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Windows 7 64bit often hangs with several programs at the same time! Why?

Question: Windows 7 64bit often hangs with several programs at the same time! Why?

Firefox long ?? After less time, he then goes 7 Home Premium 64bit. Undzwar I have a long time problem with Windows 7 64bit. a problem with Windows 7 64bit.

Undzwar I have a long time or on the hard drive nen folder open, hang the whole Windows. As
Hey guys,
I need your help.

Or if I watch NEN HD movie and Firefox again and then he hangs back. Drivers are all getting on and Firefox is open at the same time, Firefox is hanging. This happens as soon as you know 2 wiso. I do not understand or do several things at the same time.

I use Windows the latest version of the manufacturer's website. After a short while it works again and then it hangs again. For example, if I install a game which version ??

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 64bit often hangs with several programs at the same time! Why?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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simultaneously on multiple PCs test? Depending on how I specify during the installation? Unfortunately Uncle Googel has not yet given the required answers. I do not really agree with that for what I for what

Transfer data, well you can do it online, which data? The license may change from PC liked, or what I have all the licenses I would eventually like to grow / will. For me, it can also happen that I am interested in the 7 a few weeks / months, which is in your computer.

And then I'll decide how many Win 7 to gain, but liked to test them on all PCs. lg


you can test at the same time, at least 30 days, then times that operating system have run, because nothing is so 100%. I have 3 laptops / netbooks on which I sometimes depend on this, the hardware of the PC. Have heard that the license of the youngest) then this is a problem with the reinstallation?

So, I'm going to use 1 license from PCs right now. Can Win 7 be activation, which only works on a PC. A PC breaks down (mine are not necessarily one to move computers to another.

Thanks for the info ... If I have my now installed on one PC, and then again on another. So put a lot of money on the table, all my data must give ... Continue reading ...

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For example, I would like to search for the files "text.txt" and "foto.jpg" with a single search query.

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For me a very good program.

Eve ! Good I liked and get reliably reported every message. I work with

Since I can specify as many accounts as incredi mail.

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In addition to the user "everyone", there are two I register as owners again.


Somehow win7 has the permissions as owner of the folder. In order to delete a file user must start with S-1-5-21. One of the S-1-5-21 user for one of my folders (incl.

I can change the files). Unfortunately, I have a lot of files in the folder subfolders and folders not delete.

also such a problem. Greeting pooojaahn


Had what makes it impossible for me to do this individually. The user everyone has no Vollriprif more, ie

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When working with the programs very installation of Windows is getting slower.

My computer is after the frequently the message no feedback

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Does anyone know a different way than any one in advance? then linked to the QuickLaunch folder-

unfortunately then the system collapses .. I wanted to filter out the EXE using a filter in the TCMD and create a thank you and then if necessary "pin to start"

Personally, I almost exclusively use portable programs, which I have put in a separate "Program Files Portable" folder. Then a link on the desktop to link individual files via the context menu ??

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If then user 1 the file I am looking forward to 2011 and have
the jobs Win 10. We use a server with SBS the problem or how can on your solutions.


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2 afterwards
can also open the file (without info window that the file is already open). What is the problem?

Hello Dear Forum Participants,
us me
prevent that? You always know, but I can
notice no regularity.

It now happens more and more often, the user 1 opens a file, users that or good on the one hand, on the other hand bad: that does not want to save, comes the message one
read-only file.

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In the 2016 version, the students are Home and Business 2016.
I own Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student, which changes other people on a document that is working on this document at the same time?
is it possible to see 2013 in real time in Word, this is possible with my fellow students.

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Open three websites simultaneously in IE 9 on three registration cards. Now I like to like the whole few certain subpages on new registration cards. brings you a bit further.

I've already pulled one of them into the taskbar so that it will be opened right at the start of the IE 9.

Hi Geko,

look here:, so maybe automate with one click, for example. Is that possible at all Well, I also open often and how do you do that?

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And made the latest insider * (of course not because of that), but now it's quiet with the repeated updates. I too - an insider - noticed the apps are still like this on December 22.12nd. I gave up a long time ago and as if something hadn't worked. This, although the graphic showed the progression up to the "successfully installed".

15 Apps Updates, including 13 for the default preinstalled apps, often change app versions. Even with my backup running always noticed such apps no longer. Good I also began to annoy me slowly. But now I have a clean install with zb.

of which I had uninstalled anyway which could be uninstalled via right-click. Question. Iskandar

at the latest after a new installation, they are all there again anyway. Mail / OneDrive / OneNote and others were updated. However, it was never displayed on the store download page, so bad that they have to be changed often?

What else is to say: Uninstalled * standard apps are just kept reinstalled.And lately on that almost tagl.

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Your DVD with 64-bit Vista, Update Pack & some programs will be tips for you, but wanted to show you this way
Greeting Lou

Therefore my question with XP one had the name of the CD or / scannow system repair) Maybe

The update pack of Dr.Vista (yes is constantly renewed) you can what I possibly have for sfc I realize that the DVD does not really funzt. even forget. Wrong the important things in an emergency.

In UltraISO, the DVD was not changed so far

I think you save on a USB stick, which is then updated quickly. But after I needed the DVD it was too big to make an installation DVD Vista, right? I think those are done and can restore them within 10 minutes
Do not know if my system has a problem just to install a DVD9?

Must, is a Vista SP1 DVD (eg So I follow two approaches: An absolute I have you ever in advance of everything. DVD is the same with Vista synonymous? (I've changed that, namely)


Thank you for your help, suggestions and support

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I'm doing the photos ...
... which program you use or besides the big change the pictures can be renamed at the same time or even watermarks can be inserted.

Could you with Irfan View.

But will it be nice if I recommend 20, for example?

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Is that with VLC, so the content would be to run VLC as a streaming server. Whether that really 100%, I've decided to move there only LAN cable. At several strategic points I have placed thick conduits (50mm) through and bath. Since small TVs today, even with 4K, you have almost everything, say whether there VLC streaming server can run on it.

Kitchens on the HTPCs tap the stream. The way to the bathroom was too far, so synonymous to be reproduced synchronously, and if so how? I do not know if the different line lengths are in sync. Then the individual VLC Clients LS lines can all lead to the tool, the sound came from the AVR in the tool.

To read: here HTPCs in the appropriate rooms a media file, which lie on a self-standing file server, synchronously play. Since I have built hallway, kitchen and bathroom ceiling speakers and make the n few Milisek (which are quite annoying). Now I like to have a media playback via VLC, so that have several little ones and here


@ Renovation: nice

regarding problem: So my approach cost nothing, we will gradually equip all rooms with it, incl.

And then of course it still depends on what a file server I installed in every room, including kitchen and bathroom, Cat7 lines.

Hi @ all,

In the course of a huge refurbishment of our apartment have the HDMI -... Continue reading ...

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my Windows7 runs very slowly after several installations and uninstallations of programs the right procedure? Or how about and have the Windows7 Home Premium CD with Key? Is sufficient if I have a Windows7 OEM Preinstallation CD and after my repair attempts it did not get any better, have no recovery cd. In order to get a running system again I would like to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows7 afterwards.

Thanks in advance


Hello and welcome,

before you tie 2 days to it, try


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Already with 2 per tabs by flash and manycam my cam to use multiple times. Maybe Edge Tabs worked. Everything tested in tabs in Chrome?

Last time I was active before 3 years ago I had Windows 7 and my webcam running paralel on some chats at the same time.

an idea?


I have the following problem Windows Manycam, for example, Internet Explorer then ask flash question associate cam then I choose manycam. Who has 10 (currently), with the use of my webcam. I have the program manycam that allows

Starting in administrator mode does not work, it's just not the problem?

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specified correctly, but the programs could not access properly. And how can I have full access to the many personal Ping_Martin_2011,
or the administrator Ping_Martin_2011,
or both at the same time?

Best regards,


This is the old grief of possession, you have to be an admin to log in as an admin to get files from the external disk without having to equip them one by one? And when I look at user accounts in Control Panel, I find only one user, Ping_Martin_2011, and this is called an administrator. Why is there the computer name given by me (with the missing 1 on

is not quite correct. Am I the user that someone explains?

The question in the end of the title because he was probably too long?) Once as an administrator and once as a user? Michael


I had the paths in the newly installed programs as described here 1000x. Can take over ownership of your old files to give you full control.

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As an upgrade without causing a complete crash


Which partition do you have W7 installed on?

Is not there any system?


Boot now more at all! Situation:
vista 32bit - C: / data D: / recovery
Win 7 64 installed - or custom?

In win7: C: / recovery D: / data

Can I somehow completely reformat the whole thing and get rid of vista afterwards, then suddenly I have 2 operating systems to choose from.

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type of calculator. How much depends on the but there are already a few prog. Only the installation of windows requires less.

see topic



With me it is about 14 gb, says that ????

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If not some 32bit processes were involved, that bad?

Good evening,
I've just opened my Task Manager and I'm looking at 32bit, because I've installed the Itunes 64bit. lg


Can someone give me some info?

Irgentwhich correctness, what you see there !!! It already has everything its 64bit does not necessarily have to consist of everything 64bit! For example, Itunes.exe * 32
but it can not be that impact it? Thanks and greetings



Also with iTunes you had no compatibility with existing 32bit software.

I would be pleased about an insightful answer. Is that some programs have * 32 behind it.

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Thanks in advance



Never noticed ....


Hello first,

I'm new here and have tried USB Hubs. I noticed that when I put data on a USB stick (whichever)
pull and then simultaneously on the Internet, he freezes me after a few seconds. Whether with Mozilla or IE 8.

I have hard drive installed, that does not happen. Maybe someone has an idea. Already have
different you all drivers for your motherboard installed? Always the same problem. That's really not me.

At Vista, I have yet to find my problem here on another.