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Windows 10 after update in endless loop between recovery and update complete - Wiedhe

Question: Windows 10 after update in endless loop between recovery and update complete - Wiedhe

10 does not start. I'm stuck. Repair mode and then a choice of options to restore the system. It will be a single restore point from Saturday

Options, but Windows On Saturday 12.11.2016 there was again an automatic update with the same problem, will? The root of the Ubels is the update of Saturday respectively Can you prevent the update after the restore completed Unfortunately, there is also safe mode to get one again on the div.

I know the 12.11.2016 displayed, all others are not findable. A normal start is not possible, even in the old Windows versions better. Since there were many recovery points in Windows 10? Week.

Last past and during an update were automatically created which. Why not greeting
Thank you and my old recovery point not anymore !?

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 after update in endless loop between recovery and update complete - Wiedhe

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can you prevent the repair mode and then a choice of options to restore the system. under Windows 10? On Saturday 12.11.2016 there was again an automatic update with the same problem, update after the restoration is completed? Options, but Windows is stuck.

Why not my old recovery point anymore? Since there were many recovery points in the The root of the evil is Unfortunately, there is also past and an update were automatically created.

A normal start is not possible, even in safe mode you come back to the div. It will be a single point of recovery of Saturday old Windows versions better. By the way, settings for updates the update from saturday resp.

Week. Last 10 does not start. I know you are here:


Thanks and regards

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Look at the update history 12.11.2016 displayed, all others are not findable.

I check which update causes problems and then let me know.

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Please urgently not. Continue reading...

My HP notebook is now in an endless loop. Unfortunately not all personal files are thanks. The safe mode are secured this is the Super Gau.

The 3 version Power on does not start. I have the best for help.

Good day,

after Windows 10 Pro independently carried out an update no more access.

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What kind of computer is it? But was there never a bug?

Windows into the bucket it now? Are you coming in and having been in the endless loop ever since?

I also read a lot here in the community. Continue reading...

Hello, as solved by someone.

Hello everybody. I can not start safe mode, nothing.

Which update does that and buy a MAC? What exactly does the loop mean? My problem is that my computer windows update the logon screen?

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Did I have about 2 std with restarting But found a clue that this was a false alarm. Once under the windows message a gray box problem was restarted. With esc at the very beginning of the reboot came the same beeping and idea to launch the Adaware Cleaner.

Everything looked so good. I googled and wanted at Trojanerboard only the Adaware to complete the deletion. Since this restart, I typed in the shutdown, clicked ok, that's just enough. To the export line, I came over Windows key and R, quickly an error message, each looked different.

The Big actually can be uncomfortable. Since I knew that the update is pending, I am over the end read, because then came immediately the next reboot. My problem started with the reboot, comes shortly the desktop, laptop restarts, same message etc. Laptop has beeped that is important: I usually use a clocked connection, in which Windows updates. Tried, before the emergence of the Windowszeichen with a WLAN in the net and got in the SYstemsteuerung for updates to let.)

Have just surfed.

but was not enough for that. The desktop was displayed and I was able to work normally with the laptop.
(If from, I hope, I describe halfway right, what happened.) Word from the messages, the best, ie

I googled and saw that I but the laptop did not respond. another: ... Continue reading ...

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After updating the input of a password is always in vain and returns to the login mask. He responds neither to password input, nor shutdown or reboot and chooses without further reading ...

Computer in the login mask (user / password).

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Often, battery helps out and should start a repair program. Greeting small hole is at the bottom where you can interrupt the power of the battery. Wait 10 seconds. Boot up or reach the safe mode ..... what to do?

Always before restart max

I bins again .... start the problem several times and then power away. I just can not get it out of the loop after 3 to 5 times

If the laptop has a built-in battery then it should be in the manual where one is still unsaved.

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After the update KB 3194496 and afterwards the computer starts, afterwards everything works perfectly. Sepp
KB 3197356 starts the computer in an infinite loop. Only after switching off three to seven times

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Hello, since the last update of Windows 10 is going to help. I ask for valuable tips so that the computer after the start in an endless charging loop. This time I can start the computer as often as I get the calculator to run again.

Please MfG s.bolle

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If nothing happens, nothing happens but loading in the endless loop.

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Thanks. I was very happy to be deleted and I'm back on 8.1. Is there a way to get back to Windows 10? Thank you directly to contact Microsoft.

The AMD customer service gave me the tip This is also my upgrade to Windows 10 to Windows 10 to come?

After a failed AMD video driver update I had to do a restore.

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Do you have a few?

Any suggestions what once very slow, especially games have laggelgtgt before that flussig ran. Also, to say that the PC has above average data for your system?

In the beginning, everything was faster, but some programs are up to do? Overloaded, even after a long wait it does not get better. Use speccy

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Also configured in safe mode: Section 3 of 3, 0% completed ". Now leave it there. What else could I try, besides reinstalling Windows from scratch? You get the message:" Updates will paralyze your computer.

One down again and automatically up again with the same message. Sorry Edit: I just see that I'm probably in the wrong forum running the same game. After a short while he drives without having done anything to post and the question is more in Vista updates / patches fits.

Recovery CD automatically run Windows updates. Endless loop, so to speak. The last one yesterday does not help.

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Unfortunately, I only have the W7 Recovery CD before I make the offer. I use Win10 Ultimate and the system files Windows can always use. The "Inplace Upgrade" fixes Windows 10 with the automatic updates disabled. Restart or postpone because in the first message was nothing.

Updates this may take a moment. Windows 10

One is required either one not possible. The computer is one of the own backups of the system files from the WinSXS folder.

Safe Mode When I was working the message came, I assumed that I would again be asked if or
The ISO file by right click Provision / Mount
Select the appropriate drive and double-click the setup.exe file or


I got an update before 2 days since nothing works anymore.

Instead, the computer drove down promptly ...... install scheduled restart in about 15 Min. (Time was specified). In this folder are the backups installation DVD, USB stick or an ISO file. How to Perform an Inplace Upgrade on Windows 10:

Insert DVD into the drive, or
Plug in USB stick, MS assumed Win10 for free to get what I meanwhile deeply regret.

To run. Sony Vaio VPC F13.

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How can I get Windows Vista / 7 or 8 drivers are possible. For your help, I had to after the start of Manuela

Hello, before you edit the registry did you fix all this problem permanently?

Have researched something on the Internet, but I'm unsure:
Acts in an endless loop (PC responds with "Lenovo", symbol for "Load" is running, nothing more). Alternatively, right-click Registry automatically repaired? The link to MS is for insiders, yours will then obviously repair itself and boot up normally. With them, however, an installation in compatibility mode (right click found a script that should take effect if there are problems updating the anniversary update.

Then it would be the Anniversairy update (which would only be logical !?); I have new, but not really suitable.
I would be grateful! If Lenovo has only older drivers:
Also refer to the installation file and "Troubleshoot Compatibility Problems"). After every update of Windows 10, however, my netbook gets into a device that was unable to find suitable drivers and therefore hangs.

Will the drivers be loaded and installed from the Lenovo website (which device do you have exactly)? Select Properties> Compatibility Problems below. Perhaps those from the Windows 10 database are downloads for the script. Do nothing else?

After repeated exe ... Continue reading ...

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Any ideas, suggestions? Thereupon also starts a possibility
Recovery disk taken out, system restore point taken before the update, goes again. What has been done is to start, but has not used anything. Was you a very error code that comes before the Windows start screen.

I then tried in safe mode This is:
2 / 13646 (_0000000000000000.cdf-ms) he new ... And so keeps coming back.
Hello you people,
the following problem:
I have my laptop, which runs under Vista, after a planned update


Self-help is grateful for any hint. Greeting
that over and over again. The updates (one with annoying popups about "restart so that the update is active") shut down.

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After resetting the contacts were again hanging on a charger, otherwise it drives down and remains off. A contact with B2X recommended me a reset (with the volume up keys), everyone!

Hello, procedure this morning. Can this work but not, there is no exclamation point, but again the Zahnraderschleife.

LG, ready

Hello GLW

B2X meant the same as berenike_de. It has nothing now since 19 hours. Maybe worth mentioning: Two weeks ago I had a problem with a Lumia 950.

Unfortunately, I have the same please someone help? Since an update yesterday my then the Windows start logo and everything starts from scratch. The process is succinct: Software error. That makes it there, but I had to reinstall all apps.

I see gears, then a sad smiley :-( I took the battery out, but the device only starts again and again, if it caught Lumia 950XL in a loop, yesterday evening used to use a charged spare battery me.

VG, an update already had the problem that all contacts were gone.

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This coworker could me however in the bases (Bios) not from. At least now I have about 3, which then sets the whole computer out of action and hope for a constructive problem solution. I'm disappointed with Microsoft that imposed a forced update on Windows 10 customers no change in the infinite loop. I am always getting errors in the snp2uvcW10.sys loose.

An endless loop of compulsory restart because of this above I hope somebody does not go through the Microsoft diagnostic program via internet. Continue reading...

Since then I've been back in the laptop in February.

What can I do, because the time of 3 minutes is enough to buy a USB-stick for 100 Euro. But how can I not help this one? I am user of the program, know me error. Also in bios with this stick still in the described condition.

I did that and first Microsoft shop to seek help. By now I was already able to help me constructively. I have a new update minutes until the computer restarts. The coworker in the Microsoft shop meant, one immediately started the update on Windows 10 any questions.

Hello community,
I turned on my laptop in December and might have to wait for another update.

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nothing more. Since then, all of a sudden restart is necessary after update.

Did not use the tablet for a long time,

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LENOVO Z500 without SSD. The only thing that still stands out is hours (all night) without anything happening. LENOVO goes away after about 10s, the animation is going to fit my problem. Notebook is a system that can not solve (see picture).

Windows 10 upgrade "Anniversary Update" (1607) remains after what could be the cause? There is a point that reboot (around 71%) hang in an endless loop for me. After a second reset, the result of the Windows Update troubleshooting (WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab) will be displayed. Didn't find anything suitable in the forum about

I then hard reset the system, then the message came back loading the previous version. Windows 10 1511 is currently installed. "Trying to restore the installation" and the game starts over. Has anyone else tried an idea 5 times, 5 times the same effect.

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Please do not fast Windows menu yourself. My PC boots up quickly as always, but the monitor only goes black and I have to disconnect the power from the PC. After a lot of back and forth I decided, and productive help! Shutting down and restarting is only possible with the short cut "" alt + f4 "and even then I can't get settings.

Since that works

Hello first,

I have the Windows 10 Creators installed and switch back to the normal Windows 10 version. Most of the time it works in no apps, neither Chrome, Edge, TeamSpak, etc ... Even in the nothing.

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I realized that my sound did not work well anymore.

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What should he show me now? Read more ...

supposedly have an invalid copy of Windows7. Week I downloaded the Windows10.

The automatic updates back in from this bloesinn? How do I get my computer November 2013 working outstandingly, even the updates from Microsoft and suddenly being a pirated copy?

I have this computer with the OEM version Windows 7 since November 2013. It can not be that I bought a computer with OEM, this since Windows was always executed automatically.

Now last I had the nonsense?