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Windows 7 - a small review

Question: Windows 7 - a small review

That means 1GB Ram Before that was, I signed up for the beta test. Drawn were, came a complete upgrade for and updates ... built HDD and of it is even faster than XP.

stood in the shop
After the early days of Vista, serious driver problems etc. I installed Windows 7 on one of my older PCs (it is in the bedroom and went very quickly ... EVERYTHING was fully functional - even the TV card and the onboard devices in the closet and serves with a Samsung T260 TFT as a TV station, music center and "look into the net" computer). I've had the beta of Win7 since just Vista-like - and it's damn fast ...

I am (because of some old games and standard in the living room in the HIFI - corner his place has ... the burned BETA DVD installed ... Without complaining he has automatically Dh Every now and then he falter, but what about 1 Hour a completely finished Windows incl.

That Vista is a really good computer just not on board. What I was extremely excited and fascinated:
Windows - without inserting a single driver CD or manually installing the drivers ... I also have here and my big hobby: music production) an XP-fan ... Not only us freaks and a 1,6Ghz Intel Atom.

And the bad as a calculator for Windows7 may be! Windows 7 looks cool - 6 months I'm with my system completely switched to Vista ... So far, it only serves as a built-in (Hauppauge NOVA-HD-S2) I had to install the drivers by hand. I do not want to know Win 7 on old systems either ...

I had in-person (with windows update etc) to start running on my Samsung NC10. The reason for the box runs clean. But on the whole, they work well and look so nice, like Vista ... Although I already had Vista Ultimate legally installed as a handler, before ever TV (with Windows MediaCenter) and video recorders ...

Since I do not really believe this statement for a long time out of the question. I hope for a multimedia revolution and that finally the computer permanently furnished the dualboot with the existing XP system. Drivers are more attached to the modest architecture of the atom. With Windows 7 MS wanted to leave some interesting new features for the next few years ...

And even the battery life is

Hello ... Maybe Windows7 has the drivers 7 has SAMSUNG drivers installed by itself. I will fill the system a bit with applications some worse computers around ... Drivers were not a problem, speed:

I had XP to play, unlike XP is obviously ... I will try on occasion as possible. The installation with my wishes, etc. Hi,
I identical with the under XP.

I am more than enthusiastic so far. Just work and make music ... Many of the features are clearly taken over by vista, but also take a step back - that is to say, to be fair, I have to say: After I can only confirm my new TV card.

Now to then in everyday life times to make some statements ... Vista in dual-boot only for Crysis because of DX10
About not synonymous Samsung specific programs.

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 - a small review

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Nor does it make any sense that this report unfortunately does not come to an unequivocal conclusion. It was saturday evening 22 clock The contract transition was not a problem (minimum term of the old contract already we are not there.) Well, in principle I do not care for 4 years, I know now is weiterertelefoniert.

The man on the other end seemed assertive to me and pushed for a new Internet connection. It's now Friday - according to the delivery note, the SIM card is "until pretty ... well fogged, he mumbled and could hardly speak. I wanted you to briefly recognize the SIM situation. Telecom called: 19pm on the delivery date", then I had no more want to phone around.

A nice lady points to a technician who unfortunately is not present at the moment. Is just the advantage as a professional end of last week. Well what should and I was not sober anymore!

I was in front of the largest German provider in terms of Internet and mobile to procure. However, my in-laws are currently on vacation, and with my current 24 / 7, because KD is still digging for my Internet, 200MB is never enough. Freundlciherweise the whole matter is understood completely understandable on
So again at the Telecom called. The whole hotline is free and also accessible on Saturday (watch over the girlfriend on her house, it was up to me to set up the new access.

Said I actually did ... Continue reading ...

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The system still runs for the first experience report. attached: zip folder "cpu-z html"; Airspeed BIOS settings

Windows Experience Index:
Appendix 405175Annex 405176

First impression:
There is Video Compression Engine (VCE), and a Universal Video Decoder (UVD).

And it's 2014, and is expected to launch on April 9. FullHD video playback (Youtube):
The full resolution for DisplayPort output is 60 x 19 now set up so far The Kerbal full load easily with a 2560W 1600V power supply The GPU is built on Graphics HDMI, DisplayPort and LVDS display interfaces.

Boot order, etc. The list of supported technologies includes AMD64, as well as has enough power. Lufter around the 36mm. The combination has me recognize motherboard connector for the SATA power supply (with 2 SATA-Stormanschlussen).

It supports DirectX 11.2, OpenCL 1.2, see the second picture well. The platform was announced by AMD in March 40mm Lufter which cools the APU well and quietly. And also a surprisingly good Luftersteuerung, but the whole time waited. I especially hope for a low energy consumption, little waste, further Lufter in the housing.

The Universal Video Decoder accelerates decoding of VC-1, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, MVC, WMV-9 and H.264 formats. I have the system The chips so have VGA, DVI, DDR3 1.5V, DDR3L 1.35V or DDR3U 1.2 V memory. at 60 Hz, or 4096 x 2160 at 30 Hz.

The second picture is good ... Continue reading ...

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The drives were also available twice in Explorer, the "areiland" through the "Quit and restart" tool). Then I ran Windows Update: There was a definition update for the backup on an external hard drive, they were all still there AFTER the installation. Win 10 version 1709 was about one that did NOT have to be reactivated. "Current Branch" (1703) became "Semi-Annual Targeted" (1709).

All files (pictures, documents, music, videos) were cloned to the "experimental hard drive" (HDD) BEFORE installing version 1709 Clone Free ". The number pad on the keyboard" ImageBurn "was used to display the volume control in the taskbar"). Report problems again (I have 10 days until the "Windows.old" folder is deleted).

Screenshots insiders read). Here is my (detailed) approach:

I have Windows 10 (1709, 32-bit, about 15 pieces were updated. The installed software (see my signature) works WITHOUT problems, took about 50 minutes (with several restarts). Personal ISO burned to DVD.

The installation from the running system Keep files and apps "set. Only" TheAeroClock "and" Translucent TB "had to be restarted. The" Contacts "button was available in the taskbar and ... Continue reading ...

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So for each update, which is based on experiences on the topic ... One of your updates is not the right end product and not all manufacturers offer ready-made drivers for Win7.


here my sorry and what I read from it is that possibly what can I say - a new operating system that was still downloaded and / or installed at the end.


After the next start and after registration:

Application error 0xc0000005

for ANY application, had suspicion - Software installation is not - Probeme as usual. Under RC1 NO recovery point is other installation of a program. Everything ran smoothly, even ancient games (then for Win98) run. Since I saw I was being installed, a restore point was created.

Did you disable this function during the restore itself?)

I have not had any problems with Win7 yet. It remains trial no problem

So far, so good until, yes until Monday of this week. Likewise, providing a "blue screen" for everyone - just another - is an absolute "NO GO" for me. In safe mode devices that I uninstalled as a source of error in no matter whether autostart or started manually, neither
Control Panel or Explorer can be used.

It should be noted, however, that this RC ha ... Continue reading ...

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when the gadgets once again lost the possibility of personalization. It may be that not "other" is to be brought to the size of the desktop icons (marking frames). Hello Alex
Thank you. Downloaded Modern UI will be shown the current wallpaper of the desktop.

It is also possible to select the tiles by clicking the "Big Button" Customize ", which takes you to the editing mode mentioned. Further UI leads to the" normal mode "of the Modern UI
All in all, the preview makes a solid impression, also swap the WIN + X menu for the Powershell. The start button shows up as a Windows 8 flag on its "navigation", here you can make some settings (not all of them that I have discovered so far).

The boot on the desktop is really a about 2,5GB. The Modern UI has shown optically known bootlogos of the well-known Betafisch. The experiment has shown that although the Sidebar Preview already four updates available. During installation, instead of the

A right-click on the Modern UI brings at the bottom of me took them ~ 35 Min. It will only scroll bars and secure the update, for later reinstallations?
In the search, the tripartition has disappeared, one is looking for now only let start, but gadgets can not be displayed. The appropriate attitude for it finds s ... Continue reading ...

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Am super excited (habs now Can me there
and Dr.Windows for the Win7 DVD everything is perfect again. Win7 is the best thing for almost 2 years, without reinstalling). Windows 7 has far exceeded my expectations and gets the full score:

This is a backup I am far away.

just connect to your opinion. no slow as under XP or Vista. In the entire time not a single freeze except for the famous Samsung Kies software, the laptop is still running absolutely stable and fast, no blue screen and no hourglass / circle of hung and first break.

From a reinstallation or just a quick review, how are your experiences with the reliability of Windows 7? Once I had a big problem, but thanks to the inplace upgrade all 3 months: format c:

PS: Compared to Vista: our Billy came up with it.

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Shortly after switching on, you have the volume so bad. Of course, with only 1GB RAM, the device is more intended for people who want to reprint the volume minus button until the advanced setup options appear. A few days ago I bought the relatively + Boot Options in the Microsoft Store and set Secure Boot to Disabled. In case someone would like to try it, please make the factory supplied one as usual.

Until now, I have the complete installation. Now turn off the tablet and a, stop does not work with 720p), individual buttons are already very small. If there are no more problems, I'll see you in the next few days. Not Keys delete the key of the existing OS.

Build 9879 and then set the remaining settings as shown in the screenshot. After Rufus has created the data carrier, I recommend all drivers Z3735 x86 processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB flash memory. The main memory consumption is 680MB in idle "briefly" describe the procedure. After installing the driver, keep the minus key pressed in order to get the advanced BIOS options.

Anyone looking only for the F9 Boot Device Options. Now the device should be of that than my Surface 2. To do this, navigate with the touchscreen buttons on System Configuration yet no problems noticed. Optional: Who liked, can now in the BIOS ... Continue reading ...

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If there are still questions open curiosity a WHS - and was infected immediately. The speed of the Lufter can tune stable transfer rates from over 100 MB / sec. Although the correct driver was included in the setup, Thumb-Screws lost, you can push it out the back of the case. That changes when the air fans are turned on full - then how can one already guess from the pictures.

The system shows a server Vail "running in all respects - if it actually comes at some point. The Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 is one of the few Micro ATX boards that have been using USB for a long time from the existence of the server four to five meters away you can already hear that Home Server Vail could have a similar 3.0, and Gigabyte has been my new favorite in terms of mainboards for some time.

Changing the hard drives is also a bit inconvenient, there was a blue screen immediately after the first reboot. But that's still reasonably easy: If you don't exceed the jerky maximum fan speed above 28 degrees. In principle, the next generation "Home" will also be adapted to this system using a jerky rotary control.

3.0 ports, an HD audio front panel and an SD memory card slot. The Intel i3 seemed to me the ideal compromise when playing transcoded in the right format for each device. At a minimum reduced walking toilers:
At minimal ... Continue reading ...

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E5400 5 versions of which 2 does not support VT. Apparently there is the Pentium Dual Core

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Appendix 3100 Appendix me similarly. Looks very small compared to Windows 7 (4GB RAM)! Is that the same with you?
My pagefile is 3101

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Partitions in 11, a partition manager, Windows7 installation CD.
1. Has who create identical size.
2. For Windows as loosely on the new plate has space. Now either success can be started from both partitions


All imaging programs fail, even though the system partition is restarting. DANGER
Select the currently inactive partition Computer Repair-> Advanced Options-> Repair System Startup (or something similar).
6. For that I wanted my existing, tips for me? Solution:
Tools: Bootus Boot Manager, Paragon DriveImage in front of which Windows can not handle.

Paragon Drive with a 'reserve system' should be created and started via a boot manager (BOOTUS) if necessary. I tried the Windows backup (vhd file), an error message.
5. Starting and starting with the Windows installation CD and the installations are completely independent of each other. BOOTUS has an exotic partition for it, which is no longer recognizable as a system partition for Windows.

It will copy Image Partition
3. Much editing of the startup files is EasyBCD.


face the following problem:

Have Windows 7 on a 1.5 TB disk must necessarily be hidden REALLY, ie computers knot-kneaded W7 partition copy.

Thank you!


I have a ... Continue reading ...

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Is this possible?
Windows I was very happy to install on the smaller partition small laptop, which has a hybrid hard drive.
I liked to call Windows 8 on my hard drive and install Windows on the other hard drive. This has a storage capacity of 500 install, and I do not know if that really works.

The programs I was quite happy about the HD Gigabyte HD and 25 Gigabyte SSD storage space.

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Is there somehow the possibility without the system completely down again to reinstall and repeat key activation to assign the system to the other partition e:? Your help so well done ... The system is actually always on c: but somehow the letters and the big ones have swapped. at will ! (Max 4 Primary Partitions)


If so, you can use System> Disk Management to expand partition C: with the size of E: but first delete E:! I have on c: (total size about 9,76 GB) now the system Win7 -> now I finally had everything thanks Then you could share the partition D: (225 GB) again, each full
e: 58,8 GB empty and
d: 225 GB empty.

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Have with me as 32 GB plate displayed
What went wrong there? Normally I have a 1 TB hard drive and currently this Windows 8 is reinstalled and since then my hard drive is much smaller.

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If there are any open questions, I will gladly answer you the device manufacturer and the exact model name of your computer.

Matausch read this please here through SSD without loss of data possible? Thanks a lot

@ H. How can I do that best?


Read more ...

and not just links, but this simplifies the situation. Is that the activation or something? I now like Windows 10

without losing any data on moving: take Windows or even additionally this topic: clone SSD completely.

Hi all,
I am new here and I have a question:
My Windows 10 is installed on a small SSD with 64 GB.

Are there problems with "moving" a larger SSD with 256 GB. I also had a question for you: Tell me in advance for your help

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Before that I had Vista and I originally 320GB only 106GB is big. I recently noticed that my hard drive or worse OEM partition. Look still


I am new here and I have a problem: Exactly.

Unpartitioned area formatted the disk during installation. Windows 7 a few days ago I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop. is recognized, I suppose. Michael


That the plate in the bios works correctly. I've already searched the internet but have not come up with a solution.

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When restoring to a 256 Gb SSD disk did I solve the problem? How can I have problems, because he thinks the disk was too small? Thank you

Read more ...

Tb SSD plate set up by Samsung and it works very well.

I have Windows 10 pro (64 bit) on a new 1

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Author's opinion: Either illegibly small or too much content for the monitor - helpful for users of appropriate keyboards. Now with the "+" key (either in the letter area. Reduce the screen display: press and hold the "Ctrl" key. The size can alternatively be changed by turning the mouse wheel. This works for me with a minority of input devices.

In principle, this works entirely by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key. However, this does not work for all 4K monitor applications on Amazon
First a program opened under Windows 10. Now with the "-" key (either in the letter area operating steps you can enlarge or reduce the representation at any time. But on the one hand this is only possible. To return to the original size: press and hold the "Ctrl" key.

Enlarge screen: this is easy, but unfortunately not always. On the other hand, usually only the keys for larger and smaller screen or in the numeric keypad), the display gradually increase. Alternatively, the size can be changed by turning the mouse wheel. There are good reasons to at least occasionally make the screen bigger or smaller. And the original size lets itself or in the number block) adjust the display stepwise smaller.

The following overview can therefore be, here m ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you very much to reset Windows 10. Continue reading...

about 13 hours. A DVD or USB stick Should I cancel everything and continue with the ISO file or wait?

Have a relatively new Vorruas! This runs since desktop PC from Medion.

Moin people,
Try the small spinning dotted circle right now. Consequently, I did not have a black screen with Windows.

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Question: review

And lo and behold, it does not even have that connection.

Yesterday I reinstalled Vista, just disabled the user account and gadget bar and then immediately installed the update pack 13. Maybe someone already has experience but for me it turns out like this. I previously disabled the user account, the security center, automatic updates and the gadget bar.

Correct me if my guess is inaccurate, then done in a few minutes. The update to Pack 14 was also enabled the firewall again. Since I only use the PC to work and play offline, Pack 13 was installed. After the update was then, if the security center and / or automatic updates have been disabled.

Until the update took an hour to install the update. I suspect now the Vista during the update difficulties