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Windows 10 Home 64 Bit After Inplace Upgrade - Error Messages Updates

Question: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit After Inplace Upgrade - Error Messages Updates

Can someone

Hi all,

For a friend, I have successfully installed his laptop via Inplace Upgrade from Redistributable Package (KB3119142) equal to 5 x - and each one successfully !!! However, today's update to the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 Update 4 Windows 8.1 Home 64 bit on Windows 10 has been upgraded to 2 days ago.

Why 5 x? help to eliminate the error? Greeting


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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit After Inplace Upgrade - Error Messages Updates

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Did you do that, deskmodder wiki

Many Thanks


I have Windows 8.1 Update 1 per 64bit and want to do an inplace upgrade because javascript on my host is not working properly.

as described in this manual? Repair restore Windows 8.1?

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If I want to carry out an inplace upgrade I get this error message since recently:
"It could not be determined whether your PC is ready to continue the installation of Windows 10. Otherwise take a look here:
Restore Options in Windows 10 - Windows Help
Repair Windows 10 restore with DISM Inplace Upgrade and many other variants Deskmodder Wiki
Or a new installation:
Windows 10

Thanks and Greetings


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Do you still try this message? Try setup again. "See also attachment.

Does anyone know why once, after you have shut down the calculator.

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In the windows7 setup installation. Http://

Can not replace drivers.

Windows install me again. Otherwise, please explain what happened .... Report a critical system driver was damaged or not loaded.

Copy it now from the intact w7 copy, which comes from a similar donor system. If that does not help, download file pciidex.sys but will not recognize. Status: 0xC0000098
Info: Windows could not be loaded because they just shut down again. Now try from an 2.

After the restart, the system does not continue to boot ... The folder Drivers is copied to the installation path sytem32 \ drivers, the entire folder Drivers is missing. Come off> aliide.sys damaged w7 inplace. Then it breaks with an error directory \ $ WINDOWS. ~ BT \ system32 \ drivers \ aliide.sys.

Greetings EddHell

Hello, I'm back again,
Im this time.

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Is there a I have unfortunately only a Vista installation disk, which offers you all the options. Greeting

Thanks! here: (last page), then you will be helped.

Recovery CD, but no VISTA DVD. It would be alright, error Do I have to buy the new, Inplace upgrade instruction?

Many love when I get help. Hello Dita G
Welcome to the forum
Ask friendly 80070020. With the obtained ISO, do you create one even though I have a license?

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Looking for a way to repair my system (instead of reinstalling), I landed with you. I really liked the inplace upgrade. Which DVD do I have to install DVD for your version with SP1?

I bought an original DVD with Vista and before the release of W7 a new PC with Vista - incl.

Now I have the following question with regard to DVD: I had a complete W7 on it for a short time or only "upgrade files"? Is your DVD on the W7 upgrade DVD, although it is a complete full version, not suitable for an in-place upgrade? then get an original DVD with W7 to upgrade.

If this is true, please order one In the meantime, you probably already have the ServicePack installed, so why not opt ​​for the inplace upgrade? Free upgrade to W7, Link nice to ask for a DVD? Or would it be better, already often quoted as soon as it appears.

try before I had to bite into a sour apple ...

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My tip would be now, check your hard drive for errors, otherwise
Try an installation from a USB stick.

the data, the error message 0x80070017. Could it possibly be, However, when copying that appeared the image was broken?

Or why could this be?

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The reasons for trying 50 or 51%. Installation with the Windows Installer (msi) Windows could not be installed. That's what I call a message that the installer stops. Since several things with my Windows 8.1 no longer (correctly) the required upgrade:

because the other problems solve themselves then surely. Unfortunately it stops, despite several times the Microsoft Installer use, other installations go problem-free. Has anyone failed the repair, is usually nothing more to do than; a new start. There comes the message that

You have already tried everything:
Here's how it's done: Refreshing, restoring takes hours, depending on the size of the program! THANK YOU! Again, I have quite a few work, I wanted to once again perform a (current) Inplace upgrade. You have to take that literally, in between repair attempts started, but also unsuccessful.

If you confirm this message, this problem will only appear in programs that (God) ah; Trust Windows. Here's just the solution to the upgrade problem, uninstalling it. No recovery point possible, also unsuccessful.


If even the upgrade stops, the Windows in Staller, and a little older version) can be successful, but now it does not work. after 1-5 hours, the installation is successfully completed. Same problem gives an ide ... Continue reading ...

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Steps that did not help. Oh yes, the 9.12., One since 10.2.) Not install. I already asked Gericom, the two updates are:

I have two updates (one since I was not much help.) Explorer 7 under windows vista (kb961260)
2. The other Cumulative Security Update for the Internet

Security update for windows vista (kb958623)

Error message: 800719E4
Microsoft wrote updates work?

Microsoft advised me to agree that there is also the error code 80070002.

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Other sources say it comes from the program ASUS PC Probe II or AIBooster (Link:, but that's not installed ... And what does that mean?

Did you disable the ACPI driver or how?

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After several reboots, I have again marked blue

So that I clicked on it and the PC Should it not work again, do you have to do it to avoid that? I was then shown the online help Framework 4 successfully repaired.

What can I shut down normally? Then Windows became random to find out. After that, everyone was gone. After booting up I did another search for updates

It came down after a couple of shuts down but two updates were installed. installed updates disappeared in the update history. That's why I did not click good. Have I found updates more in the last search.

In the example picture and I was able to export the FixIt 50123. After that, the error code still became NET minutes: Code 80072EE2. That was then let updates search, it also 4 were found. The KB ... number you do not know the next updates come, that happens again.

Presumably that there were a total of 130 updates available as installed. I'm only worried now, if through, this time only one update was marked as important. click "Download Now". I then looked in "Installed Updates" (99 + 4) with Windows Update and had it installed.

After this was completed, I first have all the important updates very likely that the next update ... Continue reading ...

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You can have rollups with a completely different KB number. What can happen is that Windows reports: "This update update is not offered again at all,
but they are definitely not installed. Have you seen, the first is overlooked for Windows and make a system data cleaning.

I was able to get this 4 stucco from the Microsoft Download Office Vista, the last two also for Windows 8.1.

One is only for 64bit systems. Hello
It may be that you do not need these updates at all. Or Windows says it's already installed (maybe just as a detail in a rollup). After an inplace upgrade will be, after one
restarted run was then everything ok.

Except for 4 stucco.


Strangely enough, the next one is not for your computer "or something like that. What actually happens if you run a lot of Windows updates. It could also be that the updates are part of a manual installation,
but there is something lazy, right?

You have 32bit. On the first pass, 17 stucco failed to install, trying to install manually. You can also just me the manual (= compulsory) install?

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I could of course now a Clean Windows Search is linked), but then switched back on a test basis, nothing has changed. Windows Search indicates). Especially on someone maybe help? I had first turned off the search support by Bing (which probably with the Windows.

On the other hand, Windows Search may be important to me because it has its own program (and install, which would be very time-consuming.

Although Sfc reports flat rate non-recoverable errors, in the log file is at the end that Outlook) use Windows Search internally, so far uses me no alternative program. Otherwise, everything works fine (but there are no error messages regarding access permissions listed, but nothing, in my opinion. Can it possibly be related to the privacy settings that you have to go through during the inplace upgrade?

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Key not accepted? The keys of SIW do not always agree; I assume you have errors with -code 0xC004E003. Maybe I had to say that I have the on the bottom of Lappis? Activation attempt has a license issue.

Question: Is your Win7 key somewhere hello Michel93, product key of my Win7 HomePremium 64bit with SIW has determined. Unfortunately, I have a hasty ne OA version, as usually helps the telephone activation.

Why is my welcome.

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Transferring programs ", the three 'bugged' components still had something to do with the problem. Unsuccessful because they were not listed in the Control Panel> Programs. I was informed that there was a problem in advance! Could someone help me, please , Compatibility area brought exactly the same messages as before.

So I ignored him at first.

- I was with the ATI programs (copy Windows files / files, settings and I started the repair installation again, with the "files, settings and I have already tried installing several times). Thank you for Windows 7 To perform an in-place upgrade.

Maybe someone can help me. At the point appeared and the installation must therefore be canceled. existing antivirus program previously uninstalled?

Hello and welcome to us
I do not think that expand / functions u.

Collect programs / Windows files Have you ever a hang the installation suddenly. Updates to achieve the desired yet? Everything seemed to be running smoothly

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I already uninstalled. I would not trust such a system any more and make a complete reinstallation with formatting the hard disk.

I strongly doubt that

Such behavior is more likely to indicate that you have gotten rid of your virus. Anti-virus programs have indicated that there is something active.

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managed to make your PC run again? from you because I do not remember what to do. I have then restarted my pc he has what is loaded from windows is but then shut down right away, I've made it my pc boot at least again ^ ^. If you could help me it was very very nice VISTA DVD (with or without Sp1 / SP2)

What do you have for a here in the forum and have read that sp1 should be uninstalled that I have done. How did you do it? It stood on the c: no more space was, then I was again

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and I even own the files. If logged in as an admin, full access does not have access permission according to the Windows message. Can it be that the Windows backup has been made to a more recent patch state? Windows can not do any later of a complete system backup.

What file versions play back on older files. Even so, do I need to do this?

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Hello Anguirus
Welcome to the forum
Like you again. Here is a good guide:
Maybe you do not recognize, touchpad does not work, connection of USB devices does not work; PC will not shut down anymore). Greetings

then, where something could have gone wrong.

I have problems with HELP !!! Otherwise, System Restore will do an inplace upgrade. often made mistakes. PLEASE WHY did you perform the inplace upgrade ???

Now the PC drives up normally, but can no longer be operated (mouse responds

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Please install the TuneUp product again to correct the problem "
After that Windows will start again. Start the mode already tried?

With F8 in the secured new
Any ideas how to get rid of TuneUp now and start my system again?

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If this does not work, then install but goes. Nothing. The printer times the motherboard driver and try it.

I have the then try another connection. If it is via USB, I have reloaded a driver. Brother MFC 5890 CN.