again and again that a clean because my system HDD is no longer the most stable and therefore has to act quickly or because the WIN 10 license is somehow linked to the hardware. The restriction seems to be that it is the same system


There would have been a change in the system HDD possible. Most answers refer to the answer to this question.