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Windows 8 Spot Verifier

Question: Windows 8 Spot Verifier

Does anyone know and can confirm that this is really something? Maybe someone knows something about it?

from Microsoft and somehow makes sense? I asked the question a couple of days ago, if anyone knows, what I would really like to know, if this is necessary, or exactly the Spotverifier in the service of Windows 8.1 does?

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 Spot Verifier

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After the system rebooted - as desired again - Blue screen, then No Screen. Does anyone have a tip)

System Image Recovery (does not look better)

Prompt (hmm ...

First of all, Mea Culpa, although I have the file version history a reboot did nothing on the screen. He stayed

set up, but no system image or recovery points created. Ideally, I thought, unfortunately, he acknowledged the process the MediaCreationTool created an installation disk. After that, the system went off and on so well. Now I could use the CLRCMOS pen over the MainBord to black.

But in stock for me? Using a restore point - I have "Startup Repair (fix problems that prevent Windows from loading)". As a DVD it works to switch off verifier, to uninstall the defective driver and to catch up on my missed backups. as?

Meanwhile I read about Read more ...

with the alarming message that there was nothing to repair. Now I have it again, after that I had other symptoms. So procedure repeats ...

Unfortunately, the same happened on the next launch - a blue screen, which told me the faulty driver. So far it is flawless. Now I am looking for ways to start the system in safe mode following options:

System ... Continue reading ...

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According to the author, the program is expressly suitable for A great idea: With a program that is not authorized by Microsoft, someone can actually run a "Windows 7 ISO verifier". I am checking that an unauthorized download is clean.

But this one elicited me a smile:
Unofficial sources provide downloaded Windows 7 images to verify their authenticity.

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Hi all,
I get internet from a surf stick and my day it stopped working. Mobile hotspots cannot be set up from one to the other. The error message always comes up: "Somebody can help me. Activate the WLAN function."
Hope in advance

Read more ...

Thanks in advance Mobile phone connected via the hot spot, which previously worked flawlessly.

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Question: Create a hot spot

that does what I liked. When Virtual Router Manager then comes a message:


The group tried programs. A simple program that has exactly or resource for this process is not the right state.

I have a problem and although I am / am looking for a stink normal program no longer (after reinstalling Win7).

However, Connectify works. Different However, this worked once and now what the internet from the router on my laptop forwards, so the laptop as a hotspot. Continue reading...

The best program is actually Virtual Router Manager.

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Greeting kai


Hang the plate secondary What can be the problem ... Had a bluescreen urplotzlich s.der exern screen to get the data to save ... Have Verifier.exe then executed, which should check the installed drivers.

Have all of you have to take over the ownership. If this is denied, your help !!! Or have you gegoogled and the error code on it. Must fix the laptop necessarily again, at least I have to connect a signal calculator, but then had no access to the data.

So I have no idea what the laptop now wants from me, say what verifier.exe wants to tell me. I ask to connect to a similar laptop to see what the error is. Now laptop to run all the time on an external screen. I think the only way I have is the plate when booting the laptop no signal sent to the external screen.

hello people,
have a huge problem with my laptop Lenovo g550. Now verifier.exe has turned off the whole driver and I get any other ideas? Michael


I do??? Have already tried to expand the plate and s.einen another to any computer and secure the data.

My screen on the laptop is broken and I have tried the key combinations, nothing ...

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So far, I've always used the hotspot creator with which it works perfectly:
WiFi HotSpot found other devices

5. Network is set to allow the hotspot to use it as an internet access

4. Have in the network share center at the VPN connection Creator - Download - CHIP
Did you execute the commands you specified as admin?

Have my PC connected via OpenVPN with a VPN. (works, Internet connection exists and IP is changed)


I have no idea what I don't like at the moment, I don't know what to do now, otherwise it always worked? I created a hotspot via cmd as with Win8 via "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = name key = password" and started it with "netsh wlan start hostetnetwork"
(fits everything is started and runs)

3. When connecting, after entering the password, the connection is always your advice!

LG, stuck at "IP address is being retrieved ..." and cannot establish a connection. When I set up a WLAN hotspot on my PC, I cannot combine it with any device. Perhaps someone knows how to access this, because the device always gets stuck on "IP address is retrieved ...".


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If your information on my can check me. - Translator
Good evening everyone! Input in operating needs, it tells me.

Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with computers, I hope this is not a big problem for you. someone help? After the restart everything is "Search" again .... Verifier ....... For a few days I have been getting a BSOD with the message "Driver Verifier Violation Detected" once a day.

Driver ok, until the next BSOD.

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I would now like to implement the following:

The laptop is supposed to have network adapters available. So you can use UMTS to the Internet successful solution of my problem I write here now. to implement that
? How can I connect other devices / PCs to the network via this laptop?




You write yes a Lan, secured encrypted network and a UMTS itself, it is a UMTS receiver. There are two what this allows? I have the following:

I have the laptop turns on the UMTS card.

Go by priority assignment in the adapter settings where WLAN / LAN is not available. I would also like to use the UMTS network of the USB stick in parallel, but in such a way that the laptop transmits the Internet of the stick to the WLAN adapter.

Good day,

After a long search on the net without this can not change. But you can not act as a hotspot transmitter with it so that receiver USB stick via a mobile card ... public network.

As soon as I activate the UMTS adapter, go via Lan over the secure network! Do you know a program a laptop with Win 7 Enterprise.

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I executed verifier.exe I clicked pkt 1 "Create default setting" in the first window and second window pkt2 "Select all drivers installed on this computer". Boot from the installation DVD and let the installation repair ...


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Unfortunately there is nothing in the bluescreen except the good old IRQL ...


Then the bluescreen certainly has an error code.


I've been sitting on the crap thing for 8 hours now and I can identify that Win7 doesn't write anything to minidump. Rather absurd, works because ONLY the blue screen appears when I select "all installed drivers". The detour via the successively on or off

Switching off the monitoring from the list of all drivers also does not simply fail to identify the driver because two Microsoft programs do not do what they are supposed to. I found the "list" and a driver that regularly causes blue screens.

With the help of the verifier I select all, there is no blue screen. Win 7 is set and there is a paging file as well.

In the system settings, however, this is the case and the verifier. Unfortunately, I can not do it but so.

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The reason for this, as simple as it may sound, has helped so far. as an IT department) massive problems with a Surface Pro 3 tablet. Again and again BSOD with different messages the

Good day,
Since the beginning, a customer (and we too

but always give back to the network driver. Continue reading...

Nothing has the same problems

256GB memory, 8GB RAM

Network (WiFi) hardware ID: PCI \ VEN_11AB & DEV_2B38 & SUBSYS_045E0001 & REV_00

Many Thanks! So far I have tried everything, starting with standard drivers Microsoft already on the Pro to send and no longer operate such devices ...

Information about the Surface:

Currently Windows 10 Pro x64, before Windows 8.1 Pro x64 exotic network drivers and the associated hardware (Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-AC Network Controller). Otherwise we are probably forced the Surface back again 3 with supplies up to manual driver exchange and by trying various Marvell drivers ...

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my computer WI10 starts and then displays a blue window shutdown code DRIFER VERIFIER DETECTEV VIALATION
and start on a piece who can help me

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Due to special walls, room B has no possibility of connecting a network cable laid in the wall.
Room B wlan can receive. Room A has

Hi everybody,
the following facts. on miserly.

Search times to receive the wireless signals from room A. Furthermore, the device is supposed to have a network port, making a Speedport 724V router. As long as you wlan with n-draft or better, as well as you can still connect via cable with the Speedport.

What devices are there, wpa2 psk take, all were allowed to meet the purpose.
So I can hang up with devices in room B and thus serve as a "WiFi spot". I need a device that I can connect to the network of what can you recommend?

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Both computers are mine and that the license is already used by another computer.

I have Windows Vista Home left in my house at the time. Later I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro.

After all, this had to become Windows 10 Home Read more ...

License then will I or will I see this wrong? This Windows 8 Pro license was correct.

Would not it be later that Windows then indicates that Premium has purchased an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

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The remaining files in Windows.old 8884 and Windows Fixer 9757 in the vg path have been deleted by the cleanup. It is after the last Windows update and the delete of? Sincerely
can not be deleted as an administrator.

The entire path as well as individual sections
how can i keep the files windows fixer then done disk cleanup plus system cleanup just the vg files.

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That means I 10 16 the Windows update carried out. Furthermore, the Store Button is missing. Since this update, the Windows Symbol Button stops working and the Windows system key stops working. Even the Windows can not open an app.

who can help me
Settings button no more.
Have at 01 Jurgen
This lasted all night.

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Read more ...

I do not recognize anymore, unfortunately I found out afterwards in Google. There is a possibility that Windows 10 the license still greeting! I have used the offer from Microsoft and changed my computer a bit.

That then Windows 10 sometimes maul and the original licenses Thanks! Unfortunately, those who made the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. recognizes, without the mam the whole computer formatting and reinstalling must?


Unfortunately, I have already passed 30 days.

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please help here. Best regards


Read more ...

I have the following Build 10586.71

Error message 0x8007232B
If I enter my key then Windows can not be activated anyway,

it should repeat later and address me to my admin ...

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Listen to music, watch a movie and the usual office programs - so no games! But first let go through this program of MS to the alternatives? Schonmal laptop copied to an external hard drive. I do not exist, so eigtl.

Also, nothing against XP, I decided to change the operating system. a lot can start with your storage and 7 will not be faster than Vista. So many thanks! Important programs are also Vista Home Premium 32 bit version.

Look, I was more likely to advise you to Windows 8, because XP did not have much, for example. Currently I own the Windows proposals? Everything checked compatibility of your computer to check:
Upgrading to Windows * 8 - Microsoft Windows

My question is:

Which operating system and I was very happy about your help.

To be ignored. It has always been a little slow, have the 1. Unfortunately, I am not so well versed if it runs cleaner.

For this I was able to get all the data from. I do not do anything wild with the laptop, eigtl only need it for the Internet, could you recommend me alternatively?