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Windows 10 Anniversary Update - manual installation / update with Media Creation Tool and current ISO UPDATE

Question: Windows 10 Anniversary Update - manual installation / update with Media Creation Tool and current ISO UPDATE

However, Microsoft has also announced that it will distribute this update in waves, which is why not every Media Creation Tool, well, you can use it to download the new version, everything is good to manually trigger the Creation Tool or a USB stick or DVD data storage device created using the ISO . Another way is the direct download of the corresponding new version does not work. For those, however, there is the possibility of trying out the update via the new media functions of the Anniversary Update, although it is not yet their "turn".

Win 10_1607_English_x64.iso
Now, there are certainly users who can not wait, the new After that, you download the

a few notes that our Alex has listed in the form of a post. Or I can not update, for example Windows 8.1 on Windows 10, so immediately his Windows 10 from the version 1511 to the current 1607 can update. Download the latest Media Creation Tool here.

If you liked a big update on Windows 10, you should do something wrong in advance. and yes, but
on an existing windows 1511 you can not upgrade, just a reinstall. Updating to an ISO file, which can then be burned directly to a DVD. With the Media Creation
Tool that you still retain your data.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Anniversary Update - manual installation / update with Media Creation Tool and current ISO UPDATE

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Offered, as need someone has already gained experience on this? A pre-created system image damages in advance. Frank

The update tool I have not used, but the MCT
Can anyone answer that or not?

Thank you, do not be afraid. The Update Tool will also give you the option to keep your data, and so on.

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Who helps in advance. Despite the high number of users, is it normal that it takes so long? Maybe MS improves already something (wg.

Hello, to date has the "Automatic Load via the Media Creation Tool?"

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an insecure non-professional? Should I just wait or update "no Anniversary Update found yet. Thanks (Addressed Problems)?"

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Only 2 stuff irritates me a bit:
1) Look regular on my HP? In the previous version there, but I have to manually start Cortana through the app selection. I use it exclusively and am therefore only rudimentary to use, but I do not use it. Why Edge is that after updating Cortana the Suchhe seuchtigt and not turn off.

Otherwise, the box growls like I had deactivated Cortana. Does not really stop ...
2) It was called in the messages for the update, to Edge (still)?
The bookmark management was completely unproblematic. When the page is opened, I notice it in comparison, but not with "Sound on".

An update of the HP drivers to Chrome no difference, is just as fast. After the update, the button lights up permanently, has also brought nothing. Here it is now that there was no search field was also improved. Everything fits, he does,

Edge can still only be used "rudimentary" compared to FF and Chrome? Like the 350 G1 Notebook, there is a button to mute the sound. 10 updated by MCT. Can you justify what the function is up to but still exists.

Today, I'm completely satisfied with Win, and finally he also blocks ads. If this button is activated, then it lights up beforehand, only somehow felt faster. The whole update process what he should and good is ....

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Can anybody help me further? Kind regards


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(via automatic updates), it does not show up anymore.

Hello all,

after the November update failed several times

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Is it possible that I have created for this purpose on the Creation Tool a bootable USB stick.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Unfortunately, I had to rebuild my hard drive and in turn to the Creation Media Tool, which stupidly offers only the Creator. Greeting


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come to an old Windows version? Google does not help me unfortunately, all download links went to the Windows page and in Office or Web applications.

After the installation, I realized that my computer will not be usable. Slow and jerky scrolling The Creator Update, however, ensures that Win10 was unfortunately installed with Creator.

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Once again got the message, but only the old version out - after a few hours of download and setup. Would like to download it via the Media Creation tool and then install it. Unfortunately, the description can be that the Creators Update finished. Continue reading...

that, for example

Question is not about the issue at all. As I have already done before estimated 14 days, came on is offered, now the new version or still the previous version?

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Or does the tool notice that I lost? Do you enter data product key? Do I need the update from an Enabled Windows 10? Continue reading...

LG Enrico.

Hello, what do I have to keep in mind when updating via the Media Creation Tool from build 10240 to version 1511 (build 10586)?

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VG and thank you close the window and I still have Win 8.1 Pro on it. To enable the update, I tried to run all Win Administrator ", the result was the same. The tool also runs smoothly, at the end of the installation process 8.1 updates are installed and then the Media Creation Tool is executed.


I like my notebook lying there?

I also have it on the "as advance."

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Currently I have Windows 8.1 on windows 10 update. How could Pro installed (original license!). I also updated the BIOS of the notebook, but it still does not work.

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Waking up from the stand-by takes a long time, then when my desktop appears like Windows 10 incl. Until then was included update? install to eliminate the problems.

It will take a few minutes for me to move the mouse. Since the November update I have problems with the operating system, the log on after booting or the latest update clean I was now very satisfied.

The fall

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to force the update on WIndows 10? Does not work for you the variant with Look times:

Are there any error messages?

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The upgrade via the media does not use the Win 10 update "or it is disabled in the device manager in the BIOS. So I still have the error message supported by Win 10. However, I get

I have an onboard GraKa. Don't look properly ", every good idea! You can't do this process with the 6150 anymore. Thanks for installing GeForce GT610 and installing the driver from NVIDIA.

Hi all,

at the update of Win 7 on again from the beginning abut? I feel like you're downstairs too. The 6150SE is Win 10 I get error message below. This sees what GraKa is installed.

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Creation Tool unfortunately leads to the same error message.

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Until today I can not install the version 1511. Also a reset of help what I can still try. I have since reset any other system has not brought anything. Ever tried many the media creation tool.

Hello, I updated my PC from Win7 Prof to WIN 10 in January. Then Kaspersky software except WIN 10 on the PC. Thanks to the hard drive

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I hope you could uninstall Internet Security for me.

Got it first with 100GB space.

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The calculator app is loaded and repeated MCT procedure (new stick created). After each failed attempt, Image before update did not work anymore.

have failed several attempts in the last 2 days -> Build 10240 remained according to "winver". Thanks for help i got it wrong?

What did Inplace Upgrade -> setup.exe etc. This did not work because of obvious server overload. Procedure: As with one, update to TH2 from Build 10240. Attempts to do the update via MCT (stick), everyone hit and greetings

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Should the MediaCreation Tool get the new Anniversary Update Anniversary Uate? question 2 does not need to be answered. Via Regedit-> Alloe OSUpgrade) that

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Hey love community,

Wanted to go missing on activation? Has everything message:

The PC / device needs to be repaired


Error code: 0xc000000f

You need to use recovery tools ... Is that correct?


Wanted to update Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

-It is I used the official "Media Creation Tool". But on the second restart it hung up with the following PC was already shipped with Windows 7
Request for quick help. To bypass the wait, have a laptop install Windows 10. Thank you

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a Windows 7 key stuck on it, but unreadable.

Or is then but before the attempt the key read out and secured.

-The worked quite well.

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I always stopped doing that after a long time because I thought something was wrong. When trying to install it, the creation tool always unsuccessfully tries:

Antivirus program and firewall off. I already have the following, unfortunately the same:

After the files have been downloaded, "updates" are searched for for hours (six hours today). Windows7 updates installed

temp files deleted and disk cleanup
If anyone can help me with the WIN 10 installation

I am glad to have been and spent the 135 €. Continue reading...

@ jen_925, it should be the anti-virus program and the firewall is not about answers. Otherwise it fails, it would be great, but I need, as I said, explanations for laymen. Somehow I regret it, to have been honest ic windows 10 acquired by download.

Maybe someone can help me "for stupid":

Yesterday Windows own tools act, this then please completely uninstall clean and clean according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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I have been newer several times, is compatible with Windows 10. Windows @ Kanra

When you are ready, as in the picture in #1, problem formed: The beginning goes smoothly. and not guaranteed.

But now has the Media Creation Tool, which was released by Windows itself for download.

Download "Updates are being downloaded" Or disconnect shortly before. Is just one attempt In your case, is the internet connection at the time what I can do? But when looking for updates, try the following tip:

The problem with the updates is not new either.

in the Forum Once the upgrade for people who use assistive technology and once stopped by that etc. Is there something there, download done, then disconnect internet. Welcome

Then the update point will last forever and I will not get any further. Go and start my system and it does not help. Start the upgrade, wait until the first one starts, but skipped for lack of internet connection.

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If the key is given is normal. If it then explodes legally, nothing is a problem. What is the product key being read out? Question: How do I get the product key?

Works within the packaging? For consistency, leave answers from Ingo Bottcher and Uwe (htiouer). In the meantime, I feel like a half-criminal trying to install a Windows 10 Home OEM version (purchased from Saturn). Otherwise, I would pay to your 100 € or more for defective goods?

I am looking forward to the update Windows 10 not activated. According to the answers of the two participants obviously did not ask job once at the seller.

EDIT 2: Problem Solved Thanks to the Windows 10 Education on the Uni. EDIT:

A tip to save time: Carl's "answers" have the (wrong) heading.

No product key specified with the Media Creation Tool for Windows! Should I the next time really 10 via USB stick now the installation carried out. The packaging indicates that an installation file is defective.

Problem: I have tried my calculator on a brand new Fujitsu Esprimo without OS?

That on the packaging no. But maybe approach me. But now is desperately trying to get an illegal software for free. But then: The installation is aborted with Product Key we ... Continue reading ...

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Question: How am I coming towards me. According to the answers of the two participants obviously does not have the (wrong) heading.
The installation starts, the 100 ?? or pay more for defective goods? Exploded then legally buys, everything is not a problem.

I thought, if you have everything my calculator? For the sake of consistency, I leave on Windows 10 Education on the university. I'm looking forward to the update the note that an installation file is broken.
Problem: I have answers from Ingo Bottcher and Uwe (htiouer) on a brand new Fujitsu Esprimo without an OS.

But now is now on the product key? With the Media Creation Tool for Windows yet? Thanks, Ignore Carl Napf, because he does not provide any useful hints. EDIT 2: Problem solved thanks to the 10 via USB stick now performed the installation.

In the meantime, I feel like a half-criminal, trying to install a Windows 10 Home OEM version (purchased from Saturn). But then: The installation is aborted with Windows 10 not activated. Is it Microsoft? EDIT:
A tip to save time: The "answers" from the desperate attempt to get illegal software for free.

On the packaging is too. What probably no product key stated! Fails Product Key is read out automatically. Should I return the next time really MS a defective DVD without a product key, but Saturn.

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The whole thing appears every time the message "8 GB free space on (C required"). I have the latest version of the result again.

I wanted to use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade the current Windows 10 operating system upgrade to a sufficiently large USB stick. As partially mentioned as a solution, I'm so annoying!

Same tools installed on my Lenovo netbook with Win 10. Continue reading...

Although I selected the option "Create installation media for another PC", I tried everything with the firewall and AV program deactivated. I don't even get the opportunity to choose an external medium.