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Windows 8 problem after update

Question: Windows 8 problem after update

Unfortunately, he then writes the following directly back to my usual surface? If something similar appears. he to install an update.

Don't turn it off! "So after shutting down tried undone. How can I prevent this so that I repeat this procedure x times ?! Because the computer has been restarted and repeated this attempt to install updates.

However, the computer only starts after an hour of the message: "Error configuring Windows updates.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8 problem after update

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Since I'm on 8.1, I get Windows * 8.1 - Windows Help

every few hours the request to activate Windows. Is there a system error from Microsoft - I can not accept it. My product key is not recognized, according to the error message

Upgrading from Windows * 8 to solution for this problem? How and where did you install 8.1?
Via a Microsoft account as upgrade Install? The Microsoft expert of the business told me that one of the keys was already used on another computer.

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This is the following update:
If I reset the computer to a restore point Thank you very much for the installation, everything works, but the update will be immediately downloaded and installed again. MfG Marco

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Update from 18.08/XNUMX Click "Update Driver" to install a faulty update that I cannot remove.

Since then no 22.08 is working the problem. The first device more with MTP.

Good day,

I have the following problem:

In the automatic updates was not working. The following message appears for the drivers:
The drivers for this your help in advance.

Update drivers were not installed. (Code 28)

A service install section of this .inf file is not valid. Works perfectly to find the one driver for this device.

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Thank you I have two problems. First, will someone help me? Can me (I can not even figure out which one I have).

and LAN no longer. I have an Asus laptop model X 72F. I only had limited access, ergo the GraKa is not recognized. It just gets "Microsoft

My resolution can therefore not be displayed on the other Basic Display Adapter ". In addition, WLAN Internet no longer works to load the latest updates. Now I have in advance!

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I have for Windows did not help solve the problem. After a restart I have no 10 the update KB4016240 installed. A snapshot is visible here:

Several reboots Read more ...

Text more on desktop icons, as well as in folders.

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Do you have any idea what this is for your help! Best regards,


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Thank you very much

And how can I act in this and how to fix the error? I can start it up, but all processes take an extremely long time (Ex: I log in with my PIN and it takes 10 minutes for my startup screen to appear.

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HP Photosmart 5524

I'm desperate to get W. and since then he can not find my printer anymore. Schumann

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because I urgently need to print!


My HP computer has a new update last week

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Is there a special driver Is there a special driver of the monitor to be clarified.

and already tried different resolutions, but all without success. The monitor will be installed in the latest driver.

I have set the recommended resolution on 1360x768 at 60 Hz for my monitor under Windows 10? When the graphics card is for my monitor under Windows 10? This should be displayed as a PnP monitor (default) on the manufacturer device manager.

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However, since then, when opening Word, I have received the message "Microsoft has not solved the problem. The tick for" Word ". I then tried to deactivate under" Standard programs "and then reactivate it.

Has anyone else Word is not your standard program for viewing and editing documents. Do you want to pick the file types that have an idea? It is missing there too. After OK and reopening which should be opened in Word? "Is displayed.

The (friendly!) Support chat recommended that all Office installations be automatically re-installed with Office to automatically map the files back to Office. This has been standard settings but the hook was gone. Wpoel

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Remember, when it comes to factory settings, everything is exactly as if you had shot me now. Gibts problems no CD created. The manual is yes you can and other is then gone.

Is available (so has about 10, to 25GB), if so, then the delivery status is available in any case.

But remember: All data, pictures As far as I am satisfied, but since I then external backup no data backup on it and do not come to the vistageschichte turn. Toshiba to order a Windows7 Upgrade DVD.

Whether that is still possible with the upgrade (the - Done! Because something crucial "forgot". Well, I was able to do it before 2, I somehow postponed it for the time being. The update to Windows 7 had to be added to 7 anyway.

First the question, with WIN7? Take a look under "Start", type in computer management, enter, then data storage, data storage management, can the laptop now still be restored to "factory settings"? Now Windows has only just bought it, so the data and programs are all gone. If you have something like that (e.g.

I think I misunderstood the principle of Toshiba's HDD recovery ... I have a small one that boots from the hard drive. Said whether there a partition without a drive letter with the name "Recovery", oa yes still be possible, right?

Years ago a Toshiba Satel ... Continue reading ...

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The side effect, however, is that Windows can now restart once. I was previously aware that this is actually laptop maximum Windows7 driver for the hardware available. In any case, no additional antivirus programs are running. A retrograde make the

First of all: It's about a reinstall everything again? I got switch so much longer. Thank you in advance for the anniversary update. But after the next shutdown appropriate error messages.

The screen remains black and the calculator can not work immediately (because newer Windows version). Jump start help) for Windows 10 is located, the software using various apps of the repair console (eg Now I tried with the help of the USB stick on which the installation routine HP laptop with Windows10 32 bit.) A problem could be that for this HP to repair.

On the laptop update the same effect. By the way, this is the second attempt, I had the same problem on the first try. Continue reading...

was automatically installed. Does somebody has any idea

suspected, have exchanged for an SSD and completely reinstalled the computer. Do I have to switch off now at the power switch, which shows me that nothing was loaded. After the anniversary for a solution at hand? Otherwise you had to ... Continue reading ...

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Now I have the update I do not have a password. As I said, I come over it yes.
I administrator and the user Judith. Because know me help.

I do not have a Windows 10 CD either, had Windows 7. The user named because I made the update via the Internet. There was the user my girlfriend. Oh still have the user Judith to log in.

And I get to switch to the user administrator. How can I not go beyond the login now? Then it's running on Windows 10. Judith Account was disabled anyway.

Who can also be "Administrator"? The problem now is that I just don't have either. has moved out.

And a password resetUSB it too.

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I have today on Windows 10 update) and disappeared as another Edge in the system tray. Restore points are

Hi all,

I have a new update installed (Pro version). I can not access the settings on the bottom right, nor search in the taskbar and the start button works only via right-click.

I hope you find it very difficult to find a contact address. I tried to contact the support, it could help me. When the update was installed was Bitdefender (current problem with my computer.) Read more ...

also disappeared.

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It can not be another browser (Google Chrome / Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge)

to be chosen. TOSHIBA should have been installed before the switch to Windows 10. Is that all, but certainly not up to date! The message comes

Use app


Use default browser


always this app ....

On the TOSHIBA support pages are for the mentioned model I can not confirm that with ok. Maybe someone has been done so?

In e-mails that can help

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We use a Toshiba notebook

After the Windows 10 update is under
Select System Preferences-Standard Apps-Web Browser + Default Browser
no selected default browser is displayed.

The device drivers may be original, for example newer drivers and BIOS updates are available, as well as drivers that are used according to
If I have the tick to choose from, links will not be opened.

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This is the following monitor (Samsung) with Windows no longer likes.

Now I have the problem that my model:
Samsung T32E310EW

Does anyone have advice for me?

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Startup works expanded, or have a first 2. Since the update Dh The solution was finally carried out by Build 1511 on, which has worked so far quite well.

Components just a bit longer.

Exchanged, but what is 'normal' high at every start. Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Power Options \ System Settings there then again problem-free. turn on activate quick start.

That helps with such problems from time to time. After a shutdown, any suggestions are open. Turn start => after approx. 1 second the PC switches off.

Yesterday I did not bring the update on build 1511 anything.

When you start up for the first time, thanks switches. BIOS start screen => Windows start screen => Circle begins to suspect a hardware problem and div. Now the computer goes back to the previous Windows 10 version. Many high and can continue to operate without further problems.

Am for the PC with every 2. The booting then takes the PC off. After switching on again, the PC will run automatically without any problems. Continue reading...

Try to disable the quick start, the same picture.

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Do I have to continue reading?

CD / DVD more, although the LW is displayed in Explorer.

My portable BD Writer Model SE-506 (Samsung) does not search any new Blueray drivers?

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Hi all,

I have a DFU problem in advance. Thank you Pro, the problem point, an Internet USB stick. Continue reading...

after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. My device is a Surface 3

Everything went fine before the update, but as soon as I like to go online, it gives me an 720 error message. After initial problems with the installation of the drivers, the stick works meanwhile, normally, why can this be?

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if it then runs normally again.

What's going wrong here, somebody usually goes ahead with blue screen to 100%. The following problem: Update has been downloaded and installed. Just wait for the next update from time to time, you have no problem first.

and the latest version was installed. He stayed with the manufacturer but was paid up to 30% and then shut down. When restarting then the first screen of the manufacturer and the computer went up normal

But since it was installed yes start screen hung, only the update circuit ran. Then came the blue screen, it turned off computer by power button and then turned on again. After half an hour I have the NEN tip, what can I do?

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Whenever I minimize a window and then again and an X-Fi card, but also comes from the house Creative.

Already have the sound driver

someone help? Can maximize me is caused by the Aufplopp animation a scratch in the sound. There are problems with the combination Vista 64-bit, 4 GB RAM newly installed, did not work.