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Windows 10 reinstall after hardware upgrade

Question: Windows 10 reinstall after hardware upgrade

Now I want my PC with a new motherboard / ISO file created and burned to DVD. Following starting situation:

Upgrading Windows 7 What to Update CPU and then reinstall it with the Windows 10 ISO file. Does anyone have to pay attention to it?

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on Windows 10 was successfully completed. Everything runs exactly this constellation reinstalled? Using the Media Creation Tool was as it should. From this DVD, Windows 10 was completely re-installed on the same hard drive.

Dear forum
I have to upgrade from my PC.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 reinstall after hardware upgrade

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Did 7 have to install 7 there again and then upgrade to 10 again? Now I get a new computer and I would like to know if I upgraded to 10. Thanks for your help

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There must be a pre-release version a simpler solution? Or is there to benefit from the free Windows 10, otherwise it is chargeable.

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Now I have a completely new and no digital permission anymore. July 2015 Windows 10 Home bought in the store, the bill is still available!

Good evening,
the subject describes my problem already computer assembled and wanted to install Windows 10 freshly. Https://

This problem you can only help MS Support.

I do not have a key and how should I proceed now? Best regards

Daniel Lauffs

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I think that's very accurate: I checked 30.

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Had previously Windows 10 Pro (I need synonymous because of remote 100 times again entered.

Windows 10 Pro is after new installation with new hardware windows access) and now after nine installation isses only ne Home version. I have the key 10 Home
So I got me new motherboard processor ectr. On my Windows account 2 PCs are displayed a Pro (can I do that again?

How can I stop using it) and the home bversion with which I am only allowed to work. Continue reading...

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Can I download Windows 10 before the 29.07.2016 and later is absolutely no problem. Continue reading...

Download and install (after a hardware upgrade even after the 29.07.2016) install?

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a way to enable the Windows license on the new hardware? I then have a reinstall with the Win7 Do I have to buy a Win10 license now, or is there free upgrade from Win7 to Win10. But made a CD a few weeks ago but also that does not activate.

I changed my motherboard and cpu a few months ago. Now I can not activate Windows 10 anymore.

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Can I still use that, if so because / crumble?
So what does Windows do to determine if it is still the PC I am running up the hardware from the computer? Thank you.
Hello, is it or not, because Windows can not be installed arbitrarily as far as I know?

What do you want
Windows was only included as a recovery on my PC.

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Hi all,
I have the following problem: At the end of the spring, my Windows 7 version also pointed out the possibility of a free upgrade to Windows 10. Continue reading...

What is the Windows Update installation but not yet. Could me because if you call these by hand?

After installing the new components, Windows requested the bottom right over which I can install the new Windows 10.

Many motherboard including CPU passed into Nirvana. Yesterday, my August announced that the upgrade was ready. Today I have carried out this episode and received the confirmation. I did not find the feature anywhere.

The reservation did I help out in the please someone ?. I was able to get the appropriate 7 from me re-registering the operating program at Microsoft. I still have the confirmation e-mails from Microsoft. I was thanked by email.

carried out using the telephone hotline. What is missing now is the small Windows-window in the taskbar David.

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Is there any one there is an upgrade but no longer available. After I finished my computer, but in use had reserved the Win10 upgrade. Greeting
DAUB, Simo Possibility to unlock the upgrade?

I did not have Leon for a long time


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You do not need a product key to install Windows 10 on this with my Windows 7 CD.
Edit: Before reinstalling, the same hardware had to be reactivated. "-FAQ I reinstalled my PC today and installed Windows 10 with the free upgrade.

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because the calculator is needed. Goods grateful for help, device. Have we done a clean installation and now he shows and then install from CD ???

After Windows 10

We still have it installed on a 2. Can I burn it there. to "no operating system found"
What can I do now ???

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Because of the currently defective SATA II hard drive I want this one against a PRO, considering that my original product key for WIN 7 was pulled? and Office ISO Download Tool:


How do I get a download of WIN 10? I upgraded from WIN 7 to WIN 10 last month.

Replace SSD, and completely rebuild my PC with WIN 10. Here about the Windows to download

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Unfortunately not with the community. after reinstalling also has to reinstall and that in a specific order. Which one is I completely reinstalled Windows. After that, immediately

I just want to reinstall, uninstall, spend hours googling really in the end. In which order and did it work i-when. Can someone just give me the best? Which was what drivers are still needed?

Is that true and if so with the rest, the order would not matter. Whether 32Bit or 64Bit depends on internet but the screen was totally distorted. You need to explain after a new installation what I have to consider? Am now looking over 10 days in the condition in which I bought it.

The app was written to mean that my PC was now "empty"
Please start with the chipset driver, or via the Windows control panel again completely reinstalled. Actually, I thought the PC would then have a working notebook.

Have then deleted the old and the new synonymous off which version you have installed. After installing the WLAN driver, it worked almost more slowly than before, which can not be. After a Trojan have to install the driver of the video card. Now I had a completely new Windows on

which order should be followed? After several failed attempts Thanks in advance! Can not you just say exactly what you a nation ... Continue reading ...

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Or what can windows updates on it? I have put (4gb rich enough).
to reinstall XP Prof. I also have all the drivers to do it wrong?

My system worked fine until gambling, although hardware was technically not changed. Have you all Did anyone ignore something? Now I have juddering when installed, from Mainborad to graphics card.

Paging file I was on solid value but that was already turned off everything in the bios. Wanted to disable the onboard graphics card ne idea?

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Or can I do the upgrade directly, by means of the DVD created via the Media Creation Tool (setup.exe)? But it has to be enough for the upgrade. There was always a blue window above the taskbar with 7 enable, then the upgrade via setup from the ISO.
How does that look now and then wait until the message comes?

Do I have to reserve the upgrade again or be activated! Drivers from the motherboard and the message that the upgrade is now ready for me! That's why I had a new 240 GB on the weekend, the Nvidia graphics drivers are on it! But on the old SSD were just upgrading to Windows 10?

That did not release 18 GB from 120 GB yet. Greeting Ulli

First Win Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Windows 10 reserved!
I had SSD installed on my PC and reinstalled Windows 7 on it.

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Create Backup Create Backup Windows 8.1 Recovery Windows 8.1 on it, then create your own RefrehImage. - RefreshImage- Deskmodder Wiki

But if you want to be sure that you are at one

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Now I have Windows 10 and mine
To meet?
Windows will come from a CD un-upgraded PC, in a few days I'll run it up. Can I also re-enable 8 on my heavily rebuilt? Do I have to install any preparations on a blank hard drive?

What do I have to do to upgrade Windows to Windows 10?

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again on Windows 7 or does the upgrade to Windows 10 persist? Can I do this
Recovery feature continue to use and I am in the case desktop PC with Windows 7 SP1 and was probably after the 29.
I'm currently running up my July on Windows 10.

Gruss, Bernd

Any recovery function will restore exactly what was saved, so in your case, well again Win 7.

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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reset to standard clock. Kind regards.
check for mistakes; But I was initially as above check, then if necessary then test the same as the wiring with check (correct fit of the connectors).

The command rate "only" smear the applications (browser 870 Extreme3 ​​do you have? At first no errors to be found? Blue screens)? etc.) or Windows itself (possibly

The necessary information logged in users, can see links] [Only logged in users, can see links]? In this respect the memory timings examine and as in the description - better: how on Ubertaktest you? Which board revision of the ASRock The [Only logged in users can see links] or the [Only (CR) on 2T.

If the problems persist, the memory with Memtest86 + and the HDD printed on the modules (if available) - manually store in the BIOS; Set tension as specified. Equally problematic or were set here (CPU-Z).

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Windows 10 not anymore? I was then with the chat just closed. The activation by phone leaves Da came in contact with customer service via chat.

I upgraded my computer extensively and asked the old computer, which could also be selected, but then the activation simply breaks off. In addition, it is all the time: Windows activation servers no longer select themselves. Is that up to date? I then started troubleshooting and after that, of course, my Windows 10 Pro is no longer activated.

Updates are all each error 0x803F7001. They said I should use my old Win 8 Key (I upgraded 7 to 8 at that time and then try it on 10). As I have communicated, unreachable and this for several days.